Regional Mobile Application Contest


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Regional Mobile Application Contest

  1. 1. General InformationPresented by: Vitalie Bordeniuc17 April, 2013REGIONAL MOBILEAPPLICATION CONTEST
  2. 2. ABOUT CONTESTmLab ECA mLab ECA is the first Regional Mobile Application Lab in the EasternEurope, South Caucasus, and Central Asia established in Armenia, which aimsboosting regional competitiveness in mobile development. It provides a platformfor developing the technical and entrepreneurial skills, contacts and incubationservices needed to scale innovative mobile solutions into flourishingbusinesses.Contest In order to increase the competitiveness in mobile development, mLab ECA isimplementing a Regional Mobile Applications contest (RMA) in partnership withNokia, infoDev, and Finnish Government. Local sponsor of the event – Moldcell. The contest is designed for programmers and non-programmers to generate ideasand craft prototypes/solutions supporting innovation, business and ruraldevelopments through mobile technologies.
  3. 3. WHO CAN APPLY? The contest is open for participants in the following country-members of ECA region:Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan,Kirgizstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. Individuals and teams (maximum 5 members) from participatingcountries, who have innovative mobile application ideas, whichcould be developed into real business, are eligible to participatein the contest. All the applicants have to propose ideas to beprototyped and coded for the next round of the contest. The contest is open to individuals and teams only. Therefore nolegally registered companies can participate.
  4. 4. HOW TO APPLY? Submit your idea to byfilling in the online application form. Deadline for submitting ideas is April 29, 2013 The local jury in each participating country will selectthe finalist to develop the app & participate in pitchingevent held in Yerevan, Armenia. Mobile app development stage will be from May 1, 2013 to June12, 2013 The finalists will develop the final app & participate inthe pitching event. Winner will be announced. Start-up workshop and pitching event will be held on June 12 - 13, 2013
  5. 5. THE PRIZES!Best idea (local contest)500 USD+ Round trip to Yerevan, Armeniato participate in startup workshopand pitching event on June 12-14, 2013Grand Prize10.000 USD for the app
  6. 6. Moldcell Prizes• 3 Huawei E3131 modems – For most innovative ideassupporting development through mobile technologies(selected by all members of local jury)• Smartphone – Moldcell Special Award for best idea ofmobile application (selected by Moldcell Jury, onoperator established criteria)• Moldcell will implement the developed mobile applicationbased on the best idea - You CREATE, we IMPLEMENTfor the use of more than one million people!
  7. 7. Evaluation Criteria for Moldcell prizesOriginality• Uniqueness - the degree to which the idea has no analogies• Ergonomics – interface usability, the degree to which the idea assures a comfortable interactionwith its future usersUtility• Concepts, goals and objectives are inline with:- current technological trends- company marketing demands, efficiency at solving the problem faced by the target audienceFunctionality• The complexity of application and its architecture• The efficiency of technological resources usage• Simple and easy to useFeasibility• Viable business model and monetization scheme• Real to implement
  8. 8. Local Jury• Andrei Andries – Moldcell• Vitalie Esanu – Evisoft• Anton Perkin – Association of IT Specialists of Moldova• Corina Rusu – Moldcell• Dona Scola – Ministry of Information technology andCommunications• Iurie Turcanu - Center for Electronic Governance• Yana Wolf – Mobile Monday Moldova• Representative - Moldovan Association of ICT Companies
  9. 9. `Thank You !Good Luck !Q&A