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2012 bulk ieee projects for sale. Contact (0)9966235788/9701440401. Get best price @ ieeefinalsemprojects@gmail.com. Web: www.ieeefinalsemprojects.com

2012 bulk ieee projects for sale. Contact (0)9966235788/9701440401. Get best price @ ieeefinalsemprojects@gmail.com. Web: www.ieeefinalsemprojects.com



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2012 ieee-matlab-projects-for-sale 2012 ieee-matlab-projects-for-sale Document Transcript

  • DREAMSOFT INFOTECH www.ieeefinalsemprojects.com 2012 IEEE Projects @ DREAMSOFT INFOTECHS.NO Project Domain Lang/Year IEEE 2012 Project Titles Code MATLAB 1 DSM1201 A Block-Based Pass-Parallel SPIHT Algorithm IMAGE 2012/MATLAB PROCESSING 2 DSM1202 A Novel Data Embedding Method Using Adaptive Pixel Pair IMAGE 2012/MATLAB Matching. PROCESSING 3 DSM1203 A Probabilistic Model of Visual Cryptography Scheme With Dynamic IMAGE 2012/MATLAB Group PROCESSING DSM1204 A Secret-Sharing-Based Method for Authentication of Grayscale IMAGE 4 Document Images via the Use of the PNG Image With a Data PROCESSING 2012/MATLAB Repair Capability 5 DSM1205 A Semi-supervised Segmentation Model for Collections of Images IMAGE 2012/MATLAB PROCESSING 6 DSM1206 Active Visual Segmentation IMAGE 2012/MATLAB PROCESSING 7 DSM1207 An Energy Efficient Algorithm Based on LEACH Protocol NETWORKING 2012/MATLAB (CONFERENCE) 8 DSM1208 An Energy-Based Model for the Image Edge-Histogram Specification IMAGE 2012/MATLAB Problem PROCESSING 9 DSM1209 An Extended Visual Cryptography Algorithm for General Access IMAGE 2012/MATLAB Structures PROCESSING 10 DSM1210 Blind Adaptive Sampling of Images IMAGE 2012/MATLAB PROCESSING 11 DSM1211 Enhanced Patterns of Oriented Edge Magnitudes for Face IMAGE 2012/MATLAB Recognition and Image Matching PROCESSING Mobile: (0) 9701440401 ieeefinalsemprojects@gmail.com
  • DREAMSOFT INFOTECH www.ieeefinalsemprojects.com12 DSM1212 Fast Wavelet-Based Image Characterization for Highly Adaptive IMAGE 2012/MATLAB Image Retrieval PROCESSING Image Reduction Using Means on Discrete Product Lattices IMAGE 2012/MATLAB13 DSM1213 PROCESSING14 DSM1214 Image Segmentation Based on the Poincaré Map Method IMAGE 2012/MATLAB PROCESSING15 DSM1215 Improved Image Recovery From Compressed Data Contaminated IMAGE 2012/MATLAB With Impulsive Noise PROCESSING16 DSM1216 Low Distortion Transform for Reversible Watermarking IMAGE 2012/MATLAB PROCESSING17 DSM1217 Outdoor Scene Image Segmentation based on Background IMAGE 2012/MATLAB Recognition and Perceptual Organization PROCESSING18 DSM1218 Performance Analysis of a Block-Neighborhood- Based Self-Recovery IMAGE 2012/MATLAB Fragile Watermarking Scheme PROCESSING19 DSM1219 IMAGE 2012/MATLAB Preconditioning for Edge-Preserving Image Super Resolution PROCESSING20 DSM1220 Riverbed: A Novel User-Steered Image Segmentation Method Based IMAGE 2012/MATLAB on Optimum Boundary Tracking PROCESSING21 DSM1221 Robust Watermarking of Compressed and Encrypted DSEG 2000 IMAGE 2012/MATLAB images PROCESSING22 DSM1222 Segmentation of Stochastic Images with a Stochastic Random IMAGE 2012/MATLAB Walker Method PROCESSING23 DSM1223 Semi-supervised Biased Maximum Margin Analysis for Interactive IMAGE 2012/MATLAB Image Retrieval. PROCESSING24 DSM1224 Sparse Color Interest Points for Image Retrieval and Object IMAGE 2012/MATLAB Categorization PROCESSING25 DSM1225 Spatially Adaptive Block-Based Super-Resolution IMAGE 2012/MATLAB PROCESSING Mobile: (0) 9701440401 ieeefinalsemprojects@gmail.com
  • DREAMSOFT INFOTECH www.ieeefinalsemprojects.com DSM1226 Principal Visual Word Discovery for Automatic License Plate IMAGE 2012/MATLAB26 Detection PROCESSING DSM1227 A Novel Algorithm for View and Illumination Invariant Image IMAGE 2012/MATLAB27 Matching PROCESSING DSM1228 BM3D Frames and Variational Image Deblurring IMAGE 2012/MATLAB28 PROCESSING DSM1229 Algorithms for the Digital Restoration of Torn Films IMAGE 2012/MATLAB29 PROCESSING DSM1230 Sharpness Enhancement of Stereo Images Using Binocular Just- IMAGE 2012/MATLAB30 Noticeable Difference PROCESSING SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT & RESEARCH DIVISION CONTACT US Contact Person: K. RAGHAVA B.TECH, MBA. Contact Number: (0)9966235788/9701440401 EMAIL: IEEEFINALSEMPROJECTS@GMAIL.COM WEB:WWW.IEEEFINALSEMPROJECTS.COM Mobile: (0) 9701440401 ieeefinalsemprojects@gmail.com