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3 w zoe

  1. 1. The Magic Squirrel. Zoe Harper 9 years old
  2. 2. There was a little girl named Emily. She woke up from her sleep and found herself in a magic garden where the flowers were beautiful and the birds were singing. She wanted to explore the land, but then she saw the thing she was scared of.
  3. 3. “A squirrel ooh!” she cried. She knew this was the beggining of her adventure. The squirrel said don’t be afraid. I will help you find your way home. The squirrel showed her how to get home.
  4. 4. But then there was a river. “What’s wrong? Asked the squirrel.” “Nothing, I just don’t know how to swim.” “Don’t worry” said the squirrel “I will teach you. Ok So the first thing to do is kick your legs. Then you stroke your arm’s. Like this. There you go.” said the squirrel. Thank you said Emily.
  5. 5. Now what else said Emily. Look! Said the squirrel. A tower. That’s how I will get home. But look! There’s a rook blocking it. Let’s go and see if anyone can help us. So they went up to the rook owe! If we push it maybe it will move. So they both pushed and pushed and pushed and finally the rook moved. Is this the tunnel you came in? Asked the squirrel. It’s too dark. I can’t see a thing. Look! I see some land. Come on said Emily. Then they saw a long tower. Then Emily tripped over a something. OOW! She cried what was that asked Emily? I don’t know. Said the squirrel
  6. 6. So they went in to the tower. WOW! Said Emily it’s dark and spooky! BOO said the squirrel. Emily shrieked. Don’t do that said Emily. They walked up the stairs and into a room. Hear! What asked the squirrel? The tunnel that’s the one I came in said Emily. Let’s go down there said Emily . As they got down there they saw a queen.
  7. 7. Hello said Emily. What are you doing in my tower? said the queen. Guards get her! NO! NO! Wait. That tunnel is the way. I just want to go home. Please don’t hurt me!
  8. 8. Fine let her go. But don’t ever come back again said the queen. Thank you!
  9. 9. Bye said the squirrel! Bye said Emily! So then Emily went back home where she belongs. She ran to her mom. Where were you? Said her mom. Just say I will never explore again. That night she was so happy to be home. THE END!