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Malta is more


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The number of international students at English language schools in Malta reached 81,911 in 2012, an 18.2% increase over 2011 and reminiscent of its peak years of 2007 and 2008. Results for 2013 are …

The number of international students at English language schools in Malta reached 81,911 in 2012, an 18.2% increase over 2011 and reminiscent of its peak years of 2007 and 2008. Results for 2013 are forthcoming, but before they are released, get caught up on the latest trends around the country's top sending markets and other developments in the Maltese education industry via these presentation slides from the Maltese Tourism Authority and ICEF Monitor's article ''Malta on the rebound, language student arrivals up 18.2% over last year'' here:

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  • 1. Introduction MALTA IS MORE
  • 2. Choosing Malta means… More To See More To Do More To Remember
  • 3. Why Malta? 1. Malta as a DESTINATION 2. Malta as an ACADEMIC CENTRE 3. English PLUS FACTOR 4. The Islands as AN EXTENSION TO YOUR CLASSROOM
  • 4. Malta Fact File Islands Position An Archipelago of 3 Islands – Malta, Gozo & Comino. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean - 60 miles South of Sicily, 120 miles off the North African Coast Size 316 square km. Population 410,000 of whom 30,000 live on Gozo. Climate Mild winters and hot summers average of 20 C. Sunshine 6 hours of sunshine in mid-winter & over 12 hours of sunshine in summer. Accommodation State of the art infrastructure and contemporary facilities
  • 5. Academic Malta • Excellent track record in education • Tremendous emphasis put into the field of education over the years
  • 6. Academic Malta ELT Malta has, over the years established itself as a tourist destination and it has gained its position as a destination for learning English • first ELT courses offered in Malta were in 1963 • the sector started developing rapidly during 1980’s • Over 40 licensed English Language schools in Malta • Malta is recognised as one of 8 ELT destinations • Malta has provided ELT courses to more than 1.1 million students FELTOM - 17 well established English Language schools in Malta and Gozo. The Federation was set up in 1989 and has over the years ensured quality assurance standards within the industry.
  • 7. Academic Malta Why the sector has developed? • 150 years as a British colony left significant influences • Malta is a bilingual country which can offer a full immersion learning experience • The island is easily accessible by air and sea • Malta is safe and secure • Mediterrenean climate allows students to combine studies with outdoor leisure activities
  • 8. Academic Malta Quality Standards In 1996 Malta became the first country to regulate its ELT industry through legislation. National minimum requirements established by Legal Notice 60 • Setting up of the EFL Monitoring Board • Established minimum operating standards • Licensing of all schools offering ELT courses • Minimum teaching qualifications • Permits for all ELT teachers
  • 9. Academic Malta General Statistics • 42 licensed schools in Malta & Gozo • In 2012 – 81,911 students • Top markets - Italy, Germany, Russia, France, Spain • Average length of stay is 2.8 weeks • Students as a percentage of total incoming tourists – 5.7% • With 226,360 student weeks in 2012
  • 10. Academic Malta The Language Industry
  • 11. Academic Malta The Language Industry • Malta offers a wide range of distinct courses to suit different participant ages, interests and professions • availability of both short term courses of a few weeks and long term courses • classes with a varied nationality mix • programmes combine quality education, with rich culture and relaxing entertainment and a choice of host family, self catering or hotel accommodation
  • 12. Academic Malta Why Malta? • English Speaking Country • Good Connections • Safe • Mild Climate • An established English Language Centre • Professional educational institutions other than EFL schools • Short distances makes the Islands an “ideal mix” destination
  • 13. Academic Malta Our Product Offer • Malta is a unique destination • Mediterranean Charm • Professional language schools • Variety of courses offered • Social/cultural programmes offered
  • 14. Academic Malta Our Product Offer • Courses o Generic English courses o Business English o Professional in all quarters except summer o Exam/University preparation courses throughout the year o Combined leisure holidays with English language for Seniors o English for Special Purposes – Aviation English, Banking English, Medical English, Legal English among others
  • 15. English Plus • There is something for everyone • Established programmes offered within the school set up • Tailor made courses • After school activities
  • 16. English Plus • Practise sports/hobbies while learning english • Team classes • Diversity of the Islands
  • 17. Extension of the classroom • We are a bilingual country • The country as whole is an extension of the classroom
  • 18. Malta is More... …. step onto our shores