Conference Marketing To A Global Audience #ICCA12 TUESDAY 23/10/2012


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Presentation held at the 51st ICCA Congress which took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico from 20 - 24 October 2012. For more information on ICCA please visit

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Conference Marketing To A Global Audience #ICCA12 TUESDAY 23/10/2012

  1. 1. 51st ICCA Congress Conference marketing to a global audience Tuesday, 23 October 2012International Congress and Convention Association. Session sponsored by:Twitter: #ICCA12
  2. 2. Changing environment• Markets: globalisation• Economics: shifting power, mobility of capital• Demographics: growing middle class in China / India• Technology: faster, smarter, individualising transactions• Socio-graphics: ME-NOW / FUBU generations, mobility of people• Global cities Vs emerging citiesInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  3. 3. Australia’s business event delegate• 184,200 convention or conference arrivals during year ended 31 August 2012 (+11 YOY)• Year on year, overall business arrivals +3% to 882, 000• NSW attracts 48% of these arrivals, Sydney alone secures over 400, 000• During August: 19,200 convention or conference arrivals, +24% year on yearInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  4. 4. Main Australian marketsInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  5. 5. Changing consumer behaviour• Some things we know about delegates coming to Australia• Approx 50% are frequent flyer members• Internet 2nd most popular method of flight purchase• High level of information seeking prior to travel (websites top the list)• Word of mouth advice also strong• Accommodation: international over 30% book onlineInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  6. 6. Technology’s impact on bookings Region of Online airline Online accomm residence bookings bookings Africa 14% 27% North America 54% 35% Asia 26% 33% Western Europe 37% 39% Eastern Europe 27% 31% Japan 30% 37% Middle East 26% 47% South America 20% 32% South Pacific 54% 32% UK and Ireland 61%International Congress and Convention Association 36%.Twitter: #ICCA12
  7. 7. Conferencing is just part of it…• Int’l delegates stay approx 7.2 nights• Nearly 2/3 overseas delegates return within 5 years for holiday, 1/3 will return for another conference• 68% travel alone…however…delegates from China more likely to bring others (average travelling party 4.9)• Over 40% delegates intended on visiting Australia beyond SydneyInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  8. 8. Australia – attracting global delegates• Unique, aspirational• Iconic Sydney (Opera House, Harbour Bridge)• Brand – sense of identity, developed over time and presented consistently across touch points, is critical to brand success• Beauty and brains: leading researchers, business hub, more Nobel Laureates per capita than any other countryInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  9. 9. Global cities – what success looks like• Global influence of 66 cities measured across – business activity – human capital – information exchange – cultural experience – political engagement• New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seoul, Brussels, Washington DC, Singapore, Sydney, Vienna, Beijing, BostonInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  10. 10. What delegate boosting’s about• Traditional delegate boosting – Pre-announcement flyer – Promotion at preceding conference – Social media – Targeted marketingInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  11. 11. What else attracts people?• Value adding for the delegate – Partner with retail/airport stakeholders to add value – Whole-of-city approach – Welcoming city (understand cultural differences) – Leverage concurrent events and activities (i.e VIVID Sydney) • Profile the opportunity and remove barriers • iGeneration: show that you respect and understand the individualInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  12. 12. Global markets have different needs• Think globally – communicate locally – Emerging middle class in China and India. To tap into these markets must localise message – Adapt to rapid change • Act responsibly: CSR, sustainability • Plan for the future: LegacyInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  13. 13. Tourism Australia videoInternational Congress and Convention Association.Twitter: #ICCA12
  14. 14. 51st ICCA Congress Thank you!International Congress and Convention Association. Session sponsored by:Twitter: #ICCA12