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Migracja z oracle_do_db2 Migracja z oracle_do_db2 Presentation Transcript

  • Migracja z Oracle do DB2 9.7Korzyści biznesowe i wsparcie ze strony IBMAndrzej SteinderManager, CEE IMTEIBM Krakowandrzej.steinder@pl.ibm.comSeptember 26, 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Agenda  Why migrate to DB2?  DB2 9.7 business values  Oracle to DB2 migration is easy  IBM migration support and service offering  Success stories  Q&A2 2 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Why migrate from Oracle to DB2  DB2 provides better business value for money  Lowest TCO, highest performance..  Migration is easy  IBM provides wide offering supporting migrations  Expand customer base (Independent Software Vendors – ISVs) 3 © 2011 IBM Corporation View slide
  • Oracle Drops Support for Itanium Servers  On March 22, 2011, Oracle announced that it will no longer develop or certify any Oracle software for the Itanium microprocessor  This follows Oracle’s Dec 1, 2010 announcement that it had doubled the cost of running Oracle software on HP Itanium servers  Oracle is attacking HP, but is hurting their HP-UX Itanium customers in the process by – Doubling license fees – Limiting choice – Putting existing investments in HP-UX at risk  What will Oracle do next? – Is Oracle a software partner you can trust? 4 © 2011 IBM Corporation View slide
  • IBM Continues to Support HP-UX Itanium Servers  IBM is one of the worlds largest providers of software certified to run on HP-UX including – DB2 – InfoSphere – WebSphere – Tivoli – Rational  IBM is committed to supporting its large HP-UX customer base “A cornerstone of our middleware strategy is to deploy service-oriented architectures across a broad range of platforms, including HP Integrity servers running HP-UX 11i, which is a priority platform supported by IBM Software Group” - Sandy Carter, VP WebSphere Strategy, IBM Software Group 5 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Agenda  Why migrate to DB2?  DB2 9.7 business values  Oracle to DB2 migration is easy  IBM migration support and service offering  Success stories  Q&A6 6 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • The Business Value of DB2 for Linux, UNIX, andWindows Lower administration requirements than other Lowest TCO Lowest TCO Unparalleled Automation DBMSs Unparalleled Automation Deep Compression Deep Compression – Means less DBA resources for day-to-day activities Lightning Fast Lightning Fast Better performance per core than other DBMSs – Means less cores required for the same work Better compression than other DBMSs Simple to Use Simple to Use – Means less storage and improved performance Flexible Development Flexible Development Better availability than other DBMSs Industry leading XML support Industry leading XML support Self-Managing Self-Managing – Means less down time, no loss of goodwill/opportunity Better development - Supports PL/SQL with little to no change Most Reliable Most Reliable World class audit & security World class audit & security – If you want consolidate Oracle applications, you can Easy High Availability Easy High Availability do that on DB2 with little or no change Workload ManagementY Workload ManagementY 7 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Coca-Cola Bottling Caps Rising Costs of Oracle$1.4B manufacturer improves performance while reducing costsThe need: Optimize performance and manageability of business-critical SAP applications with SAP upgrade and conversion to Unicode Avoid increased Oracle licensing costsThe solution: “By choosing to implement DB2 Replace the Oracle database with DB2, reducing licensing and compression right away, we have TCO costs while improving performance reduced the database size by around 40 per cent. This gives us fasterThe IBM advantage: backup and reduced storage costs, DB2 deep compression reduced data storage from just under and makes the SAP technical 1TB to 575GB upgrades easier and quicker.” Migration in <26 hours, ahead of schedule, under budget — Andrew Juarez, SAP Lead Basis, Coca-Cola Higher Oracle licensing costs avoided Bottling Company ConsolidatedThe benefits: Solution components:  IBM DB2 software 40% reduction in storage, saving cost, reducing backup times  IBM POWER Systems hardware  IBM-SAP Alliance services 65% faster manufacturing runs: from 90 minutes to 30 minutes 5 year cost savings $750,000 An easier to administer systemSource: ftp://public.dhe.ibm.com/common/ssi/ecm/en/spc03074wwen/SPC03074WWEN.PDF 8 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • What Customers Worldwide Say About DB2 9.7 “The migration to DB2 was completed in three months. We estimate that database operational costs have been cut by 68 percent. Deep system and analysis checks that formerly took several hours are now completed within 30 minutes, returning valuable management data quickly and cost effectively. The migration was smooth and completed absolutely without a hitch.” Head of Server and Storage Operations Industrielle Werke Basel "We switched from Oracle Database to IBM DB2 and cut our data management costs in half, while improving performance and reliability of business applications." Systems Architect Banco de Crédito del Peru 9 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Agenda  Why migrate to DB2?  DB2 9.7 business values  Oracle to DB2 migration is easy  IBM migration support and service offering  Success stories  Q&A10 10 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Moving to IBM DB2 9.7 is Easy DB2 has native support for the following Oracle Database features Typically, more than 90% of code runs out-of-the-box in DB2 Many clients continue to use their Oracle skills after moving to DB2! 11 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • DB2 PL/SQL Compatibility Results 430 worldwide customers and partners Variety of EAP participants:  Different industries  Different types of solutions  Different countries Different size applications tested  Biggest: 185,000 PL/SQL statements  Smallest: 2,000 PL/SQL statements Evaluated millions of lines of PL/SQL code PL/SQL support results:  More than 750,000 lines tested  Average compatibility: 98.43% 90% reduction of migration times The IBM DB2 9.7 compatibility is amazing — and there are no queries or DB2-specific code in our applications! Everything is compatible with Oracle and DB2 9.7.” - Gene Ostrovsky, VP R&D, ExactCost 12 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • DB2 Development Strategy Widening the Funnel Fattening Accept for the Pipe applications Further More APIs simplify Pro*C Forms conversions pureScale Extend DPF support 9.1 → 9.7 reduced Conversion effort to 1/10th 9.7 → Next DB2 release reduces Conversion effort by half again 13 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Openbravo migration to DB2  Web-based Open source ERP  Developed by Openbravo  Millions of downloads  Used in over 50 countries  Currently supported RDBMS  Oracle & PostgreSQL  Database Size  520 tables  400+ PL/SQL routines/triggers "To move our application to DB2 9.5 would have taken an estimated two-year effort. We were thrilled to see it took only one week to move it to DB2 9.7. This represents a terrific opportunity to expand our international community of users, partners and developers, and we’re very excited to partner with IBM to make new deployment options available.” Paolo Juvara, CTO of Openbravo (Spain) 14 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • The Praise for SQL Compatibility “The Oracle compatibility feature will enable Oracle applications to run natively on DB2. In discussions with Gartner, reference customers tell us that DB2 runs 95% or more of Oracle specific functionality found in SQL statements and natively runs PL/SQL, Oracle’s stored procedure language. This native functionality is not an emulator, nor does it require changes to the application code (other than the 5%, which is mostly minor functionality, not found in many applications). Any provider offering applications that run with the Oracle DBMS can easily port its application to IBM’s DB2…” - Donald Feinberg, Gartner VP Distinguished Analyst “We specifically chose to take part in the IBM DB2 early access program because of the programs goal to run 90 to 95 percent of Oracle PL/SQL functionality without modification. This allows us to reduce the time to port our stored produce persistence layer from Oracle to DB2 from 450 days down to 75 days.” – David Moody, Senior Vice President of Product and Founding Director, Lagan15 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Agenda  Why migrate to DB2?  DB2 9.7 business values  Oracle to DB2 migration is easy  IBM migration support and service offering  Success stories  Q&A16 16 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Mitigate the risk of moving from Oracle to DB2/InformixConvert with experience and trust What kind of support can IM Technology Ecosystem provide? Information Management Technology Ecosystem Skills Transfer (Bootcamps): Teach Worldwide you deep product implementation skills required for real project execution IM Product Areas: • DB2 for LUW Skilled & certified • DB2 for z/OS Strong driver for a successful • DB2 pureScale • SAP and DB2 project • Informix • InfoSphere Warehouse • InfoSphere Information Project Specific Enablement: Provide Server implementation assistance to clients • Infosphere DataStage and ISVs to accelerate time-to-value • InfoSphere QualityStage • InfoSphere Change Data and mitigate risk Capture • InfoSphere MDM Server/MDM for PIM Provide consultative support to • Optim Governance you in real life projects • Guardium • Netezza 350+ Experts Mentoring: Create more value by helping clients navigate the wealth of IM portfolio and apply technology in solutions IMTE has the breadth and depth of experience • Successful track record in many projects Build deep relationship with • Proven implementation methodology you for repeatable success • World class capabilities 17 17 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Information Management Technology Ecosystem Team We can help! Anywhere, anytime! DB2 “Avalanche” Offering List DB2 for SAP Offering List Conversion Assessment Proof of Concept Proof of Concept / Pilot Pre-Migration Support Application Conversion (fee based) Production Migration through Services* Post Conversion Health checks Post Migration Support Education & Knowledge Sharing Education / Knowledge Sharing18 * Contact Joerg Peinelt for details 18 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Conversion AssessmentDescription:The Conversion Assessment provides an analysis of your database and application