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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Local Renewables Model Communities Network LOCAL RENEWABLES RESOURCE CENTRE LINKING MUNICIPALITY & BUSINESS Local Renewables 2007 14 June 2007, Freiburg Germany Anurag Mishra ICLEI South Asia
  • 2. Presentation Overview
    • PART I
    • Local Renewables Model Communities Network
    • Local Renewables Resource Center
    • PART II
    • Resource Center at Bhubaneswar
  • 3. Local Renewables Model Communities Network
  • 4. Local Renewables Model Communities Network
    • Objectives:
    • to promote generation and supply of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency with a focus on the roles and responsibilities of local governments as the driving force for innovation and investment
    • to motivate and enable two local governments from India to anchor the development/use of RE and EE technologies in their municipal development strategies and to initiate related activities.
    • Supported by BMZ and GTZ Germany
    • Duration: Nov 2005-Oct 2008
    • Main Components:
    • A: Model Communities
    • B: Network
    • C: Out Reach
  • 5. Local Renewables Model Communities Network
    • Activities so far:
    • Nagpur and Bhubaneswar Cities selected for the project though EOI process.
    • International Launching at Cape Town Feb 06.
    • Signing of MoU with Cities in April 06 at Delhi.
    • Project Staff in place at both cities
    • Stakeholders group identified in both cities
    • Awareness activities conducted in both cities
    • National and International workshops held
    • RE EE Resource Centre established in both cities
    • City Energy Study report
    • City level RE EE policy formulation process initiated
    Nagpur Vadodara Jabalpur Madurai Tiruchirapalli Gwalior Paradip Bhubaneswar
  • 6. RE & EE Resource centre (RC)
    • One of the main components of the “Local Renewables Model Communities Network” project.
    • The idea - establish a hub/focal point of all Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency related activities in the city .
    • RC
      • Has comprehensive resource base of information
      • Has Physical exhibition of models related to Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency techniques.
      • Is a platform for all relevant stakeholders (citizens / manufacturers / banks / institutions etc.) to meet and exchange information on RE and EE .
  • 7. Objectives of RE & EE Resource centre
    • To provide information on RE and EE
    • To raise awareness and education about RE and EE
    • To facilitate exchange and collaboration between different stakeholders for effective information sharing, technology transfer and fund mobilization .
  • 8. Purpose of Resource Centre
    •       Provide information to all those interested in knowing about RE and EE through:
      • An exhibition space
      • A resource base of information on renewable energy
      • Information for local governments on political and policies process
    • Create and raise awareness and education about RE and EE by:
      • Organizing Information Education Communication (IEC) Campaigns
      • Offering capacity building support
    • Facilitate collaboration between stakeholders by organizing workshops, seminars, Organize study visits
  • 9. BHUBANESWAR MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, INDIA Resource Center at Bhubaneswar
  • 10. Local Renewable Resource Centre, Bhubaneswar , India
    • First RE and EE resource Center established at the city level, have been hosted by the City Municipal Corporation of Bhubaneswar.
  • 11. RE & EE Resource centre (RC):
  • 12. Location
    • Resource Center is strategically located in Bhubaneswar - at the entrance lobby of the Corporation building.
  • 13. Formulation and formation of RC
    • Resource Center at Bhubaneswar is developed after due consultation and detailed questioner survey of stakeholders and citizens.
  • 14. Participants in promoting RC
    • Manufacturers and dealers on Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency
        • At present Gayatri Solar and Tata BP Solar have exhibited their equipments and information materials at the Bhubaneswar Resource Center.
        • Asian Electronics – an ESCO (Energy Saving Company) group member has displayed its literatures and would display its electricity saving T – 5 model soon.
        • (Contd…)
  • 15.
    • Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) – Providing various information on govt. policies, various schemes and literatures.
    • State agency on Renewable Energy (Orissa Renewable Energy Development Agency – OREDA) – sharing literatures.
    • Various banks – information on loan availability towards installation of Renewable Energy equipments.
    Other participants in promoting RC
  • 16. Models Display in the RC and its utility
    • Solar Panel – Models show the scope for decentralized electricity.
    • Solar caps – Practical visualization of solar power generation in rotating the fan in the cap. Its best use can be made during the summer in avoiding sun strokes.
