Datacap Taskmaster Update


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Datacap Taskmaster Update

  1. 1. Datacap Taskmaster UpdateDavid JennessMarketing, ECMDocument Imaging and Capture© 2012 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. IBM Enterprise Content ManagementProviding the broadest portfolio of ECM capabilities in the industry CAPTURE ACTIVATE SOCIALIZE ANALYZE GOVERN• Document • Comprehensive • Office document • Content analytics • Smart archivecapture automation case management management and assessment • Records and• Production • Integrated • Social content & • Enterprise search retentionimaging collaboration and collaboration • Content management• Enterprise report rules classification and • eDiscoverymanagement • Case analytics tagging • Disposition &• Platform • Document centric • Master content governancestandardization & workflowconsolidationThe path to value lies along one or more specific capabilities.Smarter Content. New Insights. Better Outcomes.
  3. 3. Master The Big Picture• Smarter Document Capture with Datacap Taskmaster• Active Document Imaging with Production Imaging Edition
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. Does this look familiar? 5
  6. 6. Thank You
  7. 7. The Document Automation Evolution The Document Touchpoints: • Arrival and Batch Creation • Document ID and Sorting • Data Entry • Validations • Routing Today, every one of these steps can be automated. 7
  8. 8. It starts with Multi-Channel Input Desktop scannerHigh speed production scanner Multi Function Network Peripheral (MFP) Folders Fax Emails and attachments 8
  9. 9. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Vendor name Invoice date Invoice number Total
  10. 10. Why Extract Data? 1. Index the document image with searchable metadata for ECM • Vendor name • invoice number • invoice date • SSN • Customer number • Provider ID 2. Populate Business Systems with Key Data • ERP • Accounting system • CRM • Workflow • Adjudication • Order processing • Business Intelligence
  11. 11. Time Spent Per DocumentAverage typing time in minutesSources: Health Data Management, IOMA, Datacap
  12. 12. Paper Documents Shipped To Processing Center
  13. 13. Capture In A Browser
  14. 14. More Automation, More ROI ECM/Capture Enabled With increased automation, manual labor and paper costs are driven from the process ECM Enabled Paper Based14
  15. 15. Business Benefits of Intelligent Document CaptureAccelerate document input Deliver products and services to customers fasterEliminate manual data entry Reduce headcount doing low value tasks Eliminate typos and lost documents Other cost savings Eliminate document shipping Eliminate paper handling Eliminate paper storage Control who has access to documents Maintain compliance
  16. 16. New Datacap Taskmaster Capture • Three Pricing Models • Taskmaster Entry Level • Taskmaster Capture • Taskmaster Enterprise Edition Global language support (Pan-European, Cyrillic , Simplified Chinese) Rapid Application User Interface presents single, attractive panel for Deployment environment Scan and Verify SAP integration with XFT Highly customizable, rules-based environment – 3 User-based licensing leading OCR engines, plus Parascript, Content Classification, 100s of validations, export to all IBM repositories plus 3rd parties
  17. 17. The Big Picture for Capture Service ScanDocuments arrive through many conduits FaxSet a single standard for all incoming documents EmailA capture portal EC s es M cOne solution to convert, P ro “understand,” and tag all incoming documentsThen direct them to the right P BI ER systems, tools and people 17
  18. 18. Datacap Taskmaster Datacap Taskmaster Capture Datacap Taskmaster(Entry Level) (Enterprise Edition) Backfile Real time Mortgage Accounts Tax form conversion to scanning capture to Payable capture processing for reclaim storage anywhere accelerate for supply chain govt. revenue space anytime lending Capture for SAP Medical claims Survey/Census Capture for Basic scan and - HR and capture for processing for customs imaging contract timely accurate data clearance management payments gathering Capture for SharePoint* Medical Records Capture for New customer Enterprise capture for Subscription onboarding *with ECM capture better care processing for fast service Connector Scan and Correspondence Capture fax, Sales order archive for IBM capture and Custom email and entry for fast Content tracking for applications attachment fulfillment Manager compliance
  19. 19. Datacap Capture Community Perception19Click to edit Master subtitle style In the 2011 AIIM Capture Software Product Study, no product scored higher than IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture – well above Kofax and EMC Captiva
  20. 20. Strategy: The Capture ProcessBrowser Based Capture
  21. 21. Stability: Robust, Flexible, Scalable
  22. 22. Datacap Studio for configuration Rules libraryDocumentstructure Assemble rules here Rules properties
  23. 23. Easy-to-use user interface Action buttonsIndex fieldsImage Ribbon 23
  24. 24. Easy setup Validate data types picture string regular expressionDefine zones andnavigate from keyword
  25. 25. The Last Frontier…Document Classification.The identifying and sorting of document types tocreate batches….
  26. 26. Smart Separator Sheet• Document / Form type barcode• Additional Data – Could be pre-printed – Or entered by userShortcomings:•Labor-intensive•Rely on a person’s knowledge to correctly identify the documents
  27. 27. Pattern Recognition• Very fast matching to unique marks on a page – “anchors”• Used with fixed forms• Most commonly used with ICR – handprint forms• PatternMatchIdentify Action
  28. 28. Keyword• Following OCR to recognize machine print text on a page• Regular expressions find key words and phrases• Search zones or search the entire page• Searches can be stored externally in key files• FindRegexList or FindRegexList_InZonebSettlements*Statement.*HUD.*[1]b
  29. 29. Fingerprint Recognition• Fast - does not require OCR• Matches the patterns of light and dark - Characters, blobs, words, text lines• Supports thousands of stored page templates• Also differentiates between multiple formats of the same page type• Adjusts the positions of zoned fields Scanned Image Fingerprint Comparing patterns of light and dark
  30. 30. Text Analytics1. Collect and organize sample content2. Create, analyze, and learn3. Assess performance, review reports4. Publish to the Content Classification server
  31. 31. Capture Classification Spectrum Documents with image structure work well with fingerprints Keywords and rules can catch exceptions Use barcodes whenever Unstructured documents possible for speed and with text content accuracy Combining methods produces the best results
  32. 32. Why Smarter Capture?• Convert: Turn paper, fax, email, electronic attachments into images• Classify: Understand the nature of the document and its role Understand Your• Extract: handprint, typed text, handwriting, bar code, check box Documents •Document type• Assure Quality Data: database lookups, math calculations, P.O. matching •Data field location• Protect: Redact fields, split and rendezvous for privacy •Retention schedule •SSN, Customer/Vendor• Format: Both image and data for ECM, ERP, web, and business systems ID• And Do it in Your Language! •Date received •Document number •Business rules •Exception Handling Manual Approach Smarter Approach Print out and scan faxes, emails and attachments Convert fax and electronic documents to image Manual data entry Automatically extract data from image Manually compare name to existing table Automatic database lookup and match Manual Doc ID and sorting Automatic document ID with analytics
  33. 33. What is IBM Production Imaging?PIE bundles together state-of-the-industry imaging solutions toenable sophisticated document process automation. • Input – multi-channel, central and distributed • Storage, retrieval, compliance, disposal • Workflow –view, process, collaborate• PIE is a single product for scanning, OCR/ICR, document storage, annotation, redaction, viewing, and business process automation.• Rapid ROI - capture, view, share, process documents anywhere, any time with less effort 33
  34. 34. Production Imaging Edition Create and maintain Business Processes Capture Route document images - based on content and user input Imaging-centric workflow with FileNet BPMInput documentsDatacap Taskmaster Capture View document images - make•“Understand” documents annotations on them, and / or•Aggregate documents redact parts of them•Extract data•Multi-Language IBM FileNet Workplace XT Store / Manage document images with Daeja ViewONE Pro•Multiple formats IBM FileNet Content Manager 34
  35. 35. IBM Production Imaging EditionAutomate the life cycle of a document, from capture to business process to archive The Total Intelligent Imaging Benefits of Intelligent Imaging: Environment • Eliminate paper • Smarter Capture – central and remote • Extract data from paper • Flexible workflow based on document content • Access by permission • Route data to Line of • Set retention schedules Business systems • Annotate and redact documents • Control distribution of Configurable: documents • Set up capture applications with a point and click • Enable communication interface about documents • Build document-centric workflows with visual • Reduce cost mapping • Adapt to your Business Rules 35
  36. 36. The Seven Secrets of Success for Capture EngagementAn Exclusive Luncheon andDemonstration Event at IODfor Capture and PIE usersMandalay Bay, Las VegasMonday, October 22, 201212:30 - 2 PMECM CentralSponsored byLimited seating!RSVP:
  37. 37. Thank You