Cef lecture annex2


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Cef lecture annex2

  1. 1. in EURBLC / NADSKUPINA / SPU / PU / POL / PRG / POD Budgetfor 2013A State Budget Expenditures 2.705.965.2882 GOVERNMENTAL BUDGET USERS 2.705.965.28816 MINISTRY OF FINANCE 2.705.965.2881611 Ministry of Finance 2.542.694.15702 ECONOMIC AND FISCAL ADMINSTRATION 31.870.8680201 Management in the field of public finance policy 27.965.635020101 Implementation and management of fiscal policy 27.965.6350203 Fiscal supervision 3.905.233020303 Legal public records and audit supervision 3.905.23303 FOREIGN POLICY AND INTERNATIONALDEVELOPMENTAL COOPERATION6.059.1000303 International development cooperation andhumanitarian aid6.059.100030302 Membership in international institutions 22.600030303 Development cooperation and international aid 4.726.500030305 Implementation of the Agreement on Succession Issues 1.310.00006 LOCAL GOVERNMENT 36.6260604 Regional development coordination 36.626060401 Regional development 36.62609 JUDICIAL AFFAIRS 6.765.1440906 Past injustices correction 6.765.144090601 Past injustices correction and compensation 6.765.14414 ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND COMPETITIVENESS 6.924.3531404 Promotion of foreign investment and openness of theeconomy5.200.080140403 Export promotion 5.200.0801406 Support for restructuring of the financial and non-financial corporations1.724.273140602 Sureties and guarantees 436.810140603 Financial asset management 1.287.46321 PENSION SECURITY 1.331.150.0472101 Pensions 1.331.150.047210101 Payment of rights 1.331.150.04722 PUBLIC DEBT SERVICE 702.891.4602201 Domestic public debt management 657.442.409220102 Servicing the interest on domestic debt 657.442.4092202 Foreign public debt management 41.321.303220202 Servicing the interest on foreign debt 41.321.3032203 Financing and debt management costs 4.127.748220301 Financing and debt management costs 4.127.74823 INTERVENTION PROGRAMS AND OBLIGATIONS 43.896.5592301 General budgetary reserves 25.000.000230101 General budget reserves 25.000.0002302 National disaster fund reserves and assistanceprograms in case of disasters18.896.559230201 Reserves the Republic of Slovenia 18.896.55924 CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE EUROPEAN UNION 413.100.0002401 Financial stability and contribution to the EU budget 413.100.000240101 Payment contribution to the EU budget 413.100.0001612 Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia 97.663.79002 ECONOMIC AND FISCAL ADMINSTRATION 93.663.7900204 Tax and customs administration 93.663.790020401 Tax administration 93.663.79018 CULTURE AND CIVIL SOCIETY 4.000.0001804 Non-governmental organizations and civil societysupport4.000.000180407 Donations to the beneficiaries of tax 4.000.0001613 Customs Administration of the Republic of Slovenia 55.355.08302 ECONOMIC AND FISCAL ADMINSTRATION 55.355.0830204 Tax and customs administration 55.355.083020402 Customs administration 55.355.0831615 Office for the Prevention of Money Laundering 565.73502 ECONOMIC AND FISCAL ADMINSTRATION 565.7350203 Fiscal supervision 565.735020305 Control of money laundering prevention 565.7351617 Office for Gaming Supervision 1.097.36402 ECONOMIC AND FISCAL ADMINSTRATION 1.097.3640203 Fiscal supervision 1.097.364020304 Control of the classical and special games of chance 1.097.364II. SPECIAL PARTPage 1 of 2
  2. 2. in EURBLC / NADSKUPINA / SPU / PU / POL / PRG / POD Budgetfor 20131618 Public Payments Administration of the Republic ofSlovenia6.090.70402 ECONOMIC AND FISCAL ADMINSTRATION 6.090.7040201 Management in the field of public finance policy 6.090.704020102 Payment services for budget users 6.090.7041619 Budget Supervision Office 2.498.45502 ECONOMIC AND FISCAL ADMINSTRATION 2.474.1550203 Fiscal supervision 2.474.155020306 Internal control, spending budget control and audit 2.474.15506 LOCAL GOVERNMENT 24.3000604 Regional development coordination 24.300060401 Regional development 24.300B State budget lending and repayments 184.904.9502 GOVERNMENTAL BUDGET USERS 184.904.95016 MINISTRY OF FINANCE 184.904.9501611 Ministry of Finance 184.904.95003 FOREIGN POLICY AND INTERNATIONALDEVELOPMENTAL COOPERATION150.337.0000303 International development cooperation andhumanitarian aid150.337.000030304 Funding of capital and reserves 150.337.00009 JUDICIAL AFFAIRS 154.0000906 Past injustices correction 154.000090601 Past injustices correction and compensation 154.00014 ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND COMPETITIVENESS 34.413.9501404 Promotion of foreign investment and openness of theeconomy3.980.000140403 Export promotion 3.980.0001406 Support for restructuring of the financial and non-financial corporations30.433.950140602 Sureties and guarantees 28.433.950140603 Financial asset management 2.000.000C State budget borrowing and amortization of debt 1.865.243.8122 GOVERNMENTAL BUDGET USERS 1.865.243.81216 MINISTRY OF FINANCE 1.865.243.8121611 Ministry of Finance 1.865.243.81222 PUBLIC DEBT SERVICE 1.865.243.8122201 Domestic public debt management 1.857.437.723220101 Service principal from the domestic debt 1.857.437.7232202 Foreign public debt management 7.806.089220201 Service principal from the foreign debt 7.806.089Page 2 of 2