September 2011                                                    workbodies address on connected issues like         FAO’...
responsible for        sectors. For the last 9 years at the WMO,       is an ardent advocate of multi-disciplinary        ...
elected Mr. José Graziano da Silva as             INAE Fellowship is                           technologists covering the ...
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ICID News Update - Sep 2011


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ICID News Update - Sep 2011

  1. 1. September 2011 workbodies address on connected issues like FAO’s and ICID are jointly planning threeFrom Secretary General’s desk... MIS, SDTA and climate change etc. There is crucial sessions. a growing interest in understanding the Dear friends, 62nd IEC Agenda: I am pleased to indicate ‘efficiency aspects’; UN Water systems through that the Central Office has placed all the ICID as one of FAO devoted time to explore common Agenda for the pre-Council meetings and the UN-Water definitions. A UN Task Force on “Water IEC in ICID website in August itself, following partners had an Efficiency addressing Water Accounting the usual practice of ensuring adequate time invitation to join Terminology and Definitions” had its maiden for workbody members to prepare for the their annual meeting with ICID participation. A basic note meetings. I do hope that this received your meetings on “Water Accounting” (Chris Perry and Karen kind attention. Based on my interaction with scheduled Frenken) explained the status and the gap our friends in Iran, I am pleased to confirm alongside between interpretations of terminology by UN- their high level of preparedness to receive World Water Water System. {One due to FAO and the other the guests and serve them best, and make Week in due to the System of Environmental Economic their participation in the Congress and Stockholm. In Accounting for Water – SEEAW}. ICID partici- Council meetings highly rewarding. The field due regard, I pation was considered valuable and MTD tours are planned such as to be quite participated in a few of theirs as well as other usage terms and interpretations on efficiency interesting and memorable. The Organizing Water Week events. An interesting feature in an article on the subject in ICID Journal Committee had been swift enough to this year in the global water talks was the ‘Irrigation and Drainage’ formed part of our communicate visa token numbers for elevation of ‘Water for Food’ linking it to discussions. The UN-Water is moving towards participants to facilitate obtaining visa in ‘Food Security’ to the highest pedestal. The a ‘National Accounting of Water (including respective countries or consulates. I hope theme for the activities for the year ahead, Groundwater)’ and their task force outputs that your travel formalities are complete. particularly the World Water Day 2012, shall would help resolve some existing conflicts in Please ask for assistance, if need be. also be in line with this theme. ICID’s interpretations, once common and universal significant role in addressing food security terminologies are accepted by all concerned. Last, but not the least, it is my pleasant duty issues by looking into best practices in to welcome Mr. Avinash C. Tyagi, Secretary Given the focus on Food Security by lead UN- irrigated agriculture with a wide global General Designate amidst us, now that the Water agencies and systems, GWP’s plans to network of countries received prominence. results of the selection process is declared work on water and food security in the coming by the President. I am sure that you had a In the Panel discussions of UN-Water as years besides SIWI’s interest to tune next chance to view the Presidential message well as GWP, ICID shared the floor to voice World Water Day to address ‘Water and Food (ICID News 2011/3) containing this issues of concern in respect of ‘water and Security’ concerns, I anticipate that ICID announcement, and a brief profile on food security’ in the coming decades. GWP’s would also be invited to play its crucial role in Mr. Tyagi. He is fairly well known to ICID workshop to commemorate their 15 years’ them. All the vital inputs emerging from family due to many earlier contacts and in anniversary put a special emphasis to food several workbodies like ‘Poverty’, ‘Financing’ fact, he had been attending our Council security and new players like Global Soil and MDG apart from others, including regional meetings representing WMO in recent years. Partnership were also associated. FAO workbodies could help us to project ICID His profile is also seen in this News Update. organized “2012 World Water Day Seminar” perceptions. on “Water and Food Security: Call for Best Regards, WWC also had a stakeholders’ consultation Solutions”. I highlighted some of the ICID for WWF6. Both FAO and ICID joined the global initiatives that had made a difference roundtable discussions on the topic of our in recent times, like ‘WatSave Awards’ to interest viz: “Agricultural Water Management”. encourage efficient water use in agriculture, More inputs for the forum are likely to emerge M. Gopalakrishnan a few multi faceted programmes that our during the upcoming Tehran meetings when Secretary General Avinash Tyagi is the new Secretary General (Designate) of ICIDMr. Avinash C. Tyagi, a 1973 graduate water resources management. Ministry of Water Resources in India.from University of Roorkee, India and a Mr. Tyagi is presently the Director of thepost graduate from Indian Institute of He has worked in water resources sector Climate and Water Department of theTechnology (IIT) Delhi, has 37 years of for Government of India for 28 years at World Meteorological Organizationexperience dealing with various facets of Central Water Commission (CWC) and (WMO), a specialized UN Agency, and is1 ICID News Update September 2011
