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IDG Connect's 2013 Media Kit

IDG Connect's 2013 Media Kit

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  • 1. IDG ConnectLead GenerationResearchCustom PublishingConnect Zone IDG Connect ServicesMobile Access 38 million IT and business names worldwide…VideoMarket FusionIgniteIDG Connect LawBeyond ITUS sales+1 508-766-5634492 Old Connecticut PathSuite 311FraminghamMA01701USAInternational sales+44 1784 210306Friendship House49/ 51 Gresham RoadStainesMiddlesexTW18 2BF
  • 2. IDG Connect Lead GenerationLead Generation IDG Connect can deliver premium class names from any country Although this means you mayResearch in the world. This can include leads via email or telemarketing, account profiling or targeting, appointment setting, or identifying receive a smaller number of contacts that many straight listCustom Publishing need through our unique BANT process. vendors will offer, you can be assured that they represent highConnect Zone We offer you the ultimate demand generation support, from providing detailed leads of qualified decision makers, to a comprehensive lead quality prospects with a short-term sales funnel.Mobile generation and appointment setting service. Our extensive and ongoing research programs give you the unique ability to build contact lists that Key Account ProfilingVideo identify individuals at all stages of the buying cycle, from pre-sales to sales-ready. A very valuable use of the IDGMarket Fusion Extensive, Accurate, Available Connect dataset is to enhance and improve your account profiling andIgnite With access to over 38 million names, IDG Connect offers you a range of existing target lists.IDG Connect Law marketing options that allow you to use our data to target the decision makers you need to reach. This can include: This service is particularly valuable when building a target list for a specificBeyond IT Breakdown by geography, job title, role and responsibility application, business sector, or target organization, and can form the cornerstone of an account based marketing campaign. Email despatch to selected individuals Extensive telemarketing options Lead Generation - from Prospect to MeetingUS sales IDG Connect’s contact center teams provide a unique service through BANT - Effective Screening+1 508-766-5634 their ability to help you profile and target specific sectors and492 Old Connecticut Path organizations that are actively buying.Suite 311 IDG Connect uses its in-house telemarketing operation, IDG Direct, toFraminghamMA01701 ensure that the leads you receive are both high quality and likely to We conduct research into target sectors, and identify companies thatUSA provide you with an excellent prospect of a short-term sales opportunity. are in the market, or about to be, and the relevant key individuals withinInternational sales them. We can then use this information to do:+44 1784 210306 We classify leads according to four criteria called ‘BANT’ to guaranteeFriendship House that the leads you receive have: Follow-up calls49/ 51 Gresham RoadStaines Prospect researchMiddlesex Budget First stage sales introductionTW18 2BF Authority Meeting and appointment setting Need Timeline IDG Connect provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective way for vendors to target and reach the people who are most likely to buy your products and services.
  • 3. IDG Connect ResearchLead Generation IDG Connect offers vendors the ability to run large and small-scale Quality and QuantityResearch research programs across our global database of IT and business decision makers in over 100 countries. IDG Connect research teams are highly experienced in creating bothCustom Publishing Research programs provide the tools to shape and support marketing qualitative and quantitative research programs to address specific subjects or industry trends. tactics, as well as guide sales and marketing teams on how to bestConnect Zone engage customers and help close sales. We work in multiple languages and provide continuous consultancy and guidance in how to structure questions, how to run surveys and collateMobile Customers use IDG Connect research in a wealth of ways. For example, to: and interpret results.Video Understand market forces in specific sectors and geographies Our approach ensures that you not only get the best and most accurate Identify issues and challenges facing customers results, but the best value and return on your marketing investment.Market Fusion Assess how technologies are impacting business Why IDG Connect? Determine the factors affecting vendor selectionIgnite Profile the buying chain within target organizations Decision makers cite thought leadership and industry understanding as Forecast trends and factors shaping marketsIDG Connect Law two of the most important factors in choosing a potential vendor partner, but you can’t build a thought leadership position without thorough and Research-Based Content Drives Results accurate research.Beyond IT Web and mobile technologies offer exciting presentational opportunities, IDG Connect can access over 38 million business professionals across including interactive dynamic graphics, clear, compelling analytics and organizations in over 100 countries. This provides the widest possible video for demonstrations and testimonials. base for conducting research programs on behalf of vendors – a major part of our business, and a key factor in ensuring that companies bringUS sales But without content, they are mere decoration.+1 508-766-5634 solutions to market that perfectly match the needs of their customers.492 Old Connecticut Path Summary of researchSuite 311 Research-based content enjoys by far the highest level of buyer What is the status of IT transformaƟon in your organizaƟon? What would you describe as the main challenges to successfully delivering on IT transformaƟon iniƟaƟves engagement. This can be seen from the volume of downloads, with in your organizaƟon?FraminghamMA01701USA over 70% of strategic decision makers valuing white papers as a primary 61% 32% 7% 9% 5% 4% 23% source of information used to shape purchasing decisions. in progress planned for nothing planned as yet but we will do next 12 months something in futureInternational sales What kind of IT transformaƟon iniƟaƟves are you working on, or anƟcipaƟong? 12%+44 1784 210306 Using content derived from IDG Connect research, you can create a 19%Friendship House 17% compelling business case that chimes perfectly with the interests and 88%49/ 51 Gresham Road 77% 75%Staines needs of your customers, and helps to reduce the length of the sales cycle 64% 61% 58% PrioriƟzing iniƟaƟves that will deliver the best return Difficulty understanding current state of IT (e.g. state of your applicaƟon porƞolio) and increase business. Budget, money or resource constraintsMiddlesex Problems with execuƟng the transformaƟon roadmap A lack of clear business prioriƟesTW18 2BF Application PORTFOLIO DATA CENTER CONSOLIDATION ADOPTION OF PUBLIC / PRIVATE INTRODUCING BUSINESS ADOPTING MOBILITY VENDOR REDUCTION / DisrupƟve effect of increasing demand from business for IT services EducaƟng others in business/change adopƟon/management MANAGEMENT CLOUD SERVICES COLLABORATION TECHNOLOGIES CONSOLIDATION TECHNOLOGIES 81% 66% 64% 51% 45% 44% Manage IT through Reduce IT Improve ability Improve mobility/ Empower IT to Consolidate / raƟonalize cloud services to operaƟng and to deliver new IT collaboraƟon across drive strategic IT landscape Deliver just what’s maintenance costs services faster the business value generaƟon (e.g. following M&A) needed when it’s needed What are the key goals of your IT transformaƟoneffort?
  • 4. IDG Connect Custom PublishingLead Generation IDG’s global team of specialist journalists, analysts and designers, But we do hear a regular complaint from readers outside North AmericaResearch places us in a unique position to provide custom publishing services across the entire spectrum of corporate publishing. - they struggle to find content that answers their specific information needs.Custom Publishing With a proven track record in developing innovative design, as well as Just because something works on Wall Street doesn’t mean it will workConnect Zone creating outstanding and relevant content, our custom publishing services can add a powerful dimension to your marketing programs through: on the local High Street - Your customers need localized, engaging content in their own language, and we can help you deliver it to them.Mobile White papers and strategy guides Custom Service, Outstanding ResultsVideo Micro sites Videos IDG Connect’s custom publishing services are precisely tailored to matchMarket Fusion Infographics Apps your marketing needs, from the selection of expert writers to the design and content of the final output.Ignite Research-Based, Localized Content We can draw on the results of thousands of research programs conductedIDG Connect Law IDG has conducted global research into how customers read and react each year by IDG, or customize even further by creating and carrying out a research program in the target country – this is particularly valuable forBeyond IT to corporate content, and found that vendor white papers are still one of the most highly-respected sources of buyer information, with 72% of companies building a presence in international markets. respondents finding them useful. IDG Connect’s custom publishing service is highly interactive and includes: Subject expert consultancy on content and directionUS sales Custom research in local geography+1 508-766-5634492 Old Connecticut Path Content writingSuite 311 DesignFraminghamMA01701 Outstanding graphicsUSA Execution to chosen format - PDF, video or appInternational sales+44 1784 210306 Throughout the creation process our writers work closely with yourFriendship House marketing teams to ensure that your key messages are reflected in49/ 51 Gresham RoadStaines the text, and that both the power of IDG’s branding and your own areMiddlesex maximized.TW18 2BF
