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Icsc fb changes deck

  1. 1. Changes to FacebookOpen Graph: Features and Functionality Timeline|Ticker|Apps|Permissions @3TierLogicBlack MAY 20-23, 2012 · LAS VEGAS, NV
  2. 2. Agenda•Introduction•Major FB changes and benefits to brands•New app functionality•Timeline Application MAY 20-23, 2012 · LAS VEGAS, NV
  3. 3. What we do…Work with brands to increase customer engagementEngagement means: On premise or online visits Frequency of visits Data capture for future engagement Establish communication channels to customer and prospect communities Email subscribers (newsletter, events sign-up and alerts) Facebook fans Twitter followers Pinterest subscribers Mobile (VIP club and iPhone app subscribers) MAY 20-23, 2012 · LAS VEGAS, NV
  4. 4. About 3 Tier Logic• Social media agency for global retail brands including: MAY 20-23, 2012 · LAS VEGAS, NV
  5. 5. About 3 Tier Logic• Social media agency for global brands including:
  6. 6. Facebook Timeline - Big Changes•Timeline replaces Profiles page•Simple activities segmented out - streamed through Ticker•Apps can be integrated with web properties•Customizable “like” buttons – “read”, “watched”, “cooked”,“listened”, etc•Customizable permissions MAY 20-23, 2012 · LAS VEGAS, NV
  7. 7. Key Benefits to BrandsCloser integration with web Better leverage of web properties Wider distribution of content and appsBetter organization of information More focus and real estate for photos, events, and activities Simple activities go to TickerLower barriers to consumer connections - “Frictionless interactions”Real-time “serendipity” – easier to stumble upon great content
  8. 8. New Apps - Objects, Actions and ResultsApps can be accessed and downloaded on web or FBApps consist of objects and actions associated with those objects Object: Game Action: “played”, “watched”, “won” gameActions are carried out on web or FB New permissions enable Apps to automatically register actions to Timeline and Ticker Actions are aggregated in app box – Timeline. Summaries of activity shown in activity box Simple actions are streamed in Ticker MAY 20-23, 2012 · LAS VEGAS, NV
  9. 9. FB Connect and Customized Permissions
  10. 10. Frictionless sharing to Timeline activity box ofcore actions….
  11. 11. Shopping Mall App - integration of shopping, lifestyle andshare featuresReplicate elements of the physical shopping experience (web-based) Invite a friend to go shopping Bumping into a friend shopping Browsing Chatting Getting feedback and opinions from shopping buddy Shared experiences - Music, fashion, lifestyle MAY 20-23, 2012 · LAS VEGAS, NV
  12. 12. Core Actions Invite a friend shopping Browse (online) Buy something Create Shopping List (“want”, “need”, etc.) Check out tunes (online) Lifestyle commentary and actions Going shopping @... (stores list) MAY 20-23, 2012 · LAS VEGAS, NV
  13. 13. Shopping App WorkflowUser request app located on web propertySets permissionsGet some company Go solo Invite a friend Invite a mall host or personal shopper to join (virtual friend –girl/guy)Actions are shown on Ticker and Timeline. Permissions not required “Marie is shopping solo at Southcentre ...” “Marie is checking out The Nike store at South Centre with @Paul” “Marie is checking out Abercrombie and Fitch with an A&F model @Southcentre”
  14. 14. Shopping App WorkflowActions are shown on Ticker and Timeline “Marie is browsing @Southcentre for hoodies...” “ @Paul bumped into Marie browsing Southcentre online” “ @Jill has joined Marie browsing Southcentre online” “...needs A & F’s shorts found @Southcentre...” “...added... To her Southcentre shopping list” “...is buying...” “...heading to A&F store @ Southcentr e.....street/city” MAY 20-23, 2012 · LAS VEGAS, NV
  15. 15. Shopping App WorkflowPost commentary and lifestyle: actions, status, moods, goals, things to do...from statuslibrary Integrates lifestyle elements and actions experienced shopping at physical stores Status posts automatically stream to Timeline and Ticker Marie’s To Do for today...” ...Save money ...Hang out with... ...Go to work ...Study ...Feeling hyper ...Just chill’n ...eat right ...work out
  16. 16. Shopping App WorkflowIntegrate with shopping cartIntegrate iPhone and iPad GPS Checkin Actions MAY 20-23, 2012 · LAS VEGAS, NV