  2. 2. responsible for sectors. For the last 9 years at the WMO, is an ardent advocate of multi-disciplinary providing he has developed an intimate knowledge collaboration, a continuing dialogue with support to the of issues related to water resources various stakeholders and community countries in the management in developing countries participation for solving complex field of water around the world. He is presently the development challenges in the water resources coordinator of UN-Water Thematic Priority sector. Mr. Tyagi has been associated management Area on Water and Climate Change. with activities of ICID as an observer in including flood its Working Groups on flood management management Mr. Tyagi has worked closely with various and climate change and strived for closer and adap- UN agencies and other International relationship between ICID and WMO. tations to organizations. He is known for his candid and professional approach to realize the Hearty welcome to Mr. A.C. Tyagi climate changeparticularly in the water and agriculture benefits of international cooperation. He News from National along with his 19 students, as part of their the planning, design and management of study program to learn about the activities irrigation and drainage projects in tidal Committee related to Millennium Development Goals areas will be released in October 2011 at (MDGs) in different countries. Dr. S.A. Tehran, Iran. The WG-SDTA had also INCID (India) Kulkarni, Executive Secretary introduced held a number of workshops since its ICID and briefed them on water resource inception during various ICID annualMr. R.C. Jha has assumed the role of management in general with focus India meetings, including Congresses. TheChairman, INCID consequent to his since the freshwater issue is one of the new initiatives of the workbody recently important targets of MDGs. The students covered (i) during Tsunami invasionelevation to the position of Chairman, later actively participated in a question / (December 2004), and the valuableCentral Water Commission (CWC) of answer session. information of the contribution of SeawallGovernment of India on 01 September2011. Mr. Jha, an Engineer by profession, were uploaded in the WG website and (ii)is a well-known expert in India in the Best Performing supporting of the renewable ocean energyRiver Management Sector and is currently as green power.Vice Chairman of ICID WG on Poverty Workbody Award WG-SDTA members have been regularAlleviation. Secretary General The Panel of Judges for the 3rd Award for in attending the WG meetings and alsoGopalakrishnan felicitated Mr. Jha on the Best Performing Workbody (BPWA- attending international seminars. The5 September 2011 in ICID Central Office. 3) has selected ICID Working Group on technical papers were published fromHis contact details are: Sustainable Development of Tidal Areas time to time. WG-SDTA has a well- Mr. R.C. Jha, Chairman, Indian National (WG-SDTA) for the Best Performing maintained website. WG-SDTA joined in Committee, ICID (INCID), Chairman, Workbody Award (2008-2011). The the efforts of International Organizations, Central Water Commission, Room No. 315 performance of the WG-SDTA was such as (i) Global Environmental Centre (S), Sewa Bhawan, R.K. Puram, Sector-I, adjudged the best, based upon a set of (GEC) on “Guideline on Integrating New Delhi 110 066, India, Tel: +91 11 2610 criteria. The award reflects that the WG- Wetland Conservation” supported by 8855, Fax: +91 11 2610 8614, SDTA’s contributions towards the E-mail:, arc5delhi@ Ramsar, (ii) the Society of Agricultural mandate and mission of ICID was Research on Reclaimed Lands, and (iii) outstanding and impressive during the International Network for Water and Eco-ICID fraternity extends its warm welcome past 3 years. system in Paddy Field (INWEPF) toto Mr. Jha in his new capacity as exchange valuable information.Chairman of INCID and expresses its WG-SDTA is one of the active ICIDthanks to Mr. A.K. Bajaj, who relinquished workbodies, established in 2001 with its The Award winning WG’s members willthe position of Chair, INCID on 31 August maiden meeting in 2002. Under the be presented with a Plaque (as per the2011. However, Mr. Bajaj has assured mandate of WG-SDTA, a number of latest membership composition but havingdevoting more of his time for ICID publications were brought out, viz. (i) served on the workbody for at least 2activities in various capacities, besides “Proceedings of the International