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Basf plastics business realignment
Basf plastics business realignment
Basf plastics business realignment
Basf plastics business realignment
Basf plastics business realignment
Basf plastics business realignment
Basf plastics business realignment
Basf plastics business realignment
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Basf plastics business realignment


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Strategic alignment of BASF’splastics businessDr. Martin BrudermüllerVice Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors ofBASF SE0We create chemistryfor a sustainable futureWe add value asone companyWe innovate to make ourcustomers more successfulWe drive sustainablesolutionsWe form thebest team1
  • 2. From molecules to materials & solutions Chemistry as a keytechnology andinterdisciplinary (physics,biology, engineering, etc.) Development closer toand with customers New applications withimproved properties fromestablished materialsNewmoleculesImprovedapplicationsFunctionalmaterials &solutions1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 20202YearGlobal megatrends call for plasticsolutionsOpportunities for plasticsMegatrends Lower emissions through reducing weight ofautomotives High-efficiency insulation for buildings Renewable energy such as wind power andsolar High-performance plastic additives to improveproperties Biobased plasticsResources,environment andclimateFood and nutritionQuality of life3
  • 3. million metric tonsContinuing strong growth in globaldemand for plasticsIncludes thermoplastics, polyurethanes, thermosets, elastomers, adhesives, coatings and sealants,PP-fibers; not including: PET, PA and polyacrylic fibers2012 demand by regionSource: PlasticsEurope0501001502002503001950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010* Not including other plastics (47 million metric tons)Global demand23.4%19.9%23.9%20.7%12.1% 100%241 millionmetric tons*China WorldAsiaPacific(not incl.China)Europe(incl. CIS)NorthAmericaSouthAmerica,Middle East,Africa4Source: PlasticsEuropeStrategic measuresin BASF’s plastics business Organizational realignment of BASF’s plastics business Systematic entry into new growth markets like wind energy Innovative use of renewable feedstock Innovation as a driver of growth and differentiation5
  • 4. Organizational realignment ofBASF’s plastics businessPetrochemicalse.g. Aminese.g. TDIe.g. monomerse.g. epoxy systemse.g. PU systemse.g. Ultramid®MonomersIntermediatesPetrochemicalsCommodities Functional Materials & SolutionsPerformance MaterialsPolyurethanesPerformance PolymersInorganicsIntermediates6SinceJanuary2013Until2012Strengthening our Production Verbundand getting closer to customers throughinnovation7 Custom-built solutions Technical service Joint development projects Intensive research Specialties Cost efficiency and supply security Economies of scale Technology leadership Integrated production CommoditiesStrength through world scale Strength through customer closeness
  • 5. Investments and activities in thedownstream specialty business8Cast elastomersPolyamidepolymersAlliance with TenCate& Owen CorningTPU LemfördeUltrason®PUsystem housesStyrolutionecoflex®Lightweightcomposites teamNeopor ®EngineeringplasticsSegment and reporting structure focussince January 2013CropProtectionPerformanceProductsDispersions &PigmentsCareChemicalsFunctionalMaterials &SolutionsAgriculturalSolutionsPerformanceChemicalsNutrition &HealthPaperChemicalsOil & GasOil & GasChemicalsMonomersIntermediatesPetrochemicalsFunctionalMaterials &SolutionsConstructionChemicalsCoatingsCatalystsPerformanceMaterials9
  • 6. Wind energy: a growth market withtechnological challengesSize Ø: 17-foldPerformance: 400-fold10annual installed capacity (GW)PBT GF30 non-HRMarket growth010203040506070802000 2005 2010 2012 2015 2020Trends 1980-2020:Cologne Cathedral2000 kW20000 kW50 kW1980Ø 15 m2000Ø 112 m2020Ø 252 mSoccer fieldSource: BTM WMU 2012Systematic entry to the growth market ofwind energy11Blade rootCompositeStructuraladhesiveShear webSandwich incl.core materialSparCompositeShellSandwichwith core materialCoatingIncluding finishing and repairBaxxodur®Hardened rotor bladesMulti-material systemsKerdyn®Rotor blade model
  • 7. 0116012345672009 2010 2011 2016Biopolymers growth market12Biopolymer marketshare 20120.4 %of the globalplastics marketSource: European Bioplastics/IfBBForecastmillion metric tonsGlobal biopolymer capacity280m tPolymers in the BASF portfolio basedon renewable resources13Ultramid® S Balancepartially biobasedecovio®partially biobased, biodegradableLupranol® Balancepartially biobased
  • 8. BASF mass balance methodology– systematic integration in the Verbund Cost-effective integration of renewable resources in the existing ProductionVerbund Flexible feedstock according to customer demand for nearly every product No loss of product quality Feedstock allocated to certified products Certification by TÜV SÜD14MarketProductionResourcesbio-basedfossilProductscertifiedconventionalBASF VerbundInnovation as a driver ofgrowth and differentiation15Membrane with nanoporesComposite: reactive resin + carbon fibers1 Chemicals 10%2 Performance Products 20%3 Functional Materials & Solutions 20%4 Agricultural Solutions 25%5 Oil & Gas 2%6 Corporate Research, Others 23%123564approx.€1.7bnResearch and development 2012