1GWSPS 1:1 Launch Presentation June 5, 2013


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This is the Parent Presentation given at the Glen Waverley South Primary School 1:1 Netbook Program Launch. It is provided for information purposes only, some details may differ to the currently offered contract.

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1GWSPS 1:1 Launch Presentation June 5, 2013

  1. 1. Glen Waverley South PS1:1 Netbook Program LaunchWELCOME!
  2. 2. What is a 1:1 Program?
  3. 3. 1 Student:1 deviceAcer TravelMate B113
  4. 4. The Rationale
  5. 5. The World IS Changing
  6. 6. What are we teaching our students?
  7. 7. How can we keep up with this change?
  8. 8. The Victorian Department of Educationsays... Being innovative is about looking beyond what we currentlydo well, identifying the great ideas of tomorrow and puttingthem into practice. 21st Century education integrates technologies, engagingstudents in ways not previously possible, creating newlearning and teaching possibilities, enhancing achievementand extending interactions with local and global communities Victorian government schools are using Information andCommunication Technologies (ICT) to create exciting learningexperiences for students.
  9. 9. Regarding 1:1 learning... Learning in a 1-to-1 environment can open up new possibilities forlearning or make it easier to exploit existing learningopportunities. Learning can be more active and student centered.1-to-1 digital devices connect directly with individual learners asthey engage with learning activities and collaborate online withinand beyond their schools. A learners individual, connected, digital device can be an importantpart of a blended learning environment because it supportspersonalised learning and just-in-time integration of ICT intolearning activities.
  10. 10. Glen Waverley South Primary SchoolStrategic Plan Glen Waverley South Primary School … Committed to lifelonglearning … "Glen Waverley South Primary School is committed to lifelonglearning by providing an inclusive, supportive and nurturingcommunity in which diversity is valued and celebrated. Ourinnovative curriculum and culture of excellence creates astimulating learning environment that engages andchallenges students to achieve personal success and makepositive contributions to society."
  11. 11. Student Learning Goals Each Glen Waverley South student will be: An independent, self-directed and self-motivatedlearner able to make connections and apply his or herknowledge to new and different situations.
  12. 12. Key Improvement Strategies Provide personalised approach to learning designed tosuit individual needs, talents, strengths and interests Actively engage parents in their children’s learning
  13. 13. Why do we need all thistechnology in schools?
  14. 14. Education is always changing…
  15. 15. What are the benefits of a1:1 Program for students?
  16. 16. Benefits to student learning include… Increased levels of engagement Raised performance Increase in reading skills Connectivity – students, teachers and parents can sharematerials, notes, quizzes and collaborate anywhere any time No need to share with older siblings who may need moreaccess for their own studies
  17. 17. The Device
  18. 18. Acer TravelMate B113
  19. 19. + Anti-glare screen+ Large trackpad+ High speed processors+ Lightweight, compact and robust
  20. 20. Why 1:1 Netbooks andnot iPads?
  21. 21. iPads = consumption of contentReading, watching, playing
  22. 22. Netbooks = Creation of contentBlogs, wikis, digital stories, multimedia displays and much more
  23. 23. Other Considerations Many school based programs use Java or Flash (Mathletics, Bug Club, etc),broad range of programs to choose from Much of our learning involves writing Ease of input/output – need to be able to print, save and import dataeasily. Many activities involve multitasking, so there is a need to be able to havemultiple programs and windows operating simultaneously Secure storage of data on school servers or student devices School network set up for PC based configurations Keeping cost to families low
  24. 24. Why can’t my child bringtheir laptop from home?
  25. 25. Equal Opportunities for Every Student Access to Department of Education eduSTARsuite of software, more than 80 programs Access to school network and internet All students using state-of-the-art technology Insured for loss, theft or accidental damage Warranty and repairs arranged through theschool
  26. 26. We already have acomputer for the childrento share.
  27. 27. Equal Access to Current Technology Ability to use netbook at school for classroomactivities Older siblings or parents who need greateraccess
  28. 28. What will 1:1 look like atGlen Waverley South PS?
  29. 29. 1:1 in the Classroom
  30. 30. Technology &Learning• Handwriting• Creating & crafting• Painting• Drawing• Cutting• Pasting• Constructing• Modeling (clay, playdough,etc)
  31. 31. Literacy• Listening to audio books• Reading e-books• Creating e-books• Interactive literacy programs(Bug Club, Reading Eggs, etc)• Creating digital stories• Drafting, editing andpublishing• Recording poetry• Collaborative writing
  32. 32. Sharing Our Learning
  33. 33. Expanding our audience
  34. 34. Digital Storytelling with Storybird
  35. 35. Numeracy• Mathletics exercises• Digital interactive mathprograms• Collaborative problem solving• Mapping• Photographing problemsolving• Graphing and spreadsheets• Maths movies
  36. 36. Explaining our thinking
  37. 37. Reinforcing our understanding
  38. 38. Student Made Maths Movies
  39. 39. Inquiry• Interactive word/wonder walls• Digital brainstorming• Creating digital presentations• Independent research• Blogging• Creating movies, digitalposters, virtual 3D models,augmented reality• QR code treasure hunts
  40. 40. Sharing our thinking
  41. 41. Linking with students around the world
  42. 42. Augmented Reality
  43. 43. Specialist Subjects• Listening to Japanese audioand interactive programs• Filming and photographingmovement in Physicaleducation• Digital artwork creating inVisual Art• Making movies, recordingsongs in Performing Arts
  44. 44. Demonstrating our ideas
  45. 45. Sharing our creativity
  46. 46. Communication• Ability to have a paperlessclassroom• Homework/classworksubmitted digitally• Communication withclassmates and teacher whenabsent from school• Link school and home moreclosely
  47. 47. CyberSafety• Compulsory Cybersafetysession for all families• Help setting out Family UsageAgreements• Structured CyberSafe &CyberSmart curriculum• CyberSafety part of all units inICT• Referrals to specialist agenciesand programs
  48. 48. What are the next steps?
  49. 49. Payment PlansYEAR 4, 2013 3 Year (36 month) paymentplan $65 per term Includes: Netbook, HardClamshell Case, ID Skin, Fullinsurance Cover, Acer BatteryReplacement, Tech Support atschool and from LWTYear 5, 2013 2 Year (24 month) paymentplan $80 per term Includes: Netbook, HardClamshell Case, ID Skin, Fullinsurance Cover, TechSupport at school and fromLWT
  50. 50. Program Begins Term 3!• Are you in? Will yourchild benefit from thisprogram?• Initial payments Tuesday 11thof June.• Subsequent payments lastMonday of each term• CyberSmart sessionWednesday 17thJuly (TBC),6pm Parents AND students
  51. 51. Thank You!