Connecting Orange on social media by Thomas penet at ICEEFEST 2013


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  • 1.6K eshop orders on OPF and OPL directly thanks to facebook & twitter in 2012 presentation title
  • 85% below 35 y/o 15% of all polish webusers reached by OPL each month with one facebook page presentation title
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  • Social network activity represents a new intelligence for retailers to monitor their businesses. For instance, on Facebook, the 1 billion active daily users interact with their average 145 friends and share m ore than 3.5 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) each week. It ’s a huge amount of conversations that could be qualified to identify key brand influencers, to propose personal recommendations and enrich the CRM databases. Then, activities on networks will improve the buying experience on portal. presentation title
  • Opportunities can be split into 4 parts that I will explain below : Media consumption Evaluation & selection Buying experience Assistance presentation title
  • As a first example of opportunity for brands to enhance the media consumption of their targets, social media are a rich in terms of content generated. Even if they are in a short format as on Twitter, conversations could be highly valuable to enrich content portfolio of media channels. For instance, Orange thematic portals launch mini-event site that include tweets semantically sorted presentation title
  • Those content related to the “hot” news are implemented on all screens : pc, mobile, tablets and TV. We consume more and more media activities becoming multitasks users. For instance, a recent study showed that young Americans consume up to 31h of media activities per day ! As a consequence, the implementation of social features on all screens, especially around live events content, is becoming a common practice. presentation title
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  • In another hand, Social media represent a new paradigm for content search and access on the web. During the last decades, the access to the right content was inherent to the selection of directories like Yahoo or the efficiency of powerful algorithms like Google. Social Media and the qualification of interactions on webservices offer new ways to access content through a model of affinity. Even the “cold” algorithms of Google now integrate “social signals” and display social recommendations on their search results pages. Moreover, the launch of google+ last year is more a strategy to improve the Google search engine by integrating more qualified social interactions than being competitive with the best social networks players. presentation title
  • Based on a model of affinity between users and content, the consumption of content through social media offers also new possibilities to editorialize them. As the first step, implementation of boxes “the most commented articles”, “the most shared articles” on portals evolved to standalone sites aggregating content from influential producers on networks. But, it’s also an opportunity to propose already sorted content according to your past activity on networks. Ex : Orange Mix sort content according to your declared center of interests on Facebook and your friends activity on the application presentation title
  • As part of the curation process, brands improve their systems of recommendation by extracting data from networks to propose specific offers according to users’ social graphs. For instance, Orange Me Scanner application scans your profile and determines which mobile offer you need. If you’ve tons of friends, your offer will be voice-oriented ; if you’re very active to comment, we will propose you more text messages, etc. Then you’re redirected to the e-shop to subscribe for a price plan.
  • APIs integration recovers also a challenging approach for customers in the buying experience and their brand relationship. The more they will be active on networks, the more they will take advantage of their recurrent interactions with brands. Collaborative discount for new galaxy S3 on : + 12,75% traffic from Facebook +244% sales of the device vs. iPhone = +15% presentation title
  • APIs integration recovers also a challenging approach for customers in the buying experience and their brand relationship. The more they will be active on networks, the more they will take advantage of their recurrent interactions with brands. Exclusive coupons distributed via OES fan page : 5189 new likers 1237 coupons 406 new clients through eshop 0EUR media presentation title
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  • 1 200 shops created as « places » Thematic lists Tips for each shop Creation of a « Special » for the 14 biggest Orange flagships The « mayor  » of the week gets 100€ and a tee-shirt To win the user needs to « prove » its mayorship in the store Each saturday during 4 weeks Winners to be photographed, photos to published on Foursquare and Facebook 1900 check in within 4 weeks – 12,5K followers presentation title
  • Support and assistance are a major stake for brands in the uncomfortable position of conversation with angry users. Especially, when they are disappointed by your regular support over the phone or on traditional channels. It’s also an opportunity to use social media as collaborative tools to crowdsource the mechanical and repetitive tasks as the assistance. Best Buy in the US early thought about the power of using social media to answer the basic questions of their clients. They ask for volunteers among their salesmen to constitute the “TwelpForce” and manage the official brand twitter page. presentation title
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  • Connecting Orange on social media by Thomas penet at ICEEFEST 2013

    1. 1. ICEE fest 2013 Connecting Orange on Social media Thomas Penet Digital director May, 6th 2013
    2. 2. 2
    3. 3. 3video uploaded visits status wall posts pictures messages comments likes
    4. 4. 4 How to Orange leverage this data to better connect to customers ?
