The 2013 Scandinavian Destination Sustainability Index

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Presentation by Guy Bigwood

Presentation by Guy Bigwood

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  • 1. 2013 Scandinavian Destination SustainabilityIndex Guy Bigwood MCI Group Sustainability Director ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN March 2013
  • 2. Aarhus. 2nd Scandinavian DestinationSustainability IndexSponsored byICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 3. Less Conversation More Action Workshop Objectives Share Learn Inspire Collaborate3 ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 5. OUR JOURNEY SO FARICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 6. Step 1: Gothenburg, 2010 Setting a Vision of Collaborative Success
  • 7. Step 1: Gothenburg, 2010
  • 8. CO-CREATING THE VISIONICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 9. CO-CREATED VISION:Develop a Scandinavia sustainablemeetings region First initiative of this type in the world
  • 10. Phase 2: Reykjavik, 2011
  • 11. Step 2: Workshop Results1. Created input for development of a sustainability charter2. Brainstormed and prioritized actions that could be undertaken by destinations3. Generated input for the creation of a common measurement frameworkICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 12. Step 3:Tampere, Finland 2012 Launched the Scandinavia Sustainable Meetings Accord: 30 organisations signed Launched a common set of performance indicators 16 destinations participatedICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 13. Accord – common commitment, sharedresponsibilityWe the undersigned commit to:• Engaging our clients, partners and other interested parties in dialogue about sustainability• Educating, sharing knowledge and recognizing best practice.• Encouraging and supporting private-public collaboration with other destinations ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 14. Accord – common commitment, sharedresponsibilityWe the undersigned commit to:• Providing resources to planners to identify responsible, sustainable and certified suppliers• Advocating efficient, equitable and more sustainable use of resources.• Facilitating the increased use of environmentally friendly transport ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 15. Accord – common commitment, sharedresponsibilityWe the undersigned commit to:• Calculating the CO2 footprint of the Scandinavian meetings industry and aiming to reduce this by 20% by 2020.• Upholding the highest standards of honesty and fairness and thus maintaining a society with integrity and strong ethical standards.• Giving back to the community ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 16. ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 17. Scandinavian DestinationSustainability IndexHardware: Infrastructure of city- Recycling- Carbon Emissions- Public TransportSoftware: Meetings industry commitment- % certified venues/hotels- CVB sustainability communications- CVB support to help clients be sustainableICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 18. 2013 Index Questions 1 Does the city have a climate change action plan? 2 What is the Citys total GHG emissions per capita? 3 What is the City’s CO2 Reduction Target percentage for 2020 (from 1990 levels)? 4 On average, what percentage of the City’s total energy mix comes from renewable sources?City On average, what percentage of the City’s total waste is diverted from landfill. Please include 5 recycling, repurposing and incineration of residential and commercial waste. 6 How does the country score on the Corruption Perception Index? 7 Which of the following public transport links exist between the main airport and the city centre? What percentage of the City’s total hotel room inventory has active 3rd party sustainability 8 certification? What percentage of the City’s hotels are within 1km walking distance of the main congress andHotel 9 exhibition centre(s)? What percentage of the City’s hotels are easily accessible by public transport to/from the main 10 congress and exhibition centre(s)? What percentage of the City’s congress and exhibition centres have active 3rd party sustainabilityVenue 11 certification? 12 Does the DMO (or CVB) have a sustainability policy publicly available on its website? 13 If the DMO or CVB does have a sustainability policy, which of the following components are included? What percentage of women working in the DMO (or CVB if not connected) are currently holding 14CVB leadership positions? Which of the following sustainability information about the destination’s meeting venues, hotels and 15 suppliers does the CVB/DMO provide clients? Does the CVB/DMO provide clients with ideas and resources for donation programs for food and/or 16 conference materials?
