ICPSR Secure Data Service: Broadening Access. Reducing Risk.

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Tools to manage restricted-use data contracts & data dissemination

Tools to manage restricted-use data contracts & data dissemination

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  • 1. ICPSR Secure Data ServicesBroadening Access. Reducing Risk Tools to manage restricted-use data contracts & data disseminationJuly 26, 2012
  • 2. Our Agenda• Secure Data Services (SDS) – The Technical Requirements• Restricted Contract & Data Flow – The Process Map• Interacting with the System – The Screenshots & Demo – Finding restricted data – Contracting & analyzing interface – Preview of video data dissemination• Learnings from other SDS Systems & Your Questions
  • 3. Technological Requirements
  • 4. From Requirements to a System
  • 5. The Scope of RestrictedContract Management• ICPSR is currently managing about 1,250 active contracts  Across 500+ institutions  Representing 150+ studies  Approximately 25-35 new contracts per month• Vast majority manually delivered & tracked• 631 studies now/soon available for electronic contracting  47 contracted studies currently in electronic tracking system (with 10 under review)
  • 6. ICPSR Secure Data Services
  • 7. ICPSR Secure Data Services
  • 8. Finding ICPSR Restricted Data
  • 9. Finding ICPSR Restricted Data
  • 10. Contracting ICPSR Restricted Data
  • 11. Internal Reporting
  • 12. The Virtual Data Enclave (VDE) Delivering Restricted Data Electronically
  • 13. The Virtual Lab This is your localThis is the DP virtual computer’s desktopmachine Windows desktop at your approved(connected to the ICPSR location. Neither content or datadata center). can be transferred between the DP and … …your local desktop. xYou cannot import programs into the DP. Youcannot cut and paste or move files outside the You cannot cut & pasteDP. or move files between your computer (orYou cannot access the Internet within the DP so anywhere else) andusing web browsers, email, and ftp is not the DP.possible.
  • 14. The Virtual Video Lab
  • 15. Virtual Data Dissemination Challenges & Learnings• Lots of legal issues – Your IRB or mine? – UM Counsel vs <Institution X> Counsel• PI (Data Producer) Adoption Slow – Differing analysis review desires – Still like CD-Roms & FTP• An altered way of analyzing for researcher/research team• Costs to run = not consortium-esque
  • 16. Questions
  • 17. Pictures if needed – Delete thisslide