FYP13 - Mental chemistry in meetings eric de groot


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FYP13 - Mental chemistry in meetings eric de groot

  1. 1. Forum for Young Professionals Mental Chemistry in Meetings Keyshop by Eric de Groot International Congress and Convention Association . Twitter: #fyp13
  2. 2. Mental Chemistry?
  3. 3. Rationale: Adapting content for use during live communication adds Business Value for your clients/participants! That Value is: more intense chemistry between people, richer ideas, more buy in, higher level of learning: Happier Client!
  4. 4. content development needs co-creation between planners, suppliers, artists, caterers, DMC’s, media:
  5. 5. Behavior of Centipedes ( )
  6. 6. Behavior of Centipedes ( ) In the Northern Hemisphere
  7. 7. Behavior of Centipedes ( ) On Ground Zero
  8. 8. Medical Devices that improve the quality of life
  9. 9. Medical Devices that improve the quality of life of the elderly
  10. 10. Medical Devices that improve the quality of life for your parents
  11. 11. Fastfood,
  12. 12. Fastfood, effects on health and budget
  13. 13. Fastfood, Deliciously chea but at the same time far from healthy
  14. 14. The chemistry of hairgrowth,
  15. 15. The chemistry of hairgrowth, facts and figures
  16. 16. The chemistry of hairgrowth, “What NASA found out about it, and more…”
  17. 17. Most of you have chosen the approach that is
  18. 18. Hot Content: is sticky
  19. 19. STICKINESS Pain and Fear? Attraction and Lust? Death and Decay? Threats to loved ones?
  20. 20. Hot Content: has impact
  21. 21. IMPACT Impact for a group close to you? Issues, things that happened in the public domain? Talk of the year/talk of the month in your life or organization?
  22. 22. Hot Content: harbors a conflict
  23. 23. CONFLICT Two points of view, both very true but impossible to be both true at the same time!
  24. 24. Hot Content: arouses curiosity
  25. 25. CURIOSITY Which unfinished story could be finished during the meeting?
  26. 26. Demonstration
  27. 27. Please come up with a dull topic of a meeting, you would never attend, because of the dullness of its content!
  28. 28. Hot content: Is sticky has impact harbors a conflict arouses curiosity
  29. 29. Rules of the game: -start with a personal story of one of your group members. -allow for nearlings in the discussion. -do one step outside of the ordinary.
  30. 30. Please give a statement of 30 seconds about which creative idea = business opportunity you have found in your hunting group
  31. 31. Wrap up
  32. 32. Mental Chemistry is a body thing Adding value by adjusting the content Co-creation in action and Always plan a session “how can we adapt the content to live-communication?”
  33. 33. Q&A:
  34. 34. designers of successful interactive meetings for international audiences