  • 5. IDG Connect Connect ZoneLead Generation Connect Zones are co-branded websites designed to provide Our service also includes an analytic report of traffic to the site. We useResearch thought leadership, brand coverage and research information in one useful topic-specific hub. a unique ‘heat map’ that identifies pages read, counts downloads and tracks dwell time.Custom Publishing New IDG Connect research provides the foundation for these community This information can be used to further enhance and develop content, asConnect Zone sites, which feature an integral infographic summary of the results and regular blog discussions on the findings. These also host your videos and well as identify ‘hot topics’ among your target markets.Mobile white papers along with regular polls and social media feeds to maximize user interaction.Video The Connect Zone combines the most compelling media tools available toMarket Fusion give your customers a fully personalized content experience, including:Ignite New customized research Ability to target multiple countriesIDG Connect Law Dynamic, impactful graphics Custom research resultsBeyond IT Blog content Online polls Video User-generated content Driving Sales through Mails Links to Twitter/Facebook feedsUS sales Each Connect Zone benefits from a promotions program that drives traffic+1 508-766-5634492 Old Connecticut Path Regional Focus for Local Content through a campaign of targeted emails to our database. This is supportedSuite 311 with online advertising through our partner network.FraminghamMA01701 The Connect Zone provides an extremely effective way of creating local-USA ized sites for individual, or multiple countries, focusing on pertinent The sites also utilize username and password registration that collect key issues. Based on research that addresses country-specific market condi- business details about each visitor. This information is captured wheneverInternational sales+44 1784 210306 tions, the approach has been proven to dramatically increase the impact the user downloads a document or watches a video, giving a unique andFriendship House on visitors and their engagement with sites, and strengthen the sales lead accurate insight into their interests.49/ 51 Gresham RoadStaines pipeline.Middlesex With this information you can build targeted campaigns and market to anTW18 2BF Dynamic Content, Focused Analytics audience of one creating a powerful relationship with the customer. IDG Connect provides a complete design, build and hosting service for the Connect Zone, as well as creating and updating content to ensure it stays fresh and dynamic.
  • 6. IDG Connect Mobile - iZone SponsorshipLead Generation IDG Connect offers sponsorship of dedicated, vendor branded 91% use iPad for work-related communicationResearch spaces on its award winning app. These showcase white papers and multi-media content in a unique, fully customized area. 79% use iPad on the road 66% say iPad has completely or partially replaced their laptopCustom Publishing The IT White Paper Bookshelf app allows users to access and download 51% always use iPad at work 41% regularly use iPad at workConnect Zone over 6,000 white papers. Popular with our audience, the app has also been designed with vendors in mind, as it offers dedicated areas to 29% always connect iPad through mobile networksMobile showcase your latest content and video. This can help build brand awareness, present strategic content, and generate leads.Video In the first six months alone, the IDG Connect iPad app saw a dramaticMarket Fusion uptake and success to match:Ignite 5,000+ downloads of the app 15,000 white papers saved to users’ bookshelfIDG Connect Law 8 minutes average read time 91% user satisfactionBeyond IT Downloading the app is easy – click here to explore the possibilities. Changing Media Consumption The most powerful implication of this survey is the rapidity of changeUS sales Our January 2012 iPad for Business Survey found that decision makers - iPad has been around for just two years, yet already around 10% of+1 508-766-5634492 Old Connecticut Path are increasingly downloading complex and detailed documents to read senior executives are now using it as their medium of choice for storingSuite 311 offline, often when they are in quiet zones, or travelling long-distance, and reading detailed business documents.FraminghamMA01701 and have the time and space to concentrate on the content.USA Their consumption of media has also changed radically, with around 70% This change in media consumption means the iPad app is a very powerful reporting that they prefer to consume news and information through theInternational sales+44 1784 210306 and effective way to capture the attention of policy makers and those iPad rather than in print form.Friendship House who structure business decisions at the beginning of the buying cycle.49/ 51 Gresham RoadStaines Survey results, based on interviews with global IT and business decision This is creating a completely new platform for marketers, with newMiddlesex makers, revealed: approaches to content creation and delivery. You can be part of it withTW18 2BF IDG Connect. You can download the full survey here.
