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February 2012

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Nup2012 2

  1. 1. February 2012Also at Dear Friends, increasing population pressure, changing practical programs to improve land and water ownership patterns for land and cattle, shortage management. Africa is the only of trained agriculturalists and weaknesses in continent which research and technology delivery systems We need the leadership, resources, expertise does not grow make the task of agricultural development and solidarity of every organization and enough food more difficult.” These factors have resulted individual if we are to find solutions to this to feed itself. in the Green Revolution bye-passing the common challenge. The national irrigation According to one African continent. and water management authorities in Africa UNEP estimate have an important role to play in this process. food production Africa holds around 60 per cent of the world’s Our National Committees in Africa have the will reduce to the uncultivated arable land and could grow enough opportunity to take the required lead and extent of 25% by food, not only to meet its own needs, but bring together various players involved in the year 2050 due to export surpluses. As Kofi Annan, Ex-UN providing water for use in agriculture. NCs to land degradation Secretary General and the current Chair of can count on the ICID network through which and water scarcity the Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa experiences from other parts of the world can accentuated by climate change. At the ( said at COP be shared and lessons learnt from mistakes same time FAO forecasts that global food 17, “Africa has enormous potential if the right internalized. Central Office is committed to production needs to increase by 70% by 2050. agricultural policies are adopted and funded”. facilitate this process and help usher second Seen against the backdrop of increasing green revolution. realisation that food prices have remained Realising this potential requires the unnaturally suppressed as compared to all engagement and expertise of scientists, Coming to the task at hand to re-invigorate other commodities during the last fifty odd government and multilateral institutions and communication within the ICID network a years (Bill Gates in his Annual Letter http:// farmers’ organizations. The International Food weekly e-Bulletin, bringing international news and are likely Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) in its book on irrigation and related subjects have been to rise for a variety of reasons, the dice ‘Successes in African Agriculture’ says Africa started. A facebook page has also been appears to be rolling against Africa’s less has developed technologies with transformative opened for all the National Committees to prosperous population. Even if there might potential for turning around the fight against share their news. A separate communication not be a threat to global food security, the hunger. The New Rice for Africa (NERICA), on this follows. We will appreciate receiving affordability factor can threaten food security drought tolerant maize varieties that reduce your feedback on communication issues. in many parts of Africa unless local production the risk and vulnerabilities, new varieties of sorghum that can raise and stabilize yields Best regards, is increased and sustained. invented by Dr. Gebisa Ejeta from Ethiopia, Dr. Borlaug, who can arguably be called the winner of the World Food Prize in 2009, do father of Green Revolution had “greatest indicate that a fertile ground is ready to be worry”, especially for sub-Saharan Africa sown and nurtured. But there is crying need Avinash C. Tyagi where he noted that “ … uncertain rainfall, to link this research to adequately funded Secretary General ICID Preparations for 6th the Thematic Priority 2.2 on as well as all” is coordinated by Jacques Plantey World Water Forum in 2.1 on ‘Balance Multiple Uses through and Bart Schultz; while the Target V IWRM’. Under the Theme 2.2, nine “Increasing capacity of water storageThe focus of 6th World Water Forum Targets have been agreed upon and in support of irrigated agriculture in an(WWF6) to be held during 12 -17 March will be presented at the Forum together environmentally sufficient and socially2012 in Marseille France is on targets with the opening introduction session, a sound management” is coordinated byand solutions. Forum is guided by 12 multi-stakeholder panel and a synthesis Pres. Hon. Chandra Madramootoo andKey Priorities for Action and 3 Conditions session. For Theme 2.2 the Coordinator Jinsheng