ICLP: New Research How To Drive Increased Revenues from your Mid tier Channel Partners


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ICLP: New Research How To Drive Increased Revenues from your Mid tier Channel Partners

  1. 1. How To Drive IncreasedRevenues from yourMid-tier Channel PartnersOctober 13th 2011James GaubertBusiness Development Director
  2. 2. Why Are We Here Today?Today we will show you: • What benefits mid-tier partners currently receive, what they want and value • Do mid-tier partners think they are getting value from their vendor programs? • The influence of distributors over partners’ vendor and product choice • The type of incentives/rewards received vs. desired Whilst recognising the importance of maintaining strong relationships with top tier channel partners, we believe significant opportunities are being missed to drive and grow overall channel revenues by targeting, nurturing and supporting mid-tier partners.
  3. 3. Who are ICLP?ICLP are a leading specialist loyalty marketing agency with a25 year track record in the successful delivery of:• Global consumer channel loyalty and partnership marketing• Full service client focused agency Global capability: • 900+ employees • 50 nationalities • 16 wholly-owned offices combining global loyalty best practice with local market insight & execution
  4. 4. Survey RespondentsNew research commissioned by ICLP in conjunction withCRN and UBM Channel Research to determine if vendorpartner programs are meeting mid-tier partner needsCompany type – 3 main company types reflecting widerlongtail channel structure : • VARs (29%) • Consultants (20%) • Service providers (13%)Responsibility – the survey results are validated bysenior ‘title’ respondents: • MD/Partner/Chairman/President/SVP (49%) • Further strong spread of decision making responsibility with large numbers of director-level job titles
  5. 5. Selection of Partner Programs Represented
  6. 6. Ease of Taking Part 55%Key insight• Easy joining ranked highest at 55%• An ‘easy and simple’ theme followed by: • 37% - Easy rules, 35% - Easy rewards, 34% - Simple claims procedure • Only 18% want consistency indicating a desire for a more dynamic approach
  7. 7. Value of Benefits ReceivedBusiness WinningBenefits 117%/65%• Pre-sales support• Post-sales support• Education/enablement 97%/62%Key insightThey value benefitsoffered the least! 134%/75%
  8. 8. Distributors Matter 52% 35% 15%Key insight• 52% of partners’ are likely to be influenced by Distributor recommendations for vendor and product choice
  9. 9. Rewards Offered vs. PreferredThe Right Rewards• There is a desire for more flights, hotels and dining 63%/40%• People are cutting personal spend on luxuries, could be a driver 78%/39%Key insightImprove the 72%/32%entertainment
  10. 10. Personal vs. Corporate RewardsPersonal vs.Corporate Rewards• In the main people are wanting to shift from corporate to personal rewards• Could the vendors gain greater buy-in and a shift in behavior by changing the 49%/30% 49% / 30% types of rewards on offer? 53%/82% 53% / 82%Key insightPersonal rewards workbest!
  11. 11. SummaryMake it easy: What they value:• Clearly defined rules • High value on leads, better• Easy to understood communication through early access to• Hassle-free way to claim the rewards product data and increased field/phone support• Consistent rewards and structure What they want that isn’t currentlyDistributors matter: offered:• Resellers are likely’ to have their choice • Partners want more help in sourcing and of vendor influenced by their key winning new business distributors• Consider distribution strategy in this Improve the entertainment rewards: area very carefully • Desire for more flights, hotels and diningWhat benefits do mid-tier partners • Tough economic climatecurrently get: • Overall, they would like to receive more• Winning business and making sure that personal rewards compared to corporate business is delivered properly with pre- options sales support, post-sales support and education/enablement being the 3 main benefits listed
  12. 12. Next Steps• Today we have just touched on some of the initial indicators available from the survey that has been carried out• ICLP is looking to dive deeper into the survey results and provide more detailed insight based on: • Size and type of reseller • Roles within reseller • Geographical focus of reseller• This analysis will be published in the form of a whitepaper that will be available at the Baptie Channel Focus Western Europe conference in November