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  • This is how they will communicate and interact at university.Used in many third level institutesEg .DCU , Open University
  • ICS Grid

    1. 1. ICS GRID
    3. 3. ICS Grid• ICS Grid is a library of curricular digital resources covering all Irish secondary school subjects• Delivered through a Moodle implementation, optimised for Irish schools. – Moodle 2.2
    4. 4. ICS Grid @ Your School• Every school will have their own instance of the Grid www.yourschoolname.icsgrid.ie• Each teacher and student will have a user account on the Grid• Content is private & only accessible to your school.• Access to content provided by ICS Skills
    5. 5. ICS Grid @ Your School• Latest edition of Moodle• Access to Mapped Content• Access to GGfL• Create User Accounts (Groups)• Building courses ( Subjects / Interests)• Upload Content ( Files / Links)• Assess student performance ( Quiz / Activities)• Communication (Discussion)• Content creation ( Resources / Courses)• Tracking of student performance – (Reporting/Grades)
    6. 6. Mapped Curricular Content• ICS Skills has worked extensively with Irish teachers to ensure that the learning resources in ICS Grid are precisely mapped to subjects in the Irish curriculum and their examination syllabi - Built by Irish Teachers for Irish Teachers
    7. 7. Mapped to Irish Curriculum• Irish• English• Maths ( Project Maths )• Science• Business Studies• French• Geography• History etc...
    8. 8. Access to over 1.8 million digital learning resources from over 45 global providers. Providing fun, engaging and personalised learning experiences for their students.
    9. 9. GGfL Resources• Reliable• Age-related• Appropriate• Relevant• Copyright Cleared
    10. 10. Format of GGfL Resources• Interactive learning objects• Video clips• Audio files• Images• Animations• Documents• Ebooks
    11. 11. Searching is easy !!• Keyword• Age Range• Subject• Resource Type• Timeline• Content Providers
    12. 12. Integration Front end search pane for studentsDirect link from file picker to courses for teachers
    13. 13. GGfL Overview
    14. 14. Why use the ICS Grid ?
    15. 15. The School• 21st Century copyright-cleared educational resources• Facilitate the presentation of online learning by teachers who may not have the skills to create digital content.• Reach students with varying time and location constraints.
    16. 16. The School• Connect with other Grid Schools Nationwide – Webinars / Discussion Forums• Share resources / lessons with Grid Schools Nationwide ( Central hub )
    17. 17. Teacher• Engage, motive & inspire media savvy students.• Access high interest multimedia content from leading publishers worldwide• Access subject specific – copyright cleared content created by Irish Teachers for Irish Teachers.
    18. 18. The Student• Discover, create and collaborate using 21st Century learning technology.• Access proven educational resources from worldwide leading publishers
    19. 19. The Student• Collaborate and engage with their peers in a safe online environment.• Upload assignments and homework to their online portfolio.
    20. 20. Parent• Engage with their child’s learning• Carry out online research with their child• Track and monitor their child’s activity and progress
    21. 21. Why did we develop the ICS Grid ?• Promote the use of ICT in education• Promote use of 21st Century Teaching and Learning• Create a community of practice for schools nationwide• Help to prepare students for 21st Century jobs – Jobs that possibly haven’t yet been invented !!!
    22. 22. Preparing for 3rd Level Education
    23. 23. Joining the ICS Grid• ICS Skills will not only develop your school site including all your users accounts.• But we will also provide user training for teachers at your school.
    24. 24. Very Important !! ( what we do)• Develop each school site• Host each school site• Set up all user accounts• Training for Admin Users• Training for Teachers• Technical Support• Resource building workshops
    25. 25. Accessing the ICS Grid• 24 /7 secure system• Internet based• No installation / setup programs• Fully Hosted• Technical Supported & Training provided• Monthly newsletter / updates online
    26. 26. WWW.ICSGRID.IE
    27. 27. Thank Youwww.icsgrid.ie