architecture. IBM willwork with <Client> to outline the scope of the assessment. Our Conversion Assessment Questionnaireallows us to gather information for evaluating the technical feasibility of a conversion to DB2 for Linux, UNIX,and Windows.Includes: In-depth examination of your source code and database Benefits: Deliverables: This “No Charge” offer provides an assessment  Conversion Assessment of your application and database  High-Level Project Plan  Make informed decisions  Identify potential issues early  Understand your business risk  Provides you with a comprehensive inventory of your current applications  Identify candidate pilot project(s)  Accurately scope and plan your conversion19 19 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Proof of Concept / PilotDescription:The Proof of Concept (POC) focuses on migrating 1-2 candidate applications. It will allow IBM and <Client>to prove that a full conversion can be completed successfully.Includes: A DB2 technical viability exercise using your database and application(s) within your environment Benefits: Deliverables:  Provides confidence moving forward with a  Conversion and Compatibility Report full conversion  Functional database(s) on DB2  Demonstrates Oracle compatibility features in  Functional application(s) DB2 9.7  Proof of Concept Final Report  Confirms the conversion strategy  Lessons learnt session  Reduces risk by addressing issues in a controlled environment  Allows the project team to validate assumptions and assessment20 20 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Application Conversion (fee based)Description:The Conversion Implementation Service provides a full conversion of your database and application(s) toDB2. IBM will hand-over to <Client> a fully functional environment for acceptance testing. Our team willwork with you during test cycles to address any issues as a result of the changes made to your code.Includes: Production ready system with database and application source code modificationsProject is based on Statement of Work between client and IBM Benefits: Deliverables:  Implement a well defined strategy  Conversion Specification Document  Leverage IBMs proven implementation  Conversion and Compatibility Report methodology and conversion experience to  Functional database(s) on DB2 ready for reduce your risk production  Receive a final report documenting all the  Functional application(s) ready for production changes IBM has made to your code  DB2 Solution Health Check Report  Post go-live support  Lessons learnt session21 21 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Education and Knowledge SharingDescription:Education and best practice sharing is a key ingredient to the success of the overall project. IBM hasdeveloped several training bootcamps to address the needs of your team as you migrate over to DB2.These courses will assure your developers and DBAs that DB2 and Oracle have more in common than justPL/SQL and confirm that their skills are re-usable. Benefits: Deliverables: This “No Charge” offer provides you with quick  2 week bootcamp ramp up to DB2 for your resources  DB2 9.7 and Oracle to DB2 9.7  Leverage IBMs conversion experience to Conversion Clinic reduce your risk  IBM DB2 Workshop for Oracle  Ease the transition to DB2 Professionals  Learn how to exploit features independent of  Performance Tuning and Monitoring code level Clinic22 22 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Education and Knowledge Sharing DB2 TrainingCourse DescriptionWEEK 1 WEEK 2*DB2 9.7 and Oracle to IBM DB2 Workshop for Performance Tuning andDB2 9.7 Conversion Clinic Oracle Professionals Monitoring ClinicThe DB2 9.7 Bootcamp Designed especially for Oracle The DB2 Performance Tuningintroduces features and practitioners, this session and Monitoring Clinic is a seriesenhancements in the latest covers the Oracle of distinctly focusedversion of DB2 for Linux®, Compatibility features in DB2 presentations and labs repleteUNIX® and Windows® 9.7 and includes a demo on with "How tos" and "Best the conversion process. It Practices" intended to help the also compares Oracle and attendee master the intricacies DB2 technologies to help you of maintaining a healthy and understand the similarities and robust DB2 based information differences management system *Note: Performance Tuning and Monitoring Clinic is recommended post go-live after your team has had a chance to work with DB2 23 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Resource Investment and Executive Management Lab Advocate:  <Client> will be assigned a Lab Advocate. The Lab Advocate Program is a relationship with select IBM clients focused on assisting them in achieving success in their use of the DB2 solution For ISVs – IBM Ready 4 DB2 program Senior Architect Support: (Onsite and Remote)  IBM will provide an architect as part of the project to ensure success. Your architect will be supporting the team post go-live for up to 2 weeks providing continuity and reducing your risks during this critical phase Executive Management Support:  IBM will provide Executive Management support during the project IBM Account Team:  The IBM Account Team will work closely with <Client> to ensure <Client> gets any necessary assistance on an ongoing basis24 24 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Your Path to DB2 – We can do it for you… Project management Configuration management and merge processes Re-coding of non-compliant segments from Oracle to DB2 Performance analysis and optimization Solution deployment and world wide roll outs VALUE PRO RAM G BE F NE ITS PRO SITIO PO N PLAN RE ATIO ALIZ N Strategy Strategy Post Deploy Solve a Analysis Design Build Test Deploy Post Deploy Solve a Analysis Design Build Test Deploy How do we problem What are we How will we Getting itit Quality Prepare to How do we problem What are we How will we Getting Quality Prepare to measure or Business going to do? do it? done! Assurance Go Live! measure or Business going to do? do it? done! Assurance Go Live! success? Value? success? Value? Program Scope Program Management Strategy & Analysis Knowledge Sharing & Training Development, Configuration, Infrastructure, Conversion, Testing25 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Standard Conversion Practice  Conversion assessment phase If a PoC, is required, please add Planning Phase  Conversion assessment questionnaire - Outline conversion PoC process - Define resources required (HW,  Application conversion session SW and people)  Conversion assessment document - Define IBM and Client commitments  Database object conversion phase - Application Selection  Conversion of database structures and objects (Goal is to ensure that we jointly select an application which  Move of data from old to new system showcases DB2s ease of  Enabling compression conversion, yet can be contained within a PoC window)  Configuration of autonomic functions - Joint project plan with milestone  Application conversion phase dates.  Code adjustments to existing application per conversion assessment  Function and system test  Solution deployment phase  Additional database optimization  Index review  Overall solution health-check  Skills Transfer and DB2 ramp up (independent of above)26 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Tools Available At Each Step of the MigrationConversion Project Database Application Timeline Assessment POC Testing Conversion Conversion AutoFix MEET Estimator Package IDMT Database Visualizer Additional Oracleconversion Optim Data Packages CAQworkbench Studio • AutoFix Parse application • Package Visualizer • IDMT code and replace unknown depicts dependencies Automatically SQL API syntax by proper between PL/SQL deploys database DB2 SQL API syntax. We use objects to identify the structure and data standard pattern based right scope for a POC from other replacement of known vendor’s repetitive code snippets databases to DB2 • MEET Analyzes SQL code for its compatibility with DB2 residing inside the database or within other programming languages • Conversion Assessment Questionnaire (CAQ) Creation of electronic form which will prepare the collected information by clients for the estimation process • Estimator calculates the conversion efforts based on MEET and CAQ findings 27 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Agenda  Why migrate to DB2?  DB2 9.7 business values  Oracle to DB2 migration is easy  IBM migration support and service offering  Success stories  Q&A28 28 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Success story - JSC Rietumu BankaReducing total cost of ownership by 20-30 percentThe need:With the worldwide recession placing pressure on banks to reduce costs, thecompany’s CIO was concerned with total cost of hardware, software andadministration supporting the company’s online banking applications. Thebank’s web applications ran on Oracle Database and Sun servers and it foundthat the annual fees were costly and administration time consuming.Solution:The bank selected iRietumu, its remote banking application, as its firstapplication to migrate from Oracle Database 10i system on Sun Fire E6900operating systems to IBM DB2 9.7 for Linux data server on IBM Power 750Express servers running the IBM AIX Enterprise Edition operating system.Decision factors: Cost analysis – expected significant (30%) cost reduction after migration Successful PoC for application migration – demonstrating feasibility andease of migration to DB2 9.7. More than 90% of the application code ran out-of-the-box in DB229 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Success story - JSC Rietumu BankaReducing total cost of ownership by 20-30 percentProject implementation: The customer team supported by IBM consultants migrated iRietumu applicationin 6 weeks IBM has delivered training courses and certified Rietumu staff in DB2 9.7 “By migrating to IBM DB2 we expect to decrease total cost of ownership for ourThe benefit: mobile device bankingWith its migration to IBM DB2 JSC Rietumu Banka reduced the total cost of applications by 20-30ownership for its online banking infrastructure and dramatically improved query percent.”performance and data availability. On average, user queries are now executed upto 3 times faster, with some queries completed up to 30 times faster (for example, — Sergey Golubev, Head of ITsome queries that before took 30 seconds now take less than one second). During Maintenance and Networkingthe migration process, the bank reported an out-of-the-box compatibility rate of Department, JSC Rietumu Bankamore than 90 percent.30 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • Q&A31 31 © 2011 IBM Corporation