  • 19. 2012 Index Results Benchmarking Hardware Software Total Gothenburg 21 22 43 Uppsala 25 15 40 Copenhagen 22 16 38 Stockholm 21 17 38 Oslo 20 18 38 Malmö 18 19 37 Trondheim 21 16 37 Helsinki 15 20 35 Aalborg 21 12 33 Aarhus 19 14 33 Tampere 18 14 32 Karlstad 18 13 31 Stavanger 15 15 30 Reykjavik 19 8 27 Espoo 14 11 25 Turku 18 3 21ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 20. UNIQUEICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 21. Step 4: Aarhus – March 2013WorkshopICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 22. Checking perspectivesICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 23. Index improvement: 2012 to 2013• From 16 to 20 Cities 11.68%• Greater accuracy with hardware 7.38% disclosure• Great leadership, 3.81% strategy and communication Overall Hardware Software increase ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 24. Climate Leaders100% Cities have climate plan6 tons/co2 average per capita emissions36% Average 2020 co2 reduction target41% Average renewable energy mix78% Average waste diversion rate for the cityICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 26. Destinations are being more strategic 2012 2013 47% 47% 37% 31% 26% 25% 25% 0% Sustainability Reporting Goals and Objectives Commitment VisionICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 27. 2013 Strategy Improvement Goals and Commitment Vision Reporting Objectives Gothenburg Gothenburg Gothenburg Gothenburg Helsinki Helsinki Helsinki 2012 Malmø Malmø Malmø Tampere Tampere Tampere Tampere Trondheim Aarhus Aarhus Reykjavik Reykjavik Reykjavik Reykjavik 2013 Stockholm Stockholm Stockholm Stockholm Turku Turku Turku Turku Uppsala Uppsala Uppsala UppsalaICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 28. Evolution of strategy 47% of CVBs now have a publicly available sustainability Policy 25% in 2012ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 29. CVBs are doing more to help clients be more sustainableICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 30. CVBs providing more tools, services and information 2012 2013 74% 63% 58% 53% 47% 38% 31% 25% 16%Mobile App Tools Downloadable Guides Supplier List Basic Web Info ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 31. 59% of Scandinavian Congress and Exhibition Centers are eco-certified100%Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN ICCA Copenhagen, Oslo, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Stavanger, Uppsala, Reykavik
  • 32. ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 33. 90% of hotels are easily accessible by publictransport to the main congress and exhibition centre(s).68% of the City’s hotels are within 1km walking distance ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 34. 37% of CVBs provide clients with ideas and resources fordonation programs for food and/or conference materials ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 35. Overall Index WinnerGothenburg and UppsalaICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 36. 2013 Scandinavian Destinations Sustainability Index Hardware Software50454035 22 21 26 18 1630 21 18 19 17 15 12 12 1325 19 14 11 14 13 82015 25 25 23 23 2410 21 18 20 19 20 21 21 19 18 18 15 16 15 15 5 0 ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN Results for Bergen pending
  • 37. Swedish Dominance• Awesome Foursome – Uppsala – Gothenburg – Stockholm – MalmöICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 38. Hardware: 2013 ScandinavianDestinations Sustainability Index 25 20 15 10 5 0ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN Results for Bergen pending
  • 39. Software: 2013 Scandinavian Destinations Sustainability Index302520151050 ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN Results for Bergen pending
  • 40. ICCA Scandinavia Chapter Index Achievement Award TURKUICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 41. Index Improvement From 2012 to2013 Turku 80.95% Turku: From 3 to 19 for Software Score Reykjavik 44.44% Stockholm Uppsala 21.05% Aarhus 17.50% Espoo Malmö 15.15% 12.00% 10.81%ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 43. CollaborationReal success is driven by partnershipsICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 44. Group feedback on the Index • Include catering, airports, PCOs Add • Track business impact • Track impact on the community • Better guidance and instructions on completing the Index. Especially hardware Improve • Better definitions of venues. Include Universities • Require listing of venues and hotels stating certification • Focus on gender balance and not women in management • Tell stories of success – Gothenburg. • Combine the index with tools, knowledge, experts, etc Other • Balance: Rigour vs. complexity compared to time • Benchmark against other cities around the worldICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 45. Sharing Stories of Success Based on text from the café to go reference guide. Authored by the World Café community.ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 46. Danish Sustainable Events InitiativeCase study March 2013
  • 47. Concept: Danish Sustainable Events Initiative Use the 2012 Danish Presidency of the EU to inspire greater collaboration, innovation and sustainable development of the meetings industry. Position Denmark as the Global Thought Leader.
  • 48. DSEI Deliverables Educational videos Community ISO20121 Portal Certification Sustainability DK Training Report roadshow European PR Sustainability Conference
  • 49. Videos• 4 videos completed• Excellent sales and training tool• Activated by GMIC
  • 50. Project Objectives Accelerate Sustainability Thought Leadership Generate Business
  • 51. Roadshow 2 roadshows 22 Nov 2012 – Aarhus and Aalborg 40 people Very well received tch?v=jCmnHtVnbrY tch?v=gYUMaEcVz5c
  • 52. European Sustainable Meetings conference Held in Copenhagen 5 and 6th Sept 2012 89 attendees Excellent program of International and national speakers GMIC Board members attended
  • 53. First Sustainable EU PresidencyWorld’s first ISO20121 Certification
  • 54. Meeting point of ideas and
  • 55. World Cafe Results Starting a sustainable meetings initiative • Lead and Motivate. Take the lead to bring people together to share information and showcasie the business value. Engaging stakeholders to accelerate change • Bring the right people together and by educate them. Include suppliers but also the universities and critically the customers. Share success stories with all stakeholders and the event delegates. Marketing a sustainable destination or business • More focus on PR and storytelling. Create a toolkit Implementing community actions and partnerships • Find a balance between you and us. Award winning hotel or congress center sustainability • Concentrate on communicating the business benefits, motivatiing staff and publicity.ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 56. World Cafe Results Certification, measurement and reporting • We need to minimize the use of different non-comparable certifications Tools and Guides • Start using and communicating the tools already available by creating a toolbox. • Work towards a global guide which associations such as ICCA, IAPCO, IAAC and others are responsible for. Business case & finance, profitability • Start integrating sustainability early in the process: Eg when new hotels are being built or when starting to plan a conference: iei Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers – EU Presidency • Present bids that only include sustainable partners. It can provide a competitive advantage for the destination. • We need to research and communicate more about the profitability of sustainability. Research should be done by a third party.ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 57. CONCLUSIONSICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 58. 2013 Scandinavian Destinations Sustainability Index Hardware Software50454035 22 21 26 18 1630 21 18 19 17 15 12 12 1325 19 14 11 14 13 82015 25 25 23 23 2410 21 18 20 19 20 21 21 19 18 18 15 16 15 15 5 0 ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 59. YOU CAN BE PROUD ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 60. A framework for success Copenhagen ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN Sustainable Meetings Protocol
  • 61. 10 Recommended actions • Develop common vision Leadership • Gain commitment • Identify key issues & set common objectives Strategy • Write a sustainability policy and put on web Stakeholder • Create destination sustainability taskforce Engagement • Interview, dialogue and recognise stakeholders Operational • Organise training Integration • Help clients. Offer tools, services and products • Measure, report, benchmark Governance • Push certification. Standards make life easier ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 62. “The question of reaching sustainability is not about if we will have enough energy, enough food, or other tangible resources …
  • 63. The question is:will there be enough leadersin time?” Dr. Karl Henrik Robèrt, Founder The Natural Step
  • 64. You are ChangeMakers Catalysts, facilitators, enablers
  • 65. As ChangeMakers your role is to help people take the right path
  • 66. Go and make the change happen
  • 68. ICCA Scandinavian Chapter: Twitter: #ICCASCAN
  • 69. For more info please visitLessConversationMoreAction.comGuy.bigwood@mci-group.comImages: istockphoto +