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  • Quick Facts:\n- 11 million+ total users, 58% are women\n- Estimated unique visitors to increased by 429% from Sept. to Dec. 2011\n- In October 2011, the company secured $27 million in funding\n
  • Brands are just beginning to capitalize on the Pinterest craze to create user-experience focused campaigns/contests to enhance brand loyalty, encourage word-of-mouth marketing and spread products virally—Ann Taylor contest example.\n\nWhat this means to you:\n- The amount of traffic Pinterest sent elsewhere has risen accordingly, becoming a top five referrer for several apparel retailers\n- Pinterest has quickly become one of the most popular social media portals for consumers to visit prior to visiting a retailers’ website\n- Top 3 traffic referrals to retailer websites: 1) Search engines, 2)Other retailers, 3) Social networks\n- Contests, such as the Ann Taylor Valentine’s Day contest are EASY to execute, cost-effective (Ann Taylor designed the contest pin and gave away a $200 gift card to the winner) and encourages consumers to “pin” your product, automatically sharing your “brand” with friends and family throughout Pinterest and potentially Facebook and Twitter. \n- The platform is very conducive to word-of-mouth marketing.\n\n\n
  • New product launch promotion:GUESS Color Me Inspired Contest\na.Create boards based on four spring colors: “Noir Teal,” “Hot House Orange,” “Red Hot Overdue” and “New Plum Light” for a chance to win a pair of color-coated denim from GUESS’ spring collection\nb.The contest ran for 7 days\nc.Boards were judged by stylists, and four winners were selected\nd.Due to the positive response, GUESS plans to continue running more exclusive Pinterest contests on the GUESS Pinboard\n\n\n\n\n\n\n
  • British Midland International (BMI) Pinterest Lottery\na.Turned Pinterest boards into a game\nb.Each board represented a destination with the pins being destination images\nc.Each pin/destination linked back to BMI’s Tumblr page, which featured content/information about city; e.g., London\nd.Each pin was also assigned a number 1 – 63\ne.People could repin up to six images to their board\nf.Just like in a real lottery, a number was chosen at random and the users who had repinned the image with the associated number were qualified to win a free flight\n\n\n\n\n\n\n
  • - Pinterest is designed to curate and share things that you (the brand) love or represent\n- Pinterest button makes it easier for people to pin your products and serves a reminder to do so\n- The primary thing to keep in minds is to represent your brand, not necessary promote your brand\n- Visual content\n- Allow others to post on your board OR identify some key brand ambassadors or followers and dedicate a board to their pins (build brand loyalists/ambassadors via recognition)\n- Contests\n- Discover your personality and use Pinterest to provide a benefit to followers\n- Hashtags to the comments on pins makes them easier to find in a search\n\n\n\n
  • West Elm: inspires boards on a variety of topics, including decorating ideas and creative ways to reuse furnishings (penny floor anyone?) to come up with a whole look for a room...includng (but not even close to limited to) West Elm products.\n\nCelebrates others creativity\nOffers design solutions/ideas/do-it-yourself tips\nMixes in product\n\nALL supports the brand image and vibe.\n\n\n
  • Whole Foods addresses a range of activities related to lifestyle including gardening, recycling adn recipes.\n\n- Bring that knowledge to their Pinterest boards, from organic living to fitness to home decor to gadgets to the more obvious—food, recipes, gardning\n- Drives people back regularly and gets their brand front and center by showcasing the lifestyle (or the lifestyle they strive for) of their target market\n
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    1. 1. Pinned!How brands arecapitalizing on Pinterest
    2. 2. Pinned!Quick Facts• Launched March 2010• Launch—September 2011 (18 mos): 2 million users• October 2011 - January 2012 (3 mos): 12 million users• March 2012: According to Experian Hitwise, Pinterest became the third-largest social network in the U.S.
    3. 3. Pinned!Why does Pinterest matter toretail?• Pinterest accounted for 3.6% of referral traffic• Shoppers referred b Pinterest are 10% more likely to make a purchase than visitors who arrive from other social networks• Pinterest users spend way more money than Facebook users— $180 vs. $85—but less time engaging !
    4. 4. Pinned!Three “Pinning” Marketing CampaignsAnn Taylor Valentine’s Day Contest• Follow Ann Taylor on Pinterest• Create a board titled “Ann Taylor Hearts Fashion Contest”• Pin images of your Valentine’s Day inspirations, including 4 Ann Talor products
    5. 5. Pinned!Three “Pinning” MarketingCampaignsGUESS Color Me Inspired Contest• Create boards based on four spring colors for a chance to win a pair of color-coated denim from GUESS’ spring collection• Seven-day contest• Boards were judged by stylists and four winners (each spring color) were selected• Due to the positive response, GUESS plans to continue running more exclusive Pinterest contests
    6. 6. Pinned!Three “Pinning” MarketingCampaignsBritish Midland International (BMI) Pinterest Lottery• Turned Pinterest boards into a game• BMI created 7 boards, each board represented a travel destination with nine pins representing landmarks/ activities within that destination• Each pin was assigned a number 1 - 63• People could repin up to 6 images to their own personal boards• Just like in a real lottery, a number was chosen and random (1 - 63) and the users who had repinned the image with the associated number were qualified to win a free flight
    7. 7. Pinned!Etiquette• Avoid self promotion• Add the Pinterest button to your website• Create resourceful boards based on a few core keywords/topics• Feature visual content• Create user-generated pinboards• Host a contest• Showcase your personality• Use hashtags
    8. 8. Pinned!Two “Pinning” Brand PagesWest Elm• Uses Pinterest to create content that serves as a resource• The board is more about home decor inspiration than pushing product; e.g., Etsy board• Smart boards and pins showcase the West Elm style without becoming an ad• Followers will connect design ideas with West Elm, creating brand/image enthusiasts
    9. 9. Pinned!Two “Pinning” Brand PagesWhole Foods• They know their audience and their audience’s lifestyle• The boards are updated frequently