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Content Manager OnDemand

  1. 1. Content Manager OnDemandDavid JennessMarketing, ECMDocument Imaging and Capture© 2012 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. IBM Enterprise Content ManagementProviding the broadest portfolio of ECM capabilities in the industry CAPTURE ACTIVATE SOCIALIZE ANALYZE GOVERN• Document • Comprehensive • Office document • Content analytics • Smart archivecapture automation case management management and assessment • Records and• Production • Integrated • Social content & • Enterprise search retentionimaging collaboration and collaboration • Content management• Enterprise report rules classification and • eDiscoverymanagement • Case analytics tagging • Disposition &• Platform • Document centric • Master content governancestandardization & workflowconsolidationThe path to value lies along one or more specific capabilities.Smarter Content. New Insights. Better Outcomes.
  3. 3. IBM Enterprise Content ManagementProviding the broadest portfolio of ECM capabilities in the industryThe path to value lies along one or more specific capabilities.Smarter Content. New Insights. Better Outcomes.
  4. 4. Do you know your customer?• How often have they contacted Customer Services?• What’s on the latest statement sent to them?• When your customer moves to a new location, do your systems keep up?• Does your customer feel like you know them when they call – or do you keep asking them the same questions?
  5. 5. Every touch point creates a pictureEach transaction with your customer,partner, patient, or constituent snaps apicture.What are you doing with thosepictures?
  6. 6. Gather pictures and connect themElectronic images – of documents,records and reports – can be collectedand arranged in a way that enables aclear view of the customer•Invoices•Statements•Transcripts•Policies•Claims•Reports
  7. 7. Pictures can move anywhere - instantlyElectronic images can move in real timeto deliver answers on demand•Give Customer Service reps access toany document needed with a click•Provide customers access to their ownstatements and bills•Extract reports of a wide variety tounderstand what your customers areasking for.
  8. 8. Put your pictures in contextCollect and compare to form a BigPicture of your customer, consistentacross departments, markets,geographies.Document imaging becomes both thesystem of record AND the system ofengagement.Improve the speed and ability torespond to, and even anticipate,customer needs.
  9. 9. Master The Big PictureEnterprise Report Managementhelps your organization:•Remove paper and processinefficiencies that slow you down•Empower the people on the frontlines to answer inquiries and satisfycustomers•Give the customer or partner self-service access to their reports anddocuments
  10. 10. N Content Manager OnDemand• A Smarter Commerce solution for: – High volume print stream capture of statements, invoices, EOBs, claims, checks, brochures, data sheets & other documents used in customer relationship – Electronic Reports - to communicate business performance or measure activity• Mature, stable, scalable - Launched in the mid-1990s• Flexible - Supports a broad range of hardware and software platforms• Industry Standard for Bill Presentment and Customer Service
  11. 11. Improve Customer Service With Rapid Call Center AccessQ. Do you need to reduce the time that call center agents take to resolve customer inquiries and reduce the number of call- backs?A. CMOD allows call center agents to quickly see, on-line, documents that have been printed and mailed 11
  12. 12. On-line Statement Self Service Empowers the Customer Q. Do you need to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction by streamlining your customers access to information? A. CMOD can produce significant and quick savings in printing, mailing & storage costs, and drive customers to view their statements on-line12
  13. 13. Eliminate Printing with Report Archive and DistributionQ. Do you need to reduce costs and increase efficiencies by streamlining access to reports for employees and trading partners?A. CMOD can produce significant savings in printing, distribution & storage costs, and enable employees and trading partners to view their reports on-line13
  14. 14. A Legacy Of Big Numbers Compression Performance Scalability 30:1 3500 185 Items per second Billion documents stored Creates cost savings of 50% Retrieval is instant Architecture is unique in the industry• Get the most out of disk • Multiplatforms, zSeries, • 8.7 Million retrievals/day devices iSeries, Web interface • Scales from department to• Petabytes of data under • FileNet System Monitor enterprise deployments management for application health• No penalty during access management Start small and grow your application • Content Navigator Optimize hardware and Customers expect immediate manage IT costs access – and get it
  15. 15. Types of Content Supported Faxes Complex Print PDF Documents Documents PC Documents Internal Reports Check Images 15 Photos15
  16. 16. Platform and Database Support 1616
  17. 17. CMOD Architecture Business Business Applications Applications Print Files & Images OnDemand OnDemand Capture Process OnDemand Library Server Object Server Index Rows Object Blocks Segmentation ____________ ____________ Indexing ____________ Aggregation Relational Compression Tivoli Database Storage Storage Manager17
  18. 18. Storage Management OnDemand Disk Cache Disk (e.g. RAID) Cache OnDemand Object Server Tivoli Storage TSM Disk Manager TSM Tape • Unix, Windows, Linux, i5/OS - TSM • zOS - OAM, VSAM or TSM Off Site Backup 1818
  19. 19. Segmentation, Compression & Indexing For 10 TB you need only 1-2 TB of storage Print Data Stream (e.g. 500K pages total) Statement 1 Statement 2 Statement 3 John Smith Ron Smith William Smith 123-11-2001 523-22-6678 709-03-4332 DATABASE Storage ManagerJohn Smith 123-11-2001Ron Smith 523-22-6678William Smith 709-03-4332 19 Fixed Resources
  20. 20. Publishing to the Web DB2 – Oracle – SQL ServerName SSN Object OffsetJohn Smith 709-03-4332 1FAA 0 Web ServerRon Smith 123-11-2001 1FAA 22560 ODWEKWilliam Smith 444-00-1289 1FAA 35120 PDF WebLibrary Server ViewingObject Server AFP2PDF AFP Documents20
  21. 21. Retention Management• Supports time-based retention at the application group level• Document deletion is managed efficiently for different media types• Native support for putting individual documents “on hold”• Integrates with IBM Enterprise Records 2121
  22. 22. What’s New in CMOD 9.0 New capabilities •Full Text Search •Advanced Monitoring •CMIS read-only support •Security Enhancements •Performance Improvements •Usability enhancements:
  23. 23. L Full Text Search• Search total CMOD document text• Searching the index supported by all OD servers• Documents grouped by “collections”• Allows complex query support. • Wild card: ? (single- char) and * (multi-char) • Fuzzy: analytics~ finds analyze, analysis, analytics … • Proximity: “IBM ECM”~7• FTS server supported on AIX, Sun, Linux, zLinux and Windows• Separately licensed (PVU) feature
  24. 24. L Full Text Search Benefits1.Search CMOD by entire document – not just meta data, titles and abstracts.2.Index Reports by data that cannot be supported by conventional meta data i.e. stock symbols3.Faster implementations Legacy data FTI Exporter OnDemand Server FTS Server Search Load AIX Sun Windows Clients Linux zLinux
  25. 25. N Advanced Monitoring• IBM FileNet System Monitor – Proactive health monitoring for CMOD & IT services • Red / Yellow / Green – traffic light paradigm – Built-in Knowledge base – Separate product purchase/license• IBM System Dashboard for Enterprise Content Management – Identify potential performance issues before they occur – Separate downloadable component• Benefit: Ensure peak performance and uptime
  26. 26. FileNet System Monitor• Proactive functional health monitoring for CMOD environment• Extendable Knowledge Base – Fast problem analysis & resolution• Automate routine tasks & events• Historical Analysis and Trends reporting• Integrates with IT Service Management (ITSM) tools – Event forwarding to central Event Management (IT Operations) – Trouble Ticket opening in Incident Management (Service Desk)• Reduces ECM platform operations costs
  27. 27. N System Dashboard for ECM• Capture & display operating system statistics & environmental data – Response times – Bytes retrieved – Total retrieves• User-defined charts – summary & detailed• Define & run reports• Save data for historical analysis & reporting• Resolve performance issues before they occur• Free Download
  28. 28. CMIS Support• Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) – OASIS standard for ECM interoperability – Implemented by all major ECM vendors• CMOD v9.0 provides ‘Read-Only’ support: – Get list of CMIS repositories (OD folders) – Query (search an OD folder) – Get document metadata – Download document (content)• Available here – DB2 Content manager Tools and Offerings• For more information – CMIS Information on – OASIS - CMIS website
  29. 29. L Security Enhancements• OnDemand Stash File – Encrypted file used to store userids/passwords – Eliminates use of userid and/or password on command line• User Proxy – Ability for login with normal userid, but not have to be defined. (ie. Login with LDAP userid/passwd but use a generic role-based userid)• User token – Ability to pass thru ODWEK a security token (unlimited size) which can be passed to OD security exit in which to validate user• User login inactivity (ie. If no login within 90 days then user is disabled) – Validate against 0-10 previously used passwords – Notify user within n days of password expiring – Disable a user after n failed login attempts – Lock out user after n failed login attempts for x minutes
  30. 30. Usability Enhancements - Clients •Windows Client •Web Development Toolkit (ODWEK) •CICS Client •And now… …IBM Content Navigator 3030
  31. 31. IBM Content Navigator - Mobile31
  32. 32. L Usability Enhancements• Database timestamp support – Date • 0001/01/01 – 9999/12/31 – Date/Time • 0001/01/01 00:00:00 – 9999/12/31 23:59:59 – Date/Time w/TZ • 0001/01/01 00:00:00.000000 – 9999/12/31 23:59:59.999999• OnDemand System Tables – All OD system tables will be updated (during arsdb -u) to use database timestamps (values will be populated during this process for all OD system tables except for the ARSLOAD table)• Benefits – With Date/Time w/TZ you will be able to granularity within a second of certain actions (for example in the System Log)
  33. 33. L Usability Enhancements• Support for 128 metadata fields – Provides support to have up 128 index values• Adding field(s) to existing folder definition – Now if you add a database field in the Application Group you no longer need to copy and create a new Folder to handle the field• Graphical annotation support with ODWEK line data applet• Benefits – Don’t have to create new Application Groups for this to be utilized
  34. 34. L Usability Enhancements• Enhanced metadata update in Desktop Client – Enhanced interface allows the end user to update the document metadata from either the document list or the document view.
  35. 35. L Usability EnhancementsExcel Integration – Allows end user to export the field details for the selected document list items in a comma delimited format. – CSV file will launch in a separate program window according to windows file association settings for the *.CSV extension
  36. 36. CMOD and SAP• Act as ArchiveLink for SAP (with IBM Content Collector)• Store “reports” from SAP• Interact with SAP Customer Service applications – Calls documents stored in CMOD into SAP36
  37. 37. Use Cases for OnDemandHigh-Volume Archival eStatement eReport of Static Content 2 Presentment 3 Management Enable direct customer Statements, invoices, Back-office research access to bills and Confirms, … on reports statements Check images and other Enable call centers to static content access the identical Mining information from statement or bill Statements & reports Reduce paper and mailing costs37
  38. 38. Content Manager OnDemand• Excellent at Storage• True Archive• “FAST”• Easy and flexible to implement• Over 1,600 customer installations and millions of end users around the world• CMOD users group38
  39. 39. Thank You