Reputation Management:Personal and Corporate by Roy Sheppard #icca11 #iccaworld #icca SUNDAY 23/10/11
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Reputation Management: Personal and Corporate by Roy Sheppard #icca11 #iccaworld #icca SUNDAY 23/10/11

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Presentation on Reputation Management: Personal and Corporate by Roy Sheppard during the 50th ICCA Congress. #icca11 #iccaworld #icca SUNDAY 23/10/11

Presentation on Reputation Management: Personal and Corporate by Roy Sheppard during the 50th ICCA Congress. #icca11 #iccaworld #icca SUNDAY 23/10/11

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  • Geri Halliwell storyAs a Spice Girl – 30 million albums worldwideHolds the record for scoring the most number one singles in the UK (11 in all)A multi platinum solo artist – 6 million solo CDs worldwideShe’s had number 1 hits as a solo artist in Belgium, France, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Thailand, UK and Ukraine.Top 5 hits in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey.Her autobiography “If Only” – sold 450,000 copies in hard and paperback It was the number one best selling autobiography in 1999Her health and fitness video Geri Yoga has sold 340,000 copies in the UK – making it the biggest and fastest selling health and fitness video in the UK – been at number one in health and fitness charts since it came out 
  • In the past – the check out was after the decision to buy – now its right at the beginning – we check out EVERYTHING.Before we buy anything – we check out the company or the products – how?Understand the risks of making a buying mistake – lose your job perhaps – VERY hard when its an intangible service – you can’t sell an abstract service to a stranger!Google!!Personal checkoutProfessional checkoutAdvertising costs more and more – its effectiveness is less and less. With 2 exceptions – Yellow Pages and Google Adwords. If your customers use Yellow Pages Get the biggest Yellow pages Ad. you can afford and learn more about Google Adwords – personally I can tell you it works – its profitable. And measurable. More later.We make up our own minds and take what ever a company says with a pinch of salt.When was the last time you bought something as a direct result of an advertisement you saw?If you don’t buy in this way – what makes you think your customers do either How do you fare?
  • How many new clients or additional business from existing clients do you need to attract to ‘justify’ attending this seminar today?


  • 1. Reputation Management: Personal and Corporate Roy Sheppard
  • 2. ser·vile [sur-vil, -vahyl]adjective1. slavishly submissive or obsequious; fawning:2. characteristic of slaves; abject: servile obedience.3. being in slavery; oppressed.
  • 3. serv·ice [sur-vis]noun, adjective, verb.noun 1. an act of helpful activity; help; aid: to do someone a service.3. the providing or a provider of accommodation and activities required by the public or customers4. the organized system for supplying some accommodation required by the public: e.g. a place to hold a congress/convention 
  • 4. Reputation Management"Reputation management is the orchestrationof discreet initiatives designed to promote andprotect one of the companies most importantassets - its corporate reputation - and helpshape an effective corporate image.“ Edelman Public Relations Worldwide
  • 5. Some Reputation Questions• What reputation do you want?• What do you need to do differently to achieve it?• What do people currently say about you and your organisation ‘behind your back’?• How much would somebody be prepared to pay to use your name through a license agreement?• What do your competitors do better?• How often do you and your colleagues really focus on improving your reputation?
  • 6. George W Bush
  • 7. Geri
  • 8.
  • 9. ReputationYour reputation is the sum of what people say aboutyou or your organisation ‘behind your back’.It is about what other people say about youNOT what you say about yourself.A ‘good’ reputation is based on how good you makeyour contacts and customers feel about you and/oryour organisation.Reputation is more about EMOTION, not logic.
  • 10. Checkout
  • 11.
  • 12.
  • 13. Peter Simpson,CommercialDirectorFirst Direct Bank
  • 14. “Nobody cares how much you know…..Until they know how much you care.” Cavett Robert, founder - National Speakers Association, USA
  • 15. Relationship Loyalty Ladder Partner Advocate Supporter Client Purchaser Prospect
  • 16. Dimensions of Reputation• Emotional appeal• Products and services• Financial performance• Vision and leadership• Workplace environment• Social responsibility Source: Harris/Shandwick
  • 17. The Trust Equation Do more things that increase the ‘score’ on (C + R) + I theseT= Do things that S decrease the ‘score’ on this T = Trust C = Credibility R = Reliability I = Intimacy S = Self-orientation Source: The Trusted Advisor, Maister, Green, & Galford
  • 18. What your clients look for in a ‘trusted advisor’- someone who….• Builds a relationship with me based on honest dialogue• Challenges me and gives me what I need, instead ofwhat I think I want or might ask for• Always delivers what and when they say they willdeliver• Provides insights about my business and the challengesand opportunities in our sector• Takes my best interests into account
  • 19. Are you doing business TO your customers or WITH them?
  • 20. The Decision Cycle“Shorten the decision cycle by making the decisions easier for the prospect, by focussing on their particular decision roadblocks, bottlenecks, friction points and rough spots. [Knowing this] will turn into your secret weapon.” George Silverman “The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing”
  • 21. Testimonials
  • 22. Anatomy of a Testimonial• Attribution• Specificity• Authenticity• Recency• Broadcast
  • 23.
  • 24. Reputation Damage Limitation
  • 25. Crisis QuizQuestionYou run a food chain and a Sunday tabloid newspaper calls late on a Friday to say your burgers have been identified as the ‘worst in the country’ in a survey of fast food outlets. They will run a front page story that weekend and ask if you would like to comment. Do you…
  • 26. A) Call in your lawyers and seek an injunction to stop the newspaper publishing their article.B) Offer the paper a deal offering a free burger to anyone who visits one of your outlets on Sunday morning carrying a copy of their newspaper.C) Provide a written statement defending your burgers and warn you will sue them out of existence if they unfairly harm the reputation of your business.
  • 27. The Happy Eater chain of restaurants responded to the Sunday People newspaper by:
  • 28. The Happy Eater chain of restaurants responded to the Sunday People newspaper by: B) Offering the paper a deal to give a free burger to anyone who visited one of their outlets on the Sunday morning carrying a copy of their newspaper!
  • 29. When It Hits The Fan• Look at the situation from the perspective of those directly and indirectly affected• Be seen to take it seriously by DOING something meaningful and quickly – use a holding statement• Then conduct a 360 degree assessment• Identify your different ‘audiences’• Distribute more info than ‘necessary’ – with no B.S. to each audience !• Be seen to listen. Empathise. Apologise. CARE.
  • 30.
  • 31. Thank you Email: Roy@RoySpeaks.comReputation management questions
  • 32. Reputation Audiences• Customers/clients/prospects• Employees• Suppliers• Competitors• Investors• Regulators/government• Community• Industry peers• Media
  • 33. What is the ‘lifetime value’ of the average Lexus Car customer?