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The business of innovation by W.Grommen
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The business of innovation by W.Grommen






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  • HP Strategic plays
  • Like 2 years ago _ announcing the golden ageWhich means: ICT is a general purpose technologyWe have entered the full deployment phase of the technology, mass adoption, Innovation across all sectors and bringing social benefitsProfessor Carlota Perez2 phases for technolog adoption- an investment pahse, exponential growth, but leading to a bubble – like internet bubbleA deployment phase - really leading to production/capacity/efficienty gains
  • HP Strategic plays
  • 3 global trends in business:IN our overall environment, as HP we do see 3 major business trends.... - of course technological advancements, and if you allow i would just like to highlight some ICT mainstreams ( but they are in ALL sectors) - evolving business models – intermediation – service orientation – value chain evolutions - changing workforce – X generation/Y- generation – always on generation – prosumerThese major trends , i can slighty underpin with ICT examples: - changing workforce: the upcoming of the pro-sumer - the emphasis shift from the T to the I - the internet /the web/ the cloud of “everything”.....This environment does urge a new approach to “innovation”..........
  • Most astonishing the ALWAYS ON society...... the blurring in between work and life generation is education digitally INSTANT - messages – meetings – calls- appointments and with wikipedia, ACCESS to ALL information
  • Focus on the “interacton”.....ONE VIEW is needed when organizing IT - same person is multitasking – in both contextSame device, - same interaction paradigm – same connectivityBIG challence, certainly on privacy, security and manageability
  • What are the immense breaktrhoughs and their impact on business?????IT is really the engine of innovation
  • We have been speaking about it several timesThe information Utility – it is getting there at a rapid pace.........Public cloud offerings, extremely ramping up like office 365, development clouds like Amazon , and our HP cloud servicesPrivate cloud offerings, really reorganizing IT as service provisioningToday – infrastructure on demand, very common................
  • Studies bij IDC and Mc KinseyClearly obviously the number of devices exploding cell phones 4 BConnected devices 31 billion _ this week announcement of Moonshot, number of servers, 2 million for social networksWorld of things Tags/ sensors - metering in electricity - general metering – intelligent citiesMadness of data created, 50 gigabytesIT as a service - general appliances - massive data points - architectural implications - complete new ecosystem ( appliances, applications, devices, usage patterns)
  • CLOUD will be the way we provision NEW servicesMOBILE will be the way new services are consumedI can not NOT mention “mobility”..........What is so remarkable, the complete “birth” of the virtual world, the virtual earth, hemosphere....... - virtual identity - your networks, social contacts - your applications, your data - your own music AND THIS everywhere........., anywhere on this planet..........Mobile is the new engagement model
  • Clear shift from the technology to the INFORMATIONWhat to do with the information: big data analysis, unstructured data analysis, the collaboration,The engagement model Auditing/search/social networks
  • SLIDE OBJECTIVE – to highlight what is new and different – and important – in the world of InformationKEY POINTSThe world is a very different place than it was even five short years ago. It’s getting bigger digitally; but even more notable than the size increase of the world’s data growing by 50 percent each month, is the shift from primarily ‘structured’ information to ‘unstructured’:Recently, Forrester noted that they “estimate that firms effectively utilize less than 5% of available data”. (Source: Big Data Will Help Shape Your Market’s Next Big Winners, “The Forrester Blogs for Enterprise Architecture Professionals” -Brian Hopkins’, September 30, 2011).It’s no wonder. Information no longer is just the ‘database rows and columns’ of structured information. It’s the unstructured information in videos, images, audio files and all the social media and social networking channels that are increasingly adopted by business and government enterprises.SLIDE OBJECTIVE – To understand the current state of Information Optimization, HP commissioned an independent study to focus on information growth and challenges. This study was conducted by Coleman Parkes in October 2011 using 554 telephone interviews among senior business executives and senior technology executives in Enterprise-level companies around the globe to understand their information management challenges, priorities, and perspectives. Some of the key results:KEY POINTS:Almost 50 percent of executives believe that they do not have an effective information strategy in place—a strategy that cuts across organizational silos, technologies and strategic functions.Only 2 percent report that they can deliver the right information at the right time to support the right business outcome 100 percent of the time.34% of respondents indicated that more than 50 percent of all the information within their organization remains unconnected, undiscovered and unused.35% of respondents indicated they were not effective at accessing business information as and when needed for legal/compliance and operational needs.
