Student Market & Student Mobility in Sub-Saharan Africa – Strategies for Marketers

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This is a presentation given by Dr Patrick Nkoma, Managing Director of DALP Consultancy Services at the ICEF Dubai workshop held in January 2013. …

This is a presentation given by Dr Patrick Nkoma, Managing Director of DALP Consultancy Services at the ICEF Dubai workshop held in January 2013.

In order to get additional insights on how to successfully recruit students in South and Central Africa, ICEF Monitor caught up with Dr Nkoma.

Hear expert advice on how to build a foundation of trust, what an agency is looking for when working with an educator, and how educators can adapt their student recruitment strategies accordingly.

Please watch our exclusive interview:
and read the accompanying article ''Agency provides tips on recruitment in South and Central Africa'' here:

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  • 1. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 1Powerpoint TemplatesThe ICEF Dubai Workshop – 2013Student Market & Student Mobility in Sub-Saharan Africa – Strategies for MarketersBy Dr. Patrick Nkhoma (Ph D Econ) AMAIN, MIOD
  • 2. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 2Table of ContentsIntroductionWhy Africa?Identifying Good Agents &Keeping ThemWorking with Good Schools &Career Guidance TeachersRelationship Building inInternational EducationConclusion
  • 3. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 3Introduction In my presentation, I will summarise why Africa should be on topof the list of investment destinations for institutions of higherlearning that are serious about significantly increasing the levels ofinternational student enrolments I will use Zambia as a case study to discuss proven keystrategies for marketers of colleges and universities I will also illustrate how to identify and keep good agents in Africaas well as strategies to establish partnerships with local secondaryschools that result in significant and sustainable internationalstudent enrolments
  • 4. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 4Why Africa?Why Africa? You might ask!While everyone has been focused on thephenomenal success of the BRIC nations, Africahas been quietly emerging as a real growth storyConsider the following facts: Africa is home to a host of fast growingeconomies - over the 10yrs to 2010, 6 of theworld’s 10 fastest-growing economies were insub-Saharan Africa (The Economist)
  • 5. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 5Why Africa?The IMF forecasts that Africa will grab 7 ofthe top 10 places over the next 5 yrs. Inother words, the average African economywill outpace its Asian counterpart11 African countries are now growing bymore than 7% annually, more than in EastAsia. Many are poised to break throughthe 10% annual growth rate whereeconomies really lift off
  • 6. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 6Why Africa?Secondary school enrolment is now at29% across sub-Saharan Africa,compared with around 3% in the 1960sAfrica is one of the few places in the worldwith a rising labour force. Even Asia isfacing steep demographic decline.
  • 7. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 7Why Africa?The number of middle class Africans hastripled over the last 30 years to 313 millionpeople, or more than 34% of thecontinent’s population, according to a newreport from the African Development BankThis phenomenal rise in Africa’s middleclass makes Africa a ‘gold mine’ formarketers from universities and collegeshunting for international students.
  • 8. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 8Why Africa?The majority of Africa’s population is belowthe age of 30 yearsThe 2011, Africa Youth Report by theUnited Nations Economic Commission forAfrica (UNECA) states that over 70% ofthe African population are youths makingAfrica a marketing haven for education
  • 9. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 9Why Africa?Most of Africa is English speaking with themajority of countries using English as theirofficial language – students from Africa,especially the southern part of Africa i.e.Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia andZimbabwe, are low maintenance
  • 10. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 10If you want to grow your wealth as acollege or university – Africa is theplace to be!!
  • 11. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 11Identifying Good Agents andKeeping ThemResearch shows a significant growth inthe number of schools, colleges anduniversities using agents to recruitoverseas students.The majority of Zambian students,numbering thousands per year, recruitedfor overseas colleges and universities arerecruited through agents based in Zambia
  • 12. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 12Identifying Good Agents andKeeping ThemTo reach the positive results achieved byagents in Zambia, it is critically importantto identify good quality agents and todevelop strategies to keep them.Qualities of a good agent:a capacity to work effectively with foreignbased institutions of learning
  • 13. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 13Qualities of a good agentthe ability to improve knowledge andunderstanding of the study destinationthe ability to increase knowledge of studyprogrammesthe ability to provide high qualityinformation, resources and services tostudents seeking an internationaleducation
  • 14. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 14Qualities of a good agentskills and resources needed to providerelevant, accurate and trustworthyinformationthey should be financially sound.Vetting of agents is of critical importance
  • 15. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 15Identifying Good Agents andKeeping ThemAnother important consideration whenidentifying agents is to avoid dealing withor appointing too many agents in the samemarketA few good quality agents are moreeffective and yield better results
  • 16. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 16Working with Good Schools andCareer Guidance TeachersGood quality agents identify good localschools with excellent potential forproviding a sustainable source of studentsfor recruitmentWhen marketers from colleges anduniversities come into the country, itshould be mandatory that their agentfacilitates their visit to at least one school
  • 17. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 17Relationship Building inInternational EducationRelationship marketing is a broadlyrecognized, widely-implemented strategyfor managing and nurturing anorganisation’s interactions with clients andsales prospects.
  • 18. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 18Relationship Building inInternational EducationThe Zambian experience has also shownthat it is critically important for collegesand universities in partnership with agents,to develop a long term relationship withlocal schools that are a good source ofstudents for recruitment.
  • 19. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 19Relationship BuildingStrategies in Zambia:Each college or university develops adatabase showing which high schoolshave provided them with the highestnumber of students and then providesthem with scholarships for the bestperforming students
  • 20. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 20Relationship BuildingStrategies in Zambia:When students succeed at college oruniversity, the college or university takesback their success story to the high schoolwhere they came from to inspire othersand strengthen the relationship with thehigh school
  • 21. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 21Relationship BuildingStrategies in Zambia:Identify high performing, disadvantagedstudents at the high school and offer thema scholarship perhaps once every threeyears.
  • 22. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 22Important PointsAfrica will lead the world in economic growth over thenext 5 yearsAfrica is a ‘gold mine’ for marketers from universities andcolleges hunting for international studentsVetting of agents is of critical importanceQuality agents will connect you to quality schools andcareer guidance teachersRelationship building is critically important for long termsustainability
  • 23. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 23ConclusionAfrica has been identified as the secondlargest market source of internationalstudents.Institutions around the world have startedto enter and compete in the marketplace
  • 24. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 24ConclusionThe on-going competition in the marketshould now alert international educationproviders all around the world to be moreenlightened and educated about theAfrican market, and how to approach themarket in order to achieve successfulstudent recruitment.
  • 25. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 25ConclusionFrom the poorest of countries to therichest of nations, education is the key tomoving forward in any society.In the famous words of the great NelsonMandela, “Education is the mostpowerful weapon which you can use tochange the world.” Let us educate Africato change Africa.
  • 26. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 26Good News!!!Africa presents a huge, largelyuntapped market – move in nowand enjoy super profits!!!