Workshop Pisa SNS 2012


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Workshop Pisa SNS 2012

  1. 1. cooperation instead of competitionICARUS - The International Centre for Archival Research
  2. 2. ICARUS network o philosophy o structure o main aimsprojects o ENArC project – European Network on Archival Cooperation o ICARUSnet o MATRICULA portalThe monasterium portal o origins o development o content o possibilities
  3. 3. reorganisation of human and financial resources
  4. 4. I. II. III.Comple- Synergy Activitymentarity
  5. 5. - creation of content: digitisation, indexing etc.- dissemination and sharing of knowledge and standards: workshops, educational courses etc.- developing infrastructure: platforms like Monasterium, Matricula, ICARUSNet, Austrian Archival Portal- networking, communication, cooperation…
  6. 6. archive A idea X archive B idea Yarchive C idea Y institute D idea Z
  7. 7. supporting user authorities archives communityeducation(universities) university of CEI – Charters Cologne Encoding Initiative
  8. 8. z..zz..zz.. bla...bla...?????.. ..bla...
  9. 9. offering of the necessary technicalequipment (hard- and software)
  10. 10. Support and concrete help regardinggranting possibilities (EU-frameprogramms)
  11. 11. Enlargement of the network
  12. 12. competencies diocesan archives state archives networks abbey monasteries regional archives experience scientific institutions municipial archives knowledge
  13. 13. Permanent integration of more than 120 archivesfrom 26 countries into the network  biannual metings  numerous common projects  workshop and lecture series  international expert exchange  further trainig possibilitiesA platform for archives in order to face thechallenges of the digital time together
  14. 14. ENArC European Network onArchival Cooperation www.
  15. 15. „The EU’s Culture programme (2007-2013) has a budget of € 400 million forprojects and initiatives to celebrate Europe’s cultural diversity and enhanceour shared cultural heritage ...“ 3 main aspects mobility of people dissemination of cultural results intercultural dialogue
  16. 16. enlargement of the already existing networkexpansion of digital contentensure accessibility via the big internet portalsdissemination of new knowledge and insights
  17. 17. ENArC – 14 partner  10 countries           
  18. 18. Diözesanarchiv St. Pölten (AT) - Coordiantor Generaldirektion der Staatlichen Archive Bayerns (DE)ICARUS – International Centre for Archival Research (AT) HKI, Universität zu Köln (DE)Arhiv Republike Slovenije (SI) Hrvatski Državni Archiv (HR)Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (IT) Slovenský Národný Archiv (SK) Budapest Főváros Levéltára (HU)Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II (IT) Magyar Országos Levéltár (HU)Národní Archiv (CZ)Balkanoloski Institut SANU (RS) Ministerio de Cultura, Subdirección General de los Archivos Estatales (ES)
  19. 19.  Overall duration: 01.11.2010 – 30.04.2015 Preparation and planning phase: 01.11.2010 – 30.04.2011 Start for project activities: 01.05.2011 Implementation plan: 2-year-workprogramme for the first project phase (November 2010 – kick-off meeting in Vienna)
  20. 20. Linking the Neighbourhood Attempts to enlarge the network NACR Poland workshop MOL Romania workshop HDA Bosnia and Herzegovina workshop BISANU Bulgaria workshop UNINA Spain workshop
  21. 21. Staff exchange programme to work at facilities in othercountries for a certain period of time (3-4 weeks) with thefollowing objectives: Establish personal networks and contacts at expert level Familiarise with different working methods and technologies Intensively exchange knowledge and experience Strengthen the intercultural dialogueThe programme is coordinated by ICARUS
  22. 22. Coordinated by the Scuola Normale Superiore inPisa (IT): Develop special training programmes on information technology and cultural heritage, archive management, restoration and preservation Organise and hold such courses once a year. Project results are passed on directly and become part of the daily work of the individual archival and cultural institutions.
  23. 23. Hosting of national workshops by one partner of each country.The workshop should last one day and consist of two blocks: 1. Appraisal of national activities in the area of digital processing of archival records 2. A discussion in context of the project and international developments.10 workshops in countries of participating partners4 workshops will take place in neighbouring countries.
