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Russia bioeconomy prospects
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Russia bioeconomy prospects


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Presentation by Prof.Vladimir Popov, A.N.Bach Institute of Biochemistry RAS

Presentation by Prof.Vladimir Popov, A.N.Bach Institute of Biochemistry RAS

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Prospects of bioeconomy in the Russian FederationNational Technology Platform Prof.Vladimir PopovBioindustry and Bioresources - BioTech2030 A.N.Bach Institute of Biochemistry RAS
  • 2. R&D as national priorityn  R&D as national priority n  Current spending 1.16 % GDP n  Target by 2015 1.8 % GDP n  Target by 2030 3 % GDPn  Funding of State scientific funds (RFBR, RFHR) n  Target by 2018 25 BRUBn  Share of Russian publications cited by WEB of Science n  Current (2010) 2.08 % n  Target by 2015 2.44 % n  Target by 2020 3%
  • 3. Strategy of innovative development of the RussianFederation to 2020. Innovative Russia – 2020Endorsed by the Russian Government 08.12.2011 N 2227-рn  Start of wide use of biotechnologies, that will change not only the traditional agrarian sector, but will become a base for high-technology methods for diagnostics, therapy and prophylactics of diseases and development of bioinformaticsn  10 out of 34 Critical Technologies of Russia refer to biotechnologiesn  Technology platforms … will become an important instrument for formulating national priorities of the technological developmentn  Technology platforms will concentrate on: n  … biotechnologies including industrial biotechnologies and bioenergy, biomedicine and biopharmaceuticals, agrobio- and food biotechnologies
  • 4. Recent Bioeconomy initiatives
  • 5. Main competitiveadvantages of Russian  Oil and gasn  Mineral resourcesn  Forestation, 1180 mln.ha n  20 % of world’s forest resources n  50 % of coniferous forestsn  Land (fertile, arable) n  10% of arable land, 195 mln.ha n  60% of most productive world black soils are located in Russia and Ukraine n  About 20 mln.hectars of arable land are temperately out of agricultural production n  Grain harvest ~100 mln.t, projected surplus up to 30  Water n  water resources, 30,000 m3 per capita n  irrigated land, 86,000 m2 per capitan  BIOMASS
  • 6. Co-ordinated program of biotechnology development in the Russian Federation to 2020Governmental commission on high-tech and innovations requested on 01.04.2011 to draft the Co-ordinated Program of Biotechnology Development in the Russian Federation to 2020 (BIO-2020) that was signed on 24.04.12
  • 7. BIO-2020 – main featuresn  Horizon planning - to 2020n  Areas covered: n  Biopharmaceuticals & Biomedicine n  Extension of already existing Pharma2020 program n  Industrial biotechnology n  Bioenergy n  Agrobio n  Forest biotechnology n  Marine biotechnology and aquaculturen  The Program calls for n  drafting >30 reports to the Government n  important changes in legislation and standards
  • 8. Main goalsn  To initiate bioeconomy development in Russian  To support new economy segments associated with industrial biotechnologyn  To stimulate and develop already existing priority market segments for biotech products - agrobio, food The strategic goal is the level of bioeconomy ~ 1 % of GDP by 2020, and ~3 % of GDP by 2030
  • 9. Agendan  Translate main ideas of BIO2020 into Federal and regional programs n  Allocate resources n  Draft operative plans and road-mapsn  Draft necessary legislation and technical requirementsn  Promote 1-2 biotech regional bio-clusters
  • 10. Technology platforms as an instrument to develop bioeconomy Technology Platforms in BiotechnologyMedicine of the Future BioTech2030 Bioenergy Lomonosov MoscowSiberian State Medical State University Kurchatov Institute University & Russian Technologies State Corporation
  • 11. Selected priority areasn  Biorefineries (grain, lignocellulose, algae)n  Platform chemicalsn  Bioplastics and biomaterialsn  Biocatalysisn  Transgenic plants and animalsn  Valorization of wasten  Pulp and papern  Functional foods and feeds
  • 12. Way forwardn  Bioeconomy should become a national priority n  Implementation of the Bio-2020 programn  TPs should be properly integrated in the state decision making mechanism at all levels: federal, regional, sectorial/ministerial n  Support of SRA formulated by TPs in the frame of federal and regional programsn  Stimulation of biotech businesses, creation of markets n  State procurement as an instrument to develop markets for biotech products n  Stimulate businesses introducing biotech products, destimulate outdated technologies n  Technical regulation, standardizationn  Support of regional biocluster development n  Tatarstan, Chuvash, Omsk, Puschino, Tambov, Belgorod, etc.
  • 13. The  future  is  green!