FAO Regional View on Plant Protection in Central Asia

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Hafiz Muminjanov …

Hafiz Muminjanov
Plant Production & Protection Officer, FAO/SEC

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  • 1. International Wheat Stripe Rust Symposium ICARDA, Aleppo, Syria 18-20 April, 2011 Hafiz Muminjanov Plant Production & Protection Officer FAO/SEC
  • 2. FAO/SEC - Sub-regional Office for Central Asia
    • Establishment- 27 July 2006
    • Inauguration of the Office - 11 July 2007
    • FAO ongoing reform and decentralization - to be closer to the region beneficiaries
    • Results Based Management (RBM) System
    • Programming at Country Level
    • Countries: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan
  • 3.  
  • 4. FAO/SEC - Sub-regional Office for Central Asia
    • Multidisciplinary Team:
        • Plant Production and Protection,
        • Livestock,
        • Land and Water,
        • Fishery,
        • Forestry
        • Investment
    • Backstopping by technical team from HQ, e.g. AGP
    • Support by national staff and
    • Junior professionals
  • 5. Overview
    • Framework for Country Programming
    • Type of Technical Assistance and Funding
    • Programme Support – FAO Turkish Trust Fund
    • Activities on plant protection
  • 6. Country Programming Framework (CPF)
    • The CPF will be the key instrument at country level regarding the implementation of the results based framework;
    • CPF is a planning and management instrument outlining how FAO can best assist the country;
    • The CPF consists of:
      • Country Strategic Framework (Phase I)
      • Country Action Plan (Phase II)
  • 7. Status of CPF Preparation ...
    • Tajikistan prepared
    • Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan under preparation
    • Uzbekistan to be done in 2011
    ...and FAO representation
    • Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey – AFAOR
    • Tajikistan – from emergency to project coordination
    • Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan - ...
  • 8. Regular Programs on Plant Production and Protection
    • Strategic objectives are focused on capacity enhancement of key stakeholders for:
    • implementation of sustainable crop production programmes
    • implementation of IPPC, the use of international standards, transbondary diseases and locust management
    • pesticide management including implementation of Rotterdam Convention
    • development of seed programmes
  • 9. Type of Projects
    • Technical Cooperation Programme – (TCP) FAO
    • Government Cooperation Programmes (GCP)
    • Unilateral Trust Fund (UTF)
    • UN Joint Programmes (UNJP)
  • 10. FAO-Turkey partnership programme (FTPP)
    • Agreement signed in 2006
    • 5 regional projects
    • 6 multi-country projects
    • 6 national projects (AZE-KYR-TAJ-TUR-UZB-SYR )
    Duration - 2007-2011 Overall Budget: USD 10,000,000 Amount Received as of March 2011: USD 9,000,000 Amount Allocated to Projects: USD 6,500,000
  • 11. FAO-Turkey partnership programme (FTPP) Natural Resources Management: USD 3,200,000 Food Security & Safety: USD 950,000 Capacity Development: USD 2,350,000 Total Allocation : USD 6,500,000
  • 12. Operational Projects
    • Pistachio and Walnut Development in Kyrgyzstan - TCP/KYR/3203 (D)
    • Conservation Agriculture for Irrigated Areas in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan - GCP/RER/030/TUR
    • Seed Sector Development in Countries of the Economic Cooperation Organization – GCP/RER/034/MUL
  • 13. Operational Projects
    • Development of Vegetable Seed Production Programme in Uzbekistan - TCP/UZB/3202 (D)
    • Initiative for Pesticides and Pest Management in Central Asia and Turkey - GCP/RER/035/TUR
    • Strengthening the Bishkek laboratory for quality and safety of agrochemicals - TCP/KYR/3205 (D)
    • Integrated Management of Sunn pest in Uzbekistan - TCP/UZB/33
  • 14. Delivery by the field programs
  • 15. Projects in a pipe line
    • TCPs on locust control in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan
    • Improving access to high quality seeds in Kyrgyz Republic
    • Food security through the strengthening of the institutional capacity for seed production in Turkmenistan
    • Regional project on pesticide management (PIF submitted to GEF for funding)
    • Regional project on IPM for Central Asia and Turkey
  • 16.
    • Support to strengthening policy on plant protection, implementation of international conventions and standards (IPPC, Rotterdam Convention, etc.).
    • Formulation and implementation of projects on pesticide management, especially obsolete pesticide management, application of IPM, transbondary pest and disease control.
    • Capacity development
    Activities on plant protection in general
  • 17.
    • Strengthening collaboration with CIMMYT, ICARDA and NARS on cereal diseases monitoring and control .
    • MoU with ICARDA
    • Strengthening collaboration with IPPC, Rotterdam Convention, EPPO
    • Formulation and implementation of regional projects on Sunn pest management using IPM
    Activities on plant protection in perspective
  • 18.
    • Lack of pathologists and generation gap requires developing training programs for pathologists and conducting short courses and on the job trainings.
    • Capacity building for breeders by developing participatory variety selection (PVS) and obtaining diseases resistant varieties.
    • Support on training of young experts in CIMMYT and ICARDA.
    Activities on plant protection in perspective
  • 19.
    • Strengthening National and Regional collaboration on plant protection, membership to a regional PPO.
    • Carry out a study on the Status of Plant Protection in Central Asia countries.
    • Assistance in improving plant protection legislation
    Activities on plant protection in perspective
  • 20.
    • Upgrading seed testing system in Central Asian countries, including seed health to avoid spreading plant diseases
    • Activities on surveillance, monitoring and controlling trans-boundary pests and diseases, especially locusts and wheat rusts.
    • Emergency support, TCP and 5 year program on locust control.
    Activities on plant protection in perspective
  • 21. Thank you