ICF Colorado Newsletter September 2013


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September 2013 ICF Colorado Newsletter

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ICF Colorado Newsletter September 2013

  1. 1. SEPTEMBER 2013 IN THIS ISSUE: Message from Reuel Hunt, President Next Monthly Meeting - September 12th Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings ICF Colorado Meetup Groups Experienced Executive Coaches Case Study Group - starting in September Mentor Coaching Group Programs for ICF Colorado Members In the Spotlight: Carl Dierschow ARTICLE: Bridging the Gap to GEN Y - Top 5 Tips to Understanding "Y" Are You Connected to These Great Discussions? Community Alliance Team, External Community Building Calling All Volunteers! Membership in the ICF Colorado ICF Colorado is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube! Resource Library General Meeting Information Contact Us
  2. 2. Message from Reuel Hunt President, ICF Colorado Our Local Coaching Community, connected to the Regional, National and International Coaching Communities: connection – contribution – competency – clarity I hope you enjoyed your summer vacations, holidays, travels, or just relaxing at home, as we say goodbye to summer and begin the fall season. Are you refreshed with renewed energy and ready to re-engage? We at ICF Colorado have been busy planning our fall schedule and other activities, starting on September 12th with Chris Balsley on Stress, followed on October 10th with TC North on Fearless Coaches – here is a link: http://www.icfcolorado.org/event-list The new Executive Coaches SIG will join the other two SIGs (Exploring Coaching as a Profession and Building Your Coaching Business) at 6:00 pm just before our monthly membership meetings starting on September 12th. We will continue to offer the Experienced Coaches Salon on the Wednesday evenings following the monthly membership meetings. Our Mentor Coaching Group Programs for ICF Colorado members are moving forward toward assisting ICF Credentialing. See the article below. ICF Colorado Coaches Corner Meetup Groups are gearing up for the fall season in Boulder, Ft. Collins, Arvada (NW Denver), and Glendale (SE Denver). Here are links for dates and more info: http://www.meetup.com/ICF-Colorado-Coaches-Corner and for Ft. Collins: http://www.meetup.com/ICF-CO-Northern-Colorado-Coaches/ We will support other groups where there is an interest. For the first time since the International Coach Federation - Global switched to annual regional conferences, ICF Global is partnering with our regional conference on June 19-21, 2014 hosted by ICF Cleveland (www.ICF-Cleveland.org). Here is the Midwest Region Conference website link: http://icf-midwest.com/. This conference will be the first Global ICF Conference in North America since Las Vegas in 2011 and will be in partnership of our Midwest Region – YEAH!. The 2015 Midwest Regional Conference will be hosted by the Heartland Coaches Chapter in Kansas City, KS/MO www.HeartlandCoaches.org. Our Community Outreach Committee, led by Laura Menze and Judy Sabah, was launched last month (see August 2013 ICF Colorado newsletter – "Community Alliance Team, External Community Building"), and they are looking for team players. Please contact them for more info: lmenze@lifequestalliance.com or judy@judysabah.com. I invite you, as a coach, to join our community, become involved, play with us, join our chapter – ICF-Colorado - http://icfcolorado.org/join-renew-or-subscribe and join the global community - ICF Global http://www.coachfederation.org/join-icf/, and contribute/volunteer, make a difference, give back and grow with us. Wishing you an energized start of the fall season, Reuel J. Hunt President, ICF Colorado president@ICFColorado.org 303-734-0444 Next Monthly Meeting: September 12th Date: September 12, 2013 Time: 7:00PM to 9:00PM
  3. 3. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) conducted before the general meeting from 6:00 - 6:50pm. Location: PPA Event Center, 2105 Decautur St, Denver, CO 80211 Speaker: Chris Balsley Topic: "Stress Navigation and TRE™" *CCEUs: 1 in Core Competencies TRE™ exercises are a powerful series of stress relieving exercises that can be learned in an hour and after being learned, can be practiced in as little as 20 minutes. When executed properly, TRE ™ exercises can decrease the effects of long-term stress while at the same time increasing the capacity to execute and lead effectively. These revolutionary stress relieving exercises are the work of David Berceli PhD and have been taught to hundreds of thousand people over the past twenty years. In addition to being used by people from every walk of life, they have effectively helped victims of the recent earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, victims of violence in Beirut, Somalia and Afghanistan as well as members of US police forces and the US military. There is a 25% to 75% ratio of didactic to experiential learning. This means participants should wear comfortable clothes and be ready to move. About Chris Balsley Chris Balsley maintains a thriving and diverse professional coaching practice with twenty-seven years of outstanding experience in supporting his clients. Focusing on inspiring professionals to be the best leaders they can be, especially in the face of adversity, Chris dedicates a large portion of his career to helping individuals and teams increase their performance and shift their moods intentionally. He accomplishes this by teaching them how to mitigate the effects of workplace stress, by training them how to listen and speak more powerfully, and by demonstrating to them the connection between leadership and the human body. The current scope of Chris’ practice includes a variety of domains: • Corporate, executive and individual coaching • Organizational, team and individual trainings • Program design and implementation • Applied neurobiology, psychology and ontology Chris develops and delivers multi-method and body-based training programs for integration into public programs and corporate trainings. He presents extensively and coaches in both English and Spanish to an international audience. Chris has been a senior program presenter with the Newfield Network International Coach Training School since 2006. He has coached clients at the senior management and C-suite levels in Fortune
  4. 4. 500 companies the U.S., Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia. PLEASE NOTE: Everyone must register for the monthly meetings including ICF Colorado members. *CCEUs: 1 in Core Competencies CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for the September 12, 2013 Meeting Special Interest Groups (SIGs) EXPLORING COACHING AS A PROFESSION SIG September 12, 2013 6:00PM - 7:00PM Our discussion may include, and is not limited to: understanding how coaching differs from related professions learning what makes an exceptional coach determining if self-employment suits you choosing your niche and specialty investigating training programs, certification & mentor coaches getting started . . . BUILDING YOUR COACHING BUSINESS SIG September 12, 2013 6:00PM - 7:00PM Join us at the Building Your Coaching Business SIG to learn about tools, tips and resources to help start and grow your business. Our guest presenter for September is Laura Liss, P.C. Laura will be educating us about Legal Basics for Your Business to Thrive!
  5. 5. Come have your business law questions answered by Denver Attorney Laura Liss during this SIG session! We will discuss business law topics such as choosing the right business entity (such as a sole proprietorship or LLC), common contract pitfalls faced by small business owners, and more. A not to be missed event to grow your coaching business the right way. About Laura Liss, P.C.: "Your business is our only business" for Denver-based attorney Laura Liss. Through her own law firm, the Law Office of Laura Liss, P.C., Laura represents clients nationwide from new entrepreneurs to those looking to grow through franchising or distribution networks. Projects include business sales and acquisitions, commercial real estate leasing negotiations, and contract matters. Laura offers free consultations and loves learning about others’ businesses to further their growth. You can reach her at laura@lauraliss.com, (720) 445-5249, or on Facebook.com/Attorney-Laura-Liss. Mission – To ensure that new coaches build their business, improve their coaching skills, market effectively and stay active and engaged in ICF CO. The SIG will help new coaches chart a course toward professional and financial success. Facilitator: Dinah Snow dinah@dinahsnow.com www.dinahsnow.com 303-499-0408 EXPERIENCED COACHES SALON September 18, 2013 7:00PM - 9:00PM Location: see information below Facilitated by: Reuel Hunt & Lauren Fisher 5+ Years of Coaching Experience? You’re Invited to Check Us Out! The next meeting of the Experienced Coaches Salon is September 18th from 7-9pm. The Salon Format is a safe place in the home of one of the participants where experienced seasoned coaches share their journey as coaches with other like coaches in an open, safe and intimate dialogue, while boring deep into shared seasoned coaches' issues. In our new format, we focus and go deeper on one topic that surfaces during our check-ins, and we keep our check-ins bottom-lined and time sensitive so we can go deeper on a chosen topic. Summary from August Meeting: We began with check-ins all around, including sharing of resources relevant to each person's check-in. The check-ins led to a discussion on this topic: Noticing important changes in our environment and ourselves, coming to peace with what is – more peaceful energy, and more clarity, or at least more clarity seen on the horizon. Location: Conifer, CO (address and phone sent to RSVP’s)
  6. 6. Please contact Reuel or Lauren to RSVP and to receive more details about this SIG. We look forward to seeing you there! Facilitators: Reuel Hunt rjhunt@earthlink.net Lauren Fisher laurenkfisher@comcast.net ICF Colorado Meetup Groups Our ICF Colorado Meetup Groups are an opportunity for our community to continue conversations and keep communications going in-between our monthly meetings. ICF CO Meetup Groups currently in Arvada, Boulder, Glendale and Northern Colorado. ========================== ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT THE GLENDALE MEETUP GROUP Come to the Glendale Coaches Corner Meetup Group! Interested in some fresh ideas for growing your coaching practice? Our focus for the September meeting will be sharing tips and tricks for growing a thriving coaching practice. Whether you’re just starting out, or have had a successful practice for years, we can always grow through sharing ideas with one another. Come hear what has helped other local coaches to succeed, and share your most successful tips and tricks! Tuesday, Sept 17th from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. At Whole Foods, 870 S. Colorado Blvd, in Glendale (we meet upstairs, in the common area) http://www.meetup.com/ICF-Colorado-Coaches-Corner/ Hope to see you there! Monica McNulty ICF Colorado Secretary ========================= Interested in hosting an ICF CO Meetup Group in your area? Let us know: info@icfcolorado.org Link to the Arvada, Boulder and Glendale Meetup Groups: http://www.meetup.com/ICF-Colorado-Coaches-Corner/ Link to the Northern Colorado Meetup Group: http://www.meetup.com/ICF-CO-Northern-Colorado-Coaches/ *Please check the link above for any updates/changes announced by the Meetup Group leaders. Questions? Please contact info@icfcolorado.org
  7. 7. Experienced Executive Coaches Case Study Group If you are an Executive Coach who wants to grow your skills and bounce ideas around with other Executive Coaches, then this group is for you! Each month prior to our ICF Colorado Meeting, we will be reviewing and discussing a case study or new industry development from HBR (Harvard Business Review). Members who are interested in this Case Study Group need to register with Stephanie Wachman so that articles can be sent out and read in advance of the meeting. Beginning at the September meeting at 6:00pm (the hour before the general meeting). Questions or to register, please contact Stephanie Wachman, ICF Colorado President-Elect, at stephanie@coachinglib.com Mentor Coaching Group Programs for ICF Colorado Members ICF Colorado is looking for a qualified trainer(s) for two Mentor Coaching Group Programs that will support ICF Colorado members only in preparing for and achieving their ICF Certification. Program #1) ICF Credential Path for Experienced Coaches This program is for experienced coaches and needs to be developed to meet the coach training requirements for both Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials with the ICF through the Portfolio Application. Program #2) ICF Credential Path for NEW Coaches or Coaches in Training This program needs to be developed to guide coaches in setting the foundation for what they need to do in order to be accepted into Program #1. Proposals should include: 1) Timeline on how you will prepare members for ICF certification 2) Length of time 3) Method of presenting program (webinar, teleconference, group meetings etc.) 4) Cost to ICF Members NOTE: ICF will market and advertise this program to the Colorado Chapter, and members will register through the ICF Colorado website. ICF Colorado asks for 10% for each registration that will support future programs developed by ICF Colorado. Interested applicants should submit a proposal for how they will conduct this program. This credentialing program will be endorsed by ICF Colorado and is a benefit of membership but will be paid for by individual participants. We would like to launch the program in October 2013. Please provide a proposal to Stephanie Wachman. All proposals will be reviewed by the ICF Colorado Board of Directors. For questions, please call Stephanie at 720-232-3693 or email stephanie@coachinglib.com In the Spotlight: Carl Dierschow
  8. 8. About Carl Dierschow Carl Dierschow is an experienced career, business and organizational coach, now working with Small Fish Business Coaching which is based in Australia. After coaching inside Hewlett-Packard for a decade and creating HP’s community of internal coaches, he launched out on his own and ultimately joined Small Fish in 2010. Carl works primarily with small business owners in Colorado and around the world to help them build successful, thriving, profitable companies. He holds three coaching certifications and an ICF ACC, was named Rotarian Of The Year by his Rotary Club, and is a recent graduate of Leadership Northern Colorado. Carl brings an innate optimism to the practice of starting and running businesses, which is reinforced via newsletters, blogs, workshops, and webinars. His clients appreciate his challenging- yet-compassionate approach which tends to support creativity, inspiration, and conviction to stretch for their goals. Carl is dead serious about guaranteeing improved business results, which ensures alignment with his clients' needs and focuses on concrete progress. Click here to read more about Carl ARTICLE: Bridging the Gap to GEN Y - Top 5 Tips to Understanding "Y" by Stephanie Wachman President-Elect, ICF Colorado If you're a Gen Xer or Baby Boomer, it's time to understand Generation Y. There are 75 million Generation Y-employees in the workforce. 60 million Baby Boomers are going to exit the work force in the next 3 years and Gen X includes about 40 million. Gen Y is a huge up and coming generation that not only has a loud voice but really sees the world and specifically their work/life differently. To better understand GEN Y, we need to start at the beginning. From childhood, GEN Y grew up in sports programs where everybody got a trophy and was always successful. The parents of the GEN Y kids always provided them with positive feedback and coaching such as saying "great job!," "you can be anything you want..." They also grew up with technology at their fingertips: TV, video games, iPods, Nintendo, texting and on and on.
  9. 9. Click here to read the full article Are You Connected to These Great Discussions? ICF Colorado extends outside just the monthly meetings. You've heard about the ICF Colorado Coaches Corner, meeting at various places around metro Denver and Loveland. You're familiar with all the great resources on the ICF Colorado website. But you might not be connected with the very valuable ICF Colorado LinkedIn group. Jump in and join the conversation! Questions about the ICF Colorado LinkedIn group? Contact: Carl Dierschow carl.dierschow@smallfish.us Community Alliance Team, External Community Building One of our new members, Laura Menze, is leading the charge in a new role for ICF CO as the leader in building Community Alliances on behalf of ICF CO, and she is looking to build her team! While the ultimate goal is to build community, awareness, and connection, the Community Alliances Team will focus on reaching out to: Business Networking Groups (including local chambers) Religious Organizations (Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, etc.) Charities & Non-Profit Organizations Coaching Schools Career Service Organizations Organizations & Associations related to coaching (ASTD, CHRA, etc.) Political/Government affiliated with Mental Health, (The Mental Health Board, local Senator, etc.) Media (TV, Radio, Newspapers, Prominent Local Social Media, etc.) Some ideas in growing these partnerships might include: Offering respective members of each organization (ICF-CO & alliance organizations) a discount on meetings, conferences, or memberships, etc.. Opportunities for ICF-CO members to provide presentations to various organizations and vice versa. Developing long-term relationships so that these organizations have an ICF-CO ‘go-to’ person who will be available to them long-term. Having our finger on the pulse of mental health issues and legislation in CO so that we might have a say in what would be beneficial for the coaching community. Getting ICF-CO in the news and creating awareness about coaching and what is available to people.
  10. 10. Developing opportunities for local communities to tap into our resources for their patrons, etc. If you have ideas you’d like to share beyond what is outlined here, please contact Laura Menze or Judy Sabah. After all, this is new frontier - the Wild West! Laura and Judy can use all the help they can get in tackling this endeavor! If you are passionate about coaching, passionate about ICF CO and are willing to commit to building a long-term relationship in the role of an Internal Coaching Community Builder or a Community Alliance Leader in any of the categories above, please let Laura or Judy know how to reach you and what area you might be interested in. Together, we can build an incredible coaching community that reaches beyond our wildest dreams! Contact: Laura Menze lmenze@lifequestalliance.com Judy Sabah judy@judysabah.com Calling All Volunteers! We invite you to share your skills, talents, and experiences with ICF Colorado and play a bigger role in the coaching community. How? Read on to see how easy it is to play full out. We have opportunities for you to be of service in the following areas: Facilitator for one of our monthly Special Interest Groups (SIG) - Facilitating a SIG allows you to grow as a leader, meet lots of amazing coaches, and develop an exciting program that you can use in other areas of your coaching practice. ICF Colorado Blogger - Would you like to learn more about blogging in a safe environment and would enjoy sharing emerging trends with the coaching community? Then this has your name written all over it. Manage ICF Colorado Twitter - Are you a tweeting fanatic and have a few extra minutes each week to tweet out to coaches and the community about our ICF Colorado meetings, events, and programs? Manage ICF Colorado Facebook - Post our events, speakers, coaching tips, etc. It's a great way to network. Greeters - Remember how you felt when you came to your first ICF Colorado meeting? Help our new guests feel welcome and at home. Channel 9 News Health Fair - Help us be a part of this great program so that we can be of service to the community. PBS Phone Support - Set up a date/time for us to give back to this important community program. ICF Colorado Press Releases - Do you have experience writing and sending out press releases? We'd love your help in getting this started! Jobing.com - Find out when these events are and encourage our members to attend to help coach job seekers in finding their new dream job. It might even lead to new clients! Assist with ICF Colorado workshops - We enjoy providing valuable workshops for our ICF Colorado members and invite you to be a part of this dynamic, engaging program. We occasionally need help in identifying interesting workshops, getting info about the workshop
  11. 11. in the montly newsletter, etc. Identify teleseminar opportunities for ICF Colorado members - Is there a topic you think the members would get value from or is there a speaker who you know of who would "WOW" our members? Jump in and be a part of this initiative! Follow up with ICF Colorado speakers - Assist them with accommodations, transporation, special needs, etc. - This will allow you to meet some "Movers and Shakers" in the world of coaching! Create a member survey asking for feedback on what areas/topics they're interested in to ensure we're meeting the needs of our members. Resource Management Support - Go through the existing ICF Colorado resources on file and determine what's current/beneficial to coaches and what's outdated. Resource of the Month - Highlight a resource from our library and write a brief summary of it for our monthly newsletter. What a great opportunity to learn a new coaching skill, and then share it with your peers. Please contact Reuel Hunt at 303-734-0444 or rjhunt@earthlink.net to learn more about these exciting opportunities or to get signed up today. We value your creative ideas and are committed to being the #1 resource for coaches in Colorado. Thank you for making a difference! We truly appreciate you and all that you share with us. The ICF Colorado Board of Directors Membership in the ICF Colorado Greetings from the membership director of ICF! I hope this newsletter finds you happy, healthy and wise. What we do in this world as coaches is so crucial. I have had a recent passing in my family, and I sat at my desk working on my audio meditation coaching class thinking to myself, "I could not do anything else in this lifetime." My focus of my coaching is self-love so we can be the best partners, parents and performers at work possible. I always think when you look back on your life, will you know you lived your best life? That is where we come in as coaches. With this purpose, we should all have full practices, and there should be 100s of members! How can we create this together? What ideas do you have for us as the membership team? We have a team together; would any of you like to join us or offer some ideas and suggestions to build our membership? I wish each of you an amazing day . . . until the meeting. :) I look forward to seeing your smiling face! If you know other coaches out there that are not members, please assist all of us and ask them to attend a meeting. The first meeting is FREE with the coupon code we provide to first time visitors. For our former members who have allowed their memberships to lapse, we invite you to renew right away and re-commit to being a part of our community of coaches. Our educational programming has been very powerful over the last year, and we've had some wonderful meetings. Renewing your membership will also give you the opportunity to renew the friendships you made while a member. For those of you who aren't yet members, we invite you to tour our website, check out the past and upcoming programs, and call if you have questions. We invite you to join our chapter and become engaged in the work of learning together and creating a strong community. So why should coaches and prospective coaches want to join ICF Colorado? As a member of ICF Colorado, they will join a wonderful community of individuals committed to making a difference in the lives of their clients, connecting with other coaches, developing themselves, and contributing
  12. 12. to the profession of coaching. Our community includes brand new coaches as well as very experienced and highly successful ones. We also welcome those who are exploring coaching as a profession and who have not yet started the process of becoming a coach. There are many benefits to membership in ICF Colorado starting with being able to attend the monthly meetings at no additional cost. The educational presentations during our meetings are delivered by highly successful coaches with special expertise and are but one of the resources available for helping our members develop and refine their coaching skills and build their businesses. As a member, one has the opportunity to network with other coaches and participate in one of the Special Interest Groups (SIGs). The SIGs are led by experienced coaches, giving participants the opportunity to learn and engage in lively discussion. Two of the three SIGs are held immediately prior to the meeting, and we encourage everyone to check them out. In addition to the SIGs and monthly educational programming, we also have other programs and events such as workshops and tele-classes, with reduced rates for members. When highly experienced coaches, coaches building their practices, and those who are just getting started join together to support their chosen field, magic happens. So please help us grow our membership and be part of the magic we can create. I look forward to meeting you all at the next meeting! It’s very easy to join on the ICF Colorado website: http://sn.im/joinicfcolorado If you have questions about membership, please call me, Shannon Rios, at 720-515-3212. To your unlimited potential and success! Shannon Rios ICF CO Membership Director ICF Colorado is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube! Check out the ICF Colorado on: Facebook Like Us on Facebook Twitter You Tube LinkedIn If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@icfcolorado.org Resource Library The ICF Colorado has a fabulous Resource Library with over a hundred educational tapes and books addressing such disciplines as leadership coaching, executive and corporate coaching, career coaching, relationship coaching, life coaching, and spiritual coaching, as well as practice development for coaches. Its purpose is to promote education, business development and support for ICF Colorado members. The Resource Library is perhaps best known for its great selection of audiotapes. Several years worth of ICF Conference audiotapes include leadership and coaching topics by such high-profile individuals as Laura Berman-Fortgang, Ken Blanchard, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, Cheryl
  13. 13. Richardson, and Benjamin Zander, along with many other masterful coaches. A variety of other resources include such great tapes as "High End Coaching" and "Personal Evolution" by Thomas Leonard and Frederic Hudson's book, The Handbook of Coaching. In addition to developing leadership and coaching skills, audiotape topics are specific to self-promotion and networking, use of assessments, therapists as coaches, attraction principles, team coaching, self- coaching, emotional intelligence, appreciative inquiry, speaking, and getting published. Members may borrow up to four resources per month upon signing "The Agreement for Resource Check-Out." Brenda Cody, M.S., Resource Librarian Brenda@WorkSolutionsGroup.com 720-989-8743 General Meeting Information Regular Monthly Meetings Members: No Charge Non-Members / Guests: $25 per meeting fee When: 2nd Thursday of every month (unless otherwise noted) 6:00PM - 9:00PM SIGs start at 6:00PM, and the General Meeting starts at 7:15PM sharp. Where: PPA Event Center, 2105 Decatur Street, Denver, Colorado 80211 Phone: 303-433-8247 The PPA Event Center is on the corner of 21st Avenue and Decatur Street PPA Event Center website Map to PPA Event Center:
  14. 14. Questions? Comments? Ideas to Share? We welcome your comments and ideas and are happy to answer questions. Contact Information: info@icfcolorado.org www.icfcolorado.org ICF Colorado Board Members Reuel Hunt, President rjhunt@earthlink.net 303-734-0444 Stephanie Wachman, President Elect stephanie@coachinglib.com 720-232-3693 Shannon Rios, Membership Director shannon.r.rios@gmail.com 720-515-3212 Dinah Snow, Communications Director dinah@dinahsnow.com 303-499-0408 Helle Hegelund, Education Director helle@hegelundconsulting.com 720-570-0369 Tom Lietaert, Treasurer tom@sacredodyssey.com 419-699-6100 Monica McNulty, Secretary TMJMcNulty@msn.com 720-840-7501 info@icfcolorado.org Copyright 2013 ICF Colorado