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Youre Invited To Brighten The World.Oct13


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World Children\'s Festival on The National Mall in Washington DC on June 17-19, 2011

World Children\'s Festival on The National Mall in Washington DC on June 17-19, 2011

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. You are invited to… ICAF │ 2540 Virginia Avenue, NW │ Washington, DC 20037 │ T: +1 202 530 1000 │ F: +1 202 5301080 │ W: │ E:
  • 2. … address the most serious issues confronting children. A. “We’ve all heard the statistics: how one in three children in the country are either overweight or obese… We are spending almost $150 billion every year to treat obesity- related conditions. And we know that if we don’t act now, those costs will keep rising.” - First lady Michelle Obama (The Washington Post, August 2, 2010) B. “The potential consequences are sweeping. The necessity of human ingenuity is undisputed. A recent IBM poll of 1,500 CEOs identified creativity as the No. 1 ‘leadership competency’ of the future… It’s left to the luck of the draw who becomes creative: there’s no concerted effort to nurture the creativity of all children.” - Newsweek magazine ‘The Creativity Crisis’ (July 10, 2010) C. “Violence against children happens everywhere, in every country and society and across all social groups. Although the consequences may vary according to the nature and severity of the violence inflicted, the short- and long-term repercussions for children are very often grave and damaging.” - UN Secretary General’s Study (2006 )
  • 3. You can fight obesity while fostering creativity By promoting the Arts Olympiad, a free program that introduces 8- to 12-year-old children to the “artist- athlete” ideal of a creative mind and healthy body • Structured lesson plans lead to creation of painting and digital art on the theme My Favorite Sport, which encourages athletically inclined students to be creative and inspires non-athletes to visualize their favorite physical activity and engage in it • The International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) has partnered with President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition’s President’s Challenge program to encourage U.S. Arts Olympiad winners to start exercising regularly and log their physical activity so they receive the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award at the World Children’s Festival You can download the lesson plans at (art submission deadline is 12/31/2010) “The Arts Olympiad, produced every four years by the International Child Art Foundation, presents each of us a unique opportunity to involve young artists from our Congressional Districts in an event with important national and international implications.” - Congresswoman Louise M. Slaughter
  • 4. You can promote empathy and nonviolence At the World Children’s Festival on The National Mall on June 17-19, 2011. Convened as “Olympics” of children’s creativity and imagination, the Festival has grown to become the largest international children’s celebration and a permanent quadrennial event in our Nation’s Capital. • Enjoy a dazzling display of children’s talents on the ‘World Stage’ with the U.S. Capitol as backdrop • Participate in over 200 free workshops and activities organized by leading experts to demonstrate the power of STEAMS education (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, and sport) , with the educational intervention sequenced as follows: Environment + Health Day (June 17) instruction is informational, spotlighting common concerns shared by children Creativity + Imagination Day (June 18) learning is participatory, kindling children’s inherent talents and potential Peace + Leadership Day (June 19) training is inspirational, urging children to build creative and healthy communities “The positive message of peace and hope promised by the International Child Art Foundation is commendable and worthy of great recognition.” - Lt. Gen. Joseph Cosumano, Jr., US Army Space and Missile Defense Command at the 2003 Festival
  • 5. The World Children’s Festival is free and open to the public … “I am grateful to organizations like the International Child Art Foundation that give us the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of our nation’s young people. I encourage you to continue to support programs that help children to discover their talents and belief in themselves.” - Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • 6. with activities designed for all ages… “We must start with the education of our children in order for the following leaders to effectively handle the geopolitical and international problems that our world currently faces.” - Lt. Gen. Jim Campbell, Director of the U.S. Army Staff, at the 2007 Festival
  • 7. where innovative companies make their mark… “We are thrilled to bring a LEGO building experience to the world’s largest celebration of creativity and imagination on the National Mall. What the International Child Art Foundation does to encourage a child’s inner creativity is something we passionately admire and are proud to support, because we believe children who are exposed to creative activities from a very young age go on to become the world’s most meaningful contributors.” - Michael McNally, brand relations director, LEGO Systems, Inc. at the 2007 Festival
  • 8. and creative children are honored. The Arts Olympiad winners will be honored at the World Children’s Awards Banquet on June 20, 2011, along with their teachers and parents. The Festival Host Committee Members and distinguished guests will present the awards at the only ticketed event of the Festival. “What ICAF is doing reflects such a refreshingly integrated view of children's development – a much-needed perspective in a time when children's growth and learning often seem to be approached in a very reductionistic, fragmented way.” - Dr. Martha Farrell Erickson, Director, Center for Early Education & Development, University of Minnesota
