FITT Toolbox: Value Creation


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This activity proposes several practices related to marketing and business modeling that offer support for researchers to get to know the market and to integrate the obtained information in a business model. Researchers often experience difficulties in defining a focused value proposition. Therefore, it can be extremely useful, if Technology Transfer Officers can help these researchers in formulating their value proposition, as a good way to make the business feasible and realistic.

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FITT Toolbox: Value Creation

  1. 1. Value Creation FITT– Fostering Interregional Exchange in ICT Technology Transfer – www.FITT-for-Innovation.euExcept where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
  2. 2. Position in the valorisation chainA Focus on Value Creation is a starting point to make thebusiness feasible and real. Value Creation New ideas/ Technologies What? How? 2 | 03.2011 Value Creation
  3. 3. Value Creation Formulating the Value of an idea/project is important as it helps you to Express the value of your idea/project to the outside world Make your elevator pitch Start with the exploitation of your idea/project Value Creation3 | 03.2011 Value Creation
  4. 4. Strategic Logic• Focussing on the Value Creation implies to assess, exploit and develop all aspects of Strategy develop discover © Wiley 4 | 03.2011 Value Creation
  5. 5. StrategyA strategy to create value consist of three interrelated components: • A business concept that identifies the intended customers of the organization and the product offers and key activities that the organization will use to create value for those customers • An organization concept that defines the resources the organization will use in its value-creating activities, the organization design for coordinating its activities, the controls it will use to monitor its value-creating activities, and the incentives – or plan for value distribution – that the organization will offer to attract and motivate resource providers in its value-creating process • The core processes of product creation, product realization, stakeholder development, and organizational transformation through which an organization tries to create and distribute value on a sustainable basis5 | 03.2011 Value Creation
  6. 6. Value Proposition as the Heart of Strategy • The Value Proposition is the crystallisation of all strategic decisions • It helps to articulate the value that will be created available infrastructure (to exploit & drive) customers Money demand (costs & (to meet) revenues) Value Proposition6 | 03.2011 Value Creation
  7. 7. Toolbox Content • The FITT toolbox provides help for practitioners in: • knowing the market (marketing process) • integrating all information (business modeling process) Business Modeling • Business Model Decision • Business Model Design • Open source business model Marketing • Market assessment • Templates for technological marketing • Living Labs in ICT7 | 03.2011 Value Creation
  8. 8. Suggested Readings Link to bibliography Link to code book Business opportunity Customer-Benefits & Segment-Attractiveness Business model Link to relevant websites Sanchez R. & Heene A. (1999) The new strategic management: Organization, competition and competence8 | 03.2011 Value Creation