    • Solar helmets – Similar utilities of solar power for the traffic police.
    • Solar Lantern – Solar powered lantern for power emergencies.
    • Wind turbine – A model to demonstrate the use of wind power to generate electricity.
  • 17. Activities
    • Awareness
    • Visitors – Students, City Govt. Staffs (BMC and Corporators), Govt. Officials at Administrative Level, Energy Auditors, Environment Professionals, Dealers and Manufacturers (Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Companies), NGOs, Citizens (Inclusive laymen & Slum Dwellers), Engineers, Agricultural Professionals, Hospital Authorities (Doctors And Managers), Lawyers, TV Media, Defence Personalities, Housewives, National and International Delegates.
  • 18.
    • Organization of workshops
      • Organization of RE and EE stakeholders discussion at BMC.
      • Resource Center organized the Local Policy consultation
    • Local Stakeholders Group
      • Bring together different stakeholders.
  • 19. Delegates visiting the RC
  • 20. Influx of visitors to the RC
    • January – Major influx was BMC staffs.
    • February and March – natural influx of citizens of Bhubaneswar initiated.
    • April – Visitors (mostly citizens) increased by 193% in comparison to March 07.
    • May – 213% increase in visitors (predominantly citizens) comparison to March 07.
  • 21. What the visitors say about RC 1.61 RC should create model village/centre completely based on RE power 12.90 Expand this programme to remote & rural areas 63.71 Very good & it is the need of the hour 1.61 Enhance the literatures 3.23 Increase the floor area of the RC 16.94 Greater awareness required % of response Suggestions
  • 22.
    • Release of monthly News Bulletin “Energy & Environment” – 3 experimental bulletins made.
      • First issue released on 11th March 2007.
      • Components
          • Editorial
          • Energy in recent news
          • Articles on RE & EE
          • About Local Renewable Project (vision and mission)
          • Join us
          • Views of the visitors
      • Target groups – whole spectrum of visitors after due realization of visitors’ perceptions.
    Other activities – Printing of “Energy & Environment” News Bulletin
  • 23. Energy & Environment
  • 24. Energy & Environment – a discussion for further developments
  • 25. Collection of newspaper clippings
    • Collection and collation @ avg. 80 clippings/month of newspaper clippings on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency have been made and displayed in the RC for update information on RE & EE.
    • A database is created and maintained for easier reference by the user.
  • 26. Publicity of RC
    • Wider publicity of the RC – a video clip has already been transmitted in local TV media (OTV) dated 23 rd May 07.
    • Pamphlets on RC are ready to be immediately distributed among all citizens through the local dailies.
  • 27. Part of international Network
    • Resource Center is part of the International Network of European (Freiburg, Bonn and Växjö) and Brazilian (Betim) cities, ICLEI International Training Centre, ICLEI European Secretariat and ICLEI US office.
    Cape Town Betim Växjö Freiburg Bonn Bhubaneswar Nagpur Coimbatore
  • 28. Future activities (planned)
    • Organize Information Education Communication (IEC) Campaigns for students (School; college – undergraduate and graduate), Residential Welfare Associations etc.
    • Organize meetings, workshops and seminars for regular dialogues among various stakeholders and their capacity building through trainings.
    • Organize study visits for more practical exposures.
    • Creation of a web based resource center .
  • 29. Activities for 2007
    • Sharing of Bhubaneswar city energy status among its citizens through Residential Welfare Associations.
    • Sensitizing the school children, house wives towards energy conservation at domestic level.
    • Meeting and training for the architects, builders, hotel owners etc.
    • Invitation of project proposals for implementation of RE & EE.
    • Installation of solar water heater at Municipal Corporation hospital of Bhubaneswar city.
  • 30. Sustainability of RC
    • Technical – growing interest by the manufacturers, energy auditors and other technical persons in sharing the information and queries in need.
    • Financial – A step is needed to work out for the leasing some space of RC for displaying their models.
    • Social – Growing interest (77% of visitors) towards the new and emerging concepts reflects the trend towards their interest to accept the RE & EE.
  • 31. Thank You For more information ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability, South Asia 1st Floor, Tower B, Logix Technopark, Sector- 127, NOIDA, 201301, India Tel: +91-120-4368400 Fax: +91-120-4368401