    5. 5. 5 Orange Social Media Marketing December ’08 < 1000 likers UK’s first initiatives December ’10 473.423 likers 100% Europe footprint April ’11 1 million likers 1m 100% Europe + AMEA April ’13 13 millions likers 13m Worldwide consolidation 
    6. 6. 6 13,2 millions likers 45,7 millions reached users 1 million followers 482 782 tweets 45,3 millions views since Dec’11 Key data of Orange social media activity - April Source : FB Insights Twitter Public Data Dailymotion internal data
    7. 7. 7 ORO #1 telco category on Facebook. OPL #1 overall categories Meditel #3 on Facebook overall categories OCH #5 overall categories OSN#1 on Facebook overall categories OFR #2 telco category on Facebook OTN #1 overall category on Facebook. OJO #2 telco category on Facebook. A worldwide presence OSP #3 overall category on Facebook. Mobinil #2 on Facebook overall categories OSK #3 telco category on Facebook. OUG #4 telco category on Facebook. ODO #2 on Facebook overall categories Source : Socialbakers
    8. 8. This huge amount of UGC on social networks is an opportunity for Orange to create social experiences on our digital properties
    9. 9. 9 Social media integration brings us new opportunities to reach our customers in global marketing strategies 1 media consumption  Be present on networks to disseminate content and make recommendations  Show your own creations and develop your influence 2selection / evaluation  Give advices and provide information about products & services  Organize information and curate a large amount of data 3 buying experience  Make economies by accessing to sweepstakes, coupons…  Initiate transactions 4support & assistance  Find quick support from the community of customers  Learn to develop your own usage of new products
    10. 10. 10 Social networks are an opportunity to enrich our brand portfolio and crowdsource creativity CONTENT SEARCH BUY SUPPORT
    11. 11. 11 Social features allow people to share content and engage conversations during ceremonial communions on PC, mobile and TV screens CONTENT SEARCH BUY SUPPORT Top 2011 #hashtags:
    12. 12. 12 Those information extracted from social networks allow content consumers or gamers to be part of the story CONTENT SEARCH BUY SUPPORT Thomas Penet
    13. 13. 13 Social networks offer new opportunities for search taking advantage of users interactions CONTENT SEARCH BUY SUPPORT
    14. 14. 14 … and propose recommandation systems based on a model of affinity to access content, offers, online products, … CONTENT SEARCH BUY SUPPORT
    15. 15. 15 Those recommandation systems are enriched by information published on user profiles on social networks Orange Me Scanner application scans your profile and determines which mobile offer you need. Then you’re redirected to the eshop to suscribe for a price plan. CONTENT SEARCH BUY SUPPORT
    16. 16. 16 Shopping is a social activity. This is why Orange launched collaborative sales CONTENT SEARCH BUY SUPPORT e
    17. 17. 17 Orange launched couponing campaigns on social networks in order to propose our clients to save money CONTENT SEARCH BUY SUPPORT e Fans receive the coupon in their mailbox. They can share it with their friends on their wall. You publish a post to give the coupon to your fans 1 2 3 Customers can use the coupon, returning it by mail.
    18. 18. 18 … we also extend our most used online services to social media channels in order to answer our customers needs CONTENT SEARCH BUY SUPPORT Meditel, Mobistar and Orange Caraibes allow prepaid customers to recharge their mobile from Facebook Customers fill a form on a Facebook Tab. Then, they are redirected on portal to pay the tariff plan they choose. ~26K monthly active users in Morocco
    19. 19. 19 We observed also that our Facebook fans are looking for the nearest store location CONTENT SEARCH BUY SUPPORT Customers fill a form on a Facebook Tab. Then, they are redirected on portal to pay the tariff plan they choose. Couponing campaigns Store locator Orange is the most followed brand on Foursquare in France. 1900 check-in during this operation 1200 shops created as « Places on Facebook » in France.
    20. 20. 20 Moreover, customers expect from brands to be present on social media channels for support & assistance… CONTENT SEARCH BUY SUPPORT nearly half of all social media users (47%) use social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to reach out to a brand or company with a question or issue [NM Incite]
    21. 21. 21 Some of our next steps CONTENT SEARCH BUY SUPPORT  Increase Twitter : #topup10£ to top-up 10£ on a prepaid card  100% of all orange countries that propose an help/support section on twitter or facebook  15m likers & 1,5m twitter followers  Lower time response on Facebook ..  …
    22. 22. mul umesc !ţ