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3 m zahra

  1. 1. Pirates Bounty Zahra Marais 8 years old
  2. 2. Once upon a time there was a pirate and his crew mates. The crew called him Pirate Captain all though Pirate Captain was poor. He also had a pet dodo.
  3. 3. He wanted to enter pirate of the year so badly, but he couldn't because he was nervous and he didn’t have any money. Every night they ate meat, but they didn’t call it meat they called it hamsteak.
  4. 4. They were wild and had no table manners.
  5. 5. One night Pirate Captain had a dream about winning the pirate of the year. Everyone loved him because he won the ring. But there was a bad man in his dream.
  6. 6. Just then pirate captain woke up and shouted wake up! The crew woke up. I believe that we can win pirate of the year because I had a dream about winning pirate of the year!
  7. 7. Well what are you waiting for? Get dressed lets win that ring. So they got ready for the competition they brought all the gold that they had and showed the people the gold.
  8. 8. But then they heard a loud noise. They ran straight to the crowd. It was a girl with two treasure chests. The pirates faces drooped down. Now we will never win said pirate captain.
  9. 9. Just then they heard another noise it was a man standing on a mountain of gold. The man had won pirate of the year. Pirate captain and his crew walked home sadly.
  10. 10. But as they walked home they came across a rich man. The rich man said that he would give them all his gold to win pirate of the year. Pirate captain and his crew took the gold and ran back to the competition centre.
  11. 11. They showed off there gold and all the people loved them. They were just starting to enjoy this when someone in the crowd saw the marking on one piece of gold that said rich man. The pirates hated rich man because he was a thief.
  12. 12. The man in the crowd called the security. The security kicked them out. I feel bad for cheating said pirate captain. So they decided to just be themselves. The end