2008 International Coach Federation Annual Report


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2008 International Coach Federation Annual Report

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2008 International Coach Federation Annual Report

  1. 1. 2008 Annual ReportAdvancing the Art, Science, and Practice of Professional Coaching
  2. 2. International Coach Federation Message from the 2008 ICF President Dear ICF Members and Friends, • The ICF Code of Ethics was reviewed and updated for approval in 2009. It has always been rewarding to be a coach, but there • Work began on five-year membership growth and other ICF has never been a more exciting time than the present. The branded events strategies. increase in awareness around the value and contribution • Virtual Education offerings were expanded for a total of 17 sessions in 2008. of professional coaching, the various levels of growth our • Nearly 30 Chapter Leadership Webinars were conducted. association has experienced in the last year and the path • The ICF granted 1,043 Credentials for a total of 4,598 credential we are on as we move forward support an even brighter future. holders for the year. Within the confines of this annual report, you will have the opportunity to • Launched the ICF Research Portal on the ICF Web site, which became review our collective accomplishments of 2008 firsthand. Despite the uncertain- the most visited section. ties of the global economy, the coaching profession appears to be on the rise. Our membership numbers reinforce that, as does the ever-increasing number of Also in 2008, huge strides were made in our contribution to coaching coaches who hold an ICF Credential. research with the ICF Global Coaching Client Study. More than 2,100 past and present As you read this annual report, you will notice the association’s strong coaching clients from over 60 countries responded to this study. In addition, the commitment to our core purpose of advancing the art, science and practice of ICF introduced the much anticipated Research Portal on its Web site to serve as professional coaching. Reinforcing the core purpose is of the utmost importance a public resource for coaching research. to our association and work continues to support it in all that we do. Substantial accomplishments were also made toward enhancing our In 2008, many efforts were made to continue to make our association, of credentialing system using the International Organization Standardization (ISO) currently more than 17,000 professional coaches in 94 countries, a truly interna- standard as a framework including the formation and work of a Role Delineation tional association. Task Force and distribution of a job analysis survey which was completed by 2,028 individuals. Recommendations from a Test Specifications Task Force as • The ICF opened two Regional Service Centres in Brussels and Sydney. well as the Item Writing Task Force resulted in the creation of over 300 draft test • Three micro Web sites of Coachfederation.org launched in French, questions for assessing coaching which are currently undergoing review. All of German and Spanish. this was accomplished by 50 volunteers who participated on these various task • The first in-person official Board meeting and Leadership event to take forces as subject matter experts. place outside of North America convened in Switzerland in June 2008. As president, I had the distinct privilege of working with members, volun- • More than 1,500 individuals from 51 countries attended the ICF Annual teers, leaders and staff throughout the past year. We are a committed, caring and International Conference in Montréal. creative community of professionals that make a difference in the world. Looking • Seven international chapters of the ICF were awarded with an ICF Chapter toward the future, I am secure in the knowledge that we will continue to reach Award including chapters from Korea, Italy, Turkey, and the United States. higher levels of achievement and success as this profession continues to grow. • Two international businesses in the United Kingdom and Canada were Thank you for all that you have done, and will continue to do, to further ad- honored with the ICF International Prism Award. vance the art, science, and practice of professional coaching throughout our world. • Members of the ICF Board of Directors attended Chapter meetings around the world. Kind regards, • Outreach and dialogue continued with other associations to advance Diane Brennan, MBA, MCC professional coaching, including a joint meeting with the European 2008 ICF President Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) Executive Committee in Geneva. • The ICF continued to see more recognition in some of the world’s most prestigious news outlets including Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes.com, European CEO, European Business Review and New European Economy. • The ICF attracted, on average, 400 new members per month and achieved a retention rate of over 76 percent. • An additional 37 new coaching programs were accredited.1 w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g
  3. 3. www.coachfederation.orgObservations from theICF Executive DirectorEvolving Despite Uncertain Times Despite today’s somewhat daunting economic climate, Leaders of the ICF willingly accept accountability for change and have the ICF continues to make substantial progress in terms of the courage to act accordingly. Together, as an association community, we will established strategic goals and 2008 was not by any means dramatically illustrate the infinite power of professional coaching. an exception to the rule in terms of maintaining a clear focus on the future. Cordially, The organization is well positioned to make even more of a difference in Gary E. Boyler ICF Executive Directorthese challenging times by consistently demonstrating flexibility that promotesboth creativity and innovation. Our coaching community is faced with an enormous amount of change. In TABLE OF CONTENTSorder to constantly and effectively respond to new situations, the ICF must be Global Leadership................................................ 3exceptionally pliant to satisfy developing needs based on the appropriate alloca- 2008 ICF Board of Directorstion of resources while moving well beyond established comfort zones. Continuing the Tradition................................. 5 Innovation that arises from flexibility includes active listening to the ICF Past Presidentsexperiences of both the current and past volunteer leadership. In a majority of 2008 ICF Global Committees............................... 6instances, these individuals have personally benefited from interacting with our Committee Highlightsdiverse, global membership. Each has enjoyed the shared, practical knowledge Strategic Overview of ICF.................................. 7of peers and colleagues as well as the harmony which results from working in Prioritized Strategies and Accomplishmentstandem to advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching. Tremendous Growth According to the Jim Kane, author of The Loyalty Switch, in the current on a Global Scale............................................... 10 .environment where people have more choices than ever before where to spend Membership and Moretheir time, money and effort, organizations must nurture virtually unbreakablerelationships in order to remain strong, relevant and effective. Growing Global Demand for the Credential............................................. 13 When an organization is able to understand and demonstrate those loyalty Enhancing the ICF Credentialbuilding behaviors, lifelong relationships result with unwavering, enthusiastic andboundless support, Kane unequivocally states. Expanding Our Knowledge on Coaching.......................................................... 14 Loyalty is based on relationships, whether human or virtual. The six factors Work in Researchwhich affect loyalty include integrity, competency, recognition, proactivity, savvyand chemistry. Diversity, Knowledge & Community at 2008 ICF Conference...................................... 15 While the ICF achieved a number of benchmarks in 2008, it must marshal Moments from Montréalall of the passion of its worldwide body of affiliates to continue advocating onbehalf of the profession, underscoring its value and the beneficial contributions 2008 Award Winners............................................ 16 Honoring Their Dedication to Coachingmade to society through coaching. The existing member value equation remains viable but we need to be open ICF Leaders Outreachto new audiences and ways of doing things to further enhance the benefits of our Around the Globe............................................... 18growing global constituency. Highlights from 2008 Travel Exercising the ability to be flexible will generate new ideas, unleash creativ- Additional Milestones ofity and tap into a whole new world of innovation. The end result will be increased the Year 2008........................................................ 20stakeholder loyalty and an especially vibrant fellowship of coaches. Financial Overview............................................ 22 The new calendar year is well underway. Working collectively, shoulder toshoulder, we can continue to make strategic inroads not only in 2009 but the Working Toward Our Envisioned Goal . ................................................ 24years ahead as well, in both favorable and more demanding periods of time. w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g 2
  4. 4. International Coach Federation Global Leadership 2008 ICF Board of Directors Using a knowledge-based leadership approach, the global Brennan recognizes Board of Directors serves as the governing body of the ICF. exiting Board members. The 2008 global Board was made up of a diverse group of 16 coaching professionals from eight countries, including: Aus- tralia, Belgium, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Norway, United Kingdom and the United States. The global perspective of the Board was reflected in the actions they took throughout 2008 to continue to advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching. Early in the year, the Board selected three priorities from our strategic plan for the association to focus on in 2008. These were: Group; approved the creation of a brand development task Increase the competitive brand advantage force; made the ACC credential renewable; approved changes that the ICF Credential offers; to the Ethical Conduct Review Process; and approved the Increase ICF members’ professional development recommendations of the global Ethics & Standards Committee including educational and networking of the three year review of the ICF Code of Ethics. opportunities; and Board members also participated in multicultural training; Acquire ISO 17024 compliance for began work on an overall growth strategy for the organization; the credentialing program. initiated dialogue on the future of ICF Branded Events, ap- pointing a task force; and had a joint meeting with the EMCC You can read more about the levels of accomplishment executive committee. of each of these priorities on page 7. There were also many firsts in 2008 for the global Board: the association’s first non-North American President-Elect, Karen Tweedie, PCC, took office; the initial annual review of the strategic plan was conducted in January 2008; and the inaugural international face-to-face Board meeting was held in Geneva, Switzerland in conjunction with the ICF European Coaches Conference in June. The leadership exhibited by the 2008 Board was especially noteworthy; the result of this Board’s strategically oriented work will continue to direct our association for many years to Brennan welcomes come. The ICF would like to take a moment to thank the fol- 2009 incoming ICF President. lowing Board members whose terms expired in 2008 for their continued dedication and support of the ICF: With these priorities in mind, much was accomplished during the eight Board meetings that took place in 2008 (three • Kay Cannon, MBA, MCC in-person and five via teleconference): the Board authorized • Ginger Cockerham, MCC the ICF Global Coaching Client Study; funded next steps to • Pauline Fleming, MCC enhance our globally independent credentialing system; • Michelle Payne, MCC approved changes to the by-laws; approved the concept of the Organizational Partner Council and Education Advisory3 w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g
  5. 5. www.coachfederation.org2008 Global Board of DirectorsDiane Brennan, MBA, MCC Giovanna D’Alessio, MCC Pauline Fleming, MCCUnited States, President Italy, Secretary/Treasurer Canada, DirectorKaren Tweedie, PCC John Annesley, PCC Tom Hatton, PCCAustralia, President-Elect Australia, Director Ireland, DirectorKay Cannon, MBA, MCC Philip Brew, MCC Marilyn O’Hearne, MCCUnited States, Past President United Kingdom, Director United States, DirectorGinger Cockerham, MCC Sylviane Cannio, PCC Michelle Payne, MCCUnited States, Vice President Belgium, Director United States, Director *Not pictured below.Daniele Darmouni, MCC Ira Dressner, PCCFrance, Vice President United States, Director Lene Rønning-Arnesen, PCC Norway, DirectorGarry Schleifer, PCCCanada, Vice President2008 ICF Board of Directors w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g 4
  6. 6. International Coach Federation Continuing the Tradition The rich history of the ICF is kept alive through the as- sociation’s former leaders, especially its past presidents. Since the organization was established in 1995, 12 coaching profes- sionals have served as president of the ICF. The work of these dedicated individuals will continue to reverberate long after they are gone. Thank you for your continued support of the coaching profession! Kay Cannon, MBA, MCC darelyn “dJ” mitsch, MCC United States United States ICF President // 2007 ICF President // 2001 pam richarde, MCC dr. marcia reynolds, MCC United States United States ICF President // 2006 ICF President // 1999-2001 Steve Mitten, MCC john seiffer, MCC Canada United States ICF President // 2005 ICF President // 1998 barbara walton, MCC jeff raim United States United States ICF President // 2004 ICF President // 1997 judy feld, MCC cheryl richardson, MCC United States United States ICF President // 2003 ICF President // 1996 bobette reeder, MCC sandy vilas, MCC United States United States ICF President // 2001-2003 ICF President // Jan. 1996 - July 19965 w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g
  7. 7. www.coachfederation.org2008 Global ICF Committees 2008 Committee Highlights Nearly 100 volunteers from diverse backgrounds and 26 • Regulatory chapter liaison: The ICF Regulatory Com-countries joined together in 2008 to form nine global ICF mittee continued to monitor activity around the world thatCommittees. These dedicated individuals selflessly gave sig- could impact the regulation of the coaching profession. Thenificant amounts of time and energy to move the association Committee established a network of 48 ICF Regulatory Liai-forward and to further advance the art, science and practice of sons, with 23 appointed by ICF Chapters outside United Statesprofessional coaching throughout the world. The output of the and 25 liaisons appointed by chapters in the United States.2008 ICF Committees is immeasurable. The ICF would like to take this opportunity to thank each • Consolidation of credentialing processes:individual who was a part of a 2008 ICF Committee and more The Credentialing and Program Accreditation Committeespecially recognize the leadership of these important entities. began a comprehensive review and reorganization of ICF Credentialing policy language to create a document that isConference Education Steering Committee up-to-date, comprehensive, and organized in such a way that it Chair – Jeff Staggs, MCC, United States becomes useful for staff, members, leadership, and the public.Credentialing and Program Accreditation Committee • Updated ICF Code of Ethics: The Ethics and Standards Chair – Tracy Stevens, MCC, United States Committee finalized its review of the ICF Code of Ethics and Vice Chair – Patricia Mathews, MCC, United States presented a revised code to the ICF Board of Directors for approval.Ethics and Standards Committee Chair – Jeanne Erikson, PCC, United States • New overall financial strategy: The Finance Committee Vice Chair – Philip Potdevin, PCC, Colombia developed an overall financial strategy in support of the ICF long-term strategic plan and for the well-being of the ICF.Finance Committee Chair – Giovanna D’Alessio, MCC, Italy This strategy included building the reserves to meet the level of 6-months of operating expenses by 2012, building capitalMarketing Committee reserves for special projects to $50,000, the annual interna- Chair – Joan Cook, MCC, United States tional conference to realize 15 percent profit by 2014, reach Vice Chair – Michael Weitz, PCC, Israel a 40/60 percent split of revenues coming from membership dues and other revenue sources by fiscal 2015, and non-duesMembership and Community Committee revenue producing projects capable of delivering a return on Chair – Pat Obuchowski, PCC, United States investment of at least 10 percent within two years and a recur- Vice Chair – Jerry Wistrom, PCC, United States ring surplus thereafter of at least 15 percent per annum.Nominating Committee • Work begun on chapter leadership forum: Two Chair – Kay Cannon, MCC, United States Global Leadership Forums, one during the European Coaches Conference in Geneva and another during the ICF Annual In-Regulatory Committee ternational Conference in Montreal, were held during 2008 for Chair – Ed Modell, PCC, United States ICF Chapter leaders. The Membership and Community Com- mittee began preparing a recommended to create an annualResearch and Education Committee ICF Global Leadership Forum for chartered chapter leaders Chair – Krissy Jackson, ACC, Switzerland whereby they would attend a two-day best practices seminar. Vice Chair – Sue Zablud, ACC, Australia w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g 6
  8. 8. International Coach Federation 2008 Committee Highlights (cont.) ICF Definition of Coaching • Research and Education work: The Research and The ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a Education Committee created a Peer Review Template which thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to would allow them to review ICF Research Portal item submis- maximize their personal and professional potential. sions more efficiently. With the assistance of the ICF Regional Coaching is an ongoing relationship which focuses on Service Centres, ICF Virtual Education sessions began being clients taking action toward the realization of their visions, offered in local time zones for both Europe and Asia-Pacific. goals or desires. Coaching uses a process of inquiry and personal discovery to build the client’s level of awareness and responsibility and Strategic Overview of ICF provides the client with structure, support and feedback. The coaching process helps clients both define and achieve major goal areas, both professional and personal, faster and The ICF is the largest worldwide resource for business and with more ease than would be possible otherwise. personal coaches, and the source for those who are seeking a coach. We are a nonprofit, individual membership organiza- Prioritized Strategies and Accomplishments of 2008 tion formed by professionals worldwide who practice business As a knowledge-based organization, the ICF continues to and personal coaching. be guided by the strategic plan that was developed in late 2006. Following a review of the strategic plan, three prioritized ICF Core Purpose strategies were selected for focus in 2008. These strategies, To advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching. taken directly from the strategic plan, were selected by the global ICF Board of Directors in January 2008. The strategies Big Audacious Goal were: Coaching is an integral part of society and ICF members rep- Increase the competitive brand advantage resent the highest quality in professional coaching. that the ICF Credential offers; Increase ICF members’ professional ICF Core Values development including educational and • Integrity: We uphold the highest standards both networking opportunities; and for the coaching profession and our organization. Acquire ISO 17024 compliance for credentialing program. • Excellence: We set and demonstrate standards of excellence for professional coach quality, Increase the competitive brand advantage that the ICF qualification and competence. Credential offers While a substantial amount of progress has been made on • Collaboration: We value the social connection this key goal, a great deal of ongoing work has been initiated and community building that occurs through to not only increase and meet the growing demand for ICF collaborative partnership and co-created achievement. Credentials but further ensure the effectiveness of the process so it is readily recognized as both globally credible and cutting • Respect: We are inclusive and value the diversity edge. A great deal remains to be done. and richness of our global stakeholders. We put By December 31, 2008: 1,472 of 1,487 credentialing ap- people first, without compromising standards, plications have been processed (99 percent), with 1,043 (70 policies and quality. percent) granted a credential. Some 601 press clips, with a circulation of over 192 million, specifically mentioning the ICF Credentials were captured in7 w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g
  9. 9. www.coachfederation.org Cockerham with members of the Montréal Chapter Best Practices Panel.2008, an increase of 95.8 percent over 2007. Of the 1,102 clips, ent time zones. Topics included fundraising, recruitment andwith a circulation of over 335 million, mentioning ICF from retention and leadership development.January through December 2008, 54 percent made reference to A Global Leadership Forum was held in Geneva, Switzer-ICF Credentials. land with 33 chapter leaders in attendance followed by another Increase ICF members’ professional development includ- one in Montréal preceding the Annual Conference whiching educational and networking opportunities. attracted 68 chapter leaders from more than 20 countries. A number of objectives were completed over the course of These forums allowed for leaders to network and listen to2008 in terms of increasing the value of ICF member educa- presentations on coaching practices from ICF leaders fromtional and networking opportunities. around the world. Since its introduction in March, 2008, the ICF Research In Geneva, ICF 2008 President Diane Brennan, MBA,Portal was viewed an incredible 60,379 times, with the Case MCC, and 2008 ICF President–Elect Karen Tweedie, PCC,Study section of the portal receiving 54,449 visits through briefed the group about the opening of Regional ServiceDecember 2008. Centres in Europe and Asia Pacific, efforts to enhance the A total of 807 CCEU applications for new educational credibility and value of the credentialing program and ansessions were approved in 2008, representing an average of 68 overview of expanded chapter leadership support. Johnadditional offerings per month. This volume represents a 30 Blakey, ACC, Director of Brand Development for the UK ICFpercent increase over the 2007 calendar year. Chapter, shared best practices concerning successful self- With the previous Virtual Community transitioned to funding activities which have not only increased financialICF Virtual Education at the beginning of 2008, a total of 17 resources but invigorated his chapter. A contingency of 10 newsessions have been delivered to 562 attendees, averaging 33 ICF members from India, led by Satya Murty Dharanipragada,participants per call. Topics varied from presentations on the ACC, presented their colleagues with “The Vision of ICFimpact of credentialing which looked at results of the ICF Indian Chapters and Challenges to Indian Coaching,” whichGlobal Coaching Study to presentations on Emotional Intel- showed the impressive growth of ICF in terms of membershipligence, coaching teams and groups, leadership, and business and new chapters in India.development. In Montréal, Ginger Cockerham, MCC, facilitated a Nearly 30 Chapter Leadership Webinars were offered in Chapter Best Practices Panel which included Jerry Wistrom,during 2008 with attendance documented at between 12 to 20 PCC; Bernie Siegel, PCC; Colleen Bracken, PCC; and Paulinechapters per session. Presentations were scheduled for differ- Fleming, MCC. The panel spoke to attendees on several topics w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g 8
  10. 10. International Coach Federation Strategic Overview of ICF (cont.) including leadership development, member retention and The number of visits to Coachfederation.org totaled 1,191,754 non-dues chapter revenue. Neil Scotton, ACC; Kathryn Pope, in 2008 with an average visit time of six minutes, two seconds, PCC; and Kish Modasia, ACC, of the UK ICF Chapter, pre- compared to 1,012,744 visits in 2007. Translated microsites proved sented Coaching as an Integral Part of Society. Dharanipragada popular in their introductory year with 28,404 visits to the Spanish offered an update on the Vision of ICF Indian Chapters which site; 28,574 to the French site; and 27,273 to the German site. he presented earlier in Geneva. Substantial changes were made to Coaching World to en- Acquire ISO 17024 compliance for hance the overall design and content of the monthly member credentialing program In order to meet the growing global need for the ICF Credential, the ICF continued in 2008 to further refine its credentialing system and work toward compliancy with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards for bodies operating certification of persons. This initiative will increase the ICF’s capacity to satisfy demands for our credentials while streamlining processes to be much more customer-centric and less labor-intensive. For the purposes of the ICF, the ISO standard serves as a framework for a credentialing program that meets globally recognized standards and procedures of operation. ISO com- pliance does not dictate the specific content or prerequisites required to be granted a credential; rather it provides guidance Blakey shares self- funding practices which promotes the operation of a consistent, objective and on behalf of the credible program. UK ICF Chapter. During 2008, substantial progress was made in this important area, including the work of the Role Delineation newsletter. Over 10 bylined articles were introduced along Task Force, distribution of a job analysis survey which was with top rated 2007 conference presenters in addition to an completed by 2,028 individuals, recommendations from the Ask the Board feature and regular human interest features. Test Specifications as well as the Item Writing Task Forces Readership of the newsletter increased 30 to 50 percent per which resulted in the creation of over 300 draft test questions issue in comparison to 2007, an 18 percent increase. currently undergoing review. Attendance at the ICF Annual International Conference Along with the work of the various task forces, conversa- was 1,511 individuals from 51 countries who had 66 differ- tions and learning were also taking place with other groups ent breakout sessions from which to choose. The three Super who are interested in the path that ICF is taking toward Sessions were simultaneously translated into both French and enhancing the credential. This includes meetings with ACTO Japanese. Education sessions were centered on seven areas of and GSAEC, the ICF Assessor Team, credential applicants, the focus: Coaching & Leadership; Coaching & Organizations; ICF Credentialing Committee and input and direction from Science & Coaching; Mind, Body, Spirit Connection; Impact the ICF global Board of Directors. in the World; Wisdom Circles for Core Competencies; and Wisdom Circles for Marketing, Branding and Building Your Own Business. Presenters of the highest rated educational ses- sions were invited to submit an overview of their presentation to be featured in Coaching World newsletter throughout 2009.9 w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g
  11. 11. www.coachfederation.org Tremendous Growth on a Global ScaleHere is a summary of progress in 2008: The ICF has experienced a 645 percent increase in• Engaged more than 50 volunteers to membership since 1999. Over the last four years, the ICF hasassist as subject matter experts; increased its membership by 16 to 18 percent per year. Throughout 2008, an average of 400 new members world-• Conducted a global job analysis survey of the work that wide joined the ICF each month. In January, ICF membershipcoaches do with 2,028 responses; stood at just over 13,400 members. By December, membership had surpassed the 16,000 member mark in over 90 countries.• Verified that the Core Competencies The retention rate for the year was over 76 percent.still serve as the basis for the work of coaches; The countries represented by ICF members are located all over the world, from Argentina to Vietnam. In 2008, members• Began the creation of a formal body of knowledge; from several new countries joined our association, including Belarus, the Congo, Estonia, Malawi, Paraguay and Togo.• Engaged a wide global audience of individuals, ICF Membership by Regionorganizations, and subject matter experts to provide input; Asia Pacific Europe/Middle East Africa 12%• Initiated the construction of a psychometrically 26% 1%sound set of questions to be used to assess coaching; and Canada 11% Mexico/Caribbean/ Central-South America• Creation/use of a credible and legally defensible 2%process for creating a credential. In addition, the Credentialing Committee began workon updating, revising, and collating overall credential policydocuments into a single manual. United States 48% Great progress has been made, however several decisionsare pending regarding the future of the credentialing program. To support the continual growth of the ICF membership, 11As these deliberations are finalized the association will con- new chapters and 10 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) were cre-tinue moving toward the destination that has been set by the ated in 2008.ICF Board; having a credentialing program that truly holds New ICF Chapters:global credibility and provides permanent value; that is a cut- • Alaska Chapter;ting edge, competitive and robust system capable of handling • Davangere, India Chapter;a growing demand; and operate utilizing globally recognized • ICF Gauteng Chapter (RSA);standards for objectivity, validity, reliability and security. • ICF Indian Coaches Association Chapter; • ICF Latvia; • ICF Mexico Centro Chapter; • ICF Nepal Chapter. • Midlands, South Carolina Chapter; • Ranebeenur, India Chapter; • Shimoga, India Chapter; and • Tokyo Chapter. w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g 10
  12. 12. International Coach Federation New ICF SIGs: • Business Development and Marketing SIG; • Conflict Coaching SIG; • Equine Experiential Coaching SIG; • Gestion D’Enterprise Personnelle (Francophone)/Management of Personal Business; • Global Health Care Coaching Alliance SIG; • Japanese Speaking Coaches SIG; • Leadership Coaching SIG; • Quarterlifers SIG; • Sales Skills for Coaches; and • Wellness Coaching SIG. Informing the World About Coaching The word continues to spread about coaching in all facets of the media. In fact, nearly 14,000 articles on the subject were published in 2008 alone, with a potential reach of more than one billion people! total) mentioned ICF Program Accreditation. The ICF was specifically mentioned in 1,102 clips in New tools and services were utilized by the ICF marketing 2008. This number is up 52 percent over 2007. The combined staff to further outreach to publications around the world. Seven- circulation of each of the publications that mentioned the ICF teen press releases were sent to media outlets worldwide in 2008. in 2008 surpassed 335 million. Of those clips: 601 (55 percent) In addition to press releases, the ICF reached out through mentioned the ICF Credential with a potential reach of nearly personalized media pitches to specific members of the media 200 million readers. This number is also up from 2007—at an on a global scale. A special effort was made in creating contact astonishing 96 percent! Seventeen percent of the clips (183 in with non-North American entities.11 w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g
  13. 13. www.coachfederation.org A larger advertising budget in fiscal year 2009 resulted in OTF Recommendations Realizedincreased advertising in a number of publications, especially In 2007, the Organizational Task Force was formed toin European countries. Some of the publications the ICF assist the ICF Board and staff in the development of options,advertised in include: policies and plans to offer an equitable and flexible choice of affiliation models to meet the needs of individual members,• European Business Review: (circulation–over 64,400) entities, and alliances with a clear framework of policies,this journal is targeted for senior strategic managers, research- structures and accountabilities in the ICF global operatingers, academics, libraries, public policy makers, and senior environment. The final recommendations of the task force thatgovernment and industry consultants. year included many changes and initiatives addressing mem- bership and chapter structure, ICF Partners, and the creation• European CEO: (circulation– over 45,200) this publication of Regional Service Centres.is tailored for CEOs and other decision-making executiveswho serve on the boards of Europe’s leading companies; and Regional Service Centres Meeting its goal of launching two ICF Regional Service• New European Economy: (circulation– over 38,000) this Centres by the end 2008, the ICF opened virtual Regionalperiodical provides in-depth coverage of strategic commercial Service Centres (RSCs) in EMEA (Europe, Middle East,management decisions and their impact on corporate bottom Africa) and in Asia-Pacific on October 1, 2008. These popularlines across Europe. centres are greatly improving the level of customer service for chapters and members in these regions while expanding the• choice: (circulation–over 2,500 ) this magazine is dedicated ICF’s global presence.to the coaching industry. Both centres are operating with enhanced outreach in their respective regions. Shortly, after they opened, they The ICF continues to enjoy exposure in some of the became involved in the recruitment, promotion and facilita-world’s most prestigious publications as it continues to be tion of Virtual Education calls in times zones which are moreincreasingly recognized as an important resource for global convenient to members in Asia-Pacific and EMEA.media outlets. Further, these centres will help satisfy the unique needs of potential• Business Day (South Africa); new ICF members who now have the• CNN.com (United States); opportunity to speak with an ICF repre-• The Daily Telegraph (UK); sentative in their own time zone during• Diario Expreso (Peru); their own business hours.• European Business Review (Europe); Isabelle Maes operates the RSC- Isabelle Maes• Financial Times: New Delhi (India); EMEA based in Brussels. Fiona Toy• Forbes.com (United States); heads the RSC-Asia-Pacific in New• Franchise Wire (New Zealand); South Wales, Australia. Both Maes• New Straits Times (Malaysia); and Toy visited ICF Headquarters in• Philippine Daily Inquirer (The Philippines); September 2008 for a weeklong orienta-• The New York Times (United States); tion with staff. As part of ICF global• USA Today (United States); outreach, Maes met with ICF European Fiona Toy• The Wall Street Journal (United States); leaders in Prague in December.• Washington Post (United States); and• Yahoo! Canada (Canada); etc. w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g 12
  14. 14. International Coach Federation Growing Global Demand for the Credential ICF Role Delineation/Job Analysis Task Force members and ICF staff. According to data from the ICF Global Coaching Study applicants was initiated on a three-week cycle to inform each conducted in late 2006, more than half (52 percent) of all of current status. coaches indicated their clients expect them to be credentialed. • A total of 19 new assessors were added to the roster with an In 2008, nearly two-thirds (62.5 percent) of coaching clients additional 62 still in training. throughout the world indicated that they had awareness of • Significant progress was made in streamlining the program their coach’s level of coach specific certification or credential accreditation process and the backlog of programs was elimi- prior to entering into a formal coaching relationship, accord- nated in 2008. ing to the ICF Global Coaching Client Study. Among all ICF coaches, 32.6 percent indicated that they are currently pursu- ICF Credentialing Program Enhancement Work ing an ICF Credential (2008 ICF Marketing Survey). In order to meet the growing global need for the ICF Credentials have grown by 113 percent over the past two Credential, the ICF continued in 2008 to further refine its years to 4,598 credentials in 2008, up from 2,158 in 2006. credentialing system and work toward compliancy with Some 601 media clips specifically mentioning ICF Creden- the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) tials were captured in 2008, an increase of 95.8 percent over standards for bodies operating certification of persons. This 2007. Of the 1,102 clips mentioning ICF from January through initiative will increase the ICF’s capacity to satisfy demands for December 2008, 54 percent made reference to ICF Credentials. our credentials while streamlining processes to be much more customer-centric and less labor-intensive. Enhancements made to credentialing program in 2008: For the purposes of the ICF, the ISO standard serves as • All credential applications are now accepted year-round. a framework for a credentialing program that meets globally • The ACC credential was determined to be valid for recognized standards and procedures of operation. ISO com- three years and renewable, with ICF Test Specification Task Force members and ICF staff. additional requirements. • ACC applicants (submitting a port- folio application) are now required to document 10 hours of work with a qualified mentor coach. • A full inventory of all credentialing tasks was completed and staff responsi- bilities reassigned to maximize efficien- cies, productivity and improve overall customer service. • Communication with all credential13 w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g
  15. 15. www.coachfederation.org Expanding Our Knowledge on Coachingpliance does not dictate the specific content or prerequisites ICF Global Coaching Client Studyrequired to be granted a credential; rather it provides guidance In 2008, the ICF conducted a companion study to thewhich promotes the operation of a consistent, objective and landmark 2007 ICF Global Coaching Study. Two global firmscredible program. conducted the research for the ICF Global Coaching Client During 2008, substantial steps were made toward ISO Study: PricewaterhouseCoopers’ International Survey Unitcompliance, including the work of the Role Delineation (ISU) and the Association Resource Centre, Inc.Task Force, distribution of a job analysis survey which was ICF member coaches and non-ICF coaches all over thecompleted by 2,028 individuals, recommendations from the world contributed to this important research endeavor by in-Test Specifications Task Force as well as the Item Writing Task viting their clients to participate. Initially, PwC completed fiveForce which resulted in the creation of over 300 draft test focus groups attended by a total of 40 actual coaching clientsquestions which are currently undergoing review. in New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Sydney and London. The Additionally, the Credentialing Committee began work on information obtained from these groups contributed greatlyupdating, revising and collating overall credential policy docu- to the implementation of a global online survey of coachingments into a single manual, communication levels between ICF clients. A total 2,165 clients from 64 countries participated inHeadquarters and credentialing applicants improved through online survey which was offered in English, French, German,the implementation of regular three-week status updates. and Spanish for maximum global participation. We intend for the 2008 study to produce relevant data,Metrics such as region specific and/or country specific data, for chap- For 2008, 1,472 of 1,487 (99 percent) applications received ter and member use.were processed, with 1,043 (70 percent) granted a credential Initial findings from the study were released duringand 35 (2 percent) denied. The total number of 2008 applica- the Annual Business Meeting held during the Internationaltions received represents a 5 percent increase over 2007. Conference in Montréal. Geoff Thacker (Association Resource The total number of ICF Credential holders by December Centre) attended the conference and helped promote the study31, 2008 was 4,598 including: to coaches on site. The Final Report is scheduled to be released • 2,539 ACCs (55 percent); during the first quarter of 2009. • 1,426 PCCs (31 percent); and • 633 MCCs (14 percent). ICF Research Portal — A Much Anticipated Credential testimonies gathered throughout 2008 for Web Member Benefitsite, Coaching World. The ICF Marketing Department reached In March 2008, the ICF launched its much anticipated ICFout to members who renewed their credentials in 2008. Testi- Research Portal on Coachfederation.org. The portal houses amonials were collected from 142 ICF Credentialed members growing collection of research and studies on coaching in oneand then displayed on the ICF Web site and in Coaching World central location for ICF members and the public.to encourage others to renew or apply for a credential. The ICF Research Portal contains both ICF produced and non-ICF produced items, including: articles, case studies, journals, reports and industry links. Response to the portal was especially enthusiastic among members. From its debut through December 31, 2008, the main page of the ICF Research Portal was viewed 60,379 times. During this same time period, the Case Study section proved to be the most popular section of the portal; as it was viewed 54,449 times. The ICF will continue to develop and supplement the con- w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g 14
  16. 16. International Coach Federation Expanding Our Knowledge Diversity, Knowledge & Community on Coaching (cont.) at 2008 ICF Conference tent available in the Research Portal, adding documents, espe- More than 1,500 coaches from 51 countries came to cially non-English language items, to make even more research experience four days of exciting networking opportuni- available to ICF members and the public. Prior to being consid- ties, world-renowned speakers, a wide range of educational ered for possible inclusion in the ICF Research Portal, all items sessions, and multicultural cuisine and entertainment at the are first evaluated by the Research Reviewing Subcommittee ICF Annual International Conference in Montréal, Québec, (RRS), a group whose composition is chosen by the leadership Canada, November 12–15. of the ICF Research and Education Committee (R&E). Coaches from all backgrounds, educational levels, and specialties gathered at the colorful Palais des congrés de What People said about the Montréal in the city’s center to learn, grow and ultimately Popular ICF Research Portal deepen the impact of professional coaching around the world. “The opening of the ICF Research Portal was much an- The 2008 conference was unmatched in global reach, with 79 ticipated – many coaches and potential clients are interested in speakers from 16 countries presenting views from five conti- documented cases. Now there is a central place where coach- nents—Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and North America. ing research can be located and utilized by interested parties,” Super sessions, translated in both French and Japanese, were said Diane Brennan, MBA, MCC, 2008 President of the ICF. led by world-renowned keynote speakers Dr. Vandana Shiva, “It is a fantastic repository of coaching research that makes Dr. Peter Senge, and Matthieu Ricard. a big step towards the strategic goal that states - ICF will be the The second day’s super session included the ICF Annual source of the most credible and trusted industry information,” Business Meeting during which 2008 ICF President Diane said John Blakey, ACC, 2008 Director of Brand Development Brennan, MBA, MCC, gave a “year in review” presentation UK ICF Chapter. highlighting ICF accomplishments for the year, including Brennan addresses attendees before the keynote presentation.15 w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g
  17. 17. www.coachfederation.org 2008 Award Winners Conference attendees dance at the closing Gala event. The following indi- viduals, chapters, and or- ganizations were honored with ICF Awards during the Montréal conference. International ICF Brennan with Liz Macann of the BBC. Prism Award The prestigiousstrong growth in members and credential holders. ICF Trea- International ICF Prismsurer Giovanna D’Alessio, MCC, presented the 2008 Treasurer’s Award recognizesReport in which she outlined ICF’s fiscal successes and future organizations that havechallenges. Also during the Annual Business Meeting 2008 enhanced excellence andICF award winners were recognized for their work to move the business achievement Brennan with Andrew Millerprofession of coaching forward in their part of the world. through their commit- and Cassandra Gierden of SYSCO Chapter leaders from over 20 countries joined together ment to coaching as a Food Services of CanadaNovember 12 for the ICF Global Leadership Forum which pre- leadership strategy.ceded the ICF Conference’s official opening. The forum allowed • British Broadcastingfor leaders to network and listen to presentations on coaching Corporation (BBC)practices from leaders like them from around the world. • SYSCO Food Services of Canada From the whimsical “Le Magie du Canada” opening recep-tion to the sophisticated “Global Rendezvous” closing gala and ICF President’s Awardeverything in between, the 2008 ICF Conference gave unparal- Each year, the ICFleled opportunities for coaches to receive the level of expanded President selects aneducation and conversation they need to develop and grow in individual for this awardthe profession. And as always, the ICF Annual International based on his/her exem-Conference set the stage for meaningful and powerful con- plary work to promotenections between dedicated coaches who are committed to coaching.advancing the art, science, and practice of professional coach- • Neil Scotton, ACC,ing on a global scale. 2008 UK ICF Chapter ICF President’s Award recipient Neil Scotton. Conference attendees provided strong positive feedback Presidenton the evaluation survey for both the Super Sessions and theEducational Breakout Sessions. Eighty percent of conference ICF Chapter Awardsattendees were “satisfied” (either somewhat or extremely) with Seven international chapters of the International Coachtheir conference experience. Seventy-two percent of conference Federation were awarded with an ICF Chapter Award duringattendees said they would attend a future ICF Annual Interna- the Global Leadership Forum in Montréal.tional Conference based on the educational programming. The winning chapters were awarded in two categories: Lo- cal Spirit, Global Presence–Community Activism Award and Finding Our Voice—Marketing/PR Award. w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g 16
  18. 18. International Coach Federation 2008 Award Winners (cont.) Coaches from this chapter assisted in preparing entrepre- neur candidates through coaching sessions. This partnership became an example for Endeavor Global and will be replicated in 11 other country offices; and • (Small Chapter) Heartland Coaches ICF Chapter— Kansas City, Missouri, USA: this chapter focused on raising the awareness and visibility of their chapter and the coaching profession as a whole. They contributed to an article in the Kansas City Star, had a panel of three coaches on a local radio ICF Chapter Leaders at the Global Leadership Luncheon in Montréal. talk show and awarded a $5,000 service grant to a local HIV/ AIDS service provider during International Coaching Week. Local Spirit, Global Presence– Community Activism Award Finding Our Voice—Marketing/PR Award Recipients of the Local Spirit, Global Presence–Commu- Recipients of the Finding Our Voice—Marketing/PR Award nity Activism Award have established a significant coaching have created a successful marketing/PR campaign in their presence in their communities. Each award category presents communities. three awards, depending on chapter size (small, medium and large). In 2008, there was a tie for the large chapter category • (Large Chapter) ICF Chicago Chapter—Chicago, Illi- for this award. nois, USA: this chapter expanded the awareness of coaching in Chicago through various printed publications (members were • (Large Chapter) ICF Metro D.C. Chapter—Wash- featured in various publications, like Crain’s Chicago Busi- ington, D.C., USA: this chapter offered pro bono coaching ness magazine and Chicago Wellness), radio programs (a local opportunities to community-based nonprofit groups (such as radio show regularly mentions the chapter’s scheduled events), Leadership Arlington, A Wider Circle, Greater DC Cares, and alliances (with various local professional organizations) and Operation Homefront) and provided innovative and engag- networking (members attended various networking meetings ing coaching awareness programs (aimed at the corporate and and events to introduce people to the CCF); association/nonprofit markets) that show the return on invest- ment (ROI) of professional coaching; • (Medium Chapter) Federazione Italiana Coach—It- aly: in 2007, this chapter organized and implemented the first • (Large Chapter) ICF NYC Chapter—New York City, “Coaching Equality Week” as a week of training, meetings, New York, USA: this chapter provided various community and conversations between FIC coaches and local institutions, outreach and services in New York during 2008. Some of their associations, universities and schools. This event developed largest projects this year included: the “Out to Work” Career a culture around coaching and has created an innovative Fair, E-Book for American soldiers overseas, career coaching network of parties willing to provide pro bono coaching with for students, and career counseling at the Hispanic Alliance other parties; and for Career Enhancement (HACE). As a result of these events, plans for future collaborative events are in the works; • (Small Chapter) ICF Korea Seoul—Seoul, South Korea: this chapter promoted coaching in Korea through various activi- • (Medium Chapter) ICF Turkey Chapter—Turkey: this ties, including weekly coaching columns in Joong Ang (a Korean chapter established a coaching presence and provided pro newspaper); filmed various nationwide television shows about bono coaching to a global nonprofit organization, Endeavor. coaching; as well as various volunteer coaching initiatives.17 w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g
  19. 19. www.coachfederation.orgICF Leaders OutreachAround the Globe ICF leaders and staff members traveled all over the worldin 2008 for various meetings and conferences, representing thecoaching profession on behalf of the association and its manymembers. These travels were of great importance, allowing theICF to reach out to its members and the public in a meaning-ful and personal way while telling the world about coachingand the ICF. Included in the travel agenda were three face-to-faceglobal Board of Directors’ meetings; the first ICF Global Lead-ership Forum outside North America; and conferences andevents in Australia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland,Norway, Peru, Slovakia, the UK and the US.January Brennan and Tweedie meet with ICF European Leaders.• The global ICF Board of Directors met in Miami, Florida,USA, January 17–19 for the initial annual strategic plan review tions (ACTO) in San Diego, California, USA. They partici-and first director’s meeting of 2008. pated in roundtable discussions with representatives from 17 coach training programs from Canada, Europe and the US.April• 2008 ICF President Diane Brennan, MBA, MCC, President- JuneElect Karen Tweedie, PCC, and ICF Assistant Executive Direc- • The ICF hosted the first Global Leadership Forum outsidetor Magdalena Mook met with the ICF European Leaders of North America in conjunction with the ICF Europeangroup in Copenhagen, Denmark. While there, they were also Coaching Conference (ECC) in Geneva, Switzerland. Chapterpart of an open meeting held by the local chapter for all area leadership representatives from 20 countries attended thisICF members and coaches in the surrounding communities. event. The global Board held its second face-to-face BoardBoard member Lene Rønning-Arnesen, PCC, joined them meeting of the year in Geneva prior to the ECC. Brennan,for one day in Denmark. While in Copenhagen, Brennan also Tweedie, Boyler, Mook and other members of the ICF Boardspoke at the University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Coach- attended the ECC.ing Center and the Danish Nurses Organization. • Brennan traveled throughout Europe visiting the United• Tweedie attended the ICF Victoria Chapter’s 300th Member Kingdom, Czech Republic and Switzerland. Her EuropeanCelebration and professional development event. Tweedie travels began with a speaking engagement in Oxford forparticipated in a panel discussion addressing key points about the OCM Conference sponsored by the Oxford School ofintegrating coaching into the corporate world; what corpo- Coaching and Mentoring. There she presented a case study onrate clients are looking for from a coach; and mega trends in coaching with a chief executive of a hospital organization incoaching. the United States. In London Brennan met with 2008 ICF UK Chapter President Neil Scotton, ACC. She went on to PragueMay to a ICF Prague/Czech Republic Chapter meeting arranged by• Brennan along with ICF Executive Director Gary Boyler and Marta Anna Petrasova, PCC, ICF Chapter President, with theDirector of Credentialing and Program Accreditation George chapter leaders, members and individuals interested in learn-Rogers attended the Coach Training Schools’ Conference ing more about coaching and ICF as a community.sponsored by the Association of Coach Training Organiza- w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g 18
  20. 20. International Coach Federation ICF Leaders Outreach Around the Globe (cont.) UK ICF Chapter event Make a Difference that focused on how coaches can make a difference in areas of local com- munity, global community, education and sustainability. Sir John Whitmore, 2007 ICF President’s Award winner, was the keynote speaker. November Cannio with ICF Peru members. • The global ICF Board held their final face-to-face meeting • Ginger Cockerham, MCC, ICF Vice President, and Boyler prior to the ICF Annual International Conference in Montréal, were special guests at the ICF Washington DC/Metro Chapter Québec, Canada. Brennan, Tweedie, Mook, Boyler and 2008 annual meeting with over 200 attendees. ICF Secretary/Treasurer Giovanna D’Alessio, MCC, had meet- ings with representatives of ACTO, GSAEC and the EMCC • Boyler attended the initial focus group for the ICF Coach- during the Annual Conference. ing Client Study held in the New York offices of Pricewater- houseCoopers. • D’Alessio spoke at the third Conference about Coaching in Slovakia, a joint effort of the Slovak Association of Coaches • Mook traveled to the United Kingdom for the UK Chapter’s and the ICF Chapter in Slovakia. Corporate Day which focused on coaching in organizations. She also attended the final client focus group for the ICF • Global ICF Board Member Ira Dressner, PCC, addressed Coaching Client Study with PricewaterhouseCoopers. attendees at the first ICF Norway Conference in Oslo. July • Brennan spoke at the OD Coaching Corner, held by the • Brennan participated as a workgroup facilitator at the Global University of Pennsylvania, on the topic of coaching and Convention of Coaching (GCC) in Dublin, Ireland. Over 60 behavioral change. coaches from 16 countries engaged in an intense weeklong process and in conclusion created a declaration for coaching December along with summaries for each workgroup topic. The declara- • Brennan, Tweedie and Mook met with the ICF European tion aligns with ICF’s strategic mission and our effort to Leaders group in Prague, Czech Republic. Mook and Brennan outreach to other organizations as we work toward advancing presented a session on ethics in coaching during the EMCC coaching as a profession. While in Dublin, Brennan also con- meeting. While in Prague, Brennan and Tweedie held a ses- nected with the ICF Ireland Chapter. sion on trends in organizational coaching for HR specialists. The event was organized by the ICF Czech Chapter. August • Global ICF Board Member Sylviane Cannio, PCC, spoke about Coaching Cases at the launch celebration of ICF Peru. October • Brennan attended the first McLean Hospital /Harvard Medical School Conference, a two-day event that put evidence-based coaching and a call for coaching research on the world map. • Global ICF Board member Philip Brew, MCC, attended the D’Alessio addresses coaches in Slovakia.19 w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g
