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  • 1. Neol, at the forefront of the industrial biotechnology Excellence in applied industrial microbiology Orientation to industrial needs High-qualified and motivated team Cutting-edge technologies Pilot plant for validation of bioprocesses Neol offers real, pioneering and profitable biosolutions for its clients in order to obtain new suitable bioproducts for the industrial sector. Due to its expertise in applied industrial microbiology, Neol is able to convert agricultural waste and industrial by-products in real alternatives for the chemical industry and the biofuels.
  • 2. Keys to success of Neol Neol holds an extraordinary human capital and promotes new ideas, which allows to the company to maintain its innovative leadership. The Neol team which is its most important value is made up by 30 high-qualified people (8 doctors and 5 technologists) and by the management and business development team supported by a wide experience. Neol has an own pilot plant thus making possible to validate in a semi-industrial area, those biosolutions developed in a lab. The pilot plant provides capacity for culture of microorganisms and process unities to final product. MicroBioTools™ is the tool which allows Neol to select and improve microorganisms coming from different natural environments. Currently, thanks to MicroBioTools™, Neol has a proprietary collection of over 9000 microorganisms that allows the company to be at the forefront of the bioprocess development.
  • 3. Versatility: Quatlity of neol’s technological platforms TriBioPlast® The technological platformTriBioPlast® is able to obtain PHAs (polyhydroxyalcanoates) biopolymers, which are biodegradable and biocompatible. These polymers who may have different chain lengths can replace conventional polymers with new uses in different sectors as the traditional, such as the medical sector. MicroBiOil® This platform is able to produce a large amount of lipids in oil form from industrial by-products such as crude glycerin or organic waste such as wheat straw or the sugar cane bagasse. This microbial lipids are of very high quality and suitable for a variety of purposes in the oil-chemical industry, e.g. 2nd generation biofuels, biolubricants, surfactants or cosmetics.
  • 4. Neol = Innovation Neol follows a continuous process of innovation and adaptation to market requirements. A prime example of its continues innovation is the development of the platform for the production Omega 3 from microalgae with high contents in essential fatty acids (especially DHA). Moreover, Neol offers tailor-made offers in a flexible form and adapted to each clients’ needs: Selection and improvement of new strains Process development and optimization Consultancy and technological surveillance = = = For further information: Telephone: +34 958 750 598 Address: Av. de la Innovación, 1 18016 Granada (Spain)