Jia, President ICOLD. ICID hasfor Success translated into common and of the Core Group is FAO (Pasquale submitted couple of solutions for targetmeasurable goals. Under each priority, Steduto) and the Co-coordinator is ICID III and can be viewed at <http://www.series of targets have been identified to (Bart Schultz). Francois Brelle (AFEID) is>.propose workable solutions. the Co-coordinator for Theme 2.1. Target III “Increase sustainable productivity Prof. Bart Schultz, Chair ICID Task ForceICID in its effort to ‘Contribute to Food and lower costs of water management on WWF6 and Co-coordinator of PrioritySecurity by Optimal Use of Water’ is in such a way that by year 2025 there 2.2 is spearheading ICID participation andactively involved in the preparations of is food security at affordable prices for attended the 3rd Coordinators meeting1 ICID News Update February 2012
  2. 2. held on 1 February 2012 at Paris. A draftCore Group Sessions Proposal Report Call for Papers for - Workshops at 63rd IECand the revised draft Metaplan have been Internal Workshop on ‘Water International Workshopcirculated among all National Committees, Saving Achievements’ on ‘Country Policies andChairs of workbodies, Office Bearers and Developments of Water forother stakeholders and can be accessed An Internal Workshop on “Water Saving Bio-Energy and Food’at <>. All those Achievements” is being organized bywho are planning to attend the Forum ICID’s Working Group on Water Saving An International Workshop on ‘Countryneed to register and upload their digital for Agriculture (WG-WATS) during the Policies and Developments of Water forpassport photograph online. 63rd International Executive Council (IEC) Bio-Energy and Food’ is being organized by meeting and 7th Asian Regional Conference ICID Task Force on Water for Bio-EnergyThe details of registration and updates (ARC) to be held during 24-30 June 2012 and Food (TF-BIO-ENERGY) during ICID’sof the WWF6 can be accessed at <www. at Adelaide, Australia. upcoming 63rd International>. All ICID members Council (IEC) and 7th Asian Regional The aim of the workshop is to share Conference (ARC) to be held on 24-30are encouraged to participate in the experiences with other institutions on the June 2012 at Adelaide, Australia.Forum and join the sessions related to national, regional, and international levels inPriorities 2.2 and 2.1 the field of water saving techniques together Increasing fuel prices and the quest to with some successful water saving case reduce greenhouse gas emissions has studies and lessons learned. triggered an interest in the development of biofuels. Biofuel production under irrigated Seoul Congress 2014 The main theme of the Workshop is “Water agriculture has the potential to reduce There is compelling evidence that climate Saving approaches and achievement in greenhouse gas emissions. This can occur change poses a real threat to agricultural irrigated agriculture”. The following subtopics by producing biofuels i.e. fuels derived for production and food security, thereby will be dealt with under two key topics: biomass sources such as corn, soybeans, jeopardizing the livelihood and prosperity crop residues, trees and grasses, etc. of rural communities. At the same time, the 1. Conventional, Engineering, Agronomic, Substitution of biofuels for fossil fuels has the contribution that climate smart agriculture Management, and Institutional water potential to reduce greenhouse gas emission can make to reducing greenhouse gas saving aspects significantly and provide a major source emissions has been undervalued. To of transportation fuel. A major concern address these and other related issues • On-Farm Water Application however is that pursuit of energy security the theme chosen for Seoul Congress is: techniques like micro and sprinkler through increased biofuel development could Securing Water for Food and Rural systems aggravate water insecurity in many parts Community under Climate Change. • Construction of en-route storages of the world. In addition, rising demand for in irrigation schemes biofuels can provide an incentive to grow The delegates to the Congress will deliberate on following related questions • Selecting crop (varieties) with higher biofuels instead of staple food. The impact in order to search solutions yields per unit of water here would be greatest on poorer countries. • Promoting participatory irrigation and The contribution of biofuels to greenhouse Question 58: How Irrigation and Drainage drainage management (PIM) gas reductions will be dependent on policies, play an important role in Climate Change fossil fuel prices, technologies used to • Irrigation scheduling based on soil Adaptation? convert biomass to energy and per acre crop climate factors yield of crop. This workshop is designed 58.1 Understanding Impacts of Climate • Promoting public awareness in to share valuable experiences/technologies Change on Land and Water Use water saving/conservation measures from participating countries. 