  • Main point: Unstructured – human friendly information dominates today’s business. Autonomy MBC is the only solution to bring meaning and extended value to this critically important content.Since then there’s been an explosion of human friendly information in all its rich variety: email, IM, voice, video etc but without any rows and columns: unstructured informationThis type of information now accounts for about 80% of all enterprise informationThe technology has finally caught up to be able to process these types of information, resulting in the solutions you see hereFor the last 40 years the industry has been all about the relational database, now it’s all about unstructured information.
  • US government reference for record management
  • The role of the next gen IT departments will be to lead the business into a world of technology enabled innovationInformation technology evolves annd will change from build to last , to designed to changeWe can outsource the implementers, but we need to retain the innovatorsSIX main drivers of information strategyCompliance – in certain industries, like pharma, governmentControl – the quality of the informationArchive – not to loose anything !!!!-speed: faster access to informationSharing : more transparancy of informationIntelligence: is the ability to re-use information...to built uponIt is more important not too loose anything, then to find something, in the old thinking!!!!!!!
  • HP Strategic plays
  • KaizenTo change and make good = meaning of these beautiful handwriting in Japanese.........We have learned from the 7à and 80 onwards to focus on total quality managementTotal quality managementContinuous improvement ToyotaI do regards today , just as we focused on “continuous improvement”, we should now focus on “the business of innovation”
  • For any industry sector, it is a question of innovating, to survive, but also to florish, to growAND clearly the innovation , and the best innovation is found in the cross synergies in between sectors......So many beautiful examples
  • Different ways of innovation IMPORTANT : open Innovation - do it with “others”........INNOVATION within company: strategic objectives - amazon launching a new “online store”, going beyond online capacityINNOVATION within company: HP redressing of datacenters, from 83 to 6 datacenters........INNOVATION in products and portfolio: most of companies , focusing on this.........INNOAVION with customers: we have a structured approach within HP to work with our custmers an innovate......Striking example is Dreamworks animationVery RECENTLY, we export the process of innovation.....creation of innovation centers AT customer premises, help themWithin innnovation center in Geneva, managemen team on loan from Procter & Gamble, Creation of innovation center at ING bank in Amsterdam
  • HP Strategic plays
  • SLIDE 13: re-design van het « bureau ‘Wanneermoet je werkelijk op bureau zijn?????Enkelwanneer je werkelijkfysisch « samen » moetzijn.Alleanderevormen van werkvragen « geenkantoor »- je kan alleenthuiswerken je kan ook met de nieuwe media samen « virtueel » werken, temeerdaar je collega’seigenlijkinternationaalzijnWaaromvragenbedrijvennog op kantoor te komen?Zohebbenweookbij Microsoft onsarbeidscontractveranderd: GEEN recht op een « bureau » en IEDERE rechtstreekse manager beslist over thuiswerk of bureauwerkZohebbenweooktoenweverhuizden, de kantorenvolledig « hertekend »
  • SLIDE 11: organizaton structures changeAprès cette brève analyse de la génération Y et des ses capacités de communication 4C 3A,Sachant que le progrès ne s’arrêtera pas , loin de là,Quel en sera l’impact sur nos organisations ?La table que vous voyez est assez simple.Vous connaissez tous l’évolution de nos organisations, surtout ces 10 dernières années : - De l’organisation des grandes sociétés industrielles à l’agilité des dotcoms - La diminution des organisations hiérarchiques, au profit de structures fines, matricielles et, récemment, les organisations en réseauCela dit, les nouvelles technologies et le besoin de communications font que -Notre environnement de travail ( que je limite ici au travailleur de l’information) passe des bureaux individuels au paysager et au bureau partagé - Notre technologie passe du terminal caractère du mainframe au client-server, puis au web et maintenant aux communications mobilesTout cela n’est pas nouveau, bien sur mais, MAIS, avec la génération Y, les natifs digitaux, quelque chose d’autre de fondamental est occupé à changer.
