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 The missing link by Branislav Vujovic at ICEEFEST 2013
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The missing link by Branislav Vujovic at ICEEFEST 2013


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Branislav Vujović The Missing Link
  • 2. Branislav Vujović President New Frontier Group
  • 3. 2006 Vienna 7 years 1600+People 16 Countries new frontier group
  • 4. Change
  • 5. Digital is Opportunity or ? • Corporate growth strategies must plan for customer acquisition in emerging markets • Global Players (Amazon, Apple, Paypal, MS-Skype, • Telenor acquired KBC bank in Serbia • Cross Industry
  • 6. “razor and blade” business model Freebee model King Gillette - innovative entrepreneur
  • 7. Startup
  • 8. Michael Dubin is trying to disrupt Gillette with – blades by subscription for 1$ a month + PP Video went viral and until today it was seen over 10 million times.
  • 9. Our Customers
  • 10. New Frontier Innovation Story
  • 11. New Frontier Innovation Story
  • 12. Example: User Experience Increasing Revenue and Profit Engaging Customers Keep Existing Customers Upsell and Cross sell DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IN PRACTICE
  • 13. “Introducing the improved e-banking application resulted in a growth in increase of online transactions of 62 per cent for a half-year period, while the number of loan requests submitted electronically grew by 16 per cent.” News 17. 04. 2013. Raiffeisen Banka Realized Excellent Business Results in 2012
  • 14. Digital Transformation in Practice Example: business model innovation Increasing ARPU Introducing New Products Acquiring New Customers CHURN Reduction Increase Customer Loyalty Business Model Innovation
  • 15. Market Place
  • 16. Business Benefit 1. ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) More Cloud Services – Higher ARPU – Direct correlation 2. Customer base – new customers 10% of customers having mobile + cloud service 2% of only cloud customers that otherwise do not have our mobile service and we would never get them in our customer base
  • 17. Business Benefit 3. Churn and Customer Loyalty first projections show that churn reductions at customers that have cloud and mobile service will be significant: • having 2 services (1 mobile + 1 cloud) churn reduction is estimated to bigger than 50% in 2 years • having 3 services (1 mobile + 2 cloud) churn reduction is estimated to bigger than 75% in 2 years • having 4 or more services (1 mobile + 3 or more cloud) churn reduction is estimated to more than 90% in 2 years
  • 18. Thank you We can not predict the future but we can shape it
  • 19. Shaping Future Delivering Results