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General Assembly November 2008 seminar  rule of law training justice IDLO International organization development cooperation developing countries
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General Assembly November 2008 seminar rule of law training justice IDLO International organization development cooperation developing countries


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IDLO’s Assembly of Parties, held in Rome Headquarters in November 2008, approved the Strategic Plan for 2009-2012 that will guide IDLO’s programming and management objectives, and set a performance …

IDLO’s Assembly of Parties, held in Rome Headquarters in November 2008, approved the Strategic Plan for 2009-2012 that will guide IDLO’s programming and management objectives, and set a performance reporting framework.

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Promoting Justice to Create Opportunity
    • 2. International Development Law Organization Who • Inter-governmental Organization wholly dedicated to Rule of Law and Development How • Programs for Economic, Social and Institutional Development • Legal Professionals; Governments; Policy Makers; Target Regulators; and Civil Society in Developing Countries, Transition Economies and countries emerging from conflicts • In-Country Programs: 175Countries Where • Project Offices: Banda Aceh, Bishkek, Kabul • Rome Headquarters, Regional Centers in Cairo and Sydney • Alumni Legal Network in 44 Countries
    • 3. IDLO Governance and Advisory Structure Assembly of Parties Standing Committee liaises Member States with IDLO Management Australia Egypt China Austria France Romania Board of Advisors Bulgaria Italy Senegal 10 members elected by Member States Burkina Faso The Netherlands Sudan Colombia Norway Tunisia Ecuador Philippines USA International Advisory Council Afghanistan, Georgia, Jordan, Madagascar, Mauritania, Mozambique, Paraguay, Poland, the Central African Republic, Kenya, the Secretariat Republic of Congo and Turkey are currently in the process of becoming new Member Over 200 staff, 30+ States. nationalities
    • 4. Global Network of Alumni
    • 5. IDLO Strategic Plan 2009-2012 IDLO’s mandate conceives of an interrelationship between two distinct concepts: Law and Development IDLO’s goal is to enable progress and facilitate long term, sustainable advances in the realization of effective rule of law and good governance
    • 6. IDLO Strategic Plan 2009-2012 To enable progress and facilitate long term, sustainable advances in the realization of effective rule of law and good governance SO1 SO2 SO3 SO4 SO5 National Legal Global Knowledge Plans & Empowermen Networks Challenges Generation Frameworks t Facilitate Build networks Support actors Generate Support means for which to address knowledge and achievement of securing the stimulate legal legal / disseminate formalized legal rights of and regulatory best practices national legal the individual, institutional aspects of in legal / reform particularly of reform emergent regulatory and agendas and vulnerable processes global issues institutional peace building populations and undermining reform plans those in crisis. development
    • 7. Program Streams IDLO believes that there are three main spheres around which development oriented legal and regulatory change can occur and within each sphere, IDLO has defined specific program themes: ECONOMIC SOCIAL INSTITUTIONAL Trade Law Environmental and Legal and Judicial Natural Resources Reform and Investment Law Law Administration of Justice Microfinance Law and Land Law Regulation Governance Health Law Intellectual Property Access to Justice Human Trafficking CROSS-CUTTING Gender Human Rights
    • 8. Program Examples Economic Growth • Commercial Law Judicial Capacity Building Project in the and Trade Kyrgyz Republic in partnership with the EBRD. • Institutional Development Activities in the Judicial Training Center; • Training in commercial and civil-commercial matters; • Apprenticeship program in the commercial courts of Russia for select junior judges; • Development and equipping of a commercial law library in the Judicial Training Center; and • Preparation and dissemination of a bench book relating to key pieces of the commercial law framework.
    • 9. Program Examples Economic Growth and Trade • Microfinance: Building Inclusive Financial Sectors & Supportive Legal and Regulatory Frameworks Three-year worldwide program (2006-2008), financed by the Omidyar Network, which enables legal professionals to take an active role in the industry by providing advice and assistance on the legal, regulatory and practical aspects of microfinance. The program includes 12 regional workshops provided in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. Inter-regional policy dialogues upon completion of the regional workshops. A final international workshop to evaluate impact of program activities on each region. Research and Professional networking. The IDLO Microfinance website.
    • 10. Program Examples Social Development • Implementation of Land reform in Burkina Faso Collating all legislation and regulation relating to land, water, forestry and other aspects of the environment. Ensuring that microfinance facilities are made widely- available to the rural population in order to maximise the opportunities presented by the land law reform. Institution-building and infrastructural support at a local and national level. Including support to local authorities responsible for implementing the law. Communicating the legislative changes and explaining how they will affect the day-to-day lives of the rural population.
    • 11. Program Examples Social Development • Water Resources Management No substance is more essential to life itself. The effective use of water resources is an essential means for developing countries’ to improve health, mitigate risks, and alleviate poverty. Yet significant obstacles stand in the way. Developing countries face major difficulties in conceiving and developing the laws, regulations and institutions required to manage their water resources. To meet these needs, in recent years IDLO has developed expertise on the legal framework for water resource management. We’ve since gone on to help legal communities in such countries as South Africa, Cameroon and Senegal improve their water law and regulation for the benefit of their citizens.
    • 12. Program Examples Social and Institutional • Post-Tsunami Legal Assistance Initiative for Indonesia and Development: Legal Sri Lanka: Legal Awareness, Legal Aid, Local Institutions Empowerment and NGOs Capacity Building, Women and Children’s Rights. Indonesia Legal Assistance to Women. Educational film in the areas of land, inheritance and guardianship screened in more than 100 villages in the Aceh region. Legal information articles printed in the Serambi newspaper on a weekly basis. Community Mediation and Legal Skills Training to over 1,000 community leaders through the Aceh province. Protecting and Promoting the Legal Rights of Tsunami Children, in partnership with UNICEF the projects aims to improve the legal protection afforded to orphaned children.
    • 13. Program Examples Institutional • Re-establishing the Rule of Law in Afghanistan Development • Compilation and indexing of over 2400 Afghan laws; • Training programs for one third of all sitting judges; • Preparation for entry into the Judiciary in 2006 and 2007; • Publication of a Bench Book on judicial ethics and criminal procedure, and a Glossary on Human Rights and International Law. • Technical assistance for the newly established Independent National Legal Training Centre and curriculum development for the first academic year; • Creation of a training unit within the Ministry of Justice; • First legal training courses for the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Industry, and Mines; • Technical assistance and training on gender and criminal justice for judicial sector actors, the Parliament and legislative working groups; • Legal aid training for students from the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences and the Faculty of Shari’a of Kabul University; • Formation of an Afghan non-governmental organization, the Legal Aid Organization of Afghanistan (LAOA), providing legal services to the poor and disempowered.
    • 14. Program Examples Institutional • Building the capacities of the Egyptian Council of State Development Two roundtables with members of the Egyptian Council of State and high-level representatives of the Councils of State of France, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia. Training program on the role of Administrative Courts; Techniques of legislative drafting; Intellectual Property Rights; Investment Law; and the concept of Conflict of Interest. Study tour of France, Belgium and Germany for twenty judges. The the first benchbook ever to be written in the Arab region. Interactive knowledge sharing methodology using satellite communication technology. Extensive upgrading and modernization of the Council of State Law library.
    • 15. IDLO Contacts Headquarters and Rome Training Center Viale Vaticano 106 00165 Rome, Italy Tel: +39 06. 4040 3200 Email: Web site: Arab Regional Office (Cairo) Asia Pacific Regional Center (Sydney) The ‘Ibrahim Shihata Center’ Old Glebe Court House 47C, Abu-Elfeda Street 2, Talfourd Street 11211 Zamalek Cairo, Egypt 2037 Glebe NSW, Australia Tel: + +202 27350116 Tel: +61 2 85856700 Emai: Email: Project Offices in: Afghanistan (Kabul), Indonesia (Banda Aceh) and Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek)