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Marketing communications - getting the best out of the agency
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Marketing communications - getting the best out of the agency


ICEF Monitor recently sat down for a video interview with Mrs Lisa Cynamon Mayers, an academic advisor with Intead (International Education Advantage) in the US. …

ICEF Monitor recently sat down for a video interview with Mrs Lisa Cynamon Mayers, an academic advisor with Intead (International Education Advantage) in the US.

Mayers explains how Intead conducted a mystery shopper experiment in which a Chinese staff member posed as a prospective student. The staffer sent an enquiry email to 30 universities in the US, Australia and Canada in an effort to observe how each would respond to a query from an international prospect.

For more information on Intead's services and their mystery shopper experiment, please read our accompanying article ''Mystery shopper experiment reveals best practices in communication strategies'' and watch our video interview here: http://bit.ly/1sVb3JG.

And for those of you interested in more tips on effective email communication with student prospects, please see our article “From prospects to enrolments: direct marketing in international recruitment.” http://monitor.icef.com/2013/04/from-prospects-to-enrolments-direct-marketing-in-international-recruitment/.

Published in Business , Education
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  • 25. ICEF  North  America  Workshop   Toronto  May  2013   25   www.intead.com   Contact   Michael  Waxman-­‐Lenz,  CEO  &  co-­‐founder,   info@intead.com   www.Intead.com     Intead  internal  research,  documenta8on  and  digital   marke8ng  and  analy8cs  services     Informa8on  Sources   Public  sources  and  marke8ng  partners:       www.i-­‐graduate.com      www.emarketer.com     www.wearesocial.com        www.adasiaonline.com  –  2012  yearbook   Thank  you  
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