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LCTY 2010, Sofia, Bulgaria Keynote
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LCTY 2010, Sofia, Bulgaria Keynote


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Published in: Technology
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  • Notes: Add your own BluePages profile here Be sure that an intro video has been run, as you will reference it If customers are not included in this keynote, remove reference below Script: “ Good morning!! (referring to opening video) Hopefully, we've just shown that Lotus knows how to kick off a day. Today, we'll be giving you more information than ever before about our future strategic and technology directions and vision. Plus, over the course of the day there will be all kinds of new deep dive sessions that will give you the opportunity to learn more about the areas that interest you. Sessions that clarify our emerging go-to-market strategies. Sessions that let you get more detail from our product area leaders. And in this opening session, you'll hear from our customer(s) about how they've been able to leverage our technology to transform the way they do business.
  • This is not your typical Lotusphere Comes to You event. We're keeping all the best things about the event, but we're innovating and adding, as well.  New sessions that were the highlights from Lotusphere, and new sessions for Business Partners (be sure the local event is incorporating partner sessions, if not, ad lib) and much more.   I think we would all agree that things are different than they were just a few years ago.  Technology development has accelerated, society and economic environments are disrupted. And, as we've seen, the business environment has been, to put it lightly, difficult. But these trends do not add up to a perfect storm of destruction.    In fact, we believe they add up to opportunity
  • ...Transformative opportunity.    Because the companies that get in front of the changes in society and harness the new technologies will be the companies that lead us out of the current downturn and dominate their industries in the years to come.   In fact, we at IBM and Lotus are so confident that this is the case that while other companies are retrenching, we have been investing.   
  • Investing in research, technology expertise and into people to put us in an even better position to drive better business results for our partners and our clients. (Note: If you are presenting where there is a local lab, describe the lab. Some LCTY event may have IBM research exhibiting, if so, please reference)  
  • And this investment plays a big part in IBM's "Smarter Planet Initiative"   Smarter Planet is a really big, transformative thought.  Smarter Planet is about IBM and its partners defining the computing platform we will all use for the next 100 years. Smarter Planet has deep implications for us and how we work together.  It's about creating a new kind of value chain and a new kind of ecosystem. And, here is the most important part: Smarter Planet is about keeping people at the center of systems.  Our world is becoming instrumented. Sensors are being embedded across entire ecosystems Our world is becoming interconnected. In an instrumented world, systems and objects can now “speak” to one another. The amount of information produced by the interaction of all those things will be unprecedented. All things are becoming intelligent. New computing models can handle the proliferation of end-user devices, sensors and actuators and connect them with backend systems.
  • What this means is that the digital and physical infrastructures of the world are converging, creating endless opportunity for change. On a smarter planet, software is changing the way we live. We need to get more out of the wealth of information. We need to go from managing data to developing insights. We need to deliver personalized service. We need to leverage the full capabilities of people. We need to go beyond our our own firewalls, and engage in worldwide ecosystem of employees, partners, suppliers and customers, to help create new value. In a globally integrated enterprise, companies need to connect internally and externally. And with this way of working, beyond physical locations, using virtual platforms of dispersed teams, comes the need to manage security risks. These needs range from building technology advantage to developing new strategic business solutions. A lot of other companies claim to do the same thing. But they don’t. They can’t. Their software doesn’t work like our software.
  • We know what it takes to solve our clients’ biggest challenges, and we’ve spent the last 50 years delivering software that is: Fueled by expertise Built for change, and Ready for work.
  • Our portfolio is all about helping customers build, deploy and manage applications that integrate their processes and information specific to their industry needs. From making everything occur in a seamless flow (i.e. place an order, check inventory, schedule delivery, replenish inventory) to finding and fixing complex problems without human help to making collaboration a fundamental part of how work is done to quickly pulling together and making sense out of any type of information or data to creating an infrastructure that helps reduce costs, improve service and manage risks.
  • IBM Software has a long history of helping clients transform their organizations and integrate their business and IT environments. Integration is the name of the game. Today, more organizations are relying on software-based systems to create next-generation of innovative products and services. Software continues to be the key to how our clients innovate, meet competitive challenges, keep costs down and become more efficient and effective. We are your partner of choice, as we transform our own value from mere provider of development tools to a partner that helps clients more successfully mange IT as a strategic asset within an enterprise. Our clients need technology that helps them extract dramatically higher levels of productivity and savings from what they already own Becoming a fully-integrated business requires standards-based technology that connects seamlessly across the enterpise and with cusotmers, suppliers and partners.
  • The Lotus portfolio has been built out to include a broad set of collaboration offerings, business-grade instant messaging and web conferencing, web team spaces and enterprise portals and mashups. Today Lotus is at the forefront of the next wave of collaboration tools, as organizations seek the benefits of social networking and other Web 2.0 modalities as ways to communicate and collaborate and gain competitive advantage.
  • Admittedly, we are starting from a better position than most competitors because we are surrounded by an amazing, nourishing, innovative ecosystem. This passionate group of partners is a slice of a close-knit, innovative community that grew close to 20% in 2009.   And many of them are participating in, or hosting their own Lotusphere Comes to You events around the globe. These Business Partners who add value via our ecosystems are thriving.  I mentioned the acceleration of technology development -- our partners are driving that acceleration.  For example, a year ago, we introduced LotusLive, and now there are a number of cloud -based applications that have been developed, perfected, deployed and proven - - by partners. And you should never doubt, or even minimize, the role that you, the Lotus community, have played in identifying and helping define the most critical intersection of technology and business that there is.
  • Because........ You u nderstood the central role of collaboration long before the rest of the marketplace caught on. You l ed the charge for standards , for being open. You put a spotlight on the importance of a technology company delivering on its promises , as opposed to just puffing vaporware.
  • Notes: If there is a customer speaker, then replace with that Local Customer Speaker Logo If these is no local customer speaker, then delete slide. Script: And later in this session, you'll hear directly from__________ one of YOU ---an innovative customer, who has transformed their business through the use of collaborative technology. ___________ is one of the best imaginable validations of what I have just said. They'll tell you how they have been leveraging the innovations that we have delivered over the last 2-4 years.    They are true collaboration visionaries. Listen to how they have harnessed collaboration to enhance the roles and capabilities of their people.   
  • It's important to us that you hear and see this first hand, that you get to draw your own conclusions about our success and our future directions.  Listen to our customers, partners, out community.   And please continue as the dominant voice in discussions about the application of technology to business
  • . ........Because what happens when we work together to accomplish these goals? What happens when we focus on our customers' successes? Well, to give you just one example, since the release of Notes 8, we've gained 18,378 new customers. We're building on the strength of our global customer reach.
  • And 2009 was an exciting year. We saw a surge in large Microsoft customers moving to IBM Lotus for their collaboration needs. Customers like RIM and AXA who opted for Lotus Connections, WebSphere Portal, etc rather than SharePoint Several Lotus customers such as HSBC decided against Microsoft. Panasonic, Continental, etc (refer to slide) moved from Microsoft Exchange to Lotus. US Bank switched from SharePoint And Gruppo Amadori moved their entire desktop to IBM Client for Smart Work, on Linux
  • We thank you for helping us.    Last year at Lotusphere, at Lotusphere Comes to you events around the globe, and at many other Lotus events, you told us in clear terms that we had the right technology, we had the people, we had the strategy ... but we didn't have the profile. But now, you're starting to see the "Lotus knows" campaign everywhere. A clever, compelling campaign that puts our name, and our value proposition in front of pacesetters throughout the enterprise, not just in front of everyone in the IT department.  Communications that assert our leadership.  A media effort that will make it easier for you to get all of your associates to see the benefits of investing in our joint innovations. In fact, it's more than that.     It's YOUR campaign.    Because many of you participated in the innovative crowd-sourcing development of this very message, whether you were able to join us in Orlando, or not.   It's also your campaign in the sense that the best way for you to help your companies move forward will be to learn all that Lotus knows and bring it back to your colleagues. NOTE: We are extending the media campaign in Q1 '10 in Germany as part of our CeBIT surround activities and are planning media and surround activities at the World Cup in South Africa later this year. We are looking at extending paid media in other countries throughout the year to support the range of other Lotus knows activities that are already being run in country. (Key note speaker should ask local marketing manager for some specific Lotus knows tactics, Social Media quotes/twitters, etc. that can be customized)
  • 2009 was an exciting year. We saw a surge in large customers moving to IBM Lotus for their collaboration needs. Here are some quotes.........
  • Self-explanatory, read stats.
  • Cite some of these sparklers, self-explanatory
  • Everything Lotus is planning for the future, is built on the strongest foundation there is: the technology you have now and the applications you have built already...... .........Lotus Notes and Domino, Sametime Unified Telephony, WebSphere Portal, Connections, Quickr and LotusLive are all becoming more powerful, more useful and growing closer together.  We are certainly the undisputed leader in making use of the cloud , but we always have our feet on solid ground. 
  • You've been hearing a lot from Lotus over the past year about positive disruption and negative disruption.  Let me make a distinction between the two. Lotus knows that negative disruption -- the kind that involves ripping and replacing your investments and licensing all new stuff --drives you crazy, makes you mad and sets you back.  Some of our competitors believe in disruption for disruption's sake.    We don't work that way. Positive disruption, as opposed to the negative kind, is disruption that changes things for the better - for your advantage . Think about all the capability we're giving away with Symphony.   Free is disruptive to those who like to charge for the same capabilities.    And very positively disruptive for those who have been paying outrageous license fees for capabilities that should be commodities.    By the way, we expect to launch the next version of Symphony  in the second quarter, and you can download your own beta copy now.
  • Last year, we made a big splash at Lotusphere, announcing our plans for LotusLive in 2009. We talked about the cloud, how the cloud could help... you manage costs and take advantage of your extended enterprise... you provide solutions quickly and extend your IT resources without adding more people or hardware... you reach beyond the boundaries of your company to work more efficiently, easily...smarter. Leveraging the cloud   vastly increases your options, not just in how you acquire, deploy or manage software... but also in how you increase accessibility to your applications and your greatest resource, people.      And these dramatic increases in nimbleness and options are expanded even farther by the ability to easily and seamlessly integrate cloud -based functionality with existing platforms in hybrid environments.
  • We almost entirely re-invented Lotus on the web in 2009. This is not just about meetings or files, but about extending our Lotus portfolio to the cloud. And doing it in a secure and reliable way... We have the benefit of 20 years of experience in collaborative technologies and now we're bringing that experience to the web. In 2009, LotusLive gave millions of people access to email and collaboration, linked thousands of companies around the globe and delivered solutions to help solve real world problems.
  • So what's next? Not ONLY in the next 12 months, but over the horizon? Where are we headed? Today we want to share some recent announcements, and our vision going forward. Quickr 8.2 We are announced this at lotusphere and planning to deliver in Q2. Our goal with this release is to deliver enhanced team collaboration capability, while fully taking advantage of the underlying platforms you run. For Quickr Domino, this means close alignment with Domino 8.5.1 for easier deployment, common administration and unrivaled TCO. It also means some highly demanded features such as: folder level access control, simplified version management and direct integration to Filenet and Content Manager version 8. You'll experience tight integration with the Notes client and, for developers access to Quickr services in your xPages applications. xPages apps can now easily leverage Quickr capabilities. For Quickr Java, we also see some changes. The underlying infrastructure moves to the most current release of WebSphere Portal. The result for you is a threefold improvement in TCO over previous releases. Quickr & Alfresco CMIS also provides the ability to leverage emerging open source document management systems, like the one our partner Alfresco announced last week. Alfresco is the leading open source content management system with more than 1,000 enterprise customers, 100,000 community members and more than 64,000 live Alfresco sites -- all of which can now be leveraged with Quickr.
  • At Lotusphere, we announced our plan to deliver Lotus Traveler for Android in the first half of this year.     We'll do a few extra things such as providing our own mail and calendar client to deliver an amazing experience across this and many other Android devices. Speaking of devices … we are also announcing a new encryption application for the iPhone … free of charge for our customers … Traveler Companion… available today in the Apps Store. IBM and RIM announced the availability of rich, new social networking applications for BlackBerry smartphones. By demand of our mutual customers, we're are bringing the BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus Quickr and a new version of the BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus Connections to market through IBM.
  • Another major announcement was Connections Next – Social analytics is a  critical technology to continuing the transformation in how people can work smarter.  Connections Next provides recommendations on people, content and tools -- even ones you may not already know -- that are relevant to your work. Connections is expanding the set of capabilities available in the mobile browser interface to include even more social services so that you can have quick access to the information you need whenever and wherever you need it. Connections integration with Portal is continuing to expand with the introduction of more portlets so that social data can be incorporated into any portal experience, enabling capabilities such as browsing a snapshot of your Connections network, responding to status updates, and viewing profiles in more detail, pulling information directly from Connections. And, as you've come to expect, fully customizable so they fit into your look and your portal. .  
  • In support of the collaboration agenda … with Portal NEXT, our plan is to deliver toolboxes for 2 additional industries this year … travel … and transportation & industrial. You’ve seen what we can do with Portal today … but our work hasn’t stopped there With the next version of Portal, there's improved external site hosting, simplified deployment and social content and mashup integration
  • Every collaborative process integrates a conversation with people; in fact the ability to find reach and collaborate with the right person in the right context is key to how you take needless latency out of human centric business flows.   Increasingly these conversations take different forms … text, voice, video … Lotus Sametime 8.5 and Sametime Unified Telephony do just that by leveraging your existing investments in telephony systems, video conferencing and more … enabling you to save money … and add to the speed in which business can be conducted. And with the release Lotus Sametime 8.5 in Dec 2009, you can speed collaboration even more with a brand new meeting capabilities with audio and video, make ST Web 2.0 ready with a zero download browser client, and much much more.  
  • Available now, IBM Lotus Sametime Unified Telephony software integrates telephony across multi-vendor PBX systems and provides a unified end user experience, including integrated soft phones; phone and IM presence awareness; call control and rules-based call management across multiple communications systems. By leveraging and extending existing telephony assets and unifying them with realtime collaboration tools, you can cut your telephony costs while helping users more easily find and reach each other and collaborate -- working smarter together to speed decision-making and business processes.
  • Sametime's web and standards based architecture makes it ideal for both internal and external collaboration. It has also been designed to integrate easily and inexpensively with a range of web based applications. The community around Sametime has continued to grow as partners extend the platform itself as well as build real time capabilities directly into their own applications.
  • As we look over that horizon we know this as well: the value of bringing it all together. Today we have talked about how IBM is bringing together its breadth of software capabilities to help solve our clients' emerging challenges. We've shown you how we are bringing together industry expertise with technology to help you pursue a Collaboration Agenda that fits your business. And we know well the value of bringing together this community to push the limits of our thinking and lift us all to greater success. Now we want to show you a vision that really does bring it all together. It is a vision for the evolution of the Lotus portfolio, building on today's products, bringing together collaboration capabilities with business applications and analytics. More than that, it is a vision for how people will collaborate that is based on the idea that people are their most effective when they bring together the insight, information, and expertise they need when they need it.
  • We call this vision IBM Project Vulcan. We believe this is how people will collaborate and get things done in the future. We also believe this will be how organizations will differentiate and reach new levels of success by embracing the unique network of people made up of their employees, partners, and customers. It's important to understand that IBM Project Vulcan is a vision, a goal for which organizations will aim. It isn't a product that you'll buy someday, and organizations will realize this vision in a variety of ways, depending on their unique needs and situations. The technological foundation for IBM Project Vulcan is the blueprint that we have laid out for the evolution of the entire Lotus portfolio. We intend to take this journey together, delivering incremental value through updates to Lotus products along the way. The approach we've taken with IBM Project Vulcan is based on four key principles: continuity, convergence, innovation, and new opportunities. Let's go through what that means to us -- and why it's important to you.
  • NOTE: This is a lot of content for this slide. If it's easier for you to deliver, use the 4 individual slides in backup. First, Continuity . A vision has limited value if there isn't a realistic way to achieve it. So we've started with the principle that there must be a smooth path towards IBM Project Vulcan from any current state an organization may be in today. That's why IBM Project Vulcan will be delivered through updates to existing Lotus products. Lotus customers can build on what you have today, including the custom applications that are so vital to your business. But continuity holds for non-Lotus customers as well. IBM Project Vulcan is not based on replacing, but on augmenting the tools you use today, if those best meet your needs. Yes, even Microsoft shops can enjoy a smooth path forward towards this vision. Our aim is to help you achieve dramatically greater results through collaboration while helping you protect and enhance the investments you've already made. Ultimately, no matter where you find yourself today, we want the journey towards IBM Project Vulcan never to be a negative disruption for your business, with a focus on ease of deployment and ease of use the entire way. Second, Convergence . Bringing it all together. For the individual, this is at the heart of our view of how people will collaborate, with a consistent experience through a unified collaboration environment that brings together the right insight, expertise, and information when they need it. But not every person is alike, not every role is alike, and not every organization is alike. People collaborate using a variety of interfaces: installed clients, Web browsers, mobile devices. Different people and different roles work best with different mixes of collaboration methods. And organizations must enable their unique blend of people while deploying and managing an infrastructure that fits their business. That's why the convergence principle is so important. It puts the emphasis on outcomes rather than the means to achieve them. Fundamental to IBM Project Vulcan is the notion of providing choice: Of access device and interface to fit people's needs Of loosely coupled collaboration services to match the way people work best Of delivery model, including on premise software, appliance, and cloud-delivered services to deploy the optimal hybrid environment for your organization Third, Innovation . IBM Project Vulcan builds on a long tradition of Lotus innovation that helps people work in new ways that drive benefits to the business. For instance, IBM Lotus invented the category of enterprise social software, and IBM Project Vulcan builds off of our experience in this space. In addition, we have applied learnings from our pioneering work developing and delivering open unified communications capabilities. Along the way, we have, and will continue to, drive innovation that matters into our core Lotus Notes/Domino and WebSphere Portal platforms. With IBM Project Vulcan, we are opening the door to future innovation that builds off of today's products and takes advantage of the convergence of user experience, collaboration capabilities, and deployment models. And finally, New Opportunities . IBM Project Vulcan opens the door not only to new possibilities for innovation within the IBM Lotus portfolio, but also to the next generation of solutions built to take advantage of the vision. IBM Lotus has embraced a strategy of providing an open programming model, and with IBM Project Vulcan, we are taking it to the next level, bringing a new focus to Web technologies such as public REST APIs, XPages for Domino applications, widgets and mashups, and HTML5 for richer user experience. What this means for the enterprise is that fast and flexible integration will be possible with both Web and on-premise services to rapidly create new solutions. Business partners will find new opportunities to add value and differentiate their offerings. And while existing applications will continue to run, the open model will make it easier to develop new applications for installed clients, browser, and mobile clients simultaneously, helping drive down overall development costs.
  •   We find IBM Project Vulcan so exciting because it puts focus back where it belongs: driving your business or your organization forward. For the individual, IBM Project Vulcan helps reduce the distractions and delays that hold you back. It brings focus to the people, expertise, insight, and timely information that you need to get the job done right. Our vision is that people shouldn't have to think about how they collaborate, where to look for information, or what tool to use in what situation. People should simply collaborate, naturally. Doing so will help them be their most effective. Taking the organizational view, IBM Project Vulcan puts the focus on people. The unique network of people associated with an organization – employees, partners, customers – and the knowledge they possess are incredible sources of competitive differentiation for the organization that can tap them. IBM Project Vulcan aims to put in place the capabilities and technological underpinnings to help organizations embrace that network in a way that unleashes the abilities of all types of people in all sorts of roles. By doing so, we believe that IBM Project Vulcan will help organizations reach a new horizon for sustainable and profitable growth in the coming years.
  • So how might this look? What do we mean when we talk about bringing focus to the expertise and information you need to do your job? Let's take a look at a video that explains.   ROLL RON'S DEMO As you can see, We're already on the path to IBM Project Vulcan.   We will be sharing the IBM Project Vulcan vision in industry-specific context in places you may not have seen Lotus before.   And reinforcing our commitment to developers, we will introduce a developers environment for IBM Project Vulcan on LotusLive Labs this year.  
  • There's so much to consider as you plot the course to make your business smarter - with today's impressive IBM Software portfolio, and the promise of our future vision and eventual offerings. (Transition to wrapup)
  • Together we'll take our current community forward … and we will welcome a growing generation of Loti!   Welcome to the future! Have a great day at Lotusphere Comes to You. Wrap up with housekeeping, references to day's sessions, activities, etc – to be provided by local team.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Lotus knows.
    • 2.  
    • 3. Lotus knows.
    • 4.  
    • 5. = opportunity Current Market Conditions Technology development accelerated Unprecedented business challenges Society and economic environments disrupted Society and economic environments disrupted + +
    • 6. Current Market Conditions opportunity Transformative
    • 7. Current Market Conditions research Investing in people technology
    • 8. Smarter Planet Our world is becoming INSTRUMENTED Our world is becoming INTERCONNECTED All things becoming INTELLIGENT 30 billion RFID tags… 2010 ~2 billion people on the Web… 2011 … a trillion connected objects 15 petabytes of new information generated daily…
    • 9. But with new models and ways of working come new challenges... Data everywhere Differentiation through people New expectations for value Global integration and connectivity . Security risks Business Software Today, more than ever, organizations use software to enable every facet of their business .
    • 10. For the past 50 years, IBM has been delivering smarter software that is… Built for Change Open Easily integrated Flexible Helping clients anticipate and lead change Ready for Work Industrial-strength Proven Ready-to-scale Dedicated to solving clients' challenges Fueled by Expertise 100+ acquisitions Contributes to over 150 open source projects 300 SOA patents Over 4000 business analytics expert consultants World’s largest math department World’s largest middleware company 60 laboratories WW practicing agile development End user services support for 4.3M end users Software Business Industries How it all connects How to get real results
    • 11. Smarter software . . . Protects Optimizes Delivers Connects Adapts Turn information into insight Increase agility Connect & collaborate Enable business service and product innovation Drive enterprise operations effectiveness and efficiency Manage risk, security, and compliance Knows & acts
    • 12. Leverages the entire Portfolio to deliver solutions Collaboration & Global Software Skills Tivoli WebSphere Rational Information Management Lotus Information Integration Data Management Content Management Security Management Service Management Asset Management Connectivity Integration Application Infrastructure Business Process Management Productivity and Automation Business Analytics and Optimization Software and Systems Delivery Information On Demand ( IOD ) Service Oriented Architecture ( SOA ) Next Generation Collaboration Service Management Software & Systems Lifecycle Mgmt Governance and Lifecycle Management UCC e-mail, Messaging Portal Social Software
    • 13. And Lotus Collaboration Software is a core building block enabling clients to... smarter with dynamically adaptive collaboration Lotus Information Management Business Applications Universal Access Open Standards Architecture Messaging Communicating Connecting Integrating Knowledge Worker Informational Worker External Partners Lotus Notes Lotus Domino Lotus Sametime Lotus Sametime Unyte Lotus Quickr Connections Lotus Mashups WebSphere Portal
    • 14. Our innovative community continues to grow
    • 15. YOU knew. The importance of collaboration. The importance of open standards. The importance of delivering on promises.
    • 16. Gartner on the future of E-Mail
      • Analyst Matt Cain's presentation on e-mail at Gartner's 2009 Portal and Collaboration conference
    • 17. Forrester Wave TM : Collaboration Platforms - Q3 2009
    • 18. Business As Usual: E-mail is not the Solution
      • Fragmented, ad-hoc collaboration
      • Little or no collaboration between peers
      • Files hard to find, sent over and over in e-mail
    • 19. Social software - traction in the market
      • Lotus Connections fastest growing Lotus product – many implementations: HSBC, Ernst & Young, PwC , banks, universities, ministries, railways
      • Different CEE customer; others currently piloting going on across Central & Eastern Europe
      Lotus User Group (POLLUG) - Poland LogicaLive - Sweden Sogeti - 15 European countries
    • 20. Innovation and Collaboration INSERT YOUR CUSTOMER STORY HERE
    • 21. How to win in the marketplace IBM LotusLive Snags Panasonic to Challenge Google in the Cloud. eWeek, January 14, 2010 IBM Lotus Beat Microsoft to Adding New Features with it's Lotus Connections Suite. ...IBM Ranked WW Market Share Leader in Portal Products Enterprise Software Segment Gartner 2009 For Two Years Running, IBM Places in Gartner Leader Quadrant for Unified Communications
    • 22. How to build on the strength of our global customer reach 18,378 Worldwide New Notes Customers since Launch of Notes 8
    • 23. 60,000 50,000 18,000 50,000 60,000 1,000 300,000 15,000 320,000 50,000 300,000 Customers who have made large-scale change from Microsoft to Lotus Microsoft Exchange customers adding IBM Collaboration Lotus Notes/Domino customer deciding against Microsoft 75,000 25,000 30,000 30,000 5,000 9,000 30,000 Why many customers have changed their “Outlook”...
    • 24. How to make an impact in the market
    • 25. “ Moving to IBM Lotus Notes and Domino from Microsoft Exchange and Outlook reduced software licensing costs by about 50%.” — Dr. Tariq Marikar, Director, Product Development & CIO, Suntel Ltd “ " Sametime has changed the way that SXC operates... we can respond to RFP's quicker, resolve system issues before they become critical, and ultimately react faster . ” — Scott Schrader, Director Information Systems, SXC Health Solutions "We would probably have to buy eight different products and combine them to do all the things that we do with Lotus Notes and Domino." — Troy Fulkerson, Director of Information Technology, Kentucky Baptist Convention
    • 26. Millions of people use IBM Lotus for collaboration every day 145 Million Notes seats sold 46,000+ Companies 18,378 new customer organizations with Notes 8.0.1+ 10,000 Business Partners 10s of Millions of Solutions FORTUNE Global 500
      • More than half of the Global 500 corporations use Lotus Notes and Domino software
        • 9 of the top 12 aerospace and defense corporations
        • 3 of the top 8 automotive corporations
        • 6 of the top 7 banks
        • 3 of the top 4 electronics corporations
        • 8 of the top 10 insurance corporations
        • 6 of the top 8 pharmaceutical corporations
        • 10 of the top 19 healthcare corporations
        • 4 of the top 6 telecommunications corporations
      Source: FORTUNE 500, May 4, 2009, CNN
    • 27. Market leadership across the portfolio IBM WebSphere Portal is #1 market share for 8 years running Over 300 million named WebSphere Portal users in top 15 customers alone 7M people are using IBM social collaboration software Over 280,000 Lotus developers and over 10 million IBM Lotus Notes applications in use today Over 10 million 'free' Lotus Symphony users worldwide....and growing Over 30% of all new Lotus Sametime customers over the last 3 years were Microsoft Exchange customers
    • 28. IBM places in Leader Quadrant in Gartner for Unified Communications 35% of the Fortune 100 have purchased IBM social collaboration software After debuting in 2007, Lotus Connections was the fastest organic growing software product in IBM history More than half of Fortune Global 500 now use Lotus Notes and Domino LotusLive has over 18 million users and is the largest single cloud engagement to date Market leadership across the portfolio Lotus Sametime has over 145 million entitled users worldwide
    • 29.  
    • 30. Why you should build on existing technology
    • 31. Lotus портфолиото през 2010 Software as a Service / Cloud Computing Lotus Sametime Lotus Sametime Unyte Unified communications and collaboration services WebSphere Portal Composite applications and integration services with 7 accelerators Lotus Connections Social software for business Lotus Quickr Collaborative content and team services Lotus Notes and Domino Mail, calendaring and rapid application development Lotus Forms Pixel perfect, digitally signed forms Lotus Symphony Free productivity tools for documents, presentations, and spreadsheets Lotus Expeditor Eclipse based Client-side integration which extends composite applications to laptops, desktops, kiosks and mobile devices Lotus Mashups Easily remix content and uncover insights Lotus Foundations On-premise servers for small businesses Lotus Protector Security services for e-mail
    • 32. Lotus Notes & Domino (1)
      • Клиент
      • Security-rich access to information
      • E-mail, calendar, contacts, integrated collaborative capabilities and applications
      • Offline access
      • Access to other systems and repositories
      • Сървър
      • “ Serves” information (e-mail, applications, database, etc.) to the client (Notes & Web)
      • Includes directory services
      • Routes e-mail to recipients
      • Replicates applications and information throughout the client/server and server/server environment
      Обратна съвместимост | Отворени стандарти | PKI
    • 33. Lotus Notes & Domino (2)
      • Open Desktop Strategy
      • Proven, reliable infrastructure with simple upgrades , security-rich and high availability
      • Develop once, deliver
      • to all clients at the
      • same time
      Mobile Browser Rich Web 2.0 Design with xPages
    • 34. Lotus Notes (3)
    • 35. How to help you reduce expense with Free c apabilities Freedom of Choice: Linux Mac Windows 12+ Million Users Symphony Next Beta available Now
    • 36. Why Cloud and hybrid environments give you flexibility On-Premise
    • 37. IBM LotusLive Portfolio of offerings Messaging LotusLive Notes LotusLive iNotes Collaboration LotusLive Engage LotusLive Connections Meetings LotusLive Meetings LotusLive Events
    • 38. The information on Lotus Quickr is intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision.  The information on Lotus Quickr is for informational purposes only and may not be incorporated into any contract.  The information on Lotus Quickr is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality.  The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion
      • Lotus Quickr Next for Domino Services
      • Close alignment with Domino 8.5.1
      • Folder level access control
      • Improved document versioning
      • Direct connect ECM integration
      • Lotus Quickr Next for J2EE Services
      • Alignment with latest version of WebSphere Portal
      • Scalability improvements
      • New web user interface
      Lotus Quickr Next
    • 39.
      • and IBM Lotus Notes Traveler Companion
      • new encryption application for the iPhone
      • free of charge
      • available now in the App store
      IBM and RIM
      • ...and IBM and RIM
      • rich social applications for the BlackBerry
      • Blackberry client for IBM Lotus Quickr
      • new version of BlackBerry client for IBM Lotus Connections
      • Introducing Lotus Notes Traveler for Android
      • first half of 2010
      • providing our own mail and calendar client
      • across this and many other Android devices
      Lotus knows how to deliver first class email for mobile devices.
    • 40. Lotus knows that special someone you’ve been looking for. Introducing IBM Lotus ® Connections ™ Next The information on Lotus Connections is intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision.  The information on Lotus Connections is for informational purposes only and may not be incorporated into any contract.  The information on Lotus Connections is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality.  The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion
    • 41. WebSphere Portal Deliver Exceptional User Experience
      • improved external site hosting
      • simplified deployment model
      • social content and mashup integration
      Introducing WebSphere Portal Next
    • 42.
      • NEW! Online Meetings
      • NEW! Audio and Video capabilities
      • NEW! Zero download browser experience
      • NEW! Apple iPhone browser client
      • NEW! Web 2.0 APIs
      • NEW! Simplified Management Console
      Lotus Sametime 8.5
    • 43.
      • Telephony Presence
      • Single Number Service
      • Unique soft phone
      • Intelligent call routing
      • Simplified Integration with
      • heterogenous PBX systems
      Lotus Sametime Unified Telephony
    • 44. Software Platform Mobile Voice Conferencing Instant Messaging Communities Call Management Messaging
    • 45.
      • Lotus
      • Sametime
      • Meetings
    • 46. Lotus knows the value of bringing it all together.
    • 47. IBM Project VULCAN A vision for how people will collaborate in the future, based on: Continuity. Convergence. Innovation. New Opportunities.
    • 48. Continuity Building on today's capabilities Innovation Applying technology to empower people to work in new ways Convergence Unifying the experience across access and delivery models New Opportunities Making possible the next generation of solutions
    • 49. Empowering people to be their most effective Enabling organizations to achieve greater results Bringing focus to what's most important IBM Project Vulcan helps people drive business forward
    • 50. Lotus knows what the future can look like.
    • 51. We believe software can make the world better, one client at a time. What’s your vision for your organization? What’s your biggest challenge? Let's Talk. .
    • 52. Thank you!