  • 7. IDG Connect VideoLead Generation IDG Connect is an established producer of video and dynamic content. A key factor to emerge from the survey is viewer preferences for theResearch We know what works and how to get the best out of the medium. length of different types of video promotion: In a recent survey of business product buyers, IDG Connect identifiedCustom Publishing that IT decision makers are coming to rely on video as a primary source of Product demos Case studies 3 - 5 minutes 6 - 9 minutes information to support their product and vendor selection. (Source: IDGConnect Zone Connect, Buyer Preference Research). Video white papers Conference presentations 10 - 19 minutes 10 - 19 minutes Testimonials 3 minutes or lessMobile The survey found that the increasing availability of higher download speeds has led to an explosion of rich content, and buyers are keen to take advantage of it.Video High percentages of respondents now say that they prefer to view video content for specific kinds of information:Market Fusion Product demos 89%Ignite Case studies Video white papers 84% 84% Conference presentations 82%IDG Connect Law Testimonials 73%Beyond IT Unrivalled Expertise – Now Available to You Through its publishing activities IDG Connect is an established producer of video and dynamic content. We know what works and how to get the best out of the medium. We use this information to ensure that all our videos produced forUS sales customers are just the right length to capture and maintain interest, while+1 508-766-5634 Now those skills are available to you, through a range of video content covering the key sales messages you need to put across to your audience.492 Old Connecticut Path packages including:Suite 311 Tailored to Your NeedsFramingham Customer case studiesMA01701 Animated presentationsUSA At IDG Connect we provide not just a complete video creation and editing Research results package, but also the experience of time-served professionals who canInternational sales Video white papers+44 1784 210306 Conference presentations guide you in your approach and choice of message to ensure that yourFriendship House Round table discussions video hits the right notes every time.49/ 51 Gresham RoadStaines Product demonstrationsMiddlesex We can also support your video with hosting through Connect Zones, asTW18 2BF Right Message, Wrong Length well as building targeted marketing campaigns to promote their content through our Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing services to maximize The research respondents all agreed that many current corporate videos impact and results. fail to retain their interest. This is because scripts are often poorly written and directed, and frequently too long.
  • 8. IDG Connect - Content AssessmentLead Generation IDG Market Fusion™ provides a unique content assessment service Custom AssessmentResearch that is based on our global aggregate Voice of The Buyer research. Custom assessment adds a layer of individual field research to the stan- Market Fusion delivers clear and independent insight into how yourCustom Publishing collateral maps onto the needs of individuals at different stages in the dard program and engages directly with the target audience to under- stand how they use and work with information. buying cycle.Connect Zone Using this research, we then analyze a minimum of 20 digital market- This means you can tailor your content delivery to match the specific in- ing assets, which can be for a specific solution or group of products. TheMobile formation needs of people at various stages of the sales journey, increase the impact of your marketing and drive up qualified leads. research report is highly detailed and will help you through:Video There are three levels to the service: Analyzing up to 14 content elements for each asset Detailing findings and recommendations for improvementMarket Fusion QuikAssessment Identifying gaps in content Prioritizing content creation needsIgnite This is designed to give a focused assessment of up to 14 digital market- Sharing best practice to reduce communication costs Improving relevance to buyers ing assets, which can be any kind of marketing collateral, to identify howIDG Connect Law well they map onto buying cycle stages and target individuals’ job roles. Why you Need This ServiceBeyond IT We will provide recommendations that will