58.2 Revisiting Design and Operation through media The authors requested to contribute on the Criteria for Irrigation and Drainage Facilities following sub-topics: 2. N o n - c o n v e n t i o n a l innovative 58.3 Managing Frequent Floods and technologies • Provide an update on the production Droughts and usage of biofuels in your country. • Use of low energy precision • Discuss the potential impact of biofuel Question 59: How do Irrigation and application irrigation systems Drainage interventions secure food development on world water scarcity production and livelihood for rural • Use of internet, mobile, and water insecurity. community? communication and remote • Discuss the potential biofuel production sensing, under irrigated conditions in reducing 59.1 Securing water and livelihood of rural community • Controlled drainage techniques greenhouse gas emissions. 59.2 Improving Irrigation Efficiency • Bio-technology - genetically modified • Discuss the potential impact of crop varieties increasing biofuel demand on food 59.3 Water Sharing and Water Transfer in • Total channel control system (TCC) production. Water Stressed Areas Special Session: New partnership for Abstract in 600 words (in word file) to be Abstract in 600 words (in word file) to submitted by 1 April 2012, Acceptance Rural Development be submitted by 1 April 2012 and full of abstracts by 15 April 2012, Full length Symposium: Non-point Sources length papers submitted by 30 May 2012. papers by 1 May 2012 Pollution (NPS) and Best Management Practices (BMPs) Contacts: Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hassan Amer, Contacts: Workshop Chair: Mr. Laurie C. Chairman, ENCID (E-mail : Tollefson (Canada), E-mail: laurie.tollefson@ (‘Call for Papers’ will be available in eg;; Tel. No : (+202); Workshop Coordinator: Dr. Vijay due course of time) 44464626; Fax No.: (+202) 44464504 K. Labhsetwar (ICID), E-mial: icid@icid.org2 ICID News Update February 2012
  3. 3. USCID Vice President Luis in the area of flood management. Dr Hiroki ICID WatSave Awards 2012 Garcia visits Central Office expressed his keen interest in the work undertaken by ICID on History of Irrigation Nominations are invited for the ‘WatSaveProf Luis Garcia, Director of IDS and Drainage through its Working Group Awards 2012’ from individuals / team(Integrated Decision Support group) and (WG-HIST) ( He is through National Committees (NC) /Professor and Head of the Department a keen follower of the History of Water Committee. Awards are given in fourof Civil and Environmental Engineering at Management around the world. Ideas categories viz. (i) Technology; (ii)Colorado State University, and an active on the need and requirements for a Innovative Water Management; and (iii)member of the US Committee on Irrigation small international museum on Irrigation Young Professionals; and (iv) Farmer.and Drainage (USCID) (currently serves and Drainage were also its Vice President) visited Central Office Considering the vast experience of Japan The last date for the receipt of the entrieson 23rd January. He had wide ranging and UNESCO-ICHARM in managing through the National Committees, alongdiscussions with Secretary General floods, they were invited to participate with a completed ‘Nomination Form’ inMr. Avinash C. Tyagi and Executive in the activities of ICID. Issues related the ICID Central Office, New Delhi, isSecretary Dr. S.A. Kulkarni, exploring to strengthening collaboration with GWP 30 March 2012. The nominations sentthe ways and means to compile and were also discussed as Dr Hiroki is also directly to the ICID Central Office willdisseminate wealth of information the vice-chair of the Steering Committee not be entertained. Please visit <www.on irrigation, drainage, and flood of Global Water Partnership> for other details ormanagement available in Universities contact Dr. Vijay K. Labhsetwar, Director, ICID at <>. India Water Week, Curtain raiser Drought Early Warning Ministry of Water Resources, Government Drought Early Warning for Africa, in of India, is organizing ‘India Water short DEWFORA, a three year applied Week - 2012’ during 10-14 April 2012 project funded under the 7th Framework at New Delhi, India under the theme Programme of European Commission and “Water, Energy and Food Security - Call launched in January 2011 (www.dewfora. for