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The Future Of Branches
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The Future Of Branches



Fewer people are going to branches, and doing so less often. Yet branches aren’t going away anytime soon, and they remain one of the most effective ways to grow your business. But what is the role ...

Fewer people are going to branches, and doing so less often. Yet branches aren’t going away anytime soon, and they remain one of the most effective ways to grow your business. But what is the role of the branch going forward? This session looks at how your branch model needs to evolve as transactions move to alternate channels.



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The Future Of Branches The Future Of Branches Presentation Transcript

    • 16 years as a branding, advertising and marketing strategist
    • 8 years engineering branded financial experiences with Weber Marketing Group
    • Over 150 different branded branch environments (90% for credit unions)
    • Publisher of The Financial Brand http://thefinancialbrand.com
    Jeffry Pilcher
  • MYTH The future is all about technology. View slide
  • REALITY CHECK The future of branches hinges on strategic design. View slide
    • Today’s presentation:
    • The critical role branch design plays in shaping your brand
    • Focus on interiors – not exteriors
    • Strategies that maximize future in-branch relationships
    • How to create branded retail environments and unleash the true power of your branches
    • About the “b” word
  • 10 years ago, people said branches were dead.
  • This was supposedly going to be the murder weapon.
  • REALITY CHECK Branches aren’t dead.
  • REALITY CHECK 60% of members use a branch once a month or more. — Filene
    • Branches represent the “public face” of your credit union
    • Member perceptions of your brand are largely shaped by branch experiences
    • Relationships, trust and loyalty are built in the branch
    • Cross-selling is most effective in-person
    • Members prefer the “personal touch” with certain transactions and problems
    The power of the branch
  • How branches shape brand perceptions: location size design style number staff technology location size design style number staff technology
    • Pick a “promising location”
    • Sign the lease
    • Base branch design on existing branches (yours or someone else’s)
    • Change out the signage
    • Tea and cookies with the mayor
    A typical branch project:
  • REALITY CHECK People don’t like going to the bank.
  • REALITY CHECK People like going to stores.
  • Think like a retailer.
  • Lattes or loans? UNCB’s Gold Cafés – circa 2006
  • Make banking enjoyable.
  • fortress store
  • REALITY CHECK Security is the #1 driver of most in-branch experiences.
  • Member Services Tellers Public Vault/Safe Back of House 457-55-5462
  • Transactional service model
  • Put the milk in the back of the store.
  • Put your products/services in their path Investments Mortgages Check Write Merchandising Product/Promo Merchandising Video Merchandising Lending Accounts Online Services
  • North Shore Greeter/Concierge
  • transactions interactions
  • WaMu Ocassio Branch Model
  • Freestanding teller pods
  • Teller pods “anchored” to a wall
  • MYTH You don’t need 6-8 teller stations for peak rush days.
  • REALITY CHECK You look woefully understaffed during off-peak times.
  • Member Services Greeter Vault/Safe Back of House Tellers Lounge
  • Dort FCU Video Tellers
  • Walk-up tellers just like drive through
  • Video tellers in action
  • MYTH People need a branch on every corner.
  • MYTH You can trust your intuition when it comes to locating your branches.
  • unintentional deliberate
  • REALITY CHECK Most local architects design banks based on a 25-year old model.
  • MYTH How to create a waiting area...
  • waiting area member lounge
  • Bankwest Lounge (Australia)
  • Deutsche Bank Q110 Lounge
  • MYTH Kinecta Member Lounge
  • Dwell zones with purpose
  • undifferentiated distinct
  • MYTH Typical “tech center”
  • REALITY CHECK Tech centers are dead.
  • Kinecta FCU “tech center”
  • Create branded retail destinations.
  • MYTH Lockheed FCU “Loans Center”
  • Think in terms of zones High speed. Short, quick messages. Interaction. Overflow. Brand messages. Sales zone. Sales messages. Exposure to high-value services. Merchandising display. Transaction zone. Short, quick messages. Promotions. “ Right channeling.” Dwell zone. Immersive messages. Exterior zone. Big, bold messages.
  • Umpqua Bank Retail Zones
  • Umpqua Bank Retail Wall sit sip shop shop ask bank
  • Umpqua Bank Retail Items
  • Create brand theater.
  • chore store
  • Jyske Bank (Denmark)
  • Deutsche Bank – Retail Boxes
  • REALITY CHECK People don’t go to the bank to buy books, clothes, gifts, coffee, smoothies, etc.
  • BNZ – Retail Packaging
  • Red Canoe CU – Retailing
  • Establish a retail street presence.
  • MYTH
  • Amplify Credit Union Storefront
  • Red Canoe Credit Union Store
  • Red Canoe Credit Union Store
  • Signature architectural statements
  • Citizens Bank Retail Window
  • Citizens Bank Retail Window
  • Build your brand.
  • commoditized branded
  • Conservative, professional
  • Fun, passionate, casual, progressive
  • Sophisticated, professional
  • Brand-building wall
  • Bold, exciting, contemporary
  • Growing green.
    • Of the 58% of financial institutions planning a facilities project, 75% are considering green initiatives
    • 89% of consumers choose brands aligned with a social cause
    • 8-9% decrease in operating costs
    • 7.5% increase in building values
    • Design/build costs increase 2-12%
    Green branches
  • Columbia Credit Union – LEED Gold
  • Columbia Credit Union – Eco Tour
  • Engineering branded branches
    • Don’t just do what you’ve always done.
    • Be deliberate, strategic and intentional.
    • Think like a retailer – move from fortresses to stores.
    • Make it enjoyable.
    • Focus on interactions, not transactions.
    • Create retail destinations.
    • Make it memorable — differentiate.
    • Create brand theater.
    • Have a retail street presence.
    • Cross-sell financial products and services.
    • Build a “kit of parts.”
  • Questions?
  • [email_address] http://slideshare.net/ICONiQ http://twitter.com/financialbrand