  • 9. Media coverage samples from the 2007 Festival • Festival was announced by various organizations such as Youth Media Reporter and sites such as • Festival was announced at the National Press Club and media kits distributed to key reporters • Pre-Festival articles were published in national newspapers such as The Washington Post news story Creativity is the Name of the Game and announced on local airwaves and community websites • Live television coverage hit airwaves on the local TV stations, Voice of America and its television service, and through international media partners such as Brazil’s Canal Futura (Example: TV 5 live coverage “Holly Morris: World Children’s Festival” on June 25, 2007 > • Festival sponsor press releases hit the wires, such as PR Newswire and Creative Cow • Print coverage of the Festival appeared in national newspapers such as a front page Festival photo in The Washington Times, Kuwait News Agency, and World Bulletin • Festival videos + photos uploaded to YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook, and other such sites
  • 10. Funding ICAF does not charge children or schools any fee for the Arts Olympiad or its Healing Arts Programs and Peace through Art Programs. Nor does ICAF charge any fee for participation in the World Children's Festival, which is free and open to the public. ICAF does not accept any commercial advertisement for its ChildArt quarterly magazine, published ad-free since 1998. A mostly volunteer-run organization, ICAF’s cash budget has never exceeded $1 million in any year while the imputed cost of volunteers' contribution exceeds $1 million annually. Sponsors of the 2007 World Children’s Festival included Adidas, Disney, and LEGO. ICAF currently has cause-marketing relationship with ECHOage and Simpson Door Company. Recent donors include the Business Council for International Understanding (New York, New York), C.A.V.E. Gallery (Venice, California), International Corporate Art (Oslo, Norway), and the ExxonMobil Foundation Cultural Matching Gifts Program. Creative and empathic individuals, who are dedicated to making the world worthy of its children, are ICAF’s chief supporters. The make tax-deductible donations to ICAF to support the children plan and stage their World Festival.
  • 11. 2011 Festival grounds layout
  • 12. International partner network Ministry of Education: Bhutan, Cook Islands, Costa Rica, The Republic of Cyprus, Kuwait, Mauritius, Oman, and Saudi Arabia National Commission of UNESCO, National Council for the Arts or a Governmental Agency: Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Swaziland, and Tanzania Arts or Media Organization or Cultural Institution: Algeria, Aruba, Brazil, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Cameroon, Colombia, Congo, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Egypt, Ghana, India, Iran, Ivory Coast, Japan, Kenya, Liberia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Palestine, Portugal, Romania, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uganda, and Venezuela School System or Individual Schools: Afghanistan, Australia, Azerbaijan, Chile, China, Croatia, Ecuador, France, Gambia, Hungary, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Korea (South), Lao, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Netherlands, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, UAE, and United Kingdom U.S.A. Participating schools in all U.S. states and territories with program promotion by the Office of the Superintendent of Education (OSSE) for public schools in the District of Columbia and program organization by the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) in all public schools in Fairfax county.
  • 13. Festival host committee and partner update (10/13/10) Festival Host Committee: H.E. Hunaina Al Mughairy, Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman to the United States Dr. William Cope, Director, Common Ground Publishing & Research Professor, University of Illinois Dr. Helene D. Gayle, President and CEO, CARE USA Lic. Margarita Zavala Gómez del Campo, Esposa del Presidente de México (invited) Her Majesty Margrethe II , Queen of Denmark (invited) The Right Honorable Michaëlle Jean, former Governor General of Canada (invited) Hoda Al Khamis-Kanoo, Founder, Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, former Executive Director, Brain Research Foundation Dr. Delwin A. Roy, Partner, The Loita Group of Companies Festival Education Partners: The Anne Frank Center USA, New York, New York Children’s Art Village, Santa Monica, California International Center for Studies in Creativity, Buffalo State SUNY International Society for Education through the Arts (InSEA) J. Craig Venter Institute, Rockville, Maryland Life Pieces to Masterpieces, Washington, DC President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition’s President’s Challenge program SIGNIS - World Catholic Association for Communication, Brussels, Belgium OMEP-USA - World Organization for Early Childhood Education
