Coordinated Management in UPP Areas-Henriques


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Coordinated Management in UPP Areas-Henriques

  1. 1. Coordinated Management in UPP Areas June 2012
  2. 2. 1- Santa Marta 14- São João 2- Cidade de Deus 15- Fallet-Fogueteiros / Coroa 3- Batan 16- Escondidinho / Prazeres 4- Chapéu Mangueira / Babilônia 17- São Carlos 5- Pavão-Pavãozinho / Cantagalo 18- Mangueira 6- Tabajáras / Cabritos 19- Vidigal 7- Providência 20- Fazendinha 8- Borel 21- Nova Brasília 9- Formiga 22- Adeus 10- Andaraí 23- Alemão 11- Salgueiro 24- Rocinha 12- Turano 25- Complexo da Penha 13- Macacos3 25 23 20 22 21 18 7 14 13 12 17 11 10 15 16 2 8 9 1 4 6 24 5 19
  3. 3. Territories and Demography Demographic UPPs / Territories Number of Inhabitants Population (1) Domicile Area (m²) (2) Density Occupied Communities by Domicile (inhb/ha) (3) 23 UPPs 107 281.721 89.399 3,15 9.360.344 301,0 Penha and 11 118.611 38.266 3,10 2.036.657 582,4 Rocinha Total 118 400.332 127.665 3,14 11.397.001 351,3 Demographic Number of Inhabitants City Communities Population (1) Domicile by Domicile Area (m²) (2) Density (inhb/ha) (3) 599 Favelas 954 1.160.715 381.523 3,04 38.418.168 302.1 Communities 87 283.058 90.708 3,12 8.011.406 353.3 Urbanized Rio de Janeiro - 6.320.446 2.146.340 2,94 570.917.463 110.7Source: (1) Instituto Pereira Passos and IBGE, Demographic Census (2010) (2) The area used to calculate the demographic density refers to the urbanized area. (3) Net demographic density
  4. 4. Logical Milestone MISSION OBJECTIVES• Mobilize and promote the Mobilize • Ensure the STRATEGIC ELEMENTScoordination of municipal sevics consolidation of theand policies•and their articulation Integrating Function pacification and thewith actions of the state and presence of the • Territorial Approachfederal governments, democratic state andcommunities,ManagementandNetwork legality. • civil society inprivate sectorParticipative Management • in the territories of • TransitorinessRio de Janeiro City benefiting • Promote citizenshipfrom the Pacifying Police Units and social, economic(UPPs). and urban development development. urbano.
  5. 5. Logical Milestone MISSION OBJECTIVES VISION• Mobilize and promote the • Ensure the CONCEPT OF INTEGRATION • Execute the fullcoordination of municipal sevices consolidation of the integration of the areasand policies and their articulation pacification and the improved with the citywith actions of the state and • Accesspresence goods and services a whole. to public of the asfederal governments, with coverage and quality and democratic state compatible withcommunities, civil society andthat offered in the city as a whole. legality.private sector in the territories ofRio de Janeiro City benefiting • Promote citizenshipfrom the Pacifying Police Units and social, economic(UPPs). and urban development. .
  6. 6. Strategic Table PACIFICATION ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITYDIVERSITY AND RIGHTS URBAN DEMOCRATIC STATE SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT AND CITIZENSHIP DEVELOPMENT Urban and Safety and Combating Poverty and Environmental Overcoming Violence Productive Inclusion Conservation Justice and Resolving Education and Infrastructure Access to Information Conflicts and Habitation Health and Urban Services Citizenship and Social Assistance Social Participation Regularization and Culture, Sport and Public Order Leisure INTEGRATION
  7. 7. Performance Model State and Residents Directives and Federal Monitoring Governme nts Entrepreneurs Municipal Goals Government Territorial Demand Integrated Offer InstitutionalManagement Management Actions Local Public Civil Society Information Managers Community Knowledge and PrivateOrganizations Data Bases Sector
  8. 8. System of Coordination and Monitoring - MRP Better Worse
  9. 9. Integrated Actions ExampleDemand: Organization andmaintenance of the garbage collectionin the community of Borel.Description: The irregular disposal ofgarbage was a serious problem in thisterritory. The implementation of a newcollection plan, an old demand of thecommunity, required the creation of aroutine and equipment adapted to theparticularities of the location, besidesthe environmental awareness of theresidents of the community.Forwarding: In July 2011 theimplementation of Let us Arrange aCleaner Borel! started, in a partnershipbetween SECONSERVA – COMLURB,UPP Social and the Secretary of Statefor the Environment.
  10. 10. Integrated Actions ExampleDemanda: Demolição do muro emureta no Fogueteiro, retirada deentulho e reativação da CrecheMunicipal Santa Teresa.Descrição: O muro foi construído pelotráfico como defesa contra a facçãorival localizada no Querosene. A crechenunca funcionou em virtude desteconflito armado.Encaminhamento: O muro foidemolido e a creche será reinauguradaem Maio/2012 e atenderá 150 crianças,especialmente da comunidade doFogueteiro.
  11. 11. Priority Demands: example Intervention: Garbage removal. Agent: SECONSERVA / Comlurb Territory: São Carlos Localization: Caminho do Galo (Mineira, Querosene) Justification: The removal of this garbage is symbolic, bearing in mind that its presence reinforces the feeling by the residents of having been abandoned by the public power. Located in the upper part of the hill of Mineira (where drug trafficking was also handled), there is the border with the locality of Querosene which, when indicated, is soon identified with the garbage. The management of the area by COMLURB has logistical difficulties in the removal with the equipment that it has for the regular collection. It should be pointed out that the Program “Let us Arrange a Cleaner Community!” is being implemented, but does not foresee the removal of this garbage.
  12. 12. Priority Demands: exampleAgent: SMH and SMOTerritory: FormigaAction: Resolving the risk area and ResettlementDescription: There are approximately 200 families wholive in risk areas in Formiga, known as Basanha, Coruja,Niteroizinho, Rua 3, Vila Rica.Situation: identified in December 2011.
  13. 13. Priority Demands: exampleAgent: SECONSERVA and SEOPTerritory: AndaraiAction: Removal of abandoned cars.Description: Identified car cemetery in Jamelão, besidethe day nursery Galdino Manoel da Silva. The wreckedcars constitute potential focal points for the proliferationof dengue fever.Situation: Demand identified in September/2011.
  14. 14. Visão RioAn Integrated City INSTITUTO PEREIRA PASSOS – IPP RIO