Steve Piazzale "Resumes: Creating a High-Powered Resume"
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Steve Piazzale "Resumes: Creating a High-Powered Resume"






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Steve Piazzale "Resumes: Creating a High-Powered Resume" Steve Piazzale "Resumes: Creating a High-Powered Resume" Presentation Transcript

  • Résumés Creating a high-powered résumé
    • Steve Piazzale, Ph.D.
    • Career/Life Coach
    • [email_address]
  • The Job Hunting Process
    • Set goals
    • Self Marketing Plan; Contact Log
    • Research target companies & industries
    • Résumés and Cover letters
    • Info meetings/networking/apply
    • Interviewing
    • Negotiation
  • Job Search Continuity
    • PSRs --> Résumé with value-added results
    • --> Self knowledge & confidence
    • --> Compelling summary profile
    • --> Memorable elevator pitch
    • --> Persuasive cover letters
    • --> Effective interviewing
    • --> Improved negotiation
  • Résumés
    • What is a Résumé?
    • Is it more a report or a piece of marketing?
    • Marketing collateral, sales brochure, doc designed to generate interest.
    • Raffle/Humor
  • Types of Résumés
    • Chronological
    • Functional
    • Hybrid
    • When to use each?
  • Résumé Components
    • Contact information
    • Objective
    • Career Summary/Profile (elevator pitch)
    • Experience & accomplishments
    • Skills
    • Education & Training
    • Awards & Affiliations
  • Accomplishments (PSRs)
    • New kind of résumé.
    • Problem, Solution, Result (PSR)
    • Memorable Stories
    • Emphasize value you add
    • Radio Station WII-FM
  • Writing a PSR
    • Define the Problem . Qualifying suppliers was a very slow process because each new spec was different. Engineers needed to test the part each time the supplier changed.
    • Explain the Solution (what you did about the problem). I combined each supplier’s spec to make one uniform specification that would be applicable in all cases.
  • Writing a PSR (continued)
    • Describe the Result. Engineers can quickly qualify new suppliers by comparing the proposed spec to the uniform spec. Reduced qualifying time by 90% within two months.
    • What goes in the Résumé: Eliminated costly component testing and reduced supplier qualifying time by 90% by developing uniform component specifications.
  • PSR Workshop
    • Workshop: You try—create a few PSRs.
    • Questions?
  • Creating your Profile
    • What are your common PSR themes?
    • If only info you had were your PSRs, what value do you add? That’s your Profile.
    • Align Profile and verbal pitch to match employer needs.
  • Résumé Guidelines
    • Work in progress, length, list interests?
    • No personal pronouns, “an,” use past tense
    • Dates/close gaps, avoid age bias
    • Consistency-- résumé, pitch, interview
    • Tailor résumé/cover letter to specific job
  • International Résumés
    • Emphasize cross-cultural skills
    • Highlight international/global experience
    • Emphasize an adaptable personality
    • Multilingual, places traveled, international interests, volunteerism
    • Willingness to relocate
  • Cover Letters
    • Express interest in specific job.
    • Match skills & experience to job req.
    • Reference attached résumé.
    • Include value statement.
    • State next action you’ll take.
  • Cover Letters-2
    • Keep it short (2/3 of page).
    • Convey enthusiasm.
    • Emphasize what you can do for them.
    • Tailor cover letter to specific job.
    • Use name of person in company.
    • Edit carefully; 1st sample of work.
  • Create more PSRs
    • Create more PSRs.
    • For more info on resumes & PSRs: go to “Free Stuff” then “Newsletters” on my site.
    • Questions?
  • Stuck? Questions? Contact me
    • 650-964-4366
    • Individual coaching
    • Website – “12 keys to getting a great job” and free newsletter and career resources.
    • See “Services” page for these slides
  • Remember
    • “ Being able to do the job well will not necessarily get you hired; the person who gets hired is often the one who knows the most about how to get hired.”
    • -- Dick Lathrop “Who's Hiring Who”
  • Raffle & Offer
    • Raffle:
    • “ Communicating with Customers Around the World” by K. D. Chan-Herur
    • 2 free phone coaching sessions
    • Offer:
    • 50% off 1 hour of coaching