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  1. 1. ICV – Führungskräftetagung 2011How to establish ICVin new countries and regions successfully Dragica Erčulj ICV Regional delegate South Eastern Europe CRMT d.o.o Head of CRMT Institute Tehnološki park 20, SI-1000 Ljubljana Tel.: +386 41 964 730
  2. 2. Where are we in 2011 Region SECE 7 established work groups (regional) 0 established work groups (functional) 2 Member-organisations of the IGCInternationaler Controller Verein eV | ICV Leitungskreis, November 2011| Seite 2
  3. 3. Head of the WG ?Denko Yamboliev Andreas Kovacs (Endersz Frigyes) Cristina Hodea WG Bolgaria Hungary , Hungary, WG Romunia WG Budapest II WG Budapest I Dragica Erčulj Jasmina Očko Bojan Šćepanović WG Slovenia WG Croatia WG Serbia Internationaler Controller Verein eV | ICV Leitungskreis, November 2011| Seite 3
  4. 4. ICV expansion outside existingboundaries is a team work • Person who wants to be a part of ICV community makes a contact (CA seminars, region seminars, conference, corporation, ... ) • Member o the ICV sensing a impending oppo u y a d inform e be of e C se s g an pe d g opportunity and o the responsible person • In target regions, we need self-motivated person who sees opportunity to take an active part within ICV (as a member, as a WG leader) • B t thats not enough, further more we need common language But th t t h f th d l and prompt support of ICV office • Company as a member of ICV – this is heavily to achieve (at least in SLO)Internationaler Controller Verein eV | ICV Leitungskreis, November 2011| Seite 4
  5. 5. Reasons for attending ICV WG(inquiry, SLO WG members/38 )• Communication with controller-colleagues controller colleagues• Learning from the experience of others, get friends for further “solving problems”• G tti in touch with other companies / b Getting i t h ith th i branches h• Learning by active doing• Lower costs of education (a d get a t e materials, too s, models, o e o educat o (and all the ate a s, tools, ode s, recipes/prescriptions• Joining a club/network of controllers to develop oneself /pride of rank (club)• Have (get) better opportunities for a new job• An opportunity to build a consistent group of experts (capable to solve problems)• Are able and willing to change themselves and their companies (harder), together we are stronger• Being a part of an international community/network of controllers (web searche)Internationaler Controller Verein eV | ICV Leitungskreis, November 2011| Seite 5
  6. 6. What are the benefits of being ICV member? Being a part of an international community of controllers Exchange of expirience - big family, controller’s spirit? Learning from the expert, “the expirienced” in Western Europe g p , p p Get all the materials, tools, models, recipes/prescriptions “Experts” could come to WG meeting Prefer to discuss in their own language, so there should be a common denominator – english How to get local g p to become ICV members? g groupsInternationaler Controller Verein eV | ICV Leitungskreis, November 2011| Seite 6
  7. 7. Und zum Schluss … Sugestions:1.1 Improve the support of ICV office  invoices & other papers - 1 person for Int.  Web  Welcome package in engl for “already members”?1. Base of knowledge (WG list of person and what they could offer)2. Prepare instructions /standards to invite local groups into ICV3. CC in Muenchen (1 section in english, for the start?)Internationaler Controller Verein eV | ICV Leitungskreis, November 2011| Seite 7
  8. 8. Und zum Schluss … The future has many names. For the weak, it is the unreachable weak unreachable. For the fearsome, it is the unknown. For the brave, it is the chance. , Victor HugoInternationaler Controller Verein eV | ICV Leitungskreis, November 2011| Seite 8