  • The adoption of cloud computing - a new business modelThe spin off: Creation of “rendering” utility for London based design labs - SEEDThe creation of HALO - polycom

The business of innovation by W.Grommen The business of innovation by W.Grommen Presentation Transcript

  • THE BUSINESS OF INNOVATIONIT AS A DRIVERWilfried GrommenCTO PS EMEAChisinau, April 16 2013
  • Strategic playsThe golden ageMegatrendsIT as an engine of innovationThe business of innovationInnovation Applied
  • Technological revolutions, financial bubbles andcrises, economic and socio-institutional change3(Carlota Perez)
  • © Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Company Moldova ICT Summit 2011 Aspiration for a modern societyStrategic playsThe golden ageMegatrendsIT as an engine of innovationThe business of innovationInnovation Applied
  • ChangingWorkforceTechnologyAdvancementsEvolvingBusiness Models3 GLOBAL MEGA TRENDS
  • work-lifeblurmoremobiletechsavvymultipledevicesdigitalgenerationfastpaced
  • One person – Two worlds – Always onPROFESSIONAL CONSUMERServicesAnalyticsOne view requiredThe PROSUMER
  • Strategic playsThe golden ageMegatrendsIT as an engine of innovationThe business of innovationInnovation Applied
  • CLOUD COMPUTINGSoftware as a servicePlatform as a serviceInfrastructure as a service9
  • 10 ©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development CompanyTHE INFORMATION UTILITY1. IDC, ICT Outlook: Recovering Into a New World, #DR2010 GS2 JG, March 20102. McKinsey 2010Cell phones 2Tags/sensors1Gigabytesof data created1Connected Devices1INFORMATION, CLOUD, CONNECTIVITYApplications1
  • …anywhere on the planet.Any Device
  • 13 HP ConfidentialBUSINESS SUCCESS DEPENDS ON UNDERSTANDINGAND LEVERAGING ALL FORMS OF INFORMATION……Unstructured and Structured Information…Today, organizations leverage just 5% of their information**“We estimate that firms effectively utilize less than 5% of available data”. Big Data Will Help Shape Your Market’s NextBig Winners, “The Forrester Blogs for Enterprise Architecture Professionals” -Brian Hopkins‟, September 30, 2011
  • Information OptimizationDistributed RepositoriesCentral Index of allCorporate Intelligence“Voice, Video, Text, Data”Collaboration :-•Internal•ExternalDocument& ContentClassificationConsolidated/IntelligentArchiveAutomated ProcessesLegal Holdand investigationInformation & Knowledge•Find•Manage•Govern
  • (Peter Hinssen, the new normal)Business impact: a new IT management strategyCONTENTKNOWLEDGESEARCH DEDUCE REDUCE QUERYSTORE STUFF TOGETHER SHAREINFORMATIONOFFENSIVE• Speed• Sharing• Re-use, IntelligenceCOLLABORATIONINTELLIGENCEDEFENSIVE• Compliance• Control• Archive
  • Strategic playsThe golden ageMegatrendsIT as an engine of innovationThe business of innovationInnovation Applied
  • The „business of innovation‟ frontrunner
  • 19 ©2011 Hewlett-Packard Development CompanyCommunications,media, and entertainment EnergyConsumerindustries and retailFinancialservicesHealth andlife sciencesManufacturing Public sector Transportation“For most companies today, the only truly sustainableadvantage comes from out-innovating the competition.”James F. MooreTHE INNOVATION IMPERATIVE
  • 20 ©2011 Hewlett-Packard Development CompanyINNOVATION WITHIN......CompanyPortfolioWith customersAt customer site
  • Strategic playsThe golden ageMegatrendsIT as an engine of innovationThe business of innovationInnovation Applied
  • Workplace: (re) - DesignIn the “office”VirtualFysicalAlone TogetherAnywhere Anytime@ Any Device
  • Traditionals Boomers Xers YersBusinessprocessOrganizationalshapeWorkplaceTechnology1928 2000+Organization: (re)-Design23
  • Strategic collaboration and co-innovation for over a decadeInnovation with customersHP is DreamWorks Animation‟s preferred technology providerFilms created by DreamWorks on HP technology include:Shrek 1, 2, & 3,Madagascar 1 & 2,Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas,Monsters vs. Aliens,Kung Fu Panda,Over the Hedge,Bee Movie,How to Train Your Dragon
  • Make IT matter.Wilfried.grommen@hp.com