  • 14. Example of Festival workshops and activities Art activities: Melissa Ayr (Dallas, TX), Liliana Bandin(Mexico), Luis Blanchard (Argentina), Mary Brown (Washington, DC), Ludmila Figueiredo (Brazil), Stan Kuiperi (Aruba), Nereus Patrick (Cameroon), Hannah Richards (Boston, MA), and K. Venkatesh (India) Childhood obesity: Dr. James Levine, The Mayo Clinic Compassion: The Anne Frank Center and SIGNIS Creativity stations: Ten experts from the International Center for Studies in Creativity Daydreaming and play: Professor Scott Barry Kaufman New York University Empowerment: Robin Marvel, Marvelous Empowerment Entrepreneurship: Lisa Canning, Entrepreneur – The Arts Financial literacy: Dr. Tahira Hira, President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy 2008-2010 Genetics: American Society for Human Genetics and J. Craig Venter Institute Green building: U.S. Green Building Council Multiculturalism: Jennifer Bryson (Princeton, NJ) and Mai Lai (Santa Barbara, CA) Sport and health: President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, Dudley Williams (retired Dallas Cowboys) Children’s Performance Groups: Selected schools in several U.S. states and children’s troupes from at least twenty countries including Belarus, India, Kenya, Mexico, and Uganda Author Workshops: David Croslin, Innovate the Future (2010) Ray Frigard, FunThink: 12 Tools for Creative Problem Solving (2007) Laurie Keller, Do Unto Otters (2007) Dr. Patrick Mendis, Commercial Providence: The Secret Destiny of the American Empire (2010) Dr. Todd Siler, Think Like A Genius
  • 15. Festival demographics Estimated number of attendees and audience groups 250 - Corporate and congressional leaders and federal government officials 500 - Artists and Olympians, leading scientists and technologists, and prominent educators 500 - Children’s troupes and youth performance groups and their families 1,000 - Arts Olympiad winners, their teachers, parents and siblings 2,000 - Youth from the Greater Washington Area schools designated as ‘Global Ambassadors’ 2,000 - Tourists and visitors to Washington Area and the Smithsonian Museums 7,000 - Greater Washington Area children, families, educators, and creative individuals _____ 13,250 Attendees by age groups 10 or younger - 15% 11-15 - 20% 16-25 - 15% 26-45 - 30% 46 or older - 20%
  • 16. A history of activities and achievements 1998 - ICAF hosts the first-ever national children’s art festival in U.S. history 1999 - 1st World Children’s Festival opened by the First Ladies of Costa Rica, Liberia and Peru - ICAF exhibition at the United Nations Headquarters - The White House invites ICAF to participate in the New Millennium celebration with art activities and exhibition 2000 - Queen Rania of Jordan visits ICAF - ICAF hosts the First Ladies’ Forum in New York at the UN Millennium Development Summit 2001 - ICAF presents at the World Summit on Media for Children - Mrs. Nane Annan and Dr. Jane Goodall write for ICAF’s ChildArt magazine - Peter F. Drucker Foundation presents the Hesselbein Award to ICAF 2002 - ICAF organizes the Cyprus Peace through Art Program in Washington - ICAF art exhibitions at the World Bank Headquarters and the Rayburn House Office Building - The late U.S. First Lady Betty Ford writes for ICAF’s ChildArt magazine - ICAF joins the Washington Coalition to bid for the 2012 Olympic Games 2003 - ICAF hosts first-ever children’s art exhibition at the World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings held in Dubai, UAE - ICAF partners with the Qatar Foundation to organize the Innovation in Education symposium in Doha - ICAF exhibition at Harvard Graduate School of Education - 2nd World Children’s Festival opened by U.S. Congresswoman Louise Slaughter 2004 - NYC2012 partners with ICAF to incorporate the Arts Olympiad in New York City’s bid to host the 2012 Olympics - ICAF honored at the World Culture Open in Seoul with Exemplary Humanitarian Service Award 2005 - ICAF arranges children’s utopias for the Utopia Exhibition at Haus der Kunst, Munich - ICAF exhibition held at the XIII World Congress of Psychiatry in Cairo - ICAF presentation at The Cumberland Lodge, The Great Park, London 2006 - ICAF exhibitions in Turin, Italy, during the Winter Olympics, and at Museu da Cidade in Lisbon, Portugal - ICAF organizes the European Children’s Festival at the Olympia Park in Munich 2007 - United States Olympic Committee grants ICAF exclusive license to use “Arts Olympiad” and related marks - 3rd World Children’s Festival opened by Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo and U.S. Army General Jim Campbell 2008 - ICAF presents at the Aspen Cultural Diplomacy Forum, in Paris, France - ICAF organizes “International Youth Panel” at the World Cultural Economic Forum in New Orleans, Louisiana 2009 - ICAF presents at the International Youth Conference, Banten, Indonesia - ICAF exhibition at the Education Without Border conference in Dubai, UAE - ICAF presents at the National Association for the Education of Young Children annual conference 2010 - ICAF organizes “International Children’s Panel” at the Global Competitiveness Forum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - ICAF launches the Healing Arts Program to help children of Haiti and Chile cope with the earthquake traumas
  • 17. ICAF profile and premise • Since 1997 ICAF has served as the national art and creativity organization for American children and the international art and creativity organization for the world’s children • A 501(c)(3) nonprofit with Federal Tax I.D. number 52-2032649, ICAF is member of Children’s Charities of America and participates in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC# 12018) • ICAF’s programmatic efforts focus on remediating suffering through Healing Arts Programs; ending violence through Peace through Art Programs; and growing imagination through the Arts Olympiad – all programs are free of charge in which nearly 5 million children worldwide have participated to date • Research on ICAF’s impact has been published in the National Association of State Boards of Education’s The State Education Standard (March 2005) and UNESCO Observatory at the University of Melbourne’s UNESCO e-Journal (September 2007) How will you support the children as they plan their World Festival? They depend on your support, so please donate online today through the secure Or mail your donation check to: International Child Art Foundation P.O. Box 58133 Washington, DC 20037