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ICM Class assignment. 2010 fall semester.

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  1. 1. Japanese Youth Consumer Behavior Team-ACE <Life Style Based Behavior> Junghyun Cho(10bn952l) Yuuki Watanabe(08BN137J) Taisuke Miyamae(08BN118J) Yukiko Sawa(08BN059N)
  2. 2. - Outline - Transition of Japanese Generation Consumer behavior of Post Dankai Generation Fashion-oriented behavior Culture-oriented behavior (Enjoy foreign trends) Reasons of these behaviors Projection Conclusion
  3. 3. Transition of Generation Dankai generation (団塊世代, Born in 1947~49) - Contribution to the growth of economy Dankai Junior generation - Direct victim of Bubble econ. - Shrunk intention for purchase Post Dankai generation (born after 1983)
  4. 4. Consumer behavior of P.D.G. Freeter - Part time jobs for Freedom - Put high value on their own life - Willing to spend on their personal life/values 草食系男子(Soushokukei-danshi) - Young male who choose not to pursue relationship with girls, and prefer being a good friend. Feminine boys (Bishounen) - Bishounen is the image what both young male and female like. -> Theydon’t hesitate to spendmoneyonFashion & Culture.
  5. 5. 1. Fashion-oriented Japanese Youth’s Consumer Behavior Feminine Boys 美少年(Bishounen): “Beautiful boys” with the images of “pure”& “innocence”. How do they look?
  6. 6. Characteristics of Feminine Boys Life style – TRY TO BE “BISHOUNEN” Pluck/trim eyebrows Spend money and time for hair & skin care Spend time to be fashionable –> not for workout. Try new ways to dress – don’t mind using female clothing, bags, and etc. Always dress nice when they are out. Relatively long and colored hair and use hair wax.
  7. 7. Key Behaviors as Consumer ->Invest time and money on clothing, hair style, and related goods/services. Clothing: Read fashion magazines to follow trends. Looks for things which are popular. Hair Style: Follow trends, but try new styles. Read hair style magazines. Related goods: Follow the trends musicians/actors create. Watch Japanese and foreign TV dramas and movies. Don’t work out to be bigger, just for loosing fat.
  8. 8. 2. Cultural Contents-OrientedJapanese Youth Enjoy Foreign Trends Korean wave: - Boom and increased popularity of Korean culture - Started about 10 years ago from the TV drama area - Now ? Created a huge K-pop market - Many Korean singers in top ranking of Oricon Chart (AKB48 vs. Girl’s generation)
  9. 9. Japanese economic magazine “Nikkei economics” introduced Girls’ generation <Table above shows Oricon rank of one of K-pop idols, Girls` generation>
  10. 10. Reason 1 – Bandwagon effect People often behave and believe what others do. P.D.G. wants todistinguish themselves than others, and look for uniqueness. Varieties of “Self Expression” Youth consumers are sensitive to trends. Mass medias spread trends. SNS create buzz and the trends spread among people.
  11. 11. Reason 2- Galapagos Syndrome Japanese Standard is different from World Standard due to its unique needs of consumers. Uniqueness: Trends are created by Japanese consumers. Japanese Youth drives trends even though they get influence from foreign markets.
  12. 12. Projection Youth Culture Due to globalization, Japanese Youth will encounter more foreign trends. However, they are still going to create strong youth trends/culture and behave based on these. They will also export these trends to the world.
  13. 13. Conclusion
  14. 14. - The End -
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