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  • 1. VOXOPOP
  • 2. Voxopop: is a tool that enables you to createonline recorded discussions which you can set upeasily and which your learners can access easilyand use in ways to really maximise spoken Englishpractice. It is a free online discussion site.
  • 3.  Interaction point: As a teacher, you can create a conversation where you can listen to different students, for example, introducing themselves and talking about their hobbies and families by looking at the other students’s recording. It is a good way to generate more speaking oppotunities and to maximise exposure to the language. Intonation : You can record some words with different intonation and ask the students to listen them and try to pronounce them with the correct intonation.
  • 4.  Pronouncation: Record some sentences including words which have a little bit similar pronouncation and ask them to listen and try to repeat them with correct pronouncation. Narrative building : You can record the first sentence of a narrative and then ask students to listen to the thread and add a sentence each to the story. Comprehension check: You can record a story or something else and some questions releated to it and ask the students to answer those questions.
  • 5.  Students can develop their speaking, pronunciation and listening skills by sharing their voices. Voxopop only requires any computer with Internet access, microphone and speakers. That’s all you need to have. It is accessible from anywhere. It is easy to use.
  • 6.  It can be used both in class and at home. Students can learn from their peers. Voxopop also increases the students’s confidence in terms of recording their voice while using their speaking skill. Voxopop also increases the students’s confidence in terms of recording their voice while using and developing their speaking and listening skill. Teachers don’t need to have an extra tapes to grade 
  • 7.  It takes ages uploading after you record your voice. In class while a student is recording her voice, the others may laugh at him. So, as a teacher you should warn up the students about this issue. Students may see voxopop just a game. Make them be aware of using it as a learning tool. Microphone may not work in the class. Check whether microphone works or not before.