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Livermore Solar Retrofit Program - EE in HOME Workshop
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Livermore Solar Retrofit Program - EE in HOME Workshop


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Published in: Business, Real Estate
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  • 1. Green for Grandma Incorporating Solar into your Housing Rehabilitation Program Presented by Jean Prasher June 12, 2008
  • 2. Livermore, California • Suburban community with a population of 83,000 incorporated in 1869. • Easternmost city in the San Francisco Bay Area and gateway to the Central Valley. • Historic ranching and farming community. Home of California’s first wine region.
  • 3. Housing Statistics for Livermore Average cost of housing has risen 25% each year of the last 6 years. % change % change 1990 2006 2000 2000-2006 1990-2000 Median $662,100 $314,600 53% $217,300 31% Home Price Median Household $96,632 $75,332 22% $49,149 35% Income
  • 4. Housing Statistics for Livermore more • Just over 30,000 single family homes throughout the City. As a result of growth • As a result of both Lab’s expansion, over half of homes in Livermore were built between 1950 and 1975. • Due to the Dot Com boom, we have a growing number of larger homes with high household income.
  • 5. Homeowner Rehabilitation Programs Loan and Grant program • Loans up to $35,000 @ 3% interest (can be deferred) • Grants up to $5,000 Rebate Program (thanks Long Beach) • Rebates up to $5,000 Compulsive Collectors (Pack Rats) • Loan up to $50,000 @ 3% interest (can be deferred) • Includes case management component
  • 6. How does Solar enhance our Rehabilitation program? • At a minimum, all applicants must meet standards of rehabilitation program. • Set aside $25,000 per year. • Estimate 4 solar installations per year, • Completed 6 since 2004. • Increases the ability of senior to remain in their home.
  • 7. Funding Sources and their Challenges Program is a mix of three sources • Housing In-Lieu • HOME • CDBG To date, we have not utilized Redevelopment • Redevelopment Area is primarily downtown – very little housing to date.
  • 8. Challenges to Implementation A majority of homeowners that qualify are Seniors • Young families that are income qualified are unable to purchase a home without assistance from family or first-time homebuyer program. • Fear of the unknown “What do you want to put on my house?” “How will this be fixed?” “This will cost as much as my first car.” • Income qualifications - on fixed income, but have high savings
  • 9. Challenges to Implementation more • Many do not want to participate in the Rehabilitation program “I do not want charity from the government.” “Will the government take away my house?” “This is all I have to give to my children.” • Homeowners who qualify reside in the City’s older housing stock – myriad of other problems that increase rehab costs. • Finding the $$ Recouping cost of installation Foundations want big projects with lots of impact
  • 10. What else have we turned green? Solar/Green Projects • Habitat for Humanity’s 22 homes • City Hall Rehabilitation • Arroyo Commons •Carmen Avenue Green Building Ordinance •All residential and commercial •Must meet second level of rating system in LEED for homes
  • 11. Thank You! Contact: Jean Prasher Human Services Program Manager Housing and Human Services Division Community Development Department Phone: (925) 960-4586 Fax: (925) 960-4149 Email: