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Smarter computing with z enterprise

  1. 1. zEnterprise – The Ideal Platform For Smarter ComputingSmarter Computing With zEnterprise
  2. 2. Smarter Planet Solutions IncreaseDemands On IT Between 2000 and 2010 … 32.6M servers worldwide Servers grew 6x 85% idle computer capacity Storage grew 69x 15% of servers run 24/7 Virtual machines growing without being actively used 42% per year on a daily basis 1.2 trillion GB exist in the digital universe But IT budgets are 50% YTY growth growing less than 25% of data is unique 75% is a copy 0.8% per year 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 2
  3. 3. Resulting Sprawl Drives UnsustainableCosts Cost to Manage Growth of Inventory Consumes IT Budget 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 3
  4. 4. Smarter Computing... Strategies to manage increasing demand for IT services in an environment of flat IT budgets – by achieving breakthrough reductions in cost 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 4
  5. 5. Smarter Computing…Measuring Cost New metricfor the age of Smarter Computing COST PER WORKLOAD 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 5
  6. 6. Smarter Computing Strategies To ReduceCosts And Improve Value Optimize to data center Consolidate Infrastructure Reduce Eliminate Redundant Work load Work load Work load Work Work Work Software load load load Reuse Integrated Service Management Improve Service Cloud Computing Delivery Visibility Control Automation Leverage Data to Optimize Business Data Warehouse 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 6
  7. 7. The IBM zEnterprise System Is The IdealPlatform For Smarter Computing World’s first multi-architecture zEnterprise 114 virtualization platform Workloads deployed zEnterprise 196 on optimal platforms Unified system management Broad support for private clouds Superior platform for business analytics zEnterprise – Optimized to deliver the lowest cost per workload 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 7
  8. 8. Consolidate Infrastructure With zEnterprise Consolidate Servers Server virtualization and consolidation Hybrid and standalone workloads Best fit to workload zEnterprise Hybrid workload consolidation Consolidate and Optimize Storage Storage virtualization and consolidation Automated tiering Automated data migration Policy-based management DS8000 Virtualized storage Easy Tier 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 8
  9. 9. Smarter Computing With zEnterpriseDelivers Breakthrough Economics Platforms Optimized For Consistent Structured Different Workloads Management Linux on Linux onz/OS System z AIX System x Windows Best fit for workload Lowest labor costs Lowest Cost Of Lowest Cost Of Acquisition Per Operation Per Workload Workload z196 Lowest Cost Per Workload 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 9
  10. 10. Consolidate Hybrid SAP Workloads OnzEnterprise And Save 18% Over Three Years Upgrade to new z114 SPARC T3 hardware z114 $60K Data 38 Sun T3-1B servers per workload Processing 3yr TCA Front-end HW+SW 20 workloads z114 SAP applications Consolidate on zEnterprise $49K 23 POWER7 blades per workload in zBX 3yr TCA Front-end HW+SW 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 10
  11. 11. Consolidate Standalone Workloads On zEnterprise And Save 47% Over Three Years 784 light $43K workloads per workload 3yr TCA HW+SW Run on Sun Fire Servers 56 heavy CPU workloads z196 $23K 40 heavy I/O per workload workloads 3yr TCA HW+SW Consolidate 880 workloads on zEnterpriseServer configurations are based on consolidation ratios derived fromIBM internal studies. Prices are in US currency, prices will vary bycountry 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 11
  12. 12. Eliminate Redundant Software AndOptimize On zEnterprise Find and Remove Redundant Assets Discover existing assets and map their Application Dependency dependencies Discovery Consolidate multiple instances of same Manager application systems Reuse Services Identify componentized software as services Categorize and pool services IBM WebSphere Implement a reusable, services-based SOA Web Services architecture 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 12
  13. 13. Consolidate SOA Workloads On zEnterpriseAnd Save 59% Over Three Years z114 Deploy on Sun hardware z114 Competitive Packaged System $433K Web Facing Message Driven 24 Sun Fire X4170 servers plus 2 HP servers (ESB) per workload 24 312 cores total 3yr TCA workloads Front end HW+SW Web front-end z114 workloads Power Blades in zBX WebSphere App Server and DataPower $177K per workload 24 POWER7 blades plus 2 XI50z in zBX 3yr TCA 192 cores total Front end HW+SW 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 13
  14. 14. Use zEnterprise To Improve ServiceDelivery And Adopt Cloud Computing Transform to Private Cloud Delivery Model Self-service automated provisioning and workload scheduling Elastic capability to expand zEnterprise Unified Resource Pay-as-you-go Manager Integrate Service Management Tivoli Integrated Service Management Visibility, control, automation Simplified, Web-based user interaction Private Improve Labor Productivity and Flexibility Cloud Automatic, dynamic resource reallocation 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 14
  15. 15. Deploying A Private Cloud On zEnterpriseIs 65% Less Expensive $9.7M Labor 1332 light Public workloads Cloud $89.8M Total 3yr TCO 95 heavy CPU workloads Private Cloud $7.2M Labor 68 heavy I/O workloads $31.1M z196 Total 1495 workloads 3yr TCO zEnterprise 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 15
  16. 16. Use zEnterprise To Leverage Data AndOptimize Business Reduce Cost of Data Storage Reduce database size via data compression Avoid duplicating multiple copies Data Management Data Warehouse Extract Greater Value From Data Cognos Consolidate heterogeneous data sources Business Intelligence into a data warehouse Apply intelligence and predictive analysis SPSS for greater business insight 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 16
  17. 17. Hidden Costs Of Duplicating Data The Cost Of Duplicating A 2TB Data Mart Data Mart Server Enterprise WAN 2TB 2TB 10TB Send file z196 Receive file provisioned Cost of storage - receive file $36,864 Storage acquisition cost $18/GB x 2048 GBCost of storage - send file $25,252$12.33/GB x 2048 GB $246,436 Cost of storage - data mart $184,320 $18/GB x 10,240 GBSystem z Storage Admin $12,042 Annual storage admin cost Distributed Storage Admin $110,469$5.88/GB/yr x 2048 GB $8.99/GB/yr x 12,288 GB $122,511System z CPU extract $1.03M On Premises Network $7.1K Distributed CPU cost load $292K$1.38/GB x 2048 GB x 365 $0.0024/GB x 2048 GB x 4 hops x $0.39/GB x 2048 GB x 365 365System z CPU cost FTP $434K Distributed CPU cost FTP $35K$0.58/GB x 2048 GB x 365 Off Premises Network $434K $0.05/GB x 2048 GB x 365 $0.29/GB x 2048 GB x 2 hops xSystem z extract labor $3.3K 365 Distributed load labor $5.1K$9.33/job x 365 $14.00/job x 365System z FTP labor $2.2K Annual Transfer Costs Data Mart analysis costs not included$5.88/job x 365 $2,243,290 Based on IBM internal study 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 17
  18. 18. A Complete Solution For Business And Predictive Analytics On One Platform Strategy Insight Predictive & Advanced Analytics (SPSS) Transform Business Intelligence (Cognos) Analysis Alignment Information Agility Management Data Warehouse Run all these capabilities on one platform - zEnterprise Cross-industry solutionsSource: IBM Global CIO Study 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 18
  19. 19. Extend Smarter Computing To UnifiedDevelopment Teams Unified, collaborative work environment Break down cultural barriers across teams Rational Share common set of development tools Requirements and processes across all environments Manager Integrated requirements, collaboration, Rational edit/compile/debug, and test support Team Concert Virtualized test systems deployed only as needed to reduce costs Rational Developer for zEnterprise Rational Quality Manager 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 19
  20. 20. IBM IT Transformation = Cost Savings Consolidated and virtualized over 3,900 server images onto 30 System z mainframes 80% less energy used 1997 Today 85% less floor space … Host Data Centers 155 7 16,500 sq. ft. reduction Web Hosting 80 5 Cumulative benefit yield of Centers $4.1B over the last 5 yrs Network 31 1 Applications 15,000 4,700 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 20
  21. 21. Why Do Customers Continue To Think TheMainframe Is More Expensive?Old charge-back practices are outdated and misleading Mainframe costs are centralized and easy to track Distributed costs are more difficult to track and allocate Data centers often lump unrelated costs into the mainframe categoryResult: Mainframe users are charged more than actual cost Distributed users are charged less than actual cost 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 21
  22. 22. Example: Two Commercial Claims ProcessingSystems HP Servers + ISV IBM System z CICS/DB2 Which system costs less for Production Servers HP 9000 Superdome rp4440 future HP Integrity rx6600 growth? Total MIPS 11,302 Calculate MIPS used for commercial Dev/Test Servers claims processing HP 9000 Superdome rp5470 cost per production/dev/test 2,418 HP Integrity rx6600 workloadClaims per year 327,652 Claims per year 4,056,000 Buy Build 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 22
  23. 23. Allocated Annual Costs for Two Systems Mainframe Distributed Provided by customerHardware $1,302,205 $87,806 finance departmentHardware Maintenance $315,548 Mainframe costs easilySoftware IBM MLC $4,842,384 identified, distributedSoftware Non IBM OTC $647,843 $196,468 costs difficult to identifySoftware Non IBM MLC $5,027,936Storage $877,158 Billing and call centerNetwork $418,755 costs allocated toSupport Staff $2,324,623 $257,289 mainframe, but would be the same forPlatform + Staff Total $15,756,452 $541,563 either optionPlatform + Staff Claims Allocation $3,371,880 $541,563Billing Center $1,611,650 Development still required to customizeCall Center $2,920,090 packaged software forDevelopment $1,907,382 each new contractTotal $9,811,002 $541,563 Chargeback saysClaims Processed 4,056,000 327,652 distributed is lower$ Per Claim $2.42 $1.65 cost 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 23
  24. 24. True Costs Per Workload Mainframe DistributedHardware $1,302,205 $87,806Hardware Maintenance $315,548 Still can’t identifySoftware IBM MLC $4,842,384 distributed storageSoftware Non IBM OTC $647,843 $196,468 and network costsSoftware Non IBM MLC $5,027,936Storage $877,158 ? Billing and call centerNetwork $418,755 ? costs wouldSupport Staff $2,324,623 $257,289 be the same for either optionPlatform + Staff Total $15,756,452 $541,563Platform + Staff Claims Allocation $3,371,880 $541,563Billing Center Same Same Development cost to customize ISVCall Center Same Same packaged software forDevelopment $1,907,382 $193,271 each new contractTotal $5,279,262 $734,834 Mainframe actuallyClaims Processed 4,056,000 327,652 has lower cost per$ Per Claim $1.30 $2.24 claim 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 24
  25. 25. Smarter Computing ... With zEnterprise! Lowest cost of acquisition per workload zEnterprise 114 Lowest cost of operation zEnterprise 196 per workload Lowest cost per workload overall 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 25
  26. 26. Agenda20 minutes 1 – Smarter Computing With zEnterprise50 minutes 2 – A Closer Look At The Value Of zEnterprise20 minutes Break50 minutes 3 – Consolidating Server Infrastructure With zEnterprise35 minutes 4 – The Benefits Of Storage Consolidation10 minutes Academic Initiative60 minutes Lunch35 minutes 5 – Eliminating Redundant Software40 minutes 6 – Improving Service Delivery With Private Cloud Computing20 minutes Break40 minutes 7 – Leveraging Data To Optimize Business40 minutes 8 – Developing Hybrid Applications For zEnterprise 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 26
  27. 27. DEMO: Architecture (IBM) Internet IBM (CPO) VPN Network VPNRemote Desktopto System x client z10-BCimages 2098-E10 256GB RAM System x 3950 8 x 3.5GHz Xeon MP 64GB RAM Rational Team Concert System x VMware Tivoli Enterprise Portal Tivoli Directory Server FastTrack, DataStage Director MAP Server Oracle + SQL Server images running as Linux Clone Image Tivoli Monitoring desktop or server clients to System z CICS, DB2 Infosphere Filenet P8 Cognos BI TSAM Eclipse z/VMLinux (SLES) 5.2 z/OS VMware ESX Server z/VM 5.4 01 - Smarter Computing With zEnterprise V2.0 27
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