years) and free publications of decidedas one of its Vice Presidents. [Source: Workshop on Sustainable Development value.INCID] of Tidal Areas”, (ii) “Wise Use and Environmental Conservation of the Tidal Heartiest congratulations to WG-SDTA! Areas”, (iii) “Socio-Economic Manage- Dr. Kenji Yoshinaga, ment and Stakeholder Participation for FAO gets new JNC-ICID visits ICID Agriculture in Tidal Areas”, (iv) “Monitoring Director-General Systems for Sustainable Development of Central Office Tidal Areas”, and (v) “Tidal Area Features The 37th Session of the Conference of and Natural Process”.Dr. Kenji Yoshinaga of Toyo University Food and Agriculture Organization ofand a member of JNC-ICID visited the A book titled “Towards Sustainable the United Nations (FAO), held inCentral Office on 02 September 2011 Development of Tidal Areas” to improve Rome from 25 June to 02 July 2011,2 ICID News Update September 2011
  3. 3. elected Mr. José Graziano da Silva as INAE Fellowship is technologists covering the entire spectrumDirector-General of FAO. The new of engineering disciplines. The AcademyDirector General will take office on conferred on Secretary has a restricted number of elected01 January 2012. Congratulations to General Gopalakrishnan fellows in each discipline and has leadMr. José Graziano da Silva from ICID Engineers of distinction conferred withfraternity and look forward to a greater Secretary General Gopalakrishnan is National Honours.cooperation during his tenure between nominated as Fellow of Indian National As was earlier announced, SecretaryICID and FAO! Academy of Engineering this year in General Gopalakrishnan was conferred acknowledgement of his significant life by the American Academy of WaterThe Session also paid a warm tribute to time contributions to the profession. The Resources Engineering, the ‘Honoraryoutgoing Director-General Dr. Jacques Indian National Academy will confer his Diplomate’ of the Academy in 2010Diouf, whose term of office ends on fellowship in a meeting to be held in during EWRI World Environ-mental &31 December 2011 with establishment December this year in New Delhi. Water Resources Congress inof the “Jacques Diouf Award for Food Providence, RI, USA. The Indian National Academy ofSecurity”. ICID expresses its thanks to Engineering (INAE), founded in 1987, ICID fraternity congratulates SGDr. Diouf for all the cooperation he comprises India’s most distinguished Gopalakrishnan on his recognition as aextended to ICID during his tenure. engineers, engineer-scientists and FNAE. 21st ICID Congress on Irrigation and Drainage and 62nd IEC Meeting 15-23 October 2011 – Latest Updates • Registration for Side Exhibition booth are invited to fill out the exhibition Irrigation and Drainage (IRNCID) is space order form available at the planning to host the Young There are numerous exhibitions in the congress website at Professionals gathering at the time field of irrigation and drainage all over of the 21st ICID Congress on the world where the latest products and • Introducing Tehran Congress Tours Irrigation and Drainage and 62nd achievements of the industries are IEC Meeting in Tehran, Iran on 17 Tehran congress precedes by two presented to relevant parties. What October 2011. This gathering would technical tours and two post-conference makes ICID Congress exhibition an be a golden opportunity for young tours respectively to the Mazandaran, outstanding event is the visitor profile. professionals to engage, network, Khuzestan, Esfahan and Shiraz province. These tours have been scheduled for the exchange ideas and share Irrigation and Drainage, being the core interested delegates and accompanying experiences in a warm and friendly of the event in ICID Congress, are the persons. The details of these tours are session during the magnificent ICID main concerns of the decision makers available at congress website: 2011 events. and key people in the field of irrigation and drainage throughout the world who Young professionals attending this will attend the 21 st International event on behalf of their National Congress on Irrigation and Drainage • Accompanying Persons’ Tour Committees (NCs) will be making and 8th International Micro-Irrigation In previous ICID events, the congress brief presentations on the activities Congress. This unique specialized accompanying persons could only attend and achievements of their YPF’s. event provides an opportunity to the general invitations and meetings by The young advisory board of the irrigation and drainage industrialists, paying the registration fee without having Ministry of Energy, Iran will be also consultants and contractors companies specific schedule for filling their free involved in the gathering by to find their most important audiences time. presenting its activities and in one place, an incident hardly probable However, in Tehran congress, the achievements which could be to take place anywhere else. organizing committee has considered interesting for the participants. Exhibit space will be available during various motivating, recreational tours In addition, young professionals will the congress for commercial and simultaneous with the glorious events for have a chance to discuss and put information displays. Interested parties, the accompanying persons to visit historic forward the challenges and including potential sponsors and places, traditional and modern purchasing constraints of their participation in exhibitors may contact the congress centers, museums, etc. of Tehran city, ICID annual events and congresses. secretariat (e-mail: without any extra charge. for more information. IRNCID looks forward to welcoming all • Special Session for Young young professionals during ICID 2011 The above-mentioned side exhibition events in Tehran. Irrigation Professionals will be organized from 20-23 October 2011. All those interested to register a The Iranian National Committee on3 ICID News Update September 2011
  4. 4. 4 important hospitability. Tehran, Iran. you all in Tehran! event. Executive Board assistance, what so ever. Senior member from IRNCID A message from Dr. S. Nairizi – individual inquiry with respect to receiving your suggestions to and modern irrigation industry, is beautiful landscapes across the meetings as glorious as possible the Congress and related The high-level private and official irrigation and drainage to attend Please contact me at my e-mail: your attendance in this congress. available to deal with your I would also be personally approaches, with more than 8 Micro-irrigation Congress and interested professionals and I’m looking forward to meeting Contact: ensure the success of this Executive Board will be happy IRNCID Organizing Committee & water resources management Iran, with a great history related to for any an attractive venue to be visited. country supported by a very active million hectares of irrigated land, with warm and friendly Iranian during 15-23 October 2011 at 62nd IEC meeting to be held Irrigation and Drainage, 8th ICID the unique 21st ICID Congress on organizations in the area of It is my pleasure to invite all the teams are trying their best to host 62nd IEC Meeting & 21st ICID Congress Program at a Glance – 15-23 October 2011, Tehran, Iran Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Day/Date 15 October 16 October 17 October 18 October 19 October 20 October 21 October 22 October 23 October 24 October Time (Hours) 09.00-17.00 09.00-12.30 13.30-17.00 09.00-12.30 13.30-17.00 09.00-12.30 13.30-17.00 09.00-12.30 13.30-17.00 09.00-12.30 13.30-17.00 09.00-12.30 13.30-17.00 09.00-12.30 13.30-17.00 09.00-12.30 13.30-17.00 Registration Registration Registration Poster presentation, 21st Poster presentation, 8th IMIC Closing Ceremony Congress Registration EXHIBITION (3) Plenary session Start of NCs Displays NCs Displays NCs Displays • Conclusions & EXHIBITION (1) EXHIBITION (2) (Conclusions) Recommendations Q 56 Q 56 • Q56 th th Q 56.1 (I) Q 56.1 (II) Q 56 8 IMIC (I) 8 IMIC (I) • Q57 • Declaration WG-HIST / Intensification Opening Q 56.2 (I) Q 56.2 (II) Q 56.1(III) 8th IMIC (II) 8th IMIC (II) INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE • 8th IMIC Theme WG-TRUE EB-JOUR C-PR&P Seminar -TRID Ceremony Q 56.3 (I) Q 56.3 (II) Q 56.2 (III) 8th IMIC (III) 8th IMIC (III) COUNCIL (IEC) • Awards/ Plaques ‘Knowledge’ Q 56.4 (I) Q 56.4 (II) Q 56.5 (III) Q 56.5 (I) Q 56.5 (II) INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION • Address by Combined Q Combined Q President 57 (I) 57 (II) Q 56 N.D. Gulhati (Q 57.1 (Q 57.1 Q 56.1 (IV) • Address by Memorial Q 57.2 Q 57.2 Q 56.2 (IV) President-elect Lecture ON Q 57.3 Q 57.3 Q 56.5 (IV Q 57.4) Q 57.4) • Address by Chair, WG- WG-SDTA and WS Organizing Theme ‘Basin’ WG-ENV WG-CAFM PCTA DROUGHT WG-CLIMATE Committee WG- WG-MIS Theme ‘System’ WG-DRG POVERTY WG-WATS MDG*ICID News Update R EG ISTR A T IO N WG-ON- Theme ‘On-Farm’ C-CONGR WG-PQW WG-CROP FARM ERWG ASRWG RWGs WG-YPF AFRWG / AMRWG PCSO IRRIGATION ST-LCB WG-IDSST TF-BIO- TF-WWF6 Special Start of T ech nical an d Po st-co nferen ce T ou rs ENERGY AND Session on Task Forces TF-FIN and WS TF-WWF6 Water for TF- Food Security SEDIMEN- with FAO TATION SC FAO Side event-on Editor : Dr. Vijay K. Labhsetwar, Director; DTP : K.D. Tanwar, Central Office (15.00-17.00) Investment in North Africa Fax : 91-11-2611 5962; E-Mail :; Website : FAO-ICID- Special Session MT-JOUR Mtg. NCs-OBs Mtg. NCs-VPs Side Meetings PFC (17.00-18.00) (08.00-09.00) (17.00-18.00) Mtg. OBC MB (18.00-20.00) Workshops/ SS on DRAINAGE SS for YPF FAO- Special Session on Australian Symposium/ Symposium Moderni- (15.00-1800) Modernization Session Special Sessions zation Reception / Open Reception/ Open Welcome Reception Chinese Night Turkish Night Australian Reception Farewell Dinner and Cultural Show Receptions (19.00-21.00) (19.00-21.00) (19.00-21.00) (19.00-21.00) (19.00-21.00) (19.00 – 21.00) (18.30 – 22.00) PCSO Workbodies PCTA Workbodies Task Forces Workshop/Seminars/Special Sessions 21st Int. Congress on Irrigation & Drainage 8th Int. Micro Irrigation Congress Side Meetings 48 Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021, India, Tel : 91-11-2611 5679, 91-11-2611 6837, 91-11-2467 9532September 2011 Tea/ Coffee Breaks: 11.00-11.30 hours and 15.15-15.45 hours; Lunch: 12.30-13.30 hours * Maiden meeting of the Group to consider setting a Workbody on WG (MDG-1)