FYP13 - Mental chemistry in meetings eric de groot
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FYP13 - Mental chemistry in meetings eric de groot FYP13 - Mental chemistry in meetings eric de groot Presentation Transcript

  • Forum for Young Professionals Mental Chemistry in Meetings Keyshop by Eric de Groot International Congress and Convention Association . Twitter: #fyp13
  • Mental Chemistry?
  • Rationale: Adapting content for use during live communication adds Business Value for your clients/participants! That Value is: more intense chemistry between people, richer ideas, more buy in, higher level of learning: Happier Client!
  • content development needs co-creation between planners, suppliers, artists, caterers, DMC’s, media:
  • Behavior of Centipedes ( )
  • Behavior of Centipedes ( ) In the Northern Hemisphere
  • Behavior of Centipedes ( ) On Ground Zero
  • Medical Devices that improve the quality of life
  • Medical Devices that improve the quality of life of the elderly
  • Medical Devices that improve the quality of life for your parents
  • Fastfood,
  • Fastfood, effects on health and budget
  • Fastfood, Deliciously chea but at the same time far from healthy
  • The chemistry of hairgrowth,
  • The chemistry of hairgrowth, facts and figures
  • The chemistry of hairgrowth, “What NASA found out about it, and more…”
  • Most of you have chosen the approach that is
  • Hot Content: is sticky
  • STICKINESS Pain and Fear? Attraction and Lust? Death and Decay? Threats to loved ones?
  • Hot Content: has impact
  • IMPACT Impact for a group close to you? Issues, things that happened in the public domain? Talk of the year/talk of the month in your life or organization?
  • Hot Content: harbors a conflict
  • CONFLICT Two points of view, both very true but impossible to be both true at the same time!
  • Hot Content: arouses curiosity
  • CURIOSITY Which unfinished story could be finished during the meeting?
  • Demonstration
  • Please come up with a dull topic of a meeting, you would never attend, because of the dullness of its content!
  • Hot content: Is sticky has impact harbors a conflict arouses curiosity
  • Rules of the game: -start with a personal story of one of your group members. -allow for nearlings in the discussion. -do one step outside of the ordinary.
  • Please give a statement of 30 seconds about which creative idea = business opportunity you have found in your hunting group
  • Wrap up
  • Mental Chemistry is a body thing Adding value by adjusting the content Co-creation in action and Always plan a session “how can we adapt the content to live-communication?”
  • Q&A:
  • designers of successful interactive meetings for international audiences