Solutions”. ICID, through Secretary net), is designed to bring the state-of-the-Prof. Luis A. Garcia (third from left) at the General Mr. Tyagi is part of the Organizing art in drought forecasting and warningpicture display gallery at the Central Office Committee. The curtain raiser function into the operational domain to strengthen for the event was organized on 2ndand Research Institutions for the preparedness and adaptation to droughts February. A key feature of the Waterbenefit of ICID members, and making in Africa. Secretary General attended Week will be the Exhibition Water Expoavailable scientific tools and techniques the Advisory Committee meeting of the 2012 covering the entire gamut ofof adoption of climate change impacts project in Sram-el-Shiekh, Egypt from 7-9 technologies and facilities available forto policy makers, irrigation managers February 2012. Drought early warning water resources management. Chair ofand farmers especially in developing and seasonal hydrologic predictions have INCID, Mr R.C.Jha, who also heads thecountries. Prof Garcia was apprised of the potential to improve agriculture water IWW Organizing Committee, chaired thethe current status of active members use efficiency. Irrigation authorities and curtain raiser function. For more detailsin the region. Prof Garcia assured that various National Committees in Africa please visit <>he would use his contacts in the Latin have the potential to make use of theAmerican countries and explore the outcomes of the DEWFORA project Launch of regional and should explore the possibility ofpossibilities for active involvement ofthe National Committees in the region. assessment of water participating in these stakeholders’ forumProf Garcia visited Eastern parts of India interventions to improve at the national connection with the collaborative project livelihoods“Development of Integrated Modeling “Productivity of Low QualityFramework by integrating Hydrologic On invitation from the organizers (FAO- Waters for Irrigation Uses”and Crop Models for assessing Climate Asian Institute of Technology), Dr. VijayChange Impact” between his institute with K. Labhsetwar, Director participated in a During the Tehran Congress (2011)Dr. Adlul Islam, Senior Scientist, ICAR. regional consultative workshop on ‘Water Vice President Dr. Ragab Ragab (UK)Valuable contributions made by President Interventions for Improving Smallholder- chaired a session on “Productivity ofHon. Mervin Jensen and other past Office Farming and Rural Livelihoods in Asia’ Low Quality Waters for Irrigation Uses”Bearers from USA were recalled. from 24-26 January 2012 at Bangkok, (Q 56.3). 13 oral presentations and 9 Thailand. The objective of the workshop posters were accepted for the session. Visit of Mr. Kenzo Hiroki, was to obtain inputs for a regional study The papers were focused on the use Vice-chair of Steering on the role of water interventions to of non-conventional water resources improve rural livelihoods in East, South for irrigation and its management. The Committee, GWP and South East Asia. Besides regional session concluded that use of sewageDr Kezo Hiroki, Principal International experts and international organizations, water proved to be a good source ofCentre for Water Hazard and Risk national consultants from Bangladesh, organic N-fertilizer and can improve soilManagement (ICHARM), Tsukuba, Cambodia, China, India and Sri Lanka properties. Reliable and successfullyJapan ( visited attended the workshop. After intense tested models can be useful tools forthe Central Office on 1st February and deliberations, a methodology was evolved managing water, crop and field. They candiscussed various issues for possible for regional assessment. be run with “what if” scenarios withoutcollaboration between ICID and ICHARM3 ICID News Update February 2012
  4. 4. conducting expensive field experiments. NINCID (Nigeria)Under drought conditions due to climate Engr. I.K. Musa (Nigeria), Vice President New Additions to ICID’s TDSchange impacts, it is expected that the Hon. ICID has informed his new postal Database (January 2012)non conventional water resources will address as: 18 Ajayi Crowther Street, The TDS Database has been enriched bybe in high demand and at the same Asokoro District, Abuja, Nigeria. E-mail: the addition of following:time pose new challenges. However, the <>societies are still reluctant to use such Article Section – 40 additions (Articleswaters in many parts of the world and / Papers) ICID.UK (United Kingdom)there is need for greater public education (i) Hydropower & Dams, 2010, Vol. 17,on the subject. ICID and the University of East Anglia No. 2 (4 articles); and 2011, Vol. 18, (UEA) Water Security Research Center No. 5 (5 articles)The readers may refer to the congress are organising a Seminar titled ‘Water-transactions for more details on the (ii) Indian Journal of Power and River food-energy nexus: Challenges andpapers and author details. Valley Development, March-April opportunities’ on 24 February 2012 in 2011, Vol. 61, Nos. 3 & 4 (2 articles) London, United Kingdom (UK). The key News from ICID National issues that interlink energy, food and water (iii) Journal of Environmental Science & will be discussed during the seminar. Engineering, October 2010, Vol. 52, Committees No. 4 (3 articles) Given the enormity of this subject, theCNCID (China) emphasis will be on discussing types (iv) World Water, March/April 2011, Vol. of linkages, early insights, emerging 34, No. 2 (3 articles)As informed by the Chinese National ideas and research opportunities.Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (v) Lakes & Reservoirs – Research and For more information, please contact: Management, September 2011, Vol.(CNCID) the new e-mail address of their Mr. Tim Fuller, Secretary, ICID.UK (E-mail: 16, No. 3 (7 articles); and DecemberChair Prof. Wang Aiguo as <agwang@;; 2011, Vol. 16, No. 4 (7articles)> Website: <> and (vi) Journal of Hydraulic Research, 2011, <> Vol. 49, No. 6 (7 articles)KCID (Korea) USCID (USA) (vii) California Agriculture, January-MarchDr. Park Sang Hyun (Korea), Ex-Chairman 2012, Vol. 66, No. 1 (2 articles)of ICID Working Group on Sustainable The U.S. National Committee on Irrigation Book Section – 18 additions; till dateDevelopment of Tidal Areas (WG-SDTA) and Drainage (USCID) announced its first 31925 additions have been made to TDShas informed his new contact are: Vice Water Management Conference titled database. The Text Delivery Service (TDS)President, Water Resources Department, ‘Irrigated Agriculture Responds to Water database can be accessed by visiting ICIDISAN Corporation (Zip No.: 431-060), Use Challenges Strategies for Success’ website:, Gwanyang-dong Anyang-si during 3-6 April 2012 at Austin, Texas,Gyeinggi-do, Korea, Tel: +82-31-389- USA. Please access the conference, Conference0077, Fax: +82-31-387-4434, E-mail: website: < Website:, pashflow@ html> more details. 11th International Drainage Workshop (IDW), 23-27 September 2012, Cairo, Egypt. Contact: Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hassan Amer (Egypt), ZwCID (Zimbabwe) E-mail:, IDW website: www.PNCID (Portugal) The National Committee of Zimbabwe Portuguese National Committee on has recently revived its structure and Other EventsIrrigation and Drainage (PNCID) has Dr. Conrade Zawe is the new Chairman Fourth International Conference oninformed that Eng. Pedro Teixeira will and Eng. T.A. Thebe is the interim Water Resources and Renewable Energybe the new President of PNCID. He Secretary. We congratulate them on their Development in Asia, 26-27 March 2012,replaces Mr. José Augusto Rodrigues efforts and welcome them back hoping Shangri-La Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand. that they will be able to re-activate Contact: Mrs. Margaret Bourke, ConferenceEstêvão. ICID fraternity extends warm Project Manager, Aqua-Media Internationalwelcome to Eng. Pedro Teixeira and their membership soon. ZwCID can be Ltd., E-mail: mb@hydropower-dams.comexpresses thanks to Mr. José Augusto contacted at: Asian Irrigation Forum 2012, AsianRodrigues Estêvão, former President Development Bank, 11-13 April 2012, ADBof PNCID for his contributions to ICID. Forthcoming Events Headquarters, Manila, Philippines. ContactEngr. Pedro Teixeira’s contact details are: person : Mr. Ian W. Makin (E-mail: imakin@adb. ICID EventsGeneral Director of DGADR, President, org), Principal Water Resources, Specialist,Portuguese National Committee on The 63rd IEC Meeting and 7th Asian Asian Development Bank, Manila; Website:Irrigation and Drainage (PNCID), Av Regional Conference, 24-30 June 2012, www.adb.orgAfonso Costa, No. 3, 1949-002 Lisboa, Adelaide, Australia. Contact: Mr. Ian Atkinson IWA World Congress on “Water, Climate600082440, Portugal, Tel : +351 218 442 (Australia), E-mail:, and Energy”, 13-18 May, 2012, Dublin, or SANE Events Ireland. For more information, please visit200; Fax: +351 218 442 202; E-mail: for Irrigation Australia Limited (IAL), E-mail: <> INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE 48 Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021, India, Tel: 91-11-2611 5679, 91-11-2611 6837, 91-11-2467 9532 Fax: 91-11-2611 5962; E-Mail:; Website: Editor: Dr. V.K. Labhsetwar, Director; DTP: Keshav Dev Tanwar, Central Office4 ICID News Update February 2012