  24. 24.  Discussions with experts and historically interested laypersons 9 ENAC-lectures are planned, each in a different country. Each lecture will focus on a certain topic related to archives and the challenges of IT. It is proposed to choose a speaker from another country. All ENAC lectures will be transmitted online via the communication platform.
  25. 25. www.
  26. 26. Archival Information System processingdescribing managing Developed in cooperation with the Croatian National Archive
  27. 27. Installed on a central network server, accessible via the Internet from any point in the worldcentral user access to all data about registered archival material their holders creators based on international standards
  28. 28. Two parts of access...for external users Protected part for thesearching the database employees in archives orand catalogues other institutions
  29. 29. Online Archive of Central European Register Books
  30. 30. country Type of book dioceseparishes time period signature Opens the book
  31. 31. Austria 1800 parishes - St. Pölten - Linz app. 4,3 millió pages - Vienna app. 27000 volumesGermany - Hildesheim app. 17 TB - Passau - Evangelische Kirche im Rheinland - Evangelische Kirche in Kurhessen-Waldeck - Evangelisches Zentralarchiv in Berlin
  32. 32. international and searchable database for register booksBased on common standards regarding technic andmetadataopen system, which easily can be expandedportal beyond denominational borders (catholic,protestant, orthodox and mosaic traditions)
  33. 33. www.monasterium.netEurope´s virtual documents online
  34. 34. Monasteries of Lower AustriaAltenburg (OSB) Zwettl (OCist)
  35. 35. visionStarting Position
  36. 36. virtual restoration of the European medievalnetworkdevelopment of a partners´ networkpermanent enlargment of the digital contentdevelopment of a multilingual, user-friendly andfree of charge portal
  37. 37. National and State archivesNumerous eclesiastical archivesdistrict, territorial and municipal archiveslibraries, universities and academiesresearch institutions and research projects
  38. 38. (May 2012)100 partners from 11 countries458 fonds251.367 charters529.155 digital images
  39. 39.
  40. 40. regeststranscriptionsdatationauthentificationtraditionpublicationsetc…
  41. 41. data- basetyped findingrepositorieseditions 19th centuryhandwritten aids
  42. 42. scanning of already published editionsOCR- treatmentproofreadingstructuring and upload to Monasterium databaseconnection of digital images with the datarecords
  43. 43. S .mdb M C A R data- P I base.doc P P I .xls T N I G .xml N G
  44. 44. zooming and pageshiftdatation regest tradition, condition, editions etc.
  45. 45. history of vilages, regions and provincesinternational interrelations (11 countries)education at universities (Vienna, Napels)paleographic and diplomatic studiesetc.
  46. 46. local historyinternational relationspaleography
  47. 47. Lower Austria Tallesbrunn – 700 inhabitants 60
  48. 48. Tallesbrunn, 1150 (StA Heiligenkreuz)
  49. 49. 11 hits 5 different archives Melk (1302) Zwettl (1246) Tallesbrunn Heiligenkreuz (1150, 1256, 1264) SchottenklosterLilienfeld (1287, 1295) (1292, 1310, 1328, 1351) Lower Austria
  50. 50. The council of Basel instructed the bishops of Olomouc and Györ as well as the abbot of Gornji Grad to secure the rights of the benedictine monastery of Göttweig.Archive of Göttweig20th June 1435, Basel
  51. 51. episcopal archive ofarchive of the council of Basel (CH) Olomouc (CZ) episcopal abbey archive of Göttweig archive of Györ (H)papal archive in Rome (IT) abbey archive of Gornij Grad (SI)
  52. 52. bendictine monastery of Göttweig11. century Ulrich bishop of Passau 109612. century Reginbert bishop of Passau 114113. century Albero de Kuenring 124614. century Chadolt de Hackenberg 135115. century Emperor Frederic III. 1450
  53. 53. Collaborativ interface for publishing medieval and earlymodern chartersXML-CEI-standard - „Charter Encoding Initiative“ – EADexporttechnical cooperation with University of CologneFast emendment and enlargement of metadata
  54. 54. Dr. Karl HEINZICARUS - coordinationMonasterium – project-coordinationTel.: +43/664/48 66 795E-Mail: karl.heinz@monasterium.netWeb: