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The Green Economy is Our Eternal Theme-Yimiao
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The Green Economy is Our Eternal Theme-Yimiao


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. 实现绿色经济是我们永恒的主题在联合国 “里约 + 20” 可持续发展峰会上的讲 话 The Green Economy Is Our Eternal Theme Speech at the Rio+20 中国创业家联盟主席刘一秒 ( 2012 年 6 月 18 日) Liu Yimiao, Chairman of China Entrepreneurs Union ( 18 June 2012 )
  • 2. Sustainable Development in BRIC Countries 金砖国家的可持续发展• 1992 年 6 月:联合国环境与发展大会了《 21 世纪议程》• June 1992 : the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development adopted the Agenda 21• “ 金 砖国家 实现 可持续发展相对较容 易, 在发展绿色经 济上可以有大作为”• it is easier for the BRIC countries to achieve sustainable development and to achieve great success in developing Green Economy.
  • 3. Sustainable Development in BRIC Countries 金砖国家的可持续发展• 中国与巴西都是金砖国家成员,在可持续发展的道路上 有许多共同之处• China and Brazil are both BRIC countries and share much in common on the path of sustainable development.• 实地学习、借鉴治理环境污染、提高能源利用效率、发 展低碳产业、发展绿色经济以及发展可再生能源等方面 的成功经验。• Learning from the success controlling environmental pollution, improving energy efficiency and developing low- carbon industries, Green Economy and renewable energies.
  • 4. Sustainable Development in Brazil 巴西的可持续发展• 2008 资料:巴西能源消费结构中可再生能源(水电和生物 能源)占比高达 45.4%> 世界平均水平 12.9 % > 经合组织 6.7 %• 2008 Brazil‘s energy consumption for renewable energy sector (hydropower and bio-energy) accounted for 45.4% > world average of 12.9% > OECD’s the average of 6.7 %
  • 5. Sustainable Development in China 中国的可持续发展• “ 天人合一”“ Unity between heaven and man”• 基本国策:节约资源、保护环境确立为• Resource conservation and environment protection as a state policy• 以人为本、实现全面协调可持续发展• putting people first and promoting balanced and sustainable development in all areas
  • 6. Sustainable Development in China 中国的可持续发展• 不足 10% 的耕地;人均仅有世界水平 28% 的水资源;占世 界 1/5 的人口!• 10% of the world’s farmland ; 28% of the world’s per capita water resources ; 1 / 5 global population• 植树造林,已达 62 万平方公里• Afforestation with coverage now reaching 620,000
  • 7. Sustainable Development in China 中国的可持续发展• 6 年淘汰了 8383 万千瓦能耗高、污染重的小火电机组• In the past 6 years, decommissioned small coal-fire power generators with a total installed capacity of 83.83 gigawatts that are high in energy consumption and pollution• 世界上水电、风电装机总量最大的国家• China now has the world’s largest installed capacity of hydro power and wind power
  • 8. Sustainable Development in China 中国的可持续发展• 2005 年以来,中国的单位国内生产总值能源消耗降低了 21%• Since 2005, while maintaining robust economic growth, China has cut energy consumption per unit of GDP by 21%• 主要污染物 SO2 、 COD 排放总量分别下降 16% 和 14%• Cut emissions of major pollutants such as S02 and COD by 16% and 14% respectively• 30 多年来,减少了 2 亿多农村贫困人口,最早实现千年发 展目标中“贫困人口减半”的国家• Lifted over 200million rural people from poverty, first country
  • 9. About China Entrepreneurs Union CEU 关于中国创业家联盟• 企业持续发展之关键:“正确地做事”和“做正确的事”• Keys to development of an enterprise : “ doing things right” and “doing the right thing”• 创办了“中国创业家联盟”• initiated the Chinese Entrepreneurs Union• 召集百名成功民营企业家组成“思八达智慧讲师团”• SPARTA wisdom lecturer team with >100 entrepreneurs• “ 中国创业家孵化器”• “Incubator for Chinese Enterprises”
  • 10. What can entrepreneurs do for environment? 企业家对环境能作出的贡献• 承担社会责任、环境责任• Take up the social and environmental responsibilities• 需要我们不断在理念上有所创新、在实践上有所突破、在行 动上携手共进• and calls for new ideas, new practices and joint efforts
  • 11. What can entrepreneurs do for environment? 企业家对环境能作出的贡献•第一,争做享有环境基本权利的宣传员。•First, our entrepreneurs should be the promoters of the basic•更加合理地利用环境,更加自觉地保护环境,为可持续发展•Facilitate rational use of the environment, raise awareness to
  • 12. What can entrepreneurs do for environment? 企业家对环境能作出的贡献• 第二,主导企业走好绿色经济发展道路。• Second , we should guide the enterprises to pursue the path of green economy and sustainable development.• 大力发展绿色经济,实现发展与可持续的共赢。• grow a green economy so as to achieve both development and sustainability
  • 13. What can entrepreneurs do for environment? 企业家对环境能作出的贡献• 第 三 , 坚 持 把 建 设
  • 14. What can entrepreneurs do for environment? 企业家对环境能作出的贡献• 第四,发展公益事业促进社会和谐。• Fourth, we are endeavoring to eliminate poverty and improve the quality of life as the ultimate goal of sustainable development.• 促进社会公平正义和社会和谐贡献力量。• promote social equity, justice and harmony.