AAIM 2012 Alumni Preferences Survey Responses


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AAIM 2012 Alumni Preferences Survey Responses

  1. 1. AIESEC Alumni International Meeting 2012Alumni Preferences Survey„These are important times. As we speak, at AAIM 2012 in Hungary we are setting our goals andvision in unison to play the leadership and influencing role we deserve as a global community.The next step effort that will put us on the path to unleashing our full global alumni potential willbe made at AAIM 2012 in Russia. Over 80 alumni shared their ideas on what the meeting shouldlook like. You can do it also HERE.” 64th AIESEC International Congress 2012 TeamWho filled our survey? How many years ago they ended their active Most alumni that completed the AIESEC membership? survey are young alumni that finished their AIESEC experience in the last 5 year, their approximately 20 % of the respondents are older alumni trying to reconnect with the organization. Last year 1-5 6 - 10 11 - 20 21 - 30 31 - 40 > 40 years years years years years years Which country they are from? The vast majority of alumni that completed the survey are from Russia, which is normal considering the interest for IC proved by this community. The positive aspect is that all the main growth networks of Western CEE Russia Asia Africa Americas the organization seem aware in Europe (Except Russia) some degree of the event. Their AIESEC experience: AIESEC International Expereince 10% 43% National Board experience 35 % Local Board experience 12% Other
  2. 2. Alumni objectives for AAIM 201273% Reconnect with AIESEC and the Alumni Community70% Find out about other alumni businesses around the world67 % Build business network and/or Find new clients/partners35% Relax and have fun33% Travel and get to know the country28% Learn more about the business environment in Russia12% Other motivations: Leadership development with corporate Alumni To feel AIESEC international spirit and culture Meet old friends and make new ones Get to know AIESEC alumni all around the world and create/join a wonderful community Get back the AIESEC Spirit :) Get new perspective into different areas of business and life interests What will make AAIM 2012 in Russia unique? “Organize activities with current AIESECers, so alumni know, what is going on in the organization and visa versa.” “What I would like to see is balanced agenda, which allows alumni to choose what they want to attend according to their interests.” “I would like to have a great time in a great city of a great country with the best people and best speakers!” “The diversity of people sharing the same values and creating with the same intention is something outstanding!” “Dare to change to make the conference alive and thus give Alumni the opportunity to be active and proactive.” “Nature, spirit, professional networking spaces, different generations of alumni” “Moscow city and the amazing study tours you will organize” “Meaningful agenda that focuses on how you carry the impact you had in AIESEC into your workplace/further life.”
  3. 3. “Dream Alumni meet would be gathering of likeminded people with common goals andsupportive in nature”“The excellent organization (logistics, venue, communications - everything). AAIM 2012 will alsogather the biggest number of alumni from all over the world”“Very old alumni who can translate that old AIESEC spirit and culture in parallel to the currentinternational culture of AIESEC.”“Enabeling the creation of a professional networking platform for a bnetter understanding ofAIESEC Alumni Community and our potential.”“The participation of different groups of alumni from similar generations that will make itpossible to reconnect with your international friends from the time when you were back inAIESEC.”“Delegates diversity and innovative ideas”“The fact that it is in Russia. All the business, networking, fun and cultural activities should besomehow connected with Russia, and this the unique point.”Agenda flow and contentMain business topics alumni would like to discuss: Media&communication Education Social entrepreneurship Investing in Russia Telecom&IT Human Resources and Training Sustainability Small and Medium EnterprisesSpaces proportions and importance: Alumni desire a flexible, issue-based, relevant and innovative agenda delivered in an inspiring atmosphere. The agenda should offer a variety of spaces and topics encouraging delegates to explore and create impact together. They should also encourage alumni to speak and exchange ideas and not simply listen. The congress should also contain multiple tracks delivered in innovative ways.
  4. 4. Speakers:84% of alumni want to see other alumni talking International, well now facilitators are essential for organizing open spaces and successful networking67% would like to see key figures from different markets activities. preferably entrepreneurs We also have to attract well known speakers, especially entrepreneurs33% would like to see corporate representatives and alumni, not just corporate figures. and only 26% governmental representativesInteraction with International Congress delegates Other Through the Alumni – AIESEC Free time platform the delegates can generate Awards Galas ideas, cohesion and impact in the Games society, thats why the two Forums/Panels generations should meet in a flexible and open environment. Study tours Saint-Petersburg The beauty of hosting AAIM 2012 in Kazan Russia comes from the chance to visit Ufa Moscow, one of the best cities in the Sochi world.Final comments from our alumni“Keep up the good work. Make the world a smaller place for all of us! Have lots open spaces and coffeeareas and not too many structured panels/forums/talks as we are not there to attend a seminar-styleMeeting. We already have a common bond in AIESEC.” “A meaningful conference is not just about listening to some speakers without then giving a space forsharing/personal wrap-up. Just keep in mind to give us that time! I believe it will be a gorgeous event!!”“Think of real alumni motivations and try to fulfill their expectations based on their realmotives....business networking, fun, social responsibility, etc.”“Did you also though about having some different tracks, aligned with the different generation of alumni,might a better way to answer to expectations. Thank you for organizing it! Thank you! :)