  21. 21. www.coachfederation.orgAdditional Milestonesof the Year 2008Elections for 2009 ICF Board of Directors 3–9, 2008. During this annual celebration of the coaching pro- In March 2008, ICF bylaws were updated to reflect several fession, ICF Chapters and members across the world hostedchanges, including a change in the selection of officers for the special events to create awareness and demonstrate the valueorganization. According to the revised bylaws, officers—three of working with a Personal, Business or Executive Coach.vice-presidents and secretary/treasurer—were elected by Coaches offered a variety of activities and pro-bonoeligible Board members from their peers. services in their communities during the week, including free ICF Credentialed members continued to enjoy the privi- coaching sessions, lectures and workshops. This was the tenthlege of voting for future ICF leaders on the Board including year International Coaching Week has been celebrated, origi-the President-Elect and Directors. nating in 1999 by Coach Jerri N. Udelson, MCC, from Santa Seventeen candidates from five countries submitted ap- Fe, New Mexico, USA.plications to serve on the Board of Directors in 2009, reflective International Coaching Week is celebrated the first weekof the great international make up of ICF’s membership. After of February each year.a month of intense deliberation, the 2008 ICF NominatingCommittee proposed a slate of six ICF Credentialed coaches Coaching World Updatesfrom three countries to fill the open president-elect and direc- The ICF made its monthly e-newsletter Coaching Worldtor positions on the 2009 global ICF Board of Directors. available to the public in April, displaying a link to each new For the first time in ICF history, a European candidate, issue prominently on the home page of Coachfederation.orgGiovanna D’Alessio, MCC, was elected as ICF President-Elect and no longer requiring members to enter login/passwordto serve as the organization’s president in 2010. information to access the newsletter. In addition to going public, features such as more bylinedCoachfederation.org Enhancements articles from members, an Ask the Board column, and more The ICF continued to enhance its online presence in 2008 photographs and graphics were included. All the while, staffwith improvements to its official Web site, Coachfederation. looked ahead working on further redesign and enhancementorg, while preparing for a major site redesign in early 2009. for 2009.Web site enhancements were largely directed by member feed-back to the ICF Marketing Survey in early 2008. Marketing Survey To honor their commitment and contributions of former The in-house ICF Marketing Survey was conducted dur-ICF leaders, a Past President’s page was added in March, which ing a 21-day period in February and March, resulting in 692lists a history of the organization’s presidents with photo- responses from ICF members. The survey polled members ongraphs, brief bios, contact information, lessons learned, words their usage of various ICF marketing materials and services.of wisdom and more for each former president. Results guided many initiatives throughout the year such as To better serve our global membership, three language the three new language microsites of Coachfederation.org andmicrosites of Coachfederation.org were developed in French, user-friendly enhancements to the ICF Online Community,German, and Spanish. These were the greatest language prefer- Coaching World, and more.ences indicated by the ICF Marketing Survey. These microsites,which launched in August, provide translation of key docu- Organizational Partner Councilments and information and will be expanded in the future. In 2008, the ICF began first-stage development of the ICF During 2008, each microsite received over 27,000 visits Organizational Partner Council, a unique group to be com-each – Spanish: 28,404; French: 28,574; German: 27,273. prised of corporations, organizations and government institu- tions utilizing and promoting coaching everyday.International Coaching Week 2008 By serving on this council, organizations will have the distinct The ICF celebrated International Coaching Week February opportunity to influence Business and Executive Coaching and w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g 20
  22. 22. International Coach Federation Additional Milestones of the Year 2008 (cont.) offer direction, insight, and creativity to enhance the coach- ethical choices, and addresses concerns of coaches working ing culture of the future. Through this assembly, the ICF will within organizations. One specific improvement is the addi- expand communications and outreach to top tier business and tion of definitions for client, sponsor, coaching, professional organizational outlets to build ICF’s corporate reputation and coaching, and ICF professional coaching. The revised version elevate the practice of coaching into the mainstream by show- of the Code truly reflects the complexity of our profession. casing best practices with documented return on investment. The 2008 Ethics and Standards Committee was made up of a team of coaches from all over the world including Europe, ICF Foundation Asia, North America and Latin America. In January 2008, the ICF Board authorized the Execu- tive Committee to work with staff to establish the first formal European Communication Audit Conducted Board of Trustees for the Foundation, including developing In an effort to evaluate how effective communications the job descriptions and charge for the Board. The Foundation from the ICF are in certain geographic areas, an outside exists as a separate nonprofit entity from the ICF and exists vendor was hired to review materials and provide recommen- exclusively for education, research and charitable purposes in dations. professional coaching. The 2008 Board of Trustees included: Kay Cannon, MCC – President Karen Tweedie, PCC – Treasurer Ginger Cockerham, MCC – Vice President Barbara Walton, MCC – Vice President In Memoriam Increased Chapter Webinars Michael R. Goldstein, MCC In 2008, the ICF offered 29 Webinars to Chapter Leaders. President and Founder These best practice Webinars helped assist chapter leaders with of COACH2000 Inc. retention, recruitment, strategic planning, knowledge-based Died April 15, 2008. decisions, revenue generation and leadership skills. Plans are in place to include the Regional Service Centres in facilitating more chapter leader Webinars and Virtual Education calls that Susan Race, PCC are scheduled during their region’s business hours. Webinars Founding member of the are archived on the ICF Web site in the Virtual Education sec- Philadelphia Area Coaches tion. Audio recordings are provided for most calls. Alliance (PACA) ICF Chapter Code of Ethics revised Died August 5, 2008. To remain fair and objective, the ICF must maintain a Code of Ethics that not only protects the public, but also clari- fies and educates both the public and coaches about the ethical implications of coaching. In 2008, the Ethics and Standards Committee completed the scheduled three-year review and update to the 2005 ICF Code of Ethics. The 2008 Code, approved by the ICF Board of Directors, effectively reflects our global membership, clarifies21 w w w . c o a c h f e d e r a t i o n . o r g