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Jean-Michel Doudot

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Otwarcie konferencji.

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  2. 2. ® | Software Group | IBM & Tivoli Storage Solutions “Managing the Dynamic Storage Infrastructure”Jean-Michel DoudotIBM - Tivoli Software - Storage Solutions SalesCentral & Eastern Europe, Russian Federationjean-michel_doudot@ch.ibm.comPhone: +41 21 601 38 80Skype: jeanmi14JmD, May 13 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. IBM Corporate Initiatives  IBM creates business value for clients and solves business problems through integrated solutions that  Smarter Planet  The world is becoming instrumented. leverage information technology and deep knowledge Today, there is a billion of transistors per of business processes. human, each one costing one ten- millionth of a cent.  At year end of 2010, IBM had over 420,000 employees operating in 170 countries. IBM achieved US$99.9B  The world is becoming interconnected. With a trillion networked things—cars, roadways, pipelines, of revenues. appliances, pharmaceuticals and even livestock—the amount of information created by those interactions grows exponentially.  Delivering innovation and integration to clients, IBM draws from an industry leading portfolio of  All things are becoming intelligent. Algorithms and powerful systems can analyze and turn those consulting, delivery and implementation services, mountains of data into actual decisions and actions enterprise software, systems and financing. IBM is that make the world work better. Smarter. the World Leader in:  Global Services (S$56.4B)  Service Oriented Architecture  Servers and Storage Systems, (US$18.0B)  A business-centric IT architectural approach that supports integrating your business as linked,  Software, (US$22.5B) repeatable business tasks, or services.  IBM has the world’s largest information technology  Dynamic Infrastructure research organization, with more than 3,000  Designed for todays instrumented and interconnected world, helping clients integrate their growing scientists and engineers at eight labs in six intelligent business infrastructure with the necessary countries. $6.5 billion spent for R&D, focusing its underlying design of a flexible, secure and seamlessly investments on high-growth, high value managed IT infrastructure opportunities.  Green IT  IBM had more patents than any other company for the eighteenth consecutive year. IBM became the first  Issues around energy and the environment impact every individual and every business, worldwide. company to achieve over 4,000 patents in a year back in 2008. With data centers using 10-30 times more energy per square foot than office space, data center energy use  IBM is celebrating it’s 100th anniversary in 2011 doubling every 5 years, and delayed capital investments in new power plants—energy efficiency is becoming a key metric of IT operational effectiveness. And a green IT strategy is becoming a necessity Click on links to go to related web pages 3
  4. 4. Software Group Tivoli Software  Helps Customers to realize maximum Business Value by providing Leading Technology Solutions  Enables customers to Manage their dynamic infrastructures with highly integrated Solutions which include:  Automation solutions to manage Networks, Service Availability & Performance Management and Service Delivery & Process Automation.  Enterprise Asset Management to support industries and public facilities.  Security, Risk and Compliance solutions to integrate identity management and access control, protecting customers against threats.  End-to-end management of your data and content  Storage and Virtualization Management solutions to across diverse silos optimize storage resources, help server and application consolidation, simplify an ever increasing and complex storage environment.  Robust collaboration software that empowers people to connect, collaborate, and innovate.  Tivoli Software is backed by world-class IBM Services, Support and Research and qualified IBM Business Partners  Delivers greater value from your investments in software and systems. “Business runs on IT,  Software for SOA environments that enables dynamic, interconnected business processes. IT runs on Tivoli !” Click on links to go to related web pages 4
  5. 5. Challenges for a Smarter Planet • The planet is smaller and flatter • The world is connected: economically, socially and technically • It is becoming more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent • And it is creating an enormous amount of digital information (data) • We need smarter ways of managing all this data; we need to do more with less “On the Internet, things are communicating with things more than people are communicating with people” – Al Gore, former U.S. Vice President, at PULSE 2010 5 5
  6. 6. Storage Management Challenges / Pains Just how fast is the data growing? Today “A” Google Data Center in 2010 The Google Data Center in 1997 BG 10’000/day 2’000’000’000/day 10’000’000’000/daySource: Google “google data center” 6
  7. 7. Storage Management Challenges / Pains Just how fast is the data growing? Nb of users / engineer: 1’200’000 Pictures added / day: 100 Millions 2004: 1 2008: ~10’000 Objects shared / month: 30 Billions 2009: ~30’000 Jun 2010: ~60’000 Page views / month: 690 Billions Today: ? % usage of all Internet: 9.5%Source: Google “facebook data center” 7
  8. 8. IBM Storage Blueprint Information Assets & Systems Simplification by Virtualization Central Management of Storage Storage Resource & Infrastructure Environment Management & Virtualization Information Retention & Lifecycle Management Alignment of IT with Business Goals and Compliance to Data Protection & Recovery Management Regulations Systems Storage Servers Networking Information & Data Movements Backup / Recovery / Archive 8
  9. 9. Information InfrastructureIBM Disk Systems Portfolio Compliance Availability Retention Security Entry Midrange EnterpriseSAN DS3400 21.6-48TB DS5020 DS4800 100.8-224TB 50.4-112TB Storwize DS3300 Up to 240TB DS8000 21.6-48TB 192-512TB XIV DCS9900 180TB 600-1200TB EXP3000 DS3200 5.4-12TB DS4700 DS5000 DS6000 21.6-48TB 33.6-112TB 256TB 64TBNAS N7000 N3000 840-1176TB N5000 N6000 68-104TB 84-504TB 420-840TBGateways Retention Storage Area Network Virtualization Other Solutions Grid Medical Archive (GMAS) SAN Volume Digital Video BROCADE CISCO Controller Surveillance (DVS) N Series DR550 Information Archive SVC Gateways 48.8-224TB 304TB SAN Switches & Directors Click on links to go to related web pages 9
  10. 10. Information Infrastructure IBM Tape Systems Portfolio Compliance Availability Retention Security Entry Midrange Enterprisevirtualization B10 B20 TS7650G TS7700 ProtecTIERAutomation TS3200 (3573) TS3400 3494 TS3100 (3573) TS3500 TS3310 (3584) (3576) TS2900Drives LTO3 LTO4 TS1120 TS1130 (3592) (WORM) Click on links to go to related web pages 10
  11. 11. IBM Storage Software Solutions •SAN Volume Controller Information Assets & Systems Simplification by Virtualization •Tivoli Productivity Center •Tivoli Productivity Center for Central Management of Storage Replication Storage Resource & Infrastructure •System Storage Productivity Center Environment Management & Virtualization (SSPC) •ProtecTier deduplicated virtual tape Information Retention & Lifecycle Management TSM Hierarchical Storage Manager Alignment of IT with Business System Storage Archive Manager DR550Goals and Compliance to Data Protection & Recovery Management Regulations IBM Scale Out NAS IBM Information Archive Systems •Tivoli Storage Manager family Storage Servers Networking •Tivoli Storage Manager Capacity Information & Data Movements •Tivoli Storage Manager Fastback Backup / Recovery / Archive •TSM Fastback for Workstations •Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager Click on links to go to related web pages 11
  12. 12. Storage Vendors – What the market says Market Capitalization In the last 10 years, IBM’s stock increased by more than 75% 194.55 B$ In the same period, compared to IBM, HP increased only 49% 91.04 B$ And EMC lost 19% 54.78 B$Source: Google Finance As of Mar 24 2011 12
  13. 13. PL CZ BalticsSB MK TR SKHU RO SI RCIS BG HR 13
  14. 14. IBM Corporation and StorageChallenges  High Costs Fragmented ownership created low utilization Fragmented management led to high labor costs Varying hardware configurations led to high maintenance costs  Low Flexibility Policies were inconsistent leading to poor interoperability Free capacity could not be used where needed Management tools were suboptimal in most cases  Barriers to entry Each storage user had to buy their own equipment Each user had to develop their own process and tools High barriers to entry for small storage users 14
  15. 15. IBM Corporation and StorageStorage Environment 15
  16. 16. IBM Corporation and StorageStorage Environment Details 16
  17. 17. Latest News  TPC SE and Data prices went down  Soon to be announced Tivoli by 35% (Apr 2011) Storage Manager Capacity Lower price Adding TSM VE  Terabyte based licensing for Adding TSM HSM for Unix existing (migration) and for new customers. Includes 7 products Adding Fastback BMR TSM / TSM EE TSM for DB TSM for Mail TSM for SAN TSM for ERP Fastback Fastback for Exchange As of May 23 2011 17
  18. 18. Questions ? 18
  19. 19. 2006 A Global Innovation comes to Business1964 System 360: THINK Jam1986 IBM 700:of Computer Systems1911 High-Temperature Superconductors1951 culture Computing 1971 TheMagnetic Hard Disk 1928 The Floppy Disk 1995 e-business Card 1956 1st Punched 1938 Excimer Laserof ServiceSupplies 2003 1st Online Reservation System 1981 The Optimization of Oil Science 1960 Invention Surgery2007 TheMagnetic Internet1914 Accessibility Tape ofTransportation Flow1967 DRAM: Inventionof On-Demand Data1987 1st Management Storage 1952 Rise of the 1973 The UPC Barcode 2008 Breaking the Petaflop Barrier 1996 Deep Thunder Global Railways 1928 OptimizationProgramming Language 1957 FORTRAN of 2004 Blue -Gene Pure Research Lab 1944 1st Corporate Typewriter Innovation 1981 IGF Selectric Technical 1961 The Financing1967 Fractal Geometry Corps2008 Corporate Service Supply1988 Optimizing Innovation 1953 Equal and the Food1917 PatentsOpportunity Workforce 1976 TrackingWater Management 2009 Smarter Infectious Diseases 1998 WebSphere Workforce 1931 Pioneering Machine-Aided Translation 1958 1st Salaried 1986 Scanning Tunneling Microscope 2004 The World Community Grid 1946 1stst Commercial Electronic Calculator 1963 1 National Air Defense Network1969 Magnetic Stripe Technology1924 The Making of IBMChips1994 Silicon Germanium 1956 Corporate Design Program 1981 The PC: PersonalScoring Innovation 1937 Automated Test Computing 2000 LINUX: The Era of Open 1959 The Mainframe 2011 A ComputerHumanity’s Family Tree 19 1986 The EmergenceWorld Trade 2005 Mapping of the of the CIO 1963 Predictive Called “Watson” 1949 Creation ofCrime Fighting Corporation
  20. 20. Copyright IBM Corporation 2011. All Rights Reserved. This presentation is intended to assist IBM SWG Sales and IBM Business Partners in understanding IBM Software marketing and sales tactics. It can be used in sales situations except individual charts labeled IBM CONFIDENTIAL, in which case they should be considered confidential underthe practices in place in your firm and under any existing agreements with IBM regarding disclosure of confidential information.For questions or to request permission for any other use of the information or distribution of the presentation, please contact any member of the IBM Software Sales team. ፫፩