help make sure your collateral aligns with your target readers’ content preferences. This includes: Analysts, regularly report that buyers report that they prefer to gather the majority of purchase-related information themselves, prior to engaging Suggesting the optimal use of each piece of collateral with vendor sales. Identify the best use of existing content assets by buying stage and decision role This ‘buying cycle’ is being fuelled by the explosion of content on theUS sales+1 508-766-5634 Recommending creation of missing pieces web, but IDG Connect research has found that the vast bulk of vendor492 Old Connecticut Path content fails to match the information needs of IT and business profes-Suite 311 Standard Assessment sionals. By using Market Fusion help ensure that your content is timelyFraminghamMA01701 and relevant, thus driving up the impact and increasing sales.USA This service is designed to assess a portfolio of a minimum of 20 digital assets for a specific solution or product. The report is designed to help youInternational sales understand how these assets map onto the way organizations currently use+44 1784 210306 information, and will help you through:Friendship House49/ 51 Gresham RoadStaines Analyzing up to seven content elements for each assetMiddlesex Detailing findings and recommendations for improvementTW18 2BF Identifying gaps in content Prioritizing content creation needs Sharing best practice to reduce communication costs Improving relevance to buyers
  • 9. IDG Connect - Lead Nurturing ServiceLead Generation Ignite lead nurturing is a three part process which assesses your content suite and suggests how existing information can be repurposedResearch content, sends targeted emails and analyzes responses to deliver sales-ready leads. or new content created.Custom Publishing This highly scientific process has been designed following extensive research by IDG Connect, which identified that tailoring the message,Connect Zone tone, content and format of each piece of collateral to match the readers’ needs at their specific stage of the buying cycle, offers dramatic rewards:Mobile Purchase likelihood improved by 25% Sales cycle shortenedVideo Engagement increased by 500% Content creation costs reducedMarket Fusion Gaps in content identified and solutions proposed Source: IDG ConnectIgnite Tailored MessagesIDG Connect Law Ignite is IDG Connect’s unique lead nurturing service, designed to help Once the content has been mapped, IDG Connect’s editorial staff then create email copy to promote each piece and lead prospective customersBeyond IT your outbound digital marketing create the maximum impact on your target prospects through: through the sales journey. Targeted Emailing Assessing content to see how each piece maps within the buying cycle Tailoring messages to recipients’ specific status in the buying cycle The mailing program is conducted over a designated period that isUS sales Delivering sequential content based on the relationship between assets structured to ensure the delivery of timely, related content. This process+1 508-766-5634492 Old Connecticut Path Analyzing responses to maximize return on investment ensures messaging correlates not just to each stage of the cycle, but alsoSuite 311 Providing qualified sales-ready leads to the specific interest level of the recipient.FraminghamMA01701USA Ignite is created to make the most effective possible use of target Detailed Analytics databases. It can be used with a combination of your existing data andInternational sales+44 1784 210306 IDG’s own lead generation database, which gives access to over 38 million At each stage of the process, recipient reaction is analyzed and scored toFriendship House global business professionals around the world. identify where emails are read, together with the degree of engagement49/ 51 Gresham RoadStaines and ongoing interaction.Middlesex Mapping to the Buying CycleTW18 2BF Conclusive Results All lead nurturing campaigns begin with a unique content assessment process called Market Fusion. This addresses how your content maps A recent IDG Connect campaign for a major software vendor generated against the buying cycle, and how each individual asset fits sequentially over 4,000 scored leads in eight weeks, and delivered a 1,218% return into the sales journey. Through doing this it also reveals gaps in the on investment.
  • 10. IDG Connect - IDG Connect LawLead Generation IDG Connect Law provides a dedicated resource for the legal Our high editorial standards ensure that all information on IDG ConnectResearch profession seeking to attract new corporate clients, through a range of content-led, targeted marketing activities. Law comes from the most respected legal practitioners in the matters covered. This gives the site both credibility and interest, and it is alreadyCustom Publishing IDG Connect Law offers marketers access to our extensive database of enjoying a strong and regular following from legal professionals. over 200,000 legal professionals. Plus it provides an information library Select ClientsConnect Zone for legal practitioners in both corporate and private practice, with a wider IDG Connect Law is gaining rapid acceptance as a primary resource spectrum of focused, classified content, which includes:Mobile for guidance on complex legal issues for corporate executives in both managerial and operational legal roles, such as: Legal briefingsVideo Case studies Regional Directors Upcoming eventsMarket Fusion Webinars and discussions Chief Legal Officers Company Secretaries ResearchIgnite Compliance Officers Country Managers Content is updated regularly, and sourced from some of the profession’sIDG Connect Law most respected subject experts. CEOsBeyond IT Building Presence IDG Connect can provide detailed analyses of their interests and concerns, as well as their propensity to change, through our extensive and ongoing IDG Connect Law delivers the perfect foundation for lead generation and research programs. hosting campaigns based on the concept of leveraging the expertise of legal firms. Commercial OpportunitiesUS sales+1 508-766-5634 In addition to capturing the details of those who have downloaded With a rapidly growing subscriber base, IDG Connect Law provides a very492 Old Connecticut Path content, and thus identifying individuals with a specific interest in thatSuite 311 cost-effective channel for reaching out to potential clients. matter, by using Connect’s lead generation and lead nurturing programs,FraminghamMA01701 law firms can build focused marketing campaigns aimed at specificUSA individuals within target client organizations. In addition to hosting your own generated content, IDG Connect provides a range of cost-effective commercial opportunities to legal practicesInternational sales and IT software vendors seeking to expand their profile and attract new+44 1784 210306Friendship House clients:49/ 51 Gresham RoadStainesMiddlesex Creating original contentTW18 2BF Producing videos Lead generation Content mapping Lead nurturing
  • 11. IDG Connect Beyond ITLead Generation Although IDG’s name is synonymous with the IT industry, our Industry breakdownResearch publishing activities are far wider and cover the full breadth of business activities. Geographic breakdown Key contact identificationCustom Publishing IDG Connect maintains one of the world’s most comprehensive and up- Buying cycle stage analysis Account profilingConnect Zone to-date databases of key decision makers, based on information covering over 38 million global business professionals. Contact matching and ‘gap filling’ Job title targetingMobile This means that IDG Connect can profile, target and access business More than NamesVideo decision makers across a wide variety of job functions, all underpinned by research and practical experience. IDG Connect provides a complete range of content creation and leadMarket Fusion Our extensive and ongoing research programs give you the unique ability generation services that allow you to:Ignite to build contact lists that identify individuals at all stages of the buying cycle, from pre-sales to sales-ready, in a wide range of products and Identify key individuals Create relevant content and marketing materialIDG Connect Law services bought by businesses. Build dedicated microsites to showcase content Develop custom publishing programsBeyond IT We provide this information from over 100 countries, covering active and emerging markets for a complete range of corporate roles including: Target individuals through email and telemarketing Create integrated marketing campaigns to build sales leads Human Resources IDG Connect offers a unique ability to businesses targeting both existing Financial Directors/CFO and emerging markets, to access the key decision makers, understand theUS sales IT Directors/CIO/Management nuances of their cultures, and develop focused and relevant content to+1 508-766-5634492 Old Connecticut Path Compliance Officers gain their interest and attention.Suite 311 Sales and Business DevelopmentFraminghamMA01701 Marketing, PR and Social MediaUSA Risk Managers Engineering and ProductionInternational sales+44 1784 210306 General ManagementFriendship House Healthcare Professionals49/ 51 Gresham RoadStaines Legal ProfessionalsMiddlesex HR RiskTW18 2BF Finance Sales & Legal In addition to being able to access an exceptional breadth and quality of Engineering Marketing Healthcare data, working with IDG Connect means you can also benefit from a wide range of segmentation services using